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LF Week 9: Highlights

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Posted 31 August 2006 - 08:00 PM

Hopefully, it won't all be FLAMES.

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Posted 31 August 2006 - 08:31 PM

So far this hour we have had:

1) Dani getting evicted and telling everyone that she didn't hate them and was going to vote for thne 'best player to win' no hard feelings y'all. Then proceeds to go outside stick pins into her imaginary vodoo doll of Erika and tells Julie that her deepest desire is to see Erika get evicted within the next hour. Hmm. But no hard feelings! That is certain.

2) A slightly frantic Chicken George flinging his clothes off on live national television.

3) A cool and collected Janey kicking ass at yet another HoH competition.

4) Erika beating Will at the PoV ceremony because she did not have to untie the ropes as much to slide through them

%) Erika saying hi to her Mom when asked how she felt about winning the power of veto

^) Erika taking herself off the block to be replaced by the Lance Showmance without any lance

&) George getting evicted from the house and getting all excited because he got to meet his childhood hero the ULTIMATE chicken man

Just as a sidenote ~ I know that I have %^& instead of numbers but that is because my keyboard is literally doing the opposite of everything I say!


Just a reminder that this thread is for highlights from the live feeds, not the broadcast show. Thanks! -- Mags

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Posted 01 September 2006 - 10:18 AM

After the live show we return to find the hammies dazed and confused as to what just happened.

BB delivers the sushi dinner Danielle has been requesting forever and the hammies try to figure out how the timeline is going to work out now (still don't know the show ends early).

Every time Erika leaves the room CT strat talks with Janey about getting E out. Every time Janey leaves the room they strat talk with Erika about getting J out. Will also does some smooth talking with Erika as to how he got Janey not to nominate ChillTown.

A bit later the next HOH comp is held-some sort of Q & A that required them to dress like refs. To the dismay of HamsterTimers everywhere, Mike Boogie wins.

Naturally we come to the drunken hot tub portion of the evening. Janey tried to get smoochy face with The Doc and he puts the kibosh on that, thinking he has no more use for his showmance. Princess gets pissed and they have a bit of a kerfuffle until Doc suddenly remembers the Veto Factor. A few smiles and compliments and all is forgiven.

Meanwhile Boogie pretends he might actually be serious about Erika outside the house, and The Doc eggs him on asking for a show of hands as to who thinks Boog and Erika should breed. The tally: 4 hammies-yay, 300 million viewers-NAY! Erika actually seems to take this seriously and talks mostly of babies the rest of the night.

Oh, and they all rate the past hammies-Will giving well reasoned, respectful analysis and Janey basically deeming anyone not on her team "sucks".

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Posted 02 September 2006 - 08:58 AM

Friday, September 1. (Week 9) pgs. 13-24

Erika is first up. Boog follows soon behind. Others are up by noon. Hamsters spend most of the day famewhoring and dissing ex-hamsters.

Will and Janey love each other.

Erika reportedly eats something. Keep in mind that I didn't witness this myself, I'm only highlighting what I read.

Will and Janey are mad at each other.

As HOH, Boog had to nominate two HG's for eviction. No surprise, he selected Erika and Janey. Erika is visibly pissed at first. Will hopes they show him nonchalantly eating yogurt during the ceremony. Hamsters go on lockdown. They hear people building something outside.

Will and Janey love each other.

Janey and Erika eat ice cream off of Will's abs. Boog tries to ruin the fun for everyone. Will assures him that the girls can suck oatmeal out of Boog's ear later. (*snort*). After lockdown is over, they go outside, but see no changes.

Erika causes permanent brain damage to many recappers by talking Boog into taking off his shirt so she can look at his body.

Will and Janey are mad at each other.

The hamsters get KFC, but no colonel. They play cards most of the night.

Will and Janey love each other.

Will uses fruit to make a point to Janey. Don't ask me what the point is, though. A little later, he performs another puppetshow in the HOH bath.

Will and Janey are mad at each other. love each other.

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Posted 03 September 2006 - 11:59 AM

Not much happened yesterday that would be deserving of the term "highlight". The remaining four hamsters were sluggish for the most part, but showed signs of life as the night went on and Veto comp time approached. CT decided it was time to consider playing the game, and some hilarious Jedi training ensued, with Will developing a method that involved smacking his hand on the various memory wall pictures while running back and forth like he was on a pixie stick high.

After the usual FLAMAGE, we found out that Janelle won Veto. She donned her tiara at Booger's suggestion, and predictable ass-kissing from Erika began. Erika played the "waaah, I have no money" card, but Janey didn't seem to be buying it. Eventually, some time this morning, the hamsters tucked themselves in to sleep, with Janelle and Will sharing a bed (with a chastity barrier of pillows between them).

