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Finale~ September 16 Recap

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This recap brought to you by Tivo and the word "respect".


Previously, on Big Brother, we had a bunch of crap seasons with crap winners that made A Shot at Love look like quality programming.


But, as BB has always warned us: Expect the Unexpected. Tonight, with giant hair and unnaturally sparkly skin, Julie Chen announced the winner and renewed our faith in Big Brother.


BUT FIRST, you have to live through the highs and lows that made this finale one of the best in BB history.


Seventy-one days ago these 13 famewhores were locked inside the house and began playing the game for the 10th season of Big Brother. Tonight, their fate rests in the hands of the Bitter, party of 7.


Julie finishes her opening speech and the audience rises to their feet, applauding. She touches a few people, in an attempt to prove that she's actually human.


I pause the DVR, in hopes of spotting familiar faces in the audience, and see Beau, (season 6), which causes me to gasp and quickly resume playing.


We're treated to rehash of the day when the hamsters entered the house. Here, Renny, (sparkle factor 4), shakes the hand of Ollie, (dumbass factor 7). Jerry says "love you guys, already" as they all toast with something fizzy. "And now", Clayton Halsey tells us, "only 2 Renegades remain".


We witness Dan and Memphis doing their handgun handshake, then are reminded that Dan came out of the gate strong and formed an alliance quickly with Brian. Memphis, however, was part of the group that rallied to evict Brian. Now alone in the game, Dan changed his strategy to take the target off of him by playing weak. That strategy worked, as Brian's other alliance mates were the next to follow, (miss you Steven and Angie! Call us!)


America, falling for Dan, chose him as their player. The group that took Brian out began to splinter and take out their own. This is when Memphis and Dan fell into an alliance together. They soon pledged their allegiance to each other and began calling themselves the "Renegades". With the help of Keesha and Renny, they controlled the game and were able to evict Libra, April, Michelle, and Ollie, (superhappyfuntime!) At this point, Jerry began to plague them, so they had no choice but to evict one of their own, and Renny was sent packing. At a luxury competition, Dan prevailed and won a trip to a private beach, and was allowed to select one person, either still in the game or on the jury, to accompany him. Unbeknownst to his alliance, he selected Michelle, in an attempt to win her vote and help sway the other jury members.


Dan continued his winning streak, then got to the point where he had to put up Keesha and Jerry, and forced Memphis to choose between the two. Memphis, feeling he could beat Jerry more easily, evicted Keesha. Dan had the final choice between keeping Dan or Jerry, and smartly chose to evict his "nemesis", Jerry.


I'm sorry, but if your "nemesis" is a 75 year-old, trash-talking son-of-a-bitch, it's fairly laughable.


"Now, after a summer of epic battles"... *cue tape of "staged" earthquake, honey/feather comp, compost comp, Red Baron comp, Whomp comp, earthquake comp, astronaut comp, stair comp* ...


"Outrageous behavior" See: Dan in drag, Jessie's intimidating physique, Renny's sock comp screeching, pie in Dan's face, Jerry falling in pool, ("I hurt my ass!"), Michelle's meltdown, Jessie's mouth fart, Renny's bitchface, Dan's roulette speech, Jerry's Judas schtick...


"Heartache"... Witness~ Renny's tears, Libra guilting Ollie, Keesha looking like a *bleep* crazy person...


"And confrontation" Enjoy: Libra's WHOSAIDIT face, Memphis wanting to punch Jerry, Renny's "You'd better not!" comment, and more yelling and screaming from Libra, Michelle, April and Jerry. Ah, good times.


Now, eleven guests have been eliminated and seven of them are on the jury to decide the fate of the final two. They will return tonight and get their bitch on, as they vote to crown a new winner of Big Brother. Who will they select? The Catholic school teacher or the mixologist? Find out tonight! LIVE!!!



Finally the rehash is over and the opening sequence begins. I thank OGG for the fast forward button, as I'm impatient as hell to get on with it.


Julie is back and she reheats the rehash as we see Dan and Memphis, both looking spiffy, nervousing on the screen behind her. She says we're about to find out who the winner is, BUT FIRST we must suffer through the arrival of Jerry at the jury house. Actually this part turned out to be all kinds of awesome, as Jerry's reception isn't all rainbows and kittens.


