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Broadcast Finale Chat Transcript

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PuffTrinket: *waves hi to room*

roxcami: I'm curious to see what happens, but I don't care who really wins-- mostly just what people sa

SlaeboB: Puffy!

cubkip: MAGS

CindySiandam: hey mags!

a44leafs: me too, cami

HTLurker1234: follow that FMC

gfrc2002: Mags!

roxcami: It's really idle curiosity-- I just don't care

Magpie542: hey peeps!

Roxy74011: me too, cami

HTLurker1234: hi mags!

FeedMCoffee: Anders, just read you post in Pssssst..love the counting "44 leaves" in the BY! you got it, dude

Diejeebert: Puff!

Diejeebert: Mags!

Diejeebert: Bee!

a44leafs: yay FMC!!

CindySiandam: hey Gary - did you have a happy birthday?

roxcami: Did bee make it in? Hi Mag!

gfrc2002: It was good, cindy

SlaeboB: it's almost S.R.O. in here tonight

gfrc2002: I was very busy though

Magpie542: hey cami

edesterb: I'm here-Bee hoppy

FeedMCoffee: thx HTL

Window2TheWorld: hopefully thiss is the last bb episode ever

roxcami: And everyone, I can't keep up

gfrc2002: Work, then opera rehearsal

HTLurker1234: hi beehoppy

PuffTrinket: FMC, I hope you make it on the show. It's the least they can do for us. Heh.

roxcami: Hi, Bee!

edesterb: Hellolurker!

edesterb: HI Cami!

a44leafs: wait, did i say what i wanted to say?

gfrc2002: SRO?

CindySiandam: I'm ready for this train wreck to be over

Magpie542: standing room only, g

HTLurker1234: what did you want to say anders?

SlaeboB: standing room only

gfrc2002: ahh

Donnafair: G!

CindySiandam: bring on survivor

gfrc2002: donna!

Magpie542: he's canadian

a44leafs: . ... I wanted to say that "I just want to see Zach realize he has fans"

gfrc2002: :-D

Donnafair: you'd think Mr. Opera Singer would know SRO

CindySiandam: Hey donna - I didn't see you there

a44leafs: and see him be all happy and pleased

Magpie542: *pats g on the head*

gfrc2002: Haha

Roxy74011: me too, leafs!

edesterb: Almost over!

PuffTrinket: SRO is dating us, folks. There are no more general admission tix

roxcami: Survivor is going to be refreshing after this season-- give me something marginally well-produced

SlaeboB: FMC, if you make it past round one of the auditions, I'll send you my Fisty shirt I got last year so you can wear it in the house

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HTLurker1234: hi donna!

edesterb: Puff! Hi!

PuffTrinket: Hi!

a44leafs: I found myself wondering about "Sweets" today

HTLurker1234: hi puff

gfrc2002: true, puff

cubkip: I will go and make room for more Dick haters. See ya all later. I just came to invite beez

Donnafair: I need to get my chocolate stash for the show.

cubkip has left the room.

edesterb: I am working on a response to you

RRonnieRoller has left the room.

SlaeboB: wonder if Sweets will be at the "finale show"?

PuffTrinket: Oh, Bee!

HTLurker1234: Cub has a beez in her bonnet!

Diejeebert: I just grabbed some cookies

a44leafs: I kind of hope so

Magpie542: bwah lurker

PuffTrinket: i didn;t reconize you in your new gown.

edesterb: I am undercover these days

Roxy74011: I grabbed a giant glass of wine

a44leafs: unless she is a money-grubbing biotch

a44leafs: then, NO SWEETS

Diejeebert: everyone ready to see the pissy jury?

roxcami: I'm grabbed a giant tub of ice cream

Roxy74011: Yeah!

SlaeboB: nah, that's Eric's "ex"... I wonder if she'll be there

PuffTrinket: Here's how bored I am with the show- the TV'

edesterb: I figured your "Hi" was sort of lowe key you didn't know it was me

Magpie542: yes toolie!

roxcami: Toolie, that's the only reason I'm watching-- the pissy jury

a44leafs: slae, ha

HTLurker1234: CBS will edit the jury questions to make them sound nicer...watch for voiceovers!

Roxy74011: And the AP reveal

SlaeboB: eek! It's TIME

CindySiandam: I'm watching beauty and the geek - I don't know if I can switch over

gfrc2002: same here, cami/toolletta

edesterb: I want something yummy

a44leafs: yay!

edesterb: But I'm dieting

roxcami: Yes, lurker!

FeedMCoffee: HTL-still trying...i just see the joker's post...no feed

jerrrye25 has entered the room.

gfrc2002: jerrye!!

Donnafair: Jerry!

a44leafs: oh lord, now it's OJ on the 6pm news

Magpie542: JERRY

a44leafs: JERRY!!!!!

SlaeboB: you MUST - B&TG repeats like 5 times this week

Diejeebert: that diet's going to end Friday, Bee

edesterb: Jerry!

PuffTrinket: I'm having Diet Dr. pepper. My vice

CindySiandam: Hey Jerry

edesterb: Word tools

HTLurker1234: click the link in the post FMC, then type in the pwd

a44leafs: (i have a crush on jerry)

jerrrye25: hello

edesterb: It's just to look good for the boy

HTLurker1234: hi jerry!

a44leafs: (and his family guy lights)

Diejeebert: Jerry!

SlaeboB: I'll arm wrestle you for him, anders

PuffTrinket: Jerry!

a44leafs: damnit

PuffTrinket: Apparently we'

Lifeonhold52: hello to all who came in while I was away

PuffTrinket: Dang.

Lifeonhold52: show!!!

gfrc2002: Show

edesterb: Hi life!

SlaeboB: I'm all atwitter with anticipation

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CindySiandam: Jerry - I was going to suggest stapling up some sheets, but I thought it might be too much

HTLurker1234: shoooooow!

FeedMCoffee: hi jerry!

PuffTrinket: apparently we're still on the same train.

inkyL0808 has entered the room.

a44leafs: not estranged.. just strange

Magpie542: inky!

SlaeboB: Most heinous outfit this season

HTLurker1234: Is it cold in SoCal today?

jerrrye25: Don't think I've never stapled before

edesterb: gag!

a44leafs: hi inky!

Donnafair: what the hell is Julie wearing?

edesterb: Inky!

DaisylouToo has entered the room.

roxcami: What in the hell is on Julie's chest? Pox?

Magpie542: SHOW

SlaeboB: and glitter gun was set on stun

Diejeebert: unfortunate necklace choice, Julie

SlaeboB: MFM in the audience!

gfrc2002: haha slae

jerrrye25: I'm forcing myself to watch only cause I care about Eric and Jessica and the big reveal

a44leafs: it is colder than usual.. maybe the 80s or high 70s?

inkyL0808: Barf bag ready to go!

SlaeboB: and Cryvette, I think

roxcami: Julie's got the Turquoise Pox

DaisylouToo: why am i even watching this?

edesterb: remember when we cared?

HTLurker1234: she's all bundled up and stuff, the chenbot

inkyL0808: I'm playing hookey from my GS Rally tonight

ShyLurkerGuy has entered the room.

Magpie542: to see the jury be pissy, daisy

a44leafs: cami, do you catch it in New Mexico?

Magpie542: SLuG

HTLurker1234: hi slug!

gfrc2002: hey shy

inkyL0808: Hey Slug

edesterb: Gooo jury

Donnafair: SLuG!

roxcami: That's it, Anders!

SlaeboB: NippleMan!

CindySiandam: cub's in the BFA chat

DaisylouToo: yes, that's right

Magpie542: $5!

a44leafs: it was negative!!

gfrc2002: $5!!!

Donnafair: $5 bitch!

edesterb: I had honestly forgotten that

SlaeboB: I'd do that for 5 dollars...

gfrc2002: hahaha

SlaeboB: it's so frustrating

Magpie542: fruuuuustrating

a44leafs: ha

a44leafs: comedy

roxcami: God, it would have been a whole different season if Dick would have left week 2 instead of Joe

gfrc2002: If you're talking about Jessica, no problem, slae

a44leafs: they really dealt with it

edesterb: Word cami

Magpie542: kail in the bunny suit never gets old

Diejeebert: nope

PuffTrinket: Ok, I have to choose- TV or chat.

Jasi156: Maybe I'll be able to tell the difference between Mike and Zach tonight

a44leafs: ha! progress??

gfrc2002: indeed, cami

a44leafs: oh, the fiction!

roxcami: Love kail in the bunny suit

edesterb: I can't do noth either puff

edesterb: both

HTLurker1234: Meanwhile, Dick and Daniele began dominating the feeds and live shows

SlaeboB: I want a no holds barred truthful hateful expo on the Donatos tonight, even tho I like them

DaisylouToo: ass

a44leafs: where's the rape statement?

inkyL0808: I've been watching Pirate Master online - Jay would have been awesome in the house

PuffTrinket: je$5ica- can I claim credit now?

