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  2. He said "watersports". Heh.
  3. Well, that's keeping it simple...
  4. I pick Isabella for the win. I got nothing (yet) for the rest of the questions.
  5. He seems kinda dumb, but he's pretty.
  6. I noticed that, too. I live in FL and we seem to have almost as many NY/NJ types here as there are up there.
  7. TL;DR. Also, he needs to keep that pen in his underwear. I do not want to see it.
  8. It's an Ariana Grande lyric referring to Christian Louboutin shoes.
  9. Please don't be another Frankie, please don't be another Frankie...
  10. Hiking with wine! What?
  11. going the extra mile, Mags.....JUST LIVE! I'm holding out hope for eye candy with his Cross-Fit reference.
  12. I like this one. Early fave!
  13. Well, we've found the one who will get us lots of interrupted feeds while Skippy yells at her for singing.
  14. When you feel the most difficult thing about BB is pooping, you ain't got a chance.
  15. He's going to watch TWO WHOLE SEASONS to get a feel for the show? Get outta here, you useless famewhore. I want someone who knows the game!
  16. We're going to have fun with this one.
  17. This one seems like a less-amusing version of Ravyn. Dislike.
  18. My life’s motto is… “Happiness is the same price as red bottoms.” - um, what?
  19. Most likely to be voted out before the show airs.
  20. His taste in tattoos is very telling.
  21. Show your love to the recappers here! I'll throw some early thanks to everyone who recaps the live feeds and broadcast recaps.
  22. Something is odd with the pre-show schedule this year. Normally we have the house tour first, followed by the houseguest reveal. So what is it about the design of the house this year that gives something away that Grodner wants to keep secret? Something do to with a twist, perhaps?
  23. Lock in your prediction now so you can be totally embarrassed in a few weeks. Also, who do you think will be the first to do common hamster things like say "we have to win HOH" or get nekkid on the feeds? Who are our DR screamers? Who is going to have HOHitis the worst?
  24. I'm sensing an overwhelming DOG theme this season.....please let them have puppies!
  25. 30(ish) years old AND a model who has curves - early like!
  26. I like(d) Ovi until I read he wears Crocs.
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