First we see the evicted hamsters convene, awaiting the 7th juror. Obviously scripted, it went something like this:



April, The Dominatrix Skank

Ollie, The Dominatrix Skank's Manho'

Michelle, The Mushmouth

Keesha, The Betrayed

Renny, The Sparkly One

Libra, The Voice of Reason. No, really.



Outside jury house, somewhere in California. Hamsters sit on benches and chairs around a rattan coffee table and a rug made of something, possibly organic.



Act One, Scene One:


Libra: So guys, who do you think the 7th juror is?


Keesha: I want Memphis to come in. I think he is... arrogant, [said arrogantly], and I want to see him come through the door.


Ollie: In terms of who I would want to come in.. Dan didn't only, you know, disrespect, you know, or mock me or Michelle, but in terms of getting you all involved, telling you what to say and mocking you throughout the entire process, uh, I think that's a little uncalled for.


Libra: I think personally, if Jerry were to come into the house~ oh, Dear Lord, thank you, he wasn't the gingerly old man everyone thought he was.


[Dolphin laugh]


Renny: Honey, please.. spend one more night.. with that man...puhlease!


[Renny tosses scarf. Libra fake laughs]


Keesha: We floated Jerry along! That is why Jerry is there! We floated the old man along, all the way to the end.


Libra: It was a running joke in the house, we had Operation Get-Away-From-Jerry. Every one of us...


[Enter Jerry]


Jerry [arms open]: Hey everybody it's me!


April: Oohhh, look who it is.


Michelle: Oh no. Jerry. Oh no.


[Renny makes disapproving face]


Jerry: Not glad to see me?


[crickets chirp]


Jerry: Wow. How are ya'll?


[more crickets]


Michelle: Oh boy. Jerry's here. That means it's Dan and Memphis~ the two evil people are in there.


April: Okay, Jerry, so tell us what happened.


[Jerry tells about the final HOH and his eviction]


Michelle: Well, I think actually Memphis made an alliance with Dan...


Jerry: Big time. I mean, going at it the way they did the whole thing, they played us to the hilt. They played everybody to the hilt.


Keesha: [with bitchface] Yeah, I brought Memphis a long way, huh?


Jerry: Both of 'em together was a force we couldn't reckon with. We coulda handled 'em one at a time~ two of 'em, we couldn't handle.


Michelle: You could have definitely secured one of the guys leaving by putting up Memphis and Dan...


Keesha: [cutting in] Honestly, I could not believe that you put me and Dan up, when you've got Memphis, who's probably going to win this whole game!


Jerry: I had an agreement with Memphis that Dan would go, and Dan didn't keep his word!


Renny: Don't blame anyone else! I didn't even buy what you're saying, honey.


Jerry: Now, you let me talk!


Renny: NO!


Jerry: Well, you don't listen, Renny...


Renny: I don't need to listen! I'm tired of you saying that anyway.


[Libra has gleeful look]


Jerry: I'm not the one who took Memphis off the block, YOU did.


[Jerry points to Keesha]


Keesha: Yes, I did.


Jerry: Why didn't you get rid of him when you had a chance? Why put it on me?


Renny: [interrupting] You couldn't get rid of Memphis! That's why you're sitting here, too!


Jerry: I'm done


Renny: Good. Chauvinist pig.


[Libra laughs]


Keesha: Feel the love in the air.


Libra: Lord, have mercy.


Jerry: [obviously NOT done] There's no easy choice for us. Now we have to decide who gets $500,000 and who gets $50,000. Who's the worst of two evils, and who deserves it more.


[Michelle nods head]


Renny: I feel Memphis is the most insensitive person I've ever met in my life.


Keesha: Very cut-throat.


Renny: Memphis is very cunning, conniving, insensitive, and honey, I just..listen...


[Renny shakes head]


Keesha: That's how Memphis made it. That is how Memphis made it to the end~ by being cold-hearted and not giving a crap about anybody in that house.


Ollie: It worked.


Keesha: I mean, I think that I have to say that Dan's best move was just getting everyone to like him. I love Dan. I still like Dan. I mean, I know it's all game, but he's good!


[Renny nods]


Michelle: Obviously with me and Dan, I would have appreciated him more and respected his game more if he had just told me exactly why he was putting me up not play roulette, "and you and you and you".. everybody but Dan sat there, and he tried to throw everybody under the bus.


[Ollie nods]


April: That was the most embarrassing mocking, of especially these two, [points to Ollie and Michelle], but also playing you guys in the whole game as well.