Klaatu7452: Booring recappage!

roxcami: That cereal thing is priceless

gfrc2002: I was wondering the same thing, anders

Magpie542: hahahahahaha

a44leafs: aw, they edited the rape statement? shocking

PuffTrinket: I think it was me...

DaisylouToo: are ya?

Donnafair: you're right, Inky

Diejeebert: heeee

SlaeboB: America's Nostril Flarer

ShyLurkerGuy: do i really care who wins? nah. i just wann see the amERICa's player fallout

inkyL0808: He played ugly without being mean

Roxy74011: heh

edesterb: All for you puff

PuffTrinket: thanks1

keseelig: we can't discuss rape, dick is a touching, loving father figure to us all really.

roxcami: Ha, Slae!

PuffTrinket: *gags*

a44leafs: you're right

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Donnafair: snort

gfrc2002: No touching!

edesterb: Muscle

DaisylouToo: hee, stones

HTLurker1234: puff, that's hilarious but a bitch to type, hehe

a44leafs: ah, CBS, thanks for making me hate Dani again

PuffTrinket: I Know, but I felt so cool every time I saw someone do it.

SlaeboB: will they see Eric in a new light when they realize he screwed up the votes doing America's bidding? And will Jessica feel cheap since she screwed a guy America told him to "get close to"?

a44leafs: ha, i never saw that second round

edesterb: And here's where it all ended

inkyL0808: Anders, I never lost my Dani hate

DaisylouToo: sucks

CindySiandam: I never let go of my hate

SpiritLightHeal has entered the room.

a44leafs: poor zach attack

edesterb: Nekkid bunny

inkyL0808: Hi Spirit

SlaeboB: Hi cami!

gfrc2002: That wasn't the outrageous behaviour

roxcami: bunny on a treadmill!

HTLurker1234: bunny on a treadmill!

a44leafs: yay bunny on a treadmill

roxcami: Hi, Slae!

PuffTrinket: Dude, I am so hooked on HT. Ht compliments mean more to me than others,

PuffTrinket: eeep.

SlaeboB: God Bless you GOD

ShyLurkerGuy: when it comes to d!ck, "boor"ing recappage is right, klaatu

roxcami: Me too, Puff

edesterb: Me three

Diejeebert: Jen!

a44leafs: poor jen

inkyL0808: NO no no no

Jasi156: I hate Jen

PuffTrinket: Jessica Screwed Eric? When????

a44leafs: no no no no

a44leafs: lol inky

inkyL0808: lol

edesterb: Between a rock and a hard place

Magpie542: AP twist revealed, i can't wait

edesterb: Ap will be the best part

gfrc2002: Season over, I can't wait

roxcami: AFter Eric screwed Jessica's game, Puff

SlaeboB: If he wears a Suicidal Tendencies shirt to the finale show, I'm gonna hold my nose cuz ya KNOW it's gotta smell

a44leafs: damn, i coulda BEEN THERE

Diejeebert: I love that they got crappy Korbel

PuffTrinket: AP is the only reason I am watching.

CindySiandam: I'm with gary

SpiritLightHeal: what the heck is the Chenbot wearing?

SlaeboB: *scanning the crowd for previous season's hammies*

Lifeonhold52: AP will be revealed after the votes are cast but before they are revealed

a44leafs: she's got turquoise pox

HTLurker1234: Hold your nose slae!

Klaatu7452: Jen is the only BB houseguest I've liked since Janey girl

edesterb: Is that a leasther mini?

Donnafair: nice fake smile, Dani

a44leafs: caught it in the southwest

CindySiandam: sweater set and baaaad necklace

roxcami: Julie's got a bad case of costume jewelry tonight

PuffTrinket: *can only listen to the TV form this room.

Magpie542: i love jen!!!

Diejeebert: we want to return him, CBS

CindySiandam: he didn't play for me!

roxcami: Jen was so tough

FeedMCoffee: i'm in HTL -thx..stupid link didn't look like a link gr!!! just said Watch

PuffTrinket: *leaves to peek at TV*

a44leafs: who is that guy in the pink shirt and grey jacket?

SlaeboB: Maybe her flesh colored paint is peeling, and that's the metal underneath showing on the Chenbot

a44leafs: Poor Zach

edesterb: They puked

HTLurker1234: sry FMC, glad you're in

SpiritLightHeal: there ya go

inkyL0808: Pirate Master Christa would give Janey a run for her money on likable kick-assibility

a44leafs: ha, ed

DaisylouToo: the Dustin show

gfrc2002: haha ed

badandi2005 has entered the room.

CindySiandam: poor Zack

Klaatu7452: ha ha slae!

a44leafs: clicky clackity

gfrc2002: hey badandi

a44leafs: Jen and the eyebrow of the people

roxcami: Wow, they're so invested

Window2TheWorld: why would anyone watch this

edesterb: Tense

a44leafs: shut up eric

badandi2005: Hi there -- just a lurker popping in because my cable is out. Anything interesting happen?

SlaeboB: Jen looks quite pretty

roxcami: Is there a teleprompter there they're reading off of?

Donnafair: Go Jen!

HTLurker1234: Go JEn!

a44leafs: hee jen

Diejeebert: booo

gfrc2002: Probably, cami

edesterb: Jury waiting for Zach

a44leafs: aw, he said sorry

a44leafs: what a sweetheart

SlaeboB: Jameka stole Julie's glitter

Diejeebert: *sniff*

a44leafs: slae, she hugged it off of her

HTLurker1234: Donato hate from the jury, I love it!

Donnafair: Eric says 6-1, eh?

roxcami: That's nice of Eric to say.

edesterb: 6-1 for Zach

inkyL0808: Awww

a44leafs: well, eric, that doesn't make him feel better

CindySiandam: who would have been 1

gfrc2002: Dammit

a44leafs: stupid eric

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Lifeonhold52: 6-1??? who is the 1?

edesterb: Dick or Dani

Diejeebert: that's what you get dumbasses!

SlaeboB: I was wondering that too

a44leafs: america is the one

HTLurker1234: whichever donato is on the jury

Magpie542: ERIC would be the one

Magpie542: thanks america

edesterb: One of them would have been there

roxcami: UGH

gfrc2002: what?

CindySiandam: oh - the other D

roxcami: I hate America

SlaeboB: oh jeez - America AM stupid

a44leafs: America, you are morons

edesterb: D'oh!

SpiritLightHeal: oh here he goes

gfrc2002: Agreed

jerrrye25: stupid amercia

Donnafair: They both suck, Anders

SlaeboB: afflicted

inkyL0808: I'd like him more if he really gave his true reactions

SlaeboB: love it

a44leafs: heh donna

roxcami: Eric says 'good choice'-- dumbass

a44leafs: "afflicted"

roxcami: Yes, Dustbin

keseelig: maybe america was being ironic.

a44leafs: he's afflicted, i'm addicted

roxcami: Ha, keseelig

gfrc2002: I would love to have Eric to say "F You, America!"

SlaeboB: i HATE the nostril flaring

HTLurker1234: Eric's look is funny...he's all like I'm SCREWED!

jerrrye25: he thinks Big Brother is for sending a message?

keseelig: oh, god, i can't stand the twitching.

SpiritLightHeal: sniveling

a44leafs: everyone is like "what the hell Eric?"

edesterb: Hate

inkyL0808: I kind of agree with the snivelling brat thing

SlaeboB: Jen will cosign that

edesterb: is Eric high?

roxcami: Yay, Jen, go for the I told you so-- you earned it

a44leafs: ah, Jen!!!

Diejeebert: hehe

HTLurker1234: Amber's face looks dirty...too much tanner

edesterb: Jam looks weird

Magpie542: go jen!

a44leafs: "we are all stupid"

Donnafair: ha!

a44leafs: I'm LOVING sequester Jen!

Diejeebert: she was playing the game, amber

SlaeboB: STFU Wamber

roxcami: Amber has such self-respect

a44leafs: amber, shut up

Magpie542: shut up, amber, you did nothing to help her

edesterb: Oh Amber just die

SpiritLightHeal: they must have gotten Amber some different meds

inkyL0808: Oh SHUT it Amber

Lifeonhold52: this has been heavily edited

CindySiandam: shut up Waaamber

Diejeebert: eric's modding

edesterb: refocus!

a44leafs: amber, what the hell did YOU do?

