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  2. Nick used the power earlier by putting Christie on the block. Holly nominated Nick, and Nick (secretly) nominated Christie. As Tsy said, his power was to control one nomination, which he did do. He did not have the ability to remove anyone from the block.
  3. Tommy lays down on the table's bench and Nick lays on top of him and Nick keeps sniffing in his face, Holly stands by them with her hands on hips their eyes are closed and don't even see her. Nick wants to take a shower with Tommy, (last night he was asking Tommy about doing it and Tommy told him it would hurt)
  4. Tommy's zing was that he says Amazing all the time, and Nick's was about his hair and he thinks they dropped the BALL on his and Christie thought he said dropped the BOWL on his hair cut, ha! Everybody not liking the zings after waiting all this time for them.
  5. Tommy fixed dinner and they are all sitting down to eat even Nick, and talking about the Zings. They think they dropped the ball on the zings this year. Jackson just eating a huge bowl of watermelon. Jackson asks Nicole what her intro was and she says emptied out a room in the house and BB yells not to talk about production, now they are complaining about BB not letting them talk about it. BB says it again and they love when Nicole gets in trouble.
  6. Jackson is doing impressions of the cartoon rooster and Holly is giggling like a kid. They could be borderline racist to some. Nick has gone to bed to read the Bible in RV and Nicole is taking off her bracelets to get ready for pies again soon.
  7. Nick comes in HOH interrupting them and says he is sorry for being upset he was just 3 away and got mad and threw his water bottle, They say fine and he leaves. Holly and Jackson talking about he does have feelings for her and not going to dump her for this game, he keeps saying he won veto for her and saved her HOH and her from Nick.
  8. Christie's was about her sloppy eating but she loved it and thought it was funny. Cliff's was about his body, and He body shamed him. Christie says Holly's would not have bothered her either. They think the zing bot needs retired and they should write for him. Nick is talking like he is super hyped again about how he is going to stay and beat Christie.
  9. Jackson says Zing called him a douche and this game is not checkers it's chess. HOLLY got called an OLD BUZZARD, maybe she has crows feet in the DR. Wait till she sees all the pictures of her out there. Nick and Nicole still playing and a lot of noise downstairs. Jackson and Holly alone in HOH hugging.
  10. Nick and Nicole go to tree house to listen to HOH so they have to whisper now. zing told Nicole that she was a boring loser with no friends and Jess a snoozefest Jess says it is because she refuses to say what they want her to say in DR. Nick has told Nicole he is the prankster and America loves him and wants him to have the power and he is going to use that to campaign. Tommy goes to HOH and they talk about how fast the comp went and Tommy is talking about how great Nick was in the comp and it was so close.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Jessica in the boat with Nick and Tommy talking about the comp, They are all wearing FREE THE ZING t-shirts but no one is talking about their zings. Jackson is wanting candy sweet potatoes, all he cares about is food. HE worked at Out Back and got all the left over food to take home and eat. Cliff is up in HOH talking about the comp. Christie is saying she only won 2 comps that were a lot less pressure. She is not good under pressure. Jackson thinks he will be horrible at the comic book comp.
  13. That's not how the power works. It only gives him the ability to control the non-HOH nomination. Holly controls the other one.
  14. Christie comes in HOH and hugs Jackson says she had 16 left when Jackson won. Christie kept saying my ball is stuck. Nicole in the boat with Tommy and Nick now.
  15. Jackson just tells Holly that Nick told him that he was the prankster and he could have put him up. Jackson told him that he could not take Nick off and Jackson says he could have went home on HOH. Jackson does not want to make anymore shady deals with Christie or Nick, just let him go. she says it was so close with Jackson and Nick. Tommy tells Nick they thought it was Nicole that was the prankster. Nick is upset that he put up Christie.
  16. Tommy comes in and Nick says he is not using it. Nick is so upset that he did not put up Jackson now. Nick has to get the votes now. Holly hugging and kissing Jackson up in HOH good job.
  17. JACKSON WON!! He tells Nick he can't take him off and Nick says he could have put up Jackson but he could not tell Jackson. Nick says he has to have the votes. Nick begs him not to tell anyone he is the prankster. Nick says it sucks.
  18. I was thinking that Nick could just take himself off the block now without winning anything else. He has the special power, and replaces himself with Jackson .Could someone then veto one of them, and put Nick back up?
  19. IF he wins then Holly replaces him with her choice, if Christie wins then Nick has to replace her with someone he hopes will go home before him. I doubt Jackson but maybe Jessica.
  20. So, now the new FUG twist has Nick as the prankster, and he can take himself off the block and nominate someone else. So much for the Christie vs Nick showdown. I would imagine Nick will put up Jackson as his replacement. Maybe there's some drama there, but Nick skates through on his way to a possible win.
  21. 1:45 PM housetime The houseguests all lay around waiting for Zingbot to appear. Holly has her head in Jackson's lap, with her hand basically on his penis. They go over things Zingbot might say, and come up with their own jokes. They al get along really well together, and say that maybe that makes them special from other seasons Hi Angel!. Looks like I got here just in time for a long break, with plenty of cats for adoption.
  22. Now they are doing their own Zing, Jack you said you did not come here for a showmance, so did Christie. Christie does not like it. Everybody still laying around the living room waiting for the robot to break down the door and make fun of them. Now they argue all about Jack's and Christie's knowing each other and being exes. Nick in Zing's voice Tommy you really wish you was on the top of Nick's totem pole. PETS AT 2 pm Zingbot veto time.
  23. Cliff tried to hide a watermelon but Jackson caught him. now Holly is talking about Vanessa Hudgens from high School Musical and her sister came to the Safari she works for and had their birthday there and she was really nice. Tommy has met her too when she came to one of his musicals Holly has also met someone from Stranger Things. Tweet said her scene from the Dating no filter was on last night and posted her picture taking a couple out on safari.
  24. Christie knocks on the wall and they all panic that it is Zing and then yell at Cliff, he says not him. Tommy sweeping up stuff in the LR. Everybody laying around waiting.
  25. Cliff is talking about his brother being on the first Apprentice and being friends with Omarosa. Jackson does not like Mangos. Nick yells down to Holly that her fish is beating up Jackson's fish and she says good that is what is going to happen today. They are trying to remember the order everybody went out last year. Fessy won the slip and slide 8 people did it, Sent Scotty out. Can't remember the next comp last year. Trying to figure out when the BB comics was how many people.
  26. Cliff and Nicole made some whip cream pies and put in the freezer, that is going to hurt who ever gets those. Nick finally out of hiding and playing board games with Tommy. Someone hid the bagel that Christie had just made. Jackson and Holly came down to eat too. Still waiting for the Zinger.
  27. Cliff has been playing pranks all day. Made them run when they thought they heard Zingbot, then touched Nicole while she was feeding the fish and scared her. Then put a banana in a rubber and Jackson comes to see it and says he did not put the tip in it and short sheeted him an inch. Christie found it in her bed by her head. Sticking out from her pillow. They are all laughing. Christie knows nothing bout dicks and condoms and Jackson says she slept with Bullwinkle now. She asks if the balls go in there too all the guys moan and say no that hurts. Now they wonder what pranks they can do with condoms and Jackson says you put it over your nose not your mouth.
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