[Keesha shakes head in disagreement]


April: What kind of person...talk about heartless! That's heartless.


Keesha: I actually don't have bitter feelings towards Dan.


Renny: You have to get into.. [in unison with Libra] his head.


Renny: He's a very, very immature young man


Ollie: Does that condone it? Does that condone it?


Renny: I don't condone his behavior.


Ollie: That's all I want to know.


Libra: I think they're both culpable. They've both done their things. As we all know, again, Big Brother is not best friends, it's not I'm-your-best-buddy, there's no handbook to Big Brother. Outside of lying, cheating, manipulating, stealing, putting your mother in front of a bus.. I mean, hey. You're trying to win the money.


Ollie: In their defense, they played the game well, to the point where they're there and we're here. So, to say that Dan lied to me and betrayed me, that's just part of the game. I tip my hat to Dan for that. Realize who's played the game well.


Libra: Yep.


Ollie: Who's made the best decisions at the best time to actually, you know, get to where they are now.


Michelle: [all superior-like] One of the smartest moves that Dan made was the deal he made with Ollie and backdooring me, because he knew I was coming after him.


April: Do you want to elaborate on your trip at all, considering Jerry has not...


Ollie: Yeah, let's talk about that!


Michelle: Yes, um, I'm the one who went on the trip with Dan.


[Jerry sits up straight]


Jerry: What trip is this?


Michelle: The luxury competition that he won, to the island with the helicopter ride? He chose me to go with him.


Jerry: [surprised] Oh. I didn't know that!


Michelle: He could select a houseguest or a jury member and he, it's weird, picked ME out of all the people. Why would he pick ME?


Jerry: Because he's a game-player, he wanted your vote.


Keesha: He wanted your vote.


Michelle: He was smooth to me.


Jerry: Did you know?


Michelle: Of course I did!


Jerry: Ooooohhhhh.


Michelle: He gave me an earful, let's put it that way.


Libra: Ooh, the games people play.


Keesha: I think that Dan played a better game than Memphis, personally. I definitely think that Dan worked a lot harder. I feel like Memphis, you know, he just laid back. He didn't have to do anything, which I guess is a good thing also.


Jerry: Memphis let Dan do all the dirty work


Keesha: Yep


Jerry: All the dirty work, and I want to tell you, Memphis was every bit as responsible for it as Dan was. It was many things that Memphis did that got him to the end. He showed a tremendous strength maneuvering Dan and people to do his work and others to get to the end.


Keesha: I did all the dirty work for Memphis, then at the end, he stabs me right in the back. He just let me just carry him on through the game.


April: [skankily] His strategic move was to use you and that was good for him, because you gave it to him and said, "let me help you as far as I can take you" but when he saw how strong you were, he said, "I can't have that anymore." Memphis played people and not so much competitions. Honestly, he proved it to all of us~ you do not have to win HOH to maybe win, possibly win half a million dollars. Memphis, to me, played the stronger game than Dan did.


Renny: [getting more incoherent by the minute] Listen. If I play Monopoly with somebody and somebody doesn't win Monopoly, and in the end, you give it to 'em? Never won an HOH, used everyone in here... I cannot give someone half a million dollars playing a game like that.


Michelle: For me, I have to go by whether the person with the blood on their hands deserves it or the person who didn't get blood on their hands.


Jerry: They're both devious.


Michelle: I'm gonna have a tough decision.


Jerry: They know how to play a game.


[April nods, knowingly]


Jerry: Are we all that gullible?


Libra: Apparently so. We're sittin' here.





Back in the studio, Julie announces that after the break, the jurors will put Dan and Memphis over the grill and roast them until they're charred to a crisp.


As the camera pulls away to commercial, we see Bunky and RWJames, side by side, smiling and clapping. Too bad James is such a conservative, because they'd really make a cute couple. Also in the audience~ Adam and his date, Matthole. Way to ruin another finale there, asswipes.


After the break, Julie's hair tells us it's time for Jury questioning. We return to the scene, where the jurors were before, only this time Dan and Memphis are present, via streaming video.


Libra, playing the role of James Lipton asks how they're doing and congratulates the guys. She addresses "Father Dan", asking him what he felt his most strategic move was and why. Dan answers her by saying that getting rid of Michelle was a difficult, yet strategic move. He claims to like Michelle, but she could have beat her in a comp or in F2. He believes it was a well-thought out plan.