Diejeebert: AS IF

edesterb: Hee tools!

inkyL0808: I bet this went on for hours

DaisylouToo: Eric looks funny because he's thinking "OMG! I had sex!"

Donnafair: Amber sucks. That's about all I have to add for that.

SpiritLightHeal: Jessica looks miserable

a44leafs: omg, i'm surprised Jen didn't rip out amber's heart

SlaeboB: I loved Dani talking about Amber's xanax last night

roxcami: Jen didn't forgive him, she agreed with him not to yell at her

CindySiandam: what the hell - why attack Jen

roxcami: Jeez

gfrc2002: Haha, I love Jen

inkyL0808: Jessica looks like she's gonna barf

a44leafs: Jessica is hating on Amber

HTLurker1234: Jess has absolutely nothing to say, what an idiot

Donnafair: Habit, Cindy

keseelig: "i have to pull a refocus"? can someone smack him for me please? hard. with furniture.

edesterb: Booyah!

a44leafs: um, no we can't Dustin

PuffTrinket: WHEN did Eric have Sex??? WHEN????

SlaeboB: Dani should win

Diejeebert: *drink*

edesterb: Possibly in sequester puff

roxcami: Eric's in a tough spot

SpiritLightHeal: he had sex with the sock

a44leafs: ha! Amber's slack-jawed nod

Diejeebert: (milk)

SlaeboB: nobody's mentioned "honesty" and "integrity" yet

edesterb: well, and that

PuffTrinket: Do we have clues to that fact??? oooh.

roxcami: Amber wants to vote for Dick? What's wrong with her?

inkyL0808: I sooo don't want either one of them to win

SpiritLightHeal: and maybe a potted plant or something

inkyL0808: This suuuuuuuccckkks

keseelig: saved his own life?

a44leafs: what ISN'T wrong with Amber

Donnafair: stop using Eric and Sex in the same sentence, people!

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SlaeboB: it's not faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai r

PuffTrinket: I was kinda hoping they'd wait till they were married. Heh.

keseelig: cbs kills them now.

HTLurker1234: This group was weird..it was like they didn't allow themselves to disagree. Weird borg stuff.

Klaatu7452: Eric is fighting a loosing battle....or they are heavily editing

DaisylouToo: I thought I would make a change and watch the finale beverage free.....I may have to pull a refocus.

edesterb: Puff is such a romantic

a44leafs: weird earring on Jess

inkyL0808: Go Jess!

roxcami: Good point, Jessica

PuffTrinket: Hee hee.

SlaeboB: codiene's working for me tonight, Daisy

a44leafs: that's why Jess was looking ill

gfrc2002: Zach is correct

Diejeebert: heeeeee

edesterb: Word Zach

Magpie542: pimp and ho!!!

Magpie542: ahahaha

inkyL0808: Jess's earrings are much too big

a44leafs: ooh, good analogy Zach, my love

Donnafair: HAHAHAHA

SlaeboB: earring is just twisted, anders

DaisylouToo: codiene!

roxcami: Nice, Jameka!!!

a44leafs: woah, Jam!

Diejeebert: the pimp and ho show!

Magpie542: SPAWN

SlaeboB: yep... Tussionex - liquid codiene

edesterb: Hee!

roxcami: I like Zach's face there

Lifeonhold52: hee

gfrc2002: Hahah EvilSpawn!

HTLurker1234: Jam, you > zach after that comment...hilarious

a44leafs: omg

roxcami: Hey, EvelSpawn!

SlaeboB: MFM!

keseelig: evilspawn! go dustin!

Roxy74011: They MUST get outside info

Klaatu7452: Jam called that right on!

inkyL0808: I think Dustin might fit in here at HT

PuffTrinket: I don't care which of the wins. The whole game was skewed and off balance.

a44leafs: shut up lurker, i was proud of zach :-)

Roxy74011: How else could they come up with spawn?

gfrc2002: what did she say? I missed it!

Diejeebert: Marci

roxcami: I agree, Puff

SlaeboB: Marcy

edesterb: I missed Marci!

HTLurker1234: Me too, but Jam's comment was too ffffunny!

edesterb: But Dick was in his stank shirt

a44leafs: whew... that was exhausting

Magpie542: i always miss seeing the fame ho's in the audience

DaisylouToo: that's why I'm not drinking, I have a cold. Last night i had heated up some orange juice with scotch/whiskey and honey...tonight I need just cold medicine.

Diejeebert: tivo is great for that, mags

roxcami: I wouldn't have near as much of a problem with all this if I had even a tiny bit of faith in production. Which is naive, but anyway.

gfrc2002: what did Jam say?

PuffTrinket: I haven't seen the crowd yet.

edesterb: I'm on Diet Soda

SlaeboB: Kaysar and Howie were way in the back

a44leafs: i have a cold too, fighting it for the second week

Magpie542: duh,you're right, toopak! heh

SlaeboB: I'm rewinding in slow motion

inkyL0808: I'm havin wine for you all then!

a44leafs: Jam said Dani was the pimp and Evil was the ho

Donnafair: they are there for the Magical Wrap Party

PuffTrinket: Hey, me, too.

gfrc2002: ah, haha

Roxy74011: Me too Inky!!

inkyL0808: Cause Cold-eze saved me this weekend

a44leafs: magical fragical wrap party

Diejeebert: I'm pathetic

edesterb: Why?

roxcami: Amber's so useless. Did she forget Dick trashed her, too? And now she's ready to vote for him?

DaisylouToo: the magical mystery wrap party of all hamster dreams!

Diejeebert: I"m recording this on both tivos

Magpie542: hahahaha

inkyL0808: *clinks galsses with Roxy*

edesterb: hee!

edesterb: It's not THAT good

a44leafs: Amber only remembers that he's a faaaather

Roxy74011: Cheers!

edesterb: *shakes head*

a44leafs: just like she's a moooooother

HTLurker1234: Wrap Party = the beginning of the season of their discontent...quite a deluded group

SlaeboB: Cold-eze doesn't work for me. I'm taking Clarinex, Floconex, and Tussionex - I'm x'd out

PuffTrinket: I thought if he made it to final two, he'd win.

edesterb: Did you think Jase might show up?

CindySiandam: I see Kaysar also

Diejeebert: no, but I record it here in case I have to do emergency recrap

Donnafair: haha Slae

SlaeboB: oh... I'd LOVE to see Jasshole

Klaatu7452: Jam rightly pointed out that Dani sat back and benifited by her dad's tantrums

Diejeebert: and in the bedroom in case O wants to catch it

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SlaeboB: and be able to say "It's HAWLEY!"

roxcami: Yep, Klaatu

roxcami: I love the Pimp/Ho analogy

FeedMCoffee: ran to the LR, sorry.loved the Pimp/Ho thing......from JAM!

a44leafs: ugh, this dumbass movie

Roxy74011: Looks like Zach is voting for Dani

Magpie542: that was my favorite so far, cami

edesterb: Kay kay!

Donnafair: oh Toolie, elizabethann is primed for her finale recap.

roxcami: Zach's dog on a leash wasn't so bad either

SlaeboB: Kaysar's mom must be with him... there's a lady in a burka next to him

a44leafs: who is Adam Rodriguez?

FeedMCoffee: leash was great too!

PuffTrinket: commercials

edesterb: They were much better than Eric

CindySiandam: he's on CSI Miami

PuffTrinket: Wait- you guys have show?

SlaeboB: speaking of dogs, I wonder how Pepperoni is doing?

inkyL0808: We chatting for Kid Nation?

a44leafs: oh! that guy

edesterb: Are we watching Kid Nation?

HTLurker1234: feeds switched to flushie

Diejeebert: I'm glad MrsG. It would be painful to do this one

Magpie542: not me, bee

edesterb: junx inky

FeedMCoffee: where's Eric's writer when he needs them?

a44leafs: I wanna see Kid Nation

edesterb: jinx

SlaeboB: and he used to be on Roswell too, Cindy

Donnafair: she's got her hate on, believe me.

CindySiandam: they were all painful

a44leafs: i'm a sucker for kids

PuffTrinket: I'll watch KidNation. I'm thinking of teaching Lord of the Flies along with it.

roxcami: I suppose Jessica's going to vote how Eric wants her to, once again. No reason to break character now.

DaisylouToo: I swear I've sneezed over 200 times today.

edesterb: Oo-good one puff

inkyL0808: I cried during the web preview of KN

SlaeboB: ME TOO, Daisy!

a44leafs: cool puff

Magpie542: SHOW

DaisylouToo: I've never sneezed this much. Like six times in a row!

Magpie542: JANEY

Diejeebert: I recapped finale for 5

CindySiandam: show

Diejeebert: that sucked

inkyL0808: Everyone in Houston has a cold but me

PuffTrinket: See if I can pull it off. I actually dislike the book, but it fits.

