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  2. Does it seem more deliberately cruel this year or is it just me? I’ve watched this show since day one and this feels a little different. I don’t know.. maybe I’m just getting older and more tired of people’s shit. I’d never be able to live with myself if I treated others like that. It’s just so disappointing.
  3. David is getting very little air time. Is production hoping for an Ovi return?
  4. Jackson still hanging out in the SR when Kat comes in and they hug and he keeps telling her that he has her. Then he goes to the target room and tells them all how he is handling Kat and David. Christie thinks he is a blow hard and tells Holly how pretty she is tonight. Upstairs in dark HOH Nick and Bella tell love each other and she saves a horse and rides a stupid fake therapist. Tommy whispering to Jessica in the RV room. Nicole was trying to talk to Sam for his vote but Cliff would not leave.
  5. Kemi and Nicole talking in the bedroom after she had been crying in the bathroom to Ovi. They are eating those apples desserts in the kitchen. Jack was sad in bed and Christie and Tommy was hugging him, now Christie in the bathroom telling Sis all about it, he did not want Sis to see him sad. (Probably about pooping his pants) yes that is it, Christie suggests Sis just say I heard you farted.
  6. Jackson in the SR eating and David comes in and Jackson says if I win HOH you will be on the bottom and I will have to put you on the block, you get your ass back in the game and I will do what I can for you, David says I got cha. Jackson says as long as you are on the right side of the barrel. Just get on the side with the numbers. David was pissed when Jackson put out of the house. Jackson knew that David was coming back. Jackson says do your thing and I will do mine. Jackson chugs the jug right in front of David. Sam trying to take an HOH shower and Nick standing at the door talking to him the whole time.
  7. What ever they are making it starts with slices of bread cutting the crust off, rolling it out thin with rolling pin. They are talking about putting apple slices in them, guess it is apple dumplings David's back is hurting but Jessica's husband won't let her give men back rubs, so Kat comes over to rub David's back and Jessica rubs Kat's back. (last night Kat told David about her doing Jackson before he was with Holly) Kat is loving the back rub so much she lays face first on the dirty kitchen floor and Jessica gets on her hands and knees and gives her a better massage.
  8. Holly standing on the counter too look at the boxes of snacks on top of the fridge, the girls are trying to find something to cook tonight. Last night it was a cookie recipe they found on the back of the corn flakes box, rolling cookie dough in the crushed flakes gross. Christie just said if Ovi comes back they are going to have a house meeting outing his power so he can't use it against them (after she told the whole house what her power was)
  9. Christie says Jackson called Kemi out at the dinner table for not thanking HOLLY for the dinner, she got up and left her plate. Nick and Jack said that was too far. Ovi and Sis playing checkers upstairs and he tells her it is going to play his heart out to come back.
  10. Target room Christie/Tommy/Jack they have got to tell Kat before they lose their 6th vote. They have had it with Jack trying to make this decision for them. Kat comes in but so does Nick and Sam then Bella, More bashing Kemi, she asked for stuff for her HOH basket. Which they think is stupid since she is losing tomorrow, But Nick says if he gets first or second he is flying his hair dresser out to cut his hair for the show.
  11. I was actually starting to like Kat last night, when she was having fun in the Camp Comeback room, until she just shit all over that. She told Nick and Bella all about it, in a very negative way. Kat now goes back on my shit list. Any friend of Bella is not a friend of mine. The list of honorable people is diminishing very quickly. I would include Cliff, Nicole, and maybe Tommy..
  12. I agree our nation is still having so much trouble with racism after 75 years and some of us pay to watch a group of morons attack people who are different every day for a damn game. Evel and Paul are fighting over who was the worst of them too. We have it every year but this one is worst the first 4 sent out by Jackson to the camp upstairs and uniforms, the attacks over where you are allowed to put your cup, I have 2 in mine right now I want my water cold and make 3 at a time. People who use drugs and make their selves muscles just to ruin their brains and bodies and think that they are entitled to all the food that is meant for 15 other people.
  13. They woke me up with the stupid banging on the table again, They are having the dinner that Christie/Tommy cooked and saying what was there favorite moments Jessica coming thru that little doggie door after the banishment comp, David losing that comp after thinking who is going to be the first one out then coming back 2 weeks later and really getting to know everybody. Kat was all the laughs and hopes her parents are seeing that they are having a great time and winning Veto and everybody celebrating with me. Now dishes and back to back stabbing again.
  14. I can't recall having this level of disdain for a group of houseguests since the Friendship. That was a tough show to watch, these are downright horrible people.
  15. Jackson and Holly in the boat she is talking and he is sleeping, she says her room mate's last name is Jackson and she is probably laughing at her for coming on here and hooking up with another Jackson. Kat in bed with David in Camp room and he says Jackson has been looking for her for 3 hours.
  16. Jack and Christie argue over Jackson/Kat in SR he hugs her. Kat is up in HOH with Nick and Bella talking about Cody/Jessica and the come back comp and how long Jessica stood holding the sword holding the head up and Nick says how horrible Josh was to her. Tommy is making Rice/Chicken/Broccoli and everybody is complaining about the food.
  17. I really cannot stand this girl. What a nasty witch. That's not gameplay, it's just who she is.
  18. She’s a horrible person. I really dislike her treatment of Nicole.
  19. Christie and Tommy tried to prank them again, Julie Julie is on. No one fell for it this time, they are sitting in front of the blank screen, She has been saying all day that they were going to do the show and eviction or come back tonight as a surprise.
  20. Christie/Sis/Tommy in target room talking about it is a mistake that Jackson won't tell Kat. Plus she is worried about David coming into the game and hooking up with Kat and they becoming another couple. Tommy is pissed about how Jackson gets so passionate about Kat and his control over her.
  21. Jack, Christie, Holly,SIs in the boat complaining that Jackson does not want to tell Kat to vote with them to keep Nicole and Kat is going to be pissed. They need to talk to Jackson. Jackson comes in with Nick so they can't talk to him about it. Jackson says if he gets HOH he will leave the key in the door so if anyone needs to have alone time in the shower they can use it. Jackson and Nick say that they never locked their door.
  22. David actually has taken some time to figure out the lay of the land. I loved that one conversation with Kat (it was Kat, right?) where she thought there were no alliances and he's trying to convince her that there is. That was funny. And David has a nice voice, which is neither here nor there, but whatever.
  23. OGG yes, I would *love* to hear from/see her mom right now!! Wow. I've thought of that many times after that intro with mom.
  24. Cliff asks Sis to vote for him, she does not know who yet and will be with the house, He says he just does not know what her and Jack are going to do. Now David talking to Sis says we have never talked game but if it comes to a vote for a come back, he would like hers.
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