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members are celebrating their birthday today

inkyL(42), 1SunnyGyrl(34), JosieBean(48)


Happy birthday to our 8/8 ers! My son's 6th Anniversary too!

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Happy Birthday Inky, and to all fellow Leo HT'ers!


ETA: Oh cool, this is post 999 -- one more for 1000 -- will have to plan carefully how/when/where to post it, hmmm.

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Well first Bee, I must know more about this Sweet Tea Vodka of which you speak. I love Sweet Tea, and I love Vodka. Please tell me about this miraculous heavenly sounding concoction that combines them both -- does one buy it or make it?


Responding from the quiz thread.


Sophy-it is heaven on earth. You can purchase it at your local ABC/liquor store or whatever you call your local booze affiliate. The brand I drink is called Firefly, and it can be found in with the rest of the vodkas. I believe there is another brand available now-but that's all I've tried. Be warned though-it's heady stuff. Because it tastes so much like sweet tea, it's esay to just start slugging it down before you remember-hey this is basically straight vodka! A friend mixed it with lemonade and enjoyed it that way, I recently soaked fresh peach slices in it and gobbled those right up. As some other HTers can attest though-it can pack a wicked hangover if overdone.



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