Donnafair: Janey!

FeedMCoffee: yeah, cami..jess was really anit-dani

PuffTrinket: Show... brb

HTLurker1234: bless you, sneezing HTers

SlaeboB: You're next, Inky

FeedMCoffee: anti

a44leafs: janey, smack some eric up

edesterb: Janelle singled out

roxcami: I hope Janey kicks Eric in the shins tonight

Klaatu7452: I loved "lord of the flies"

a44leafs: heh

SlaeboB: come see me at Kohl's. I'll cough on you

DaisylouToo: put on your thinking faces

edesterb: Does Jam have red in her hair?

a44leafs: we called Lord of the Flies "To Kill a Pig"

Magpie542: hi, it's me, dustin

HTLurker1234: slack jawed amber, as always

inkyL0808: But I don't want to see Janey squeeing all over Dickass

Donnafair: hee

CindySiandam: it's not funny

SlaeboB: I love Lord of the Flies too.... the original one

SpiritLightHeal: I love Kohl's

Diejeebert: well, actually there are two losers

SlaeboB: "with that said".....

roxcami: HA

SlaeboB: Pearland Kohl's

gfrc2002: Haha

Donnafair: woot!

roxcami: Nice, Dustbin

HTLurker1234: nice, dustbutt

Magpie542: dani already looks pissed

SpiritLightHeal: I'm on the other side of town, Slaebo

edesterb: *rolls eyes*

DaisylouToo: whatev

a44leafs: ha!

SlaeboB: oh you're so magnanomous, Dick

FeedMCoffee: oh yea dick really threw her uner there! not

SpiritLightHeal: way out in Westchase

a44leafs: how did the jury not laugh outloud at that?

SlaeboB: take a road trip

FeedMCoffee: under

roxcami: Dani's all like, what, nobody wants to just give me the money?

GenieinTX has entered the room.

GenieinTX: I'm here

a44leafs: hi genie

roxcami: WHOA

GenieinTX: ooohhh, get her Amber

Diejeebert: wow, Amber

gfrc2002: hahahaha

CindySiandam: did she think they wouldn't bring up all the things she said

SlaeboB: ah.... I have to go to the Westchase Kohl's a lot

Magpie542: hahahaha good one amber

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edesterb: Bam!

Donnafair: Burn!!

Magpie542: heeee

HTLurker1234: Ooooooh Amber!

a44leafs: omg, Amber, you are such a moron

roxcami: HAHAHAHA

Roxy74011: Oh. My. Gawd.

inkyL0808: No way Slae - I'll stick to my 529 Kohls

Lifeonhold52: POT KETTLE!

CindySiandam: huh

FeedMCoffee: bitchface

roxcami: Amber earns her keep finally

DaisylouToo: she wrote the book on pathetic

Jasi156: *bitch smacks Amber*

a44leafs: ha! even ZACH is laughing at Amber

SlaeboB: fine.....

GenieinTX: wow

inkyL0808: what a bitch

Roxy74011: heeee

roxcami: Cool, don't give her your vote

SpiritLightHeal: it's right across the street from my apartments

Donnafair: hee

HTLurker1234: meeeeow!

FeedMCoffee: my sluttiness is so not important

edesterb: WHORE!

SlaeboB: Hi Grandma, it's me, Hardy

a44leafs: ha fmc

Magpie542: bitchface

Donnafair: yeah she's burning up right now

a44leafs: her face makes a point

roxcami: So this is what caused Dani not to speak to her Dad for days?

DaisylouToo: I think she had her roots touched up

Diejeebert: he sunk down

a44leafs: like a knife

SlaeboB: You tell him, Jessica

inkyL0808: FMC you need to say 'Hi recappers, it's me FMC'

Klaatu7452: Dani looks like her back bone is fused

FeedMCoffee: last minute decision, right dick?

roxcami: OH, Eric

edesterb: Ooo

Roxy74011: Eric is such a goober

roxcami: That's not transparent at all

FeedMCoffee: saving dick's ass!

edesterb: I like it

DaisylouToo: zing!

SlaeboB: hah - Dick can't do it

FeedMCoffee: idiot dick

HTLurker1234: Dastardly Eric, nice try.

a44leafs: Dick such a fucker

edesterb: Gah

GenieinTX: Dick is such an ass

Jasi156: bwahaha GO DICK!!

SlaeboB: so he's trying to hand Dani the money?

inkyL0808: He thinks he is sooo clever

roxcami: Eric gave him a softball and he couldn't catch it

Jasi156: BFA Forever!!

gfrc2002: He obviously doesn't want to win

a44leafs: that's it, i'm going to find him and punch him

Diejeebert: wipe that smile off, dumbass

SlaeboB: that means America was the best player

a44leafs: awww, smiling eric, bastard

FeedMCoffee: he jam1

edesterb: We ruullee!

Lifeonhold52: and, Eric got 3rd place, money-wise

inkyL0808: This is his cop out in case Dani wins - then he can claim he did this on purpose for her

roxcami: How in the world did Dani end up pissed at her Dad after this-- he's throwing the money to her!!!

a44leafs: inky, you read my MIND

edesterb: It is edited

edesterb: And she is a bitch

Magpie542: good question, cami

inkyL0808: We are borg

Donnafair: very edited

Lifeonhold52: your names

FeedMCoffee: is Ro-ger Z's last name?

roxcami: God she's awful

gfrc2002: really, cami

a44leafs: R-ogre

HTLurker1234: no, it's a play on ogre, FMC

GenieinTX: I hate Dani right now more than Dick

roxcami: Dick totally deserves her

Diejeebert: and a small vocab

SlaeboB: no, just a cute way for them to say ogre

DaisylouToo: huge, huge ass

FeedMCoffee: dur! thx

a44leafs: what is this music?

inkyL0808: Z's last name is returns

a44leafs: the desperate dance for cash?

Roxy74011: Spoof music

GenieinTX: bwah

CindySiandam: did she not understand the question?

SlaeboB: vitamins? that was Dick's job. He is the mother of the house.... the mother f*cker

ShyLurkerGuy: rOGRE, not cute like shrek

HTLurker1234: hehe inky

scrubs1979 has entered the room.

inkyL0808: Oh Z Zach not Z zgeist

Donnafair: oh shut up

roxcami: Jen laughs at him

SpiritLightHeal: what a steaming load of crap

gfrc2002: hey scrubs

Donnafair: that was a stupid answer

Diejeebert: they don't care

edesterb: I love the music

a44leafs: yay, Jen laughs

Magpie542: yay jen!

DaisylouToo: yes, I thought the list of chores on the fridge stated Dick was in charge of vitamins

Diejeebert: nice eyeroll from douche

SlaeboB: so, Dick was the only one asked questions?

edesterb: chimp grin!

roxcami: Jameka sighs.

Roxy74011: I actually think he meant that

PuffTrinket: I suggest you all drink for eyerolls.

a44leafs: omg, did Eric just roll his eyes at the Zach compliment???

scrubs1979: all i care about tonight is the AP reveal

gfrc2002: It's really haaaard for me

FeedMCoffee: Jam has gone from JmmHmmmmm to shaking her head

Lifeonhold52: it's so haaaaaaaaaard

a44leafs: bastard! he get's a punch in the face too

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inkyL0808: He should have said it sooner Roxy

HTLurker1234: It's really haaaard

roxcami: It's so haaaaaaard for Daniele!!!

a44leafs: gets

Diejeebert: he did anders

PuffTrinket: So many eye rolls.

Magpie542: you don't understaaaaaand

FeedMCoffee: one person argument

Diejeebert: haaate

inkyL0808: I so don't even care about the show tonight

Magpie542: hi jen!

gfrc2002: hahaha Jen

PuffTrinket: I wonder if Dick has any idea how deluded he is.

DaisylouToo: hee hee!

a44leafs: speaking of big moves, woah jam's chest

inkyL0808: I keep tuning them out

Donnafair: woot!

SlaeboB: I hate Dani's Valley Girl nasal whine

Roxy74011: heh

PuffTrinket: Well, of course he doesn't.

SpiritLightHeal: "I'm actually here"...what doe that mean?

inkyL0808: lol Anders

gfrc2002: Ooo, Jen

HTLurker1234: she threw him a softball

roxcami: HOw is that an odd question?