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Posted 03 September 2006 - 10:38 PM

just want to add a little to the highlights from last night... hope it's highight worthy...

after pov, vetogate almost happened again, but they told Erika in the DR that even though her hooks broke, Janey still beat her.

Erika told Janey bad stuff that Will said about her, and she was telling the truth, but of couse, Will smoothed things over and made Erika look like a liar.

Erika told Boogie about her convo with Janey. Boogie immediately went to Janey and Will to spill Erika's secrets.

Erika got her appetite back since she was no longer nervous and ate 4 turkey hot dogs. This may be the biggest highlight of the night!

Janey and Will got in trouble for whispering... they were told it was a breech of contract, but continued to whisper anyway. btw, Will is much better at whispering than Janey. I heard her tell Will that she has liked him since day 13.

Erika begged for Janey to keep her in the game. She needs the 50K more than the boys... her bf left her high and dry with a mortgage. Will's a doctor and Boogie's a millionaire, so why would Janey bring them to the F2 instead of her. She swore on her mother that if Janey kept her Erika would bring her to the final 2 if she wins the last HOH. Janey wasn't buying it. There's no way she will kick out Will. She did however say that if she wins the final HOH she wouldn't be dumb enough to bring Will to the final 2... but then later she said she might.

Janey and Will stayed up all night in bed holding hands and whispering sweet nothings in each other's ears. Will did in fact try to keep a barrier between them, but that didn't stop them from holding hands and stroking each other under the covers... totally PG, as Will obviously thinks that he still has a girlfriend. For a doctor, he's not so bright.

#7 cubkip



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Posted 05 September 2006 - 02:02 PM

Highlights for yesterday. Nobody woke up until post #1002 when Erika made coffee. Boog was up shortly after (post 1005) They didn't talk to each other much. They both spoke to internet though. Boog said we shouldn't be watching and Erika said she was over the other hgs. Houseguests made goodbye messages for Will, Erika and Janey (in case she doesn't use the veto). The hgs wondered why things were so off schedule. post #1093, around 3pm Will, Erika and Janey get their suitcases. They realize that this means Tuesday will probably be a live eviction.

Erika asks Janey for something cute to wear with Julie and Janey helps her. After much begging, the hammies get board games around 4:15 or post 1125. Things get a little interesting around post 1172 where Erika calls Will out about Janey. She tells him he has her wrapped and calls him an asshole. He says he adores her and thinks she is funny. Erika wonders aloud how Erin will feel. Will says that everyone will have a lot to access after the show is over. (he so knows this will be reported back to Janey and is protecting himself) oh, the time just before 7pm.

Around 8pm, Erika finally got some alone time with Janey in the WR. Janey had went in to work out and Erika found her. It got really good!!!! This starts at post 1209 and lasts for the evening. Erika tells Janey that Will is playing her and called her a slut. She says that both boys are playing both girls and that they need to take them out. She restates that she would rather win 2nd place than go to the end with Boogtard. She also points out that Will didn't start sleeping with her until after she won the veto.

Meanwhile, the boys were outside and very nervous. Boog was threatening and Will was telling him to not act like Dani.

Janey finally gives in and promises Erika around post # 1242.
At post #1254, Boog said disgusting things he would do to Janey if she kicks out Will rather than Erika.

Around 9:15, the boys break up the convo. (post1273) They both think something is up cause the girls won't look at them. The boys clean and cook while the girls watch. Will tries to talk to Janey and get her to fess up about the Erika convo but Janey lies and says it was ex-boyfriend talk. (post 1292)

Will and Janeyh take a shower at 10:20 (post 1336) and sing Material girl as suggested by Boog. Janey sings key lines:Some boys cry and some boys lie but I don't let them play....no way. (post 1344). Erika gets worried that Janey is already changing her mind and flips out. Boog gets worried that Erika knows he has been playing her and freaks out and then sucks up to Erika (post 1345-1365) When Janey comes out of the shower, she winks at Erika who calms down and plays pool with Boog.

Will tries to flirtmance it up with Janey and even asks her to go on TAR with him. She confronts him about the slut comment again and some other things but I think she is still with Erika and playing it up for Will.(1372-1384) Erika gets Janey alone again for deprogramming around 1385 or 11:45pm. Janey went to bed with Will but didn't go to sleep. Around 3:30am or post 1410, her and ERika were outside again chatting it up. Will sensed this soon and broke it up. But, not before they both admitted about the banana bread and such. All were in bed round 6:30 am.