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There's No Business Like Show Biz

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Thanks for the heads-up, jerrye25


I honestly thought Gilmore Girls was my secret little guilty pleasure. There was quite the following on TWoP, but I had no idea there was so much interest among our beloved HamsterTime folks. Wondering if this calls for a dedicated "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" thread?

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Can't believe it took decades to finally bring down Harvey Weinstein as the rapist and misogynist that he is.  While she's singing a different tune now - EFF YOU, Meryl, for turning a blind eye to the matter for those decades and then claiming you'd never heard the whispers about his behavior.....as if you supporting Polanski wasn't bad enough, now this.  I'm including GOOP in that shade as well.  And Lindsay Lohan - there are simply no words for what a lost little girl you really are. 

Hope you were ready for retirement, Donna Karan, because I can't imagine a woman who would knowingly wear your brand now.  There aren't enough "save my brand"-hearted apologies in the world to erase a WOMAN victim-shaming by stating that the women "asked for...." that behavior from a man.

Just earlier this year, hearing of Casey Affleck's behavior, I wondered how Casey had fallen so far from the tree.  Turns out, the tree was just as much of a predator (allegedly) - since Hilarie Burton came out with her account of Ben Affleck grabbing her breast on TRL.  

Oh, look - there's video of it.

Then there's this:

The only man who seemed to at least stand up to Weinstein over these past decades appears to be Brad Pitt.  Not current day Brad Pitt, but not-yet-A-list Brad Pitt who refused to turn a blind eye to the behavior.  

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I think Weinstein was not an outlier here,  and there are still  plenty  of men just like him out there, in his industry and in others.  I used to think that people with  that sort of attitude were just old fogeys who would eventually  die off,  but I see now that it's nice that they get their comeuppance while they're still around  to get  the full impact of their humiliation. 

I don't want someone like Bill Cosby, for instance, to die off thinking that he got away with everything. 

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Let's not forget Matt Damon and Russell Crowe.  While Matt Damon is trying to deny that he called the NYT to vouch for Fabrizio Lombardo (who allegedly procured women for HW like it was his job... or maybe that was his job... hmm), Sharon Waxman stated that editors killed her 2004 story because "she didn't have it nailed" (very poor choice of words).

Oh yeah, btw, Matt Damon admits to making the phone call.  But, it was just like for a minute, you know.


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