CindySiandam: she wasn't going to go to sequester

a44leafs: spirit, she didn't want to go to sequester, and said so

SlaeboB: she threatened to boycott Sequester

Donnafair: there was speculation that she wouldn't be in jury house, Spirit

Magpie542: dick just can't say anything nice to jen

a44leafs: it's an odd question because it was thoughtful

Diejeebert: lalalalaa

SlaeboB: dumbass, she won't talk to you in 3 days

a44leafs: and jen has no brain, remember

Donnafair: Jen is very random

roxcami: Dick's such an ass

inkyL0808: SHUT UP strummy music

Roxy74011: Exactly, leafs

GenieinTX: yeah, the big brother house is total normalcy

roxcami: But we know that

gfrc2002: Oh, listen to the music. bleh

HTLurker1234: ugh, local station is scrolling primary results

a44leafs: that's like the victory music for Project Runway

edesterb: Jen is all talk to the hand

DaisylouToo: wow, wow wubzy

Magpie542: heee bee

a44leafs: a million ears?

SlaeboB: naxt tew

Roxy74011: half a million years

PuffTrinket: OK, back to lr for a minute.

Magpie542: dani, you are NEVER content

SpiritLightHeal: She's got a huge stick up her ass

roxcami: Of course there's no one she'd rather be sitting next to

GenieinTX: Dani got her hair done in the house?

a44leafs: she doesn't use enough AIR when she talks

inkyL0808: I hate her voice her attitude her screech her Dad....

SlaeboB: completey contant with thaaaaaaaaat

a44leafs: that's why she sounds whiney

rctoros@mac.com has entered the room.

edesterb: No dude we did

gfrc2002: hey rc

inkyL0808: Hey RCT!

Magpie542: hey RC

edesterb: RC!

roxcami: Eric looks all shady

Donnafair: Hey RCT

a44leafs: moron

SlaeboB: she doesn't use enough air when she thinks, either

roxcami: hee

rctoros@mac.com: hey

a44leafs: hi rc

a44leafs: ha slae

Donnafair: lol

rctoros@mac.com: hating them

Diejeebert: hi RC

PuffTrinket: I guess it really won't matter becuase they will wrap themselves up in their delusion and never even see other people.

HTLurker1234: hi rct

Magpie542: hahahaha dani doesn't like this

SpiritLightHeal: uh-oh

SlaeboB: Dick taking credit for masterminding it all

SpiritLightHeal: that was it

roxcami: This is what upset dani

Magpie542: hahahahaha

edesterb: Bus!

gfrc2002: I noticed, mags

a44leafs: oh, this is it

SlaeboB: he made it with his daughter? ewwwww

Roxy74011: SHe does NOT have a poker face

edesterb: Under!

SpiritLightHeal: the dirty work

Magpie542: i vote for dick now

a44leafs: look at that frown

inkyL0808: Poor Winners

Diejeebert: what did you expect, Dani?

ShyLurkerGuy: you know, if Zach had won HoH, if might have been Zach and Flo2 in F2

PuffTrinket: Whatever, the producers wanted them to win, so they did.

DaisylouToo: what if the final two were Booger and dani? who would you pick?

a44leafs: i vote for my favorite charity

inkyL0808: death

edesterb: Ugh

SlaeboB: oh.... here's where she is reeling from the bus wheels running over her

Magpie542: whiiiiiiiiiiine

a44leafs: Dani > Booger

SlaeboB: Dani

roxcami: What is her point? I'm not seeing it.

edesterb: Dani

gfrc2002: When will he realize he CAN'T win with her?

SlaeboB: I'd never pick Booger

HTLurker1234: Daisy, that's like an ethics class question or something

Diejeebert: waaahhh

CindySiandam: whatever!

edesterb: Her point is she is a bitch

Roxy74011: This music cracks me up

roxcami: Love the trippy music

SlaeboB: Dick is right... everything pisses Dani off

Magpie542: editing is pointing to a dick win

rctoros@mac.com: just get to AP already, Julie

a44leafs: aw, their relationship is so healed

DaisylouToo: I know....stupid ethics class

Lifeonhold52: I'd never pick booger either

Magpie542: JEN!

edesterb: Julie is like oh those loveable oddballs

roxcami: Ha, Anders

roxcami: JEN

inkyL0808: Show more audience!

a44leafs: yay Jen!

SlaeboB: Dustin's wearing 70's porno jeans

edesterb: Jen was nervous

PuffTrinket: pick booger. Hes

gfrc2002: What is Amber wearing??

a44leafs: boo ambore

GenieinTX: Dustin totally looks like a porn star!

Klaatu7452: Now I want Dick to win just to piss off that whinney little bitch

HTLurker1234: screams for jen...less so for amber

Diejeebert: heee, glae

Roxy74011: Geez, Granny dress

ShyLurkerGuy: does dick realize that dani gets her immaturity from him?

SlaeboB: Amber's in a maternity babydoll

gfrc2002: Oh, Jess looks hot

Diejeebert: er

roxcami: Amber: Look how everyone LOVES me!

Diejeebert: slae

a44leafs: amber is wearing a gunny sack dress

HTLurker1234: what is amber wearing

scrubs1979: who the hell picked out ambers outfit?????????

rctoros@mac.com: WTF is amber wearing?

Diejeebert: GUH

CindySiandam: she thinks she is so loved

PuffTrinket: Pick booger! Pick booger! Pick booger hee hee hee

a44leafs: wowo, sexy jess

SlaeboB: yes Grace?

a44leafs: hee puff

edesterb: Jam!

roxcami: Jameka looks HOT

Roxy74011: Jameka looks hawt

rctoros@mac.com: Jam looks good

PuffTrinket: See, I'm as mature as the winners. Give me the money.

Magpie542: aw, zach gets love

a44leafs: cute jam

Lifeonhold52: Jam, lookin good

edesterb: Bunny!

roxcami: ZACH, damn

inkyL0808: Bet Jam took 14 hours to do her hair

Roxy74011: cami, stop it! :-)

Klaatu7452: Down home pregnancy dress for ambore

a44leafs: ZACHARY!

GenieinTX: aww, Zach loves the cheers

rctoros@mac.com: Whee zach!

HTLurker1234: yay Zach!

roxcami: hee

DaisylouToo: zach!!

Diejeebert: I laughed at the jeans comment

a44leafs: smile, bunnyboy

inkyL0808: Go Zach!

gfrc2002: Yay, Zach!

Donnafair: Jameka looks nice

ShyLurkerGuy: the zach tongue was creepy ick!

edesterb: Jeans?

SlaeboB: hahahah

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a44leafs: Zach is like MJ

SlaeboB: and he wasn't even picking his eyebrows, SLuG!

rctoros@mac.com: marcellas!

DaisylouToo: marcy

a44leafs: he can't help it

Diejeebert: but said glae instead of slae

SlaeboB: oh.. missed the glae

roxcami: So Dani didn't like her dad making a case for himself to win

inkyL0808: wine run...

SpiritLightHeal: my sweetie says Eric turned out to be quite a skidmark

roxcami: Or, defending himself at all

edesterb: OK that time I saw Marcy

GenieinTX: You know what's funny about that.. they all think "look how great we are and how much we are loved"

SlaeboB: heh - skidmark

gfrc2002: haha spirit

Donnafair: ha Spirit

Diejeebert: word

a44leafs: but... i do love some of them...

HTLurker1234: america's skidmark...i like it

a44leafs: hey, it's a kohls commercial

SpiritLightHeal: btw, I'm actually Koolaid Kid, this is my alter ego

SlaeboB: This song plays 450 times an hour at Kohl's.... ya have the commercial on now?

a44leafs: oh, Hey Koolaid!

HTLurker1234: yep, we do slae

roxcami: I like Kohl's clothes

edesterb: Koolaid1

Magpie542: hey koolaid!

ShyLurkerGuy: did marci cohost housecalls at all this season? i didnt have time to watch

SlaeboB: I do too, but I hate the commercial music

edesterb: I am Beehoppy in disguise

Roxy74011: I don't think so

SlaeboB: Marci was axed from Housecalls

Diejeebert: our Kohl's doesn't have maternity

SpiritLightHeal: hi Bee!

Roxy74011: He was on Reality Remix

gfrc2002: DOn't think so, shy, although I didn't see one episode

roxcami: No Marcy on housecalls-- everyone hated him after Allstars

edesterb: Thanx for the nice comment

inkyL0808: I think of you every time I go to Kohls Slae

Diejeebert: so they're not getting any of my money these days

a44leafs: i can't keep track of these chat names vs ht names

inkyL0808: even in the off season

SpiritLightHeal: This is actually my first time this season in chat

PuffTrinket: Hubby's home. I'll go watch with him. When do we chata gain?

ShyLurkerGuy: then i'm surprised the bitch showed up, slae

HTLurker1234: welcome, spirit

Magpie542: glad you joined us, koolaid

gfrc2002: Well, welcome, spirit

inkyL0808: Survivor, Puff

Klaatu7452: I'm Dr. Evil in discuise

edesterb: Hee

PuffTrinket: Okey dokey. I'll be here.

