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Live Feed Recaps, Week 8 - HOH: Turner

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8:50 PM HT

Let's leap forward in time again... and still all four feeds are on the ex-cringemance.

"What's your favorite way to cuddle?" asks a mindful Kyle. Alyssa mutters something that CR can't make out, and then Kyle grunts something that CR can't make out. 

Silence. Spooning. Kyle now informs Alyssa that he values kindness in a relationship (over frugality, apparently) and she is very kind. She says, "Thank you," and he says, "No, thank you."

Cuddlecakes. Sweet nauseating muttercakes. "The thing I'll miss most is you," Kyle reveals. "Just so we're clear on that."

"Really?" coquettes Alyssa. 

"Um hmm," responds Kyle. 

She says she'll miss him too. Heartfelt Kyle tells her he hopes that's the truth. She repeats that she will miss him. "For about a week," she adds impishly. 

Giggles. Shifting of positions. Interlocking fingers. "I love these gold earrings," Kyle compliments, perhaps hoping to add a day or two onto how long she'll miss him for. 

Good OGG, this is lame. CR would rather switch feeds and watch Turner listen to music on his headphones. Or maybe CR should just call it a night?

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