April addresses Memphis and remarks that they didn't have much to do with each other and wants to know why she should give Memphis the money. Memphis tells her they just didn't come together, but he didn't ever B.S. her. Says he was a straight-shooter, which draws looks and laughter from Keesha and Jerry. He says he hopes April will appreciate that. April assures him that she does, then congratulates him.


Michelle tries to be funny, yet fails, by saying she wants to play a little jury roulette. She stages a two-part question. She wants him to tell everyone why he chose her for the trip, and while mentioning this, points out the fact to Memphis, who looks a bit taken aback. Dan pats him on the arm. Michelle also says that on the trip Dan said it wasn't his idea to backdoor Michelle, but was his alliance's, so she wants to really know who's idea it was. Dan attempts to disarm Michelle by saying he was trying to get back into her good graces after playing her so badly. He kinda skates around the answer to the second question, saying he couldn't have backdoored her without the help of his alliance, but he could take partial credit for the idea.


Michelle turns to Memphis and states that they were in an alliance together, which draws a shocked reaction from Dan. She continues by saying it benefited Memphis and not her, and wants to know why she should vote to give him the cashola, even though he never won an HOH, and purposefully threw some of the comps. Memphis tries to appease her by saying that maybe it was his strategy to not win an HOH and the proof that it worked is that he's sitting there now. He claims he was fearful of Michelle as a competitor, because she could beat him in certain comps, but he trusted her. He says he might not have been the first one to jump on board when his alliance suggested backdooring her, (garnering looks from both Dan and Keesha), but he said with some persuasion, he was talked into letting her go. He states that it was difficult for him .


Next up is Ollie, who calls himself "B.O." Awesome! Why didn't we think of that?! He addresses Dan, and Dan replies, saying he knows this is going to be a tough one. Ollie asks Dan why he had to bring Monica's name into the promise they made during the endurance comp. Dan says he had to do whatever he could to get B.O. to drop. He said he appealed to the emotional person that B.O. is and figured he could make him believe Dan was being sincere. So, basically, you got played, chump!


Renny follows, asking Memphis to name one thing he did for her in the game. After several AWK-ward moments, Memphis says he gave her himself. Renny's thinking, "WTF?!".


He goes on to say he tried to be up-front with her and not connive her. Not convinced, she says, "ok".


Keesha jumps in next, saying hello to her "best friend" Memphis. She wants him to explain why he done her wrong. She doesn't understand why he would chose Jerry over her, thinking that they were close. She wonders if he has any remorse about it. Memphis says it was the most difficult thing he had to do. He says it was tough to watch her flip her bitchcakes lid. He said it was all about the game, and he's sorry he may have lost a friend because of it.


Jerry rasps to Dan that whenever Dan won a comp he showed a lot of arrogance. Jerry wants to know if Dan has any respect, (gah!), for any of the jurors. Dan says he absolutely does respect all of them. Says it wasn't about being arrogant, it was all in the moment of the game, but can see why Jerry would think that. He apologizes for... whatever it is Jerry's accusing him of.


Jerry says he hopes Dan respected him because HE respected Dan. Seriously, Jerry? You suck. Respect THAT.

Dan hangs his head down and thanks Jerry.


Jerry wants Memphis to name who he would have picked if he had won the final comp. Dan says he'd like to know, too. Memphis avoids answering by saying he never played ahead and would not have known until the moment to select one was at hand.


Dan throws Memphis under the bus by suggesting that was perhaps why Memphis didn't win the final comp~ so that he wouldn't have to be the one to decide. Memphis thanks him for throwing out that little tidbit.


In his final speech, Memphis says he tried to come up with a business plan that would get him to the F2. He said he played to be an asset to each of them. He says he only threw two HOH comps. He asserts that he played the game in a straightforward manner, he didn't feed them B.S. He says he's the same way in the real world. He says if they think he played the better game to vote for him. If they think he didn't, he's asking them to vote for Dan. He wraps it up by saying he'll see them soon and wishes them luck. Memphis, honey, you're the one who needs the luck after that lame speech.


Dan says he came in and saw tough competitors and wondered how he was going to win. He says he decided he was going to have to get creative and try to out-think people. He says there were reasons why he did everything he did. Admits he might have gone overboard. He said he needed to create some dislike for him, so that Memphis would want to take him to F2, if need be. He asks them to set aside their personal feelings and vote for the better player. He says he enjoyed getting to know them and thanks them for a great summer.