Magpie542: hahaha

SpiritLightHeal: finally got the tv and the computer in the same room

CindySiandam: showmance

SlaeboB: no? There's our own line called "Oh Baby".... it's either in the sleepwear section or the Infant's section. It varies from store to store, but they have to have maternity.

CindySiandam: showmance

Roxy74011: I love Gretchen on HC

PuffTrinket: Can't go a whole winter without HT.

Roxy74011: I think she's hilarious

a44leafs: wait.. do people do Survivor east coast feeds on line?

Window2TheWorld: yoyu guys chat during survivior?

PuffTrinket: *blows kisses*

CindySiandam: yup

PuffTrinket has left the room.

edesterb: Bye puff!

CindySiandam: and top chef

gfrc2002: yes anders

roxcami: Gretchen's a good host. I never really liked Marcy hosting

a44leafs: sweeeeet

Diejeebert: I could SWEAR mine doesn't, Slae

SpiritLightHeal: Love Top Chef

CindySiandam: and Kitchen Nightmares

gfrc2002: Marci added nothing to HC

Magpie542: ANTM

roxcami: I love Top Chef this season!

Diejeebert: I'll go tomorrow and look

edesterb: Amber!

a44leafs: Top Chef is DEAD to me now

Roxy74011: Kitchen Nightmares. Woot!

inkyL0808: Man, it's like a full time job keeping everyones HT vs AIM nicknames straight

SpiritLightHeal: RIP Tre

Diejeebert: since it's connected to the SuperTarget, it's not really out of the way

roxcami: Because CJ's gone, anders?

CindySiandam: why - Tre?

a44leafs: *lights a candle for CJ*

edesterb: So who do we think is winning?

ShyLurkerGuy: dr evil, eh, klaatu? does that mean you examined booger's junk up close as Dr 90210?

a44leafs: and Tre

inkyL0808: and just forget about keeping genders straight

a44leafs: Tre and CJ were my faves

Magpie542: GO HUNG

Roxy74011: leafs, because of CJ?

CindySiandam: oh - good ole one ball

rctoros@mac.com: Me too andres

roxcami: That was rough about Tre-- but I think it was the right decision

Mistycatblue has entered the room.

GenieinTX: maternity is ususally over on the other side of the plus sized

roxcami: Hung's so obnoxious. He rocks.

Klaatu7452: Yes, and the closer I got, the smaller it got!

SpiritLightHeal: Hung's so ADHD

a44leafs: it was the right decision about CJ too, but i'm still sad

roxcami: Yes, Spirit

a44leafs: Hung = boring

Diejeebert: yeah, I've been to it in other Kohls

SlaeboB: It gets lost when it's in the sleepwear section, and in some stores it's in infants right by the "plus size" section, so you might just be overlooking it. It's a small section, but we have maternity, and it's cute stuff.

edesterb: CG!

Roxy74011: George!

CindySiandam: show

gfrc2002: show

roxcami: I agree, Anders

Mistycatblue has left the room.

Donnafair: CG!

roxcami: I think I'm liking Malarkey

roxcami: but don't hold me to that

FeedMCoffee: get the magic quarter out to make the vote

DaisylouToo: I wonder if he brought along some keys to sell after the show?

SlaeboB: Is that Kennedy sitting next to Marcy?

a44leafs: heh fmc

edesterb: Hah daisy!

SpiritLightHeal: yeah, those of us plus size women resent the maternity stuff being right there,lol

HTLurker1234: he had makeup!

SlaeboB: I like Malarkey too, but I want Casey to win.

rctoros@mac.com: I'm so happy to not have to look at these 2 after tonite

Magpie542: dani you liar! we saw the feeds

a44leafs: lying

edesterb: Liah!

a44leafs: reminiscing = bashing

CindySiandam: she's got a dress - trying to look like Janelle

inkyL0808: REminiscing to Dani = calling people ugly names

SlaeboB: Lying liars!

edesterb: and sleeping

roxcami: Dani has to say "honestly", so you know the difference between she she's normally talking and when she's being hawnest

FeedMCoffee: somebody siad that on the board, Anders..not my TM idea

a44leafs: good times = hate

HTLurker1234: Did they spend the afternoon at Fekkai?!

Diejeebert: Eric is nervousing

inkyL0808: Hive Mind with anders again

jerrrye25: betcha eric goes last

Roxy74011: Hah! I thought Julie said Jerks

jerrrye25: and that's when it's revealed

Klaatu7452: Who could vote for a dick?

SlaeboB: Eric is parranoying me

Magpie542: eric's afraid of a beatdown over AP

roxcami: Aw, nice statement

CindySiandam: is there a none of the above?

Diejeebert: haaaate

edesterb: Fuck off

FeedMCoffee: Fuck both of you

gfrc2002: He should be

SlaeboB: reveal?

a44leafs: "hate."

scrubs1979: HAHAHA

Lifeonhold52: hahahahaha

Magpie542: clearcut choice, hahahaha

gfrc2002: WEll, it WAS I suppose

GenieinTX: idiot

scrubs1979: that's cause we TOLD you what to do nimrod!

Lifeonhold52: he didn';t even thave to think about it

inkyL0808: This is where they are told to tell them how awesome they are

inkyL0808: barf

FeedMCoffee: maybe Zach will propose to DaniSpawn?

roxcami: Well, yeah, he was told what to do- tha'ts clearcut

a44leafs: clearcut when you don't have to decide

Donnafair: Clearcut HA

edesterb: Jam so sexy

a44leafs: fmc, don't. even.

rctoros@mac.com: shiny jam

Diejeebert: cute dress

SpiritLightHeal: clearcut like his head

Magpie542: what did jam say?

roxcami: Dayum, Jameka

Donnafair: possibly

edesterb: Jam-Dani

Lifeonhold52: hee

SlaeboB: possibly someone whose game I respect?

a44leafs: possibly, but not sure

inkyL0808: respect? no.

roxcami: Who gained Jameka's respect?

CindySiandam: whaaaa?

roxcami: Probably Dani

a44leafs: she's voting for herself?

SlaeboB: Dustin has no ass

Magpie542: jam voted for zach

roxcami: Because of comps

SlaeboB: but is one

a44leafs: woah, no lie, slae

SpiritLightHeal: Dustin is all ass

Diejeebert: jen!

inkyL0808: I would say - I tossed a coin.

Magpie542: JEN!

Klaatu7452: He is so gay

Magpie542: YAY

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Diejeebert: hehe

HTLurker1234: Jen put her key in her pocket

gfrc2002: Oh Jen, I love you

inkyL0808: Go Jen!

Donnafair: she's great

Jasi156: Jen is such a bitch

rctoros@mac.com: hee jen!

SlaeboB: Jameka is sharing the glitter tonight

roxcami: Aw, the audience loves Jen, too

Diejeebert: the audience loved her

a44leafs: we love you jen!!!

edesterb: Jen-lurve

Magpie542: i love jen!!!

CindySiandam: love her!

Jasi156: HATE HER

Diejeebert: his hair is deadly

SpiritLightHeal: he's got a weakness for blonds

a44leafs: big kiss to zachy

roxcami: I hope Dick caught that the audience loves Jen

gfrc2002: Zach was downbeat

Jasi156: self righteous bitch

SlaeboB: She's a bitch but I really like her, and would love to see them when she tells them she has 2 degrees and all that.

Roxy74011: Dani may win this

SpiritLightHeal: so he's voting for Daniele

rctoros@mac.com: too much gel zach

scrubs1979: amber can't walk in those shoes

Donnafair: Cry! Cry! Cry!

HTLurker1234: is she pregnant?

SlaeboB: Shut UP Amber

DaisylouToo: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

edesterb: Oh my head-that dress

a44leafs: um, did someone call zach a bitch?

gfrc2002: what??

inkyL0808: Look at that Supermodel!

edesterb: What?

GenieinTX: she's such an idiot

Magpie542: clomp clomp

Lifeonhold52: hee

roxcami: What are you doing, Amber?

Roxy74011: What does strategic mean?

HTLurker1234: what a fuckup

CindySiandam: she doesn't understand

scrubs1979: game, strategic purpose? nice sentence

a44leafs: nice hair

edesterb: squuek

SlaeboB: Jessica's boobs got bigger

roxcami: Ugh

HTLurker1234: enjoyed more?

SpiritLightHeal: I'm voting for the person what?

edesterb: Dani

inkyL0808: That dress is awful color on her

a44leafs: my feed got all jumpy

Roxy74011: hehehe

Diejeebert: so did her hair, slae

roxcami: She enjoyed one of them?

rctoros@mac.com: dang boobies

Donnafair: wow, those are some boobs

Klaatu7452: Amber looks like she's going to the Ho Prom

edesterb: she enjoyed the most in the house

a44leafs: I think she looks cute

SpiritLightHeal: ah

CindySiandam: that was great

Diejeebert: hotmike!

roxcami: Okay, Bee-- so it's relative

FeedMCoffee: the first 5

scrubs1979: holy commercials batman

SlaeboB: I wonder if those are "the" heels Amber's wearing?

inkyL0808: Ho Prom -- haaaa

a44leafs: i didn't understand what Jess said, my feed was sucky

Roxy74011: bee, I think that was Dick

a44leafs: what did Jess say?

inkyL0808: THAT's why I'm watchin tonight

edesterb: Hotmike?

SpiritLightHeal: Mr Kid was groaning too loud for me to hear her

CindySiandam: janie has a stupid sign

rctoros@mac.com: did cbs premake those donato signs?

FeedMCoffee: BWAW!!! "We trust the Donatos!" ??WTF?

Diejeebert: easy, Bee

Magpie542: she said she'd vote for the one who she enjoyed most in the house, anders

inkyL0808: seriosly - HO PROM!

edesterb: I dunno she and Dani bonded too

SlaeboB: The Rock AND a dog in the same movie? Oh, my every wish has been answered.

jerrrye25: she said she is voting for the person she enjoyed most in the house

edesterb: sorry

roxcami: What's Janey's sign, Cindy?

a44leafs: yes, those were made by CBS interns

HTLurker1234: Jess said may the best Donato win

SpiritLightHeal: I didn't know she could vote for Eric's sock

CindySiandam: we trust the doritos

rctoros@mac.com: eww

Roxy74011: bwah!

roxcami: Hee, spirit

SlaeboB: bwah!

CindySiandam: if only

edesterb: hee

gfrc2002: hahah spirit, I wish

HTLurker1234: heheh spirit!

a44leafs: I wonder if the interns made Zach signs?

roxcami: May the best Dorito win! I can get behind that.

CindySiandam: we trust the donatos

HTLurker1234: I thought you made them, anders?

Magpie542: go doritos!

inkyL0808: Oh good HTL - that mean NO Donato will win, cause there's not one

gfrc2002: agreed, cami

Diejeebert: spirit, you should have come earlier in the season!

roxcami: That's a bad sign, Cindy. Lame.

a44leafs: :-( i would have

SlaeboB: I vote for Spicy Habanero

SpiritLightHeal: aww. thanks, Die

roxcami: Cool Ranch!

DaisylouToo: I vote for the discontinued taco Dorito from the seventies/early eighties!

CindySiandam: there is more than one in the audience

FeedMCoffee: How about "We trust Allison Grodner"? just as stoopid as trusting the DD's

SlaeboB: Grandma Bitch will win, then.

inkyL0808: I vote for Llano Blush wine

gfrc2002: Zesty Cheese all the way!

roxcami: Oh, I miss those, Daisy

rctoros@mac.com: Oh, zach, where did we go wrong?

a44leafs: it would say "The Zach Abides!"

CindySiandam: love the taco

edesterb: I vote CG

roxcami: Right, FMC

SlaeboB: oh my OGG! I loved the taco Dorito!

edesterb: TACO Waahh!

DaisylouToo: they were the yummers

Roxy74011: Grodner is a guy

a44leafs: i had forgotten about the taco flavor

inkyL0808: Taco Doritos got me thru college!

roxcami: No love for Original Doritos?

Magpie542: i love them, cami!

edesterb: Original rox

inkyL0808: ew Cami

roxcami: Classic Doritos

SlaeboB: Original Doritos have no equal.

rctoros@mac.com: I like guacamole doritos

SlaeboB: Not I.

FeedMCoffee: Haow about a Favorite Hamster vote to win a car or 500 g's?? Like Rupert did on Survivor

Magpie542: poopert

a44leafs: I always think i want doritos, but when i get to the store, i am overwhelmed and confused and dont buy any

HTLurker1234: Doritos scare me. That color...cheese that color...doesn't exist.

inkyL0808: Salt & vinegar chips > doritos

SlaeboB: I really don't have a favorite Hammie this year.... weird, huh?

CindySiandam: original - is that nacho cheese?

DaisylouToo: I agree about the classic original....unless they brought back the taco ones.

edesterb: Yay inky!

Roxy74011: that's hilarious leaf

edesterb: represent!

FeedMCoffee: homeless person in the stadium?

SlaeboB: Original is just corn chips.

roxcami: I wonder if Jameka voted for the pimp or the Ho

a44leafs: ha! pimp preachers! that's hilarious, local news

inkyL0808: eat em till your mouth puckers

edesterb: yup

SlaeboB: great grammar there, huh?

HTLurker1234: mmm salt and vinegar

rctoros@mac.com: fmc, you better win next year

Diejeebert: Don't forget to cancel your feeds, peeps

SlaeboB: we have a porn star on a rampage here in Houston

edesterb: lurker is in the club!

a44leafs: salt and vinegar is good, but hurts after awhile

a44leafs: slae, really? which one?

edesterb: Just like BB

SpiritLightHeal has left the room.

ShyLurkerGuy: salt and vinegar miss vickies!

CindySiandam: I never got the feeds - I am jenius!

SpiritLightHeal has entered the room.

FeedMCoffee: I'll do what i can RC

inkyL0808: SVC alliance

HTLurker1234: it's good dieting, anders, you have to stop after a while

SpiritLightHeal: well, that was a fun trip

gfrc2002: They're too strong, shy

FeedMCoffee: send me those shirts and hoodies, y'all

a44leafs: omg, so choppy

edesterb: Our secret code will be a wincy face

SlaeboB: some guy who goes to colleges and screws and films girls.... he's on the "most wanted" list - a nobody, but the teasers are calling him a "porn star", nonetheless

ShyLurkerGuy: and you call yourself canadian, g?

HTLurker1234: stay strong, anders!

roxcami: My feed's good, Anders

inkyL0808: love it!

Magpie542: SHOW

gfrc2002: heh

CindySiandam: show

a44leafs: auugh

FeedMCoffee: wincy? like Fisty?

roxcami: Oh, Howie

rctoros@mac.com: hot kaysar

SpiritLightHeal: we get the same news breaks, Slae

edesterb: Howie!

Lifeonhold52: no show!!!!

a44leafs: kay!

CindySiandam: shut it howie

edesterb: Kay is looking rounder

Lifeonhold52: I'm behind!

a44leafs: why do i still love howie?

Diejeebert: the bitch!

Donnafair: Howie gained some weight

SlaeboB: of course... watching Channel 11, huh?

HTLurker1234: Ugh

Magpie542: gramma and vincent!

FeedMCoffee: gramma!!!!!!!

gfrc2002: That bitch!

inkyL0808: She looks rough too

SlaeboB: Vincent looks adopted

edesterb: Gramma!

roxcami: Vincent is cute. Jesus.

CindySiandam: vincent

SlaeboB: Grandma Bitch!

Magpie542: i wonder if he will give sucks a shout out

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FeedMCoffee: V look slike a chick

CindySiandam: doesn't look happy

SpiritLightHeal: poor kid

GenieinTX: how did Dick's kids get so good looking?

Donnafair: she looks terrified

inkyL0808: I would be mortified if my kids acted that way

Roxy74011: V looks just like his Dad

SlaeboB: I want her to pimp slap Jamesus

edesterb: Gramma looks like Dick in drag

roxcami: Yes, Bee

roxcami: hee

Diejeebert: heeeeee

gfrc2002: So SHE'S responsible for both of them

HTLurker1234: Word, bee

Magpie542: bwah, bee

gfrc2002: haha bee

SpiritLightHeal: she looks kind of like Grandma on Friday Night Lights

Jasi156: don't make fun of gramma! she's a godly woman!

GenieinTX: cheater!!!!!!!!!!!!11

edesterb: yes koolaid!

rctoros@mac.com: enough donato-feelgood stories already

FeedMCoffee: yo mama

DaisylouToo: did they not offer to do her hair for her?

SlaeboB: Vincent looks like Dick in drag also

edesterb: Hee

Donnafair: heh

jerrrye25: how about another cliche

roxcami: Ha, Slae

Klaatu7452: she's one of the good people

gfrc2002: hahaha slae

HTLurker1234: He needs invisalign

CindySiandam: hmmm, hmmm

FeedMCoffee: "just a game" = cop out

SlaeboB: EVERYTHING that happened

Donnafair: no one block my view of HotMike

inkyL0808: HotMike

edesterb: HotMike!

Diejeebert: I looked at Nick and wondered who he was!