Dan and Memphis shake hands, as Libra remarks, "he's a good speaker".


April says she honestly enjoyed Memphis' speech more than Dan's. She says she knows everyone has their own opinion, and they're all going to have a tough time, especially since the two are complete opposites. Michelle states they each played a different game and wonders aloud who deserves it the most.


There's a dramatic pause as the tension and the music build.


We're taken back to the studio, where Julie waits to introduce the jury. She names them, out one by one. Out comes Libra, April, then Michelle, all who are sporting short dresses and major cleavage. Ollie and his hat clown out next, looking like an idiot by doing a somersault entrance. Renny, (sparkle factor 8), enters next. She curtsies, then takes way too much time greeting the audience. Renny is still on the walkway when Keesha walks out. She is decidedly low-key in her jeans and tank top. Finally, in SLOWOLD fashion, Jerry peepaws out and takes his place with the others.


Julie asks us to stay with them, because when they come back, it will be the moment the jury has been waiting for, as they will cast their votes for the winner of BB10.


After commercials, Julie asks ONE word to describe the jury's inquisition. Dan: "blah blah blah intense blah blah blah". Memphis: "blah blah blah intense blah blah blah".


Dudes. ONE WORD. Come on!


Chenbot then explains to the jury that it's time for their vote and instructs them to do so without revealing their choice, and allows them to say ONE, final statement to the F2.


They approach the key thingy one at a time. In order of appearance, we have:


Libra: She greets and congratulates them, then says, "contrary to popular belief, people think this game is real easy, and I say when everything else fails, go crazy." Damn, girl! Your mission statement explains a LOT. She wishes them luck and hopes the best man wins.


April: She congratulates them and says it's great to see them. She thanks them for all the "experiences" they shared this summer. What. Ever. Sit down, skank.


Michelle: She greets them and says it was a crazy ride, then congratulates them both. Short, sweet, and subtle. I like.


Ollie: He greets them, then flubs his line, naturally. He finally manages to say, "it's been an unforgettable summer, man, and uh, good and bad, no matter what we're going to remember it the rest of our lives." No shit, Sherlock~ that's what "unforgettable" means. Sit your ass down, fool.


Renny: After a bit of trouble getting out of her chair, she greets the guys, then says "As a business woman, this decision was very easy to make, and in the game of life, and in the game of t.v. games, I think it's very important that people don't take for granted the little things~ a 'thank you', a 'good morning', 'how are you', and it is with great respect that in this game, I think it's, uh, good that you get in touch with a person's human spirit and on a human level, and I belive that way in life, and I believe this way in this game. So, with this *inserts key*, that is why I'm voting for this person to WIN TONIGHT". Just, wow. The audience applauds as Renny finds her way back to her seat. I have to say that her flask is remarkably well-hidden.


Keesha: She wants them both to know she thinks of them both as little brothers to her and she loves them both to death. Careful there, Memphis, she might mean that literally! Dan promises not to scare her tonight.


Jerry: After peepawing his way to the key-thingy, he says he tried to get rid of them both a bunch of times, but they kept sticking around, although he followed them right to the end. He says he has a lot of *cough* respect *cough* for both of them. He's basing his decision on kindness. He asserts that one of them showed him kindness, and he will explain later. He wishes them both luck and congratulates them before he heads back to his chair, in SLOWOLD fashion.


Julie announces that the voting is now complete. She says that when we return from the break, the first four evictees will return, reminding us that they're the only houseguests who were able to go home and watch the entire season and we get to see what they have to reveal next.


After a few commercials, including one from Hardee's, whose new slogan is "If it doesn't get all over the place, it doesn't belong in your face", I search the audience for Natalie, to no avail. I'm subjected, however, to another shot of Adam and Matthole, then a quick shot of Zach. Where's Janey?! THIS IS BULLCRAP! [/raspy old man voice]


Julie introduces Brian, Steven, Angie and Jessie, who are already seated on-stage.


This is where it gets doog, so pay attention!


Julie addresses Brian first, reminding us that he aligned with Dan first, then he predicted that Dan would go far in the game. Julie asks him what he'd like to say to the jurors. Brian, looking hawt, first congratulates the guys and says he was laughing his ass off when he was talking to them. I say, prove it, Brian! He also congratulates them on playing the game from start to finish without it becoming personal with them. He says they never attacked anyone, but played the game in their own individual way, as it was a game to get where they both are now. He then states there are a few things that the viewers saw that he'd like to point out. He calls out Ollie and says his temper tantrum was a personal reaction, and it surprised Brian. He said Michelle attacked Libra and her ability to be a mother when Michelle lost the trip to Hawaii. The jury shifts uncomfortably. Michelle defends herself saying, "I think it was already attacked before that". Nice justification there, Michelle. Brian goes on to say that when we saw April and Michelle in the jury house, they attacked Keesha's personal appearance. Michelle looks innocently at April, mouthing, "what?" Brian congratulates the guys for playing right, even though many of the jury members made it personal.


Julie says she noticed Steven nodding his head, so asks him who's behavior surprised him the most. Steven answers, "Jerry". He says Jerry's reactions to a lot of the things in the house were surprising. He says the way Peepaw treated Dan was very disappointing, rehashing the Judas remarks. He says the way Jerry behaved when Michelle won HOH was horrible, too. Julie lets us watch the tapes to reveal some of Jerry's behavior, including the yelling and flashing the bird at the others. She asks Jerry if he'd like to respond to what we witnessed. Jerry states that when someone brings religion into the game, it made him want to use religion in return. He admits it might have been a bit off-color and out of line, but it worked in getting The Bible out and the game back.


Angie did not get to say anything, which was typical for Angie this season. Still, though, it would have been nice for her to get a few words in. Thanks a lot, RENNY.


Julie mentions PLANTgate, assuring the jury that there was no plant, but admits that there was someone America voted to be America's Player for one week. We're shown the video of Dan reading the AC cards, and watch as Memphis laughs, Renny smiles, and Michelle reacts, saying "I knew it!" The look of surprise on Memphis and Keesha's faces is priceless! Ollie, in a rare moment of complete self-awareness, says, "we're stupid". After seeing how America voted for Dan to get Jessie nominated, to hug him, and to get him evicted, Julie asks for Jessie's reaction. Jessie thanks America for keeping him in our minds, going three for three. He says he he was obviously entertaining, and reminds us that he got to go back into the house as a gorilla. Such perfect toolishness. Oh, how I've missed him.


Julie then announces that America has voted for one of the jury to win a $25,000 jury prize, as the camera pans over their hopeful faces. She says that coming up is the moment we've all been waiting for~ the crowning of the next winner.


After a few more commercials, "Finally", Julie says, "it all comes down to this moment."


She informs the guys that she's about to reveal the winner, who will receive $500K, and the runner-up, who will receive $50K. She says she will pull the keys out one at a time, and they will need four keys to win the game.


In dramatic robot style, Julie pulls out each key, as she announces who each juror voted for.


Libra: Dan

April: Dan

Michelle: Dan

Ollie: Dan


Julie announces Dan as the winner, as he and Memphis hug and head out of the house, and into the studio, to big applause and sparkly confetti. Monica rushes to the door and hugs him before she slinks back to her seat. The guys get hugs from the former houseguests, their families and girlfriends, and as they continue to celebrate, Julie asks us to return to find out who was voted to receive the jury prize.


Back from the final break and Julie is holding the last three keys that weren't pulled from the box earlier. Renny, Keesha and Jerry all voted for Dan, as well. It's a Danslide, (tm Beehoppy)! Memphis asks where the love went and everyone laughs.


Julie says America's favorite juror was a very close vote between the top two. In second place, getting NO additional cash, was Jerry. Jerry does not look pleased. SCREW YOU PEOPLE! [/raspy old man voice] Julie finally gets the envelope open to announce that Keesha is the winner. Keesha looks pleasantly surprised as April stands next to her with a fake smile plastered on her face. Hah! Eat THAT, BarbieBitch!


Julie then reminds us to watch the Early Show to see her speak more with Dan and Memphis in the morning. She thanks the HGs for an incredible summer and suggests that if any one of us thinks we have what it takes to be a BB houseguest, we should go to CBS.com to apply for BB11. I sit and wonder if my 6 year-old is too young. He could use a long time-out.


Julie then signs off by wishing us a good night.




Final note: It was an awesome finale to a great season, one in which most of us were very pleased with the end result. Big thanks to CBS, the HGs, the admins, recappers, and members here at HT for making this season the best one I can remember. Here's to next season, in hopes that it will be just as great. *cheers*

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