CindySiandam: go mike

SlaeboB: Nick is dreamy

roxcami: Joe went too soon

rctoros@mac.com: who are they?

HTLurker1234: Mikey!

DaisylouToo: Nipples McNippleson

Roxy74011: Nick is leaving Dani for Joe

SlaeboB: and still in love with Joe.....

edesterb: Hee

SpiritLightHeal: what's with the arm around Joe?

inkyL0808: Yay Carol - did you bring your 5 dolla

SlaeboB: heh

Magpie542: dumbass

gfrc2002: hahaha roxy

edesterb: Hair looks much better

scrubs1979: do you think they will reveal AP before they reveal the votes?

FeedMCoffee: BWAH!!!!!! Nick looks funny!

roxcami: Tool

inkyL0808: Barf

ShyLurkerGuy: is it possible that carol had more DR footage than zach?

roxcami: He talks to her like she's a puppy

DaisylouToo: smoochie

jerrrye25: I so hate these people

rctoros@mac.com: gross

HTLurker1234: cami, you're "spot on!"

a44leafs: okay, fixed video

Diejeebert: if only he'd keep his =mouth shut

gfrc2002: Really, jerrye

gfrc2002: same here

SlaeboB: Dani's facial features are way too small, even though her head is small too - she's just weird looking

FeedMCoffee: um, hey..where is KRIS Dani's bf?

SpiritLightHeal: they're all pretty pitiful

SlaeboB: I love Carol

Diejeebert: who's this?

Roxy74011: DOH

FeedMCoffee: er, EX bf

edesterb: Hee

gfrc2002: Carol is like "whatthef*ever*

FeedMCoffee: pretty hair

GenieinTX: well, Dani got what she wanted.. she gets Nick and doesn't have to worry about what she did to Kris

a44leafs: poor carol

Donnafair: Does Julie watch the show?

edesterb: Joes haior is weird

inkyL0808: I liked Carol - thus she went first

Lifeonhold52: Julie is dressed down with that sweater outfit

a44leafs: woah, wha happen to joe hair?

Diejeebert: nice hair, dude

Donnafair: JEss was a total bitch to Carol

edesterb: hair

SpiritLightHeal: Carol looks like she smoked a fat one before the show

roxcami: Joe's all curly-haired. Moptop!

inkyL0808: Go Joe!

Magpie542: cherub hair

a44leafs: bitter cakes

gfrc2002: hahahaha

CindySiandam: bad hair

GenieinTX: haha

FeedMCoffee: Carol DID pay Jess back the 5 dollars years ago, btw...Jess said so on the feeds

edesterb: Do me Dustin!

rctoros@mac.com: wow

SlaeboB: Joe's 70's porn hair goes with Dustin's 70's porn jeans

a44leafs: good answer dustin

jerrrye25: Joe needs to take some chin and move it to his upper lip

roxcami: Yes, Slae!

Magpie542: HOT MIKE

HTLurker1234: yumo!

gfrc2002: I know, FMC, they both wondered why it was such an issue

inkyL0808: BitterDustin.

Diejeebert: aww, mike

a44leafs: omg jerry, that was so mean and funny

FeedMCoffee: right on

rctoros@mac.com: MRA alliance lasted a week. Talked about it all summer

edesterb: Oh yeah Kail

gfrc2002: hahah jerrye

SpiritLightHeal: Kail looks like Kirsten Dunce will in 10 years

SlaeboB: Mike hasn't changed one single bit - must wear a wig since his hair hasn't moved

SpiritLightHeal: Dunst, sorry

Magpie542: AP TIME!

Diejeebert: where's your bunnyshit now, bitch?

inkyL0808: I like the color of Kail's hair

roxcami: OOOH

SlaeboB: TWIST

edesterb: Dunce--hee

scrubs1979: AP!!

FeedMCoffee: Kail;s site has her model pics on her site..pretty

SlaeboB: lame TWIST

Magpie542: ooooooooooo

rctoros@mac.com: AP!!

HTLurker1234: I thought that was a pun, spirit!

Diejeebert: suit

gfrc2002: hah slae

Diejeebert: heh

Lifeonhold52: Nick looks clueless

a44leafs: the crappy twist

gfrc2002: Uh-oh this could be ugly

inkyL0808: yay - the only worthwhile moment of the show.

Magpie542: eric is peeing his pants

FeedMCoffee: our puppet!

Donnafair: here we go

SpiritLightHeal: here we goo

Diejeebert: killl him!

Donnafair: show Jess!

edesterb: Eric is crapping his pants

a44leafs: they will be so disappointed

roxcami: The twist is-- Zach wins!!!!!

roxcami: Yay!!!!!!

a44leafs: yay cami!

gfrc2002: I wish Cami

inkyL0808: Yay Cami!

a44leafs: i'd piss myself

Diejeebert: I'll bet he told Jess

rctoros@mac.com: jess slaps erick

FeedMCoffee: Actually "Dick's player"

HTLurker1234: oh, jen got hit with the glitter gun, too

Magpie542: look at amber, lol

SlaeboB: Jen will cry about the mustard

Jasi156: "What's alone?"

SpiritLightHeal: DUHmber

a44leafs: amber, slack jawed wonder

GenieinTX: Amber is going to cry

rctoros@mac.com: wamber confused

inkyL0808: Look at that Supermodel!

DaisylouToo: she is building it up too much

FeedMCoffee: amber face!

SlaeboB: Dani will say "I knew it!"

CindySiandam: amber - is it me?

HTLurker1234: Did eric just wet himself?

gfrc2002: probably

Magpie542: jess is giggling

Klaatu7452: Amber's like, "Is it me?"

inkyL0808: I wanna see their faces!

Magpie542: for now

a44leafs: Zach just smiles

SlaeboB: Eric's very nervous

rctoros@mac.com: why video? he's there

gfrc2002: haha klaat

Magpie542: jen laughs

a44leafs: Dani is computing

SlaeboB: hahahaha.... heard an I knew it

Magpie542: hahahahaha

Diejeebert: heeeeeeee

Jasi156: Jess am pissed

SpiritLightHeal: ewww

roxcami: OH

SlaeboB: uh oh... Jessica's a bit miffed

inkyL0808: lol

FeedMCoffee: bwah! jess

Magpie542: look at amber, hahahaha

Lifeonhold52: hinky vote

a44leafs: dustin feels a bit better now

SlaeboB: sheisty

rctoros@mac.com: amber still doesn't understand

Magpie542: hahahaha

Roxy74011: This is funny


SpiritLightHeal: At least Dustin can laugh at himself

DaisylouToo: yes Dustin, blame us

roxcami: So Dick's not such a mastermind, ha

Roxy74011: This is my favorite part

HTLurker1234: Dick, you tool...it was America, not YOU!

Lifeonhold52: Dick said 'interesting'

inkyL0808: See Dick - America saved your as

Donnafair: Dustin is taking it well

Lifeonhold52: hahahahaha

edesterb: word1


SlaeboB: just took some wind out of the mastermind's sails there, didn't he?

a44leafs: poor jam

Diejeebert: it's not that they loved Dick more. It's that they loved Dustin less

inkyL0808: You didn't win - we gave it to you

FeedMCoffee: Dick was pissed

Magpie542: hahahahaha

SpiritLightHeal: this is his audition tape for Zach's reality show

SlaeboB: will he have to tell about the kiss and about giving up the woobie?

Magpie542: hahahaha fake tears

a44leafs: poor kail

Lifeonhold52: hahahaha

a44leafs: that's not really funny

Diejeebert: that sucked to watch

a44leafs: haha! eating disorder! haahaha!

GenieinTX: Jessica is not happy

Magpie542: hahahahaha

roxcami: Jessica's upset

gfrc2002: She isn't

gfrc2002: I mean, she's not happy

Donnafair: I dont' think she is

FeedMCoffee: where was a shot of dani when they talked about the eating disorder?

a44leafs: vindicated joe

Diejeebert: lame

SlaeboB: I think she doesn't know what to think right now.

roxcami: Who wants to be hooked up with someone who's such a great liar

HTLurker1234: He diddled her before the show, she's feeling sated...wait til tomorrow!

Donnafair: "Do you sleep do anything...with a sock?"

a44leafs: cami, well she knew something was up

edesterb: kissing!

SlaeboB: They didn't show KissGate

Lifeonhold52: hee

edesterb: why not kissing?

DaisylouToo: oh good, they didn't show it

SpiritLightHeal: was he such a great liar or are they all just that stupid?

roxcami: She did, Anders

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SlaeboB: or WoobieGate

Magpie542: at least they didn't show the woobie

Lifeonhold52: well, that was fun

roxcami: The woobie would have been harsh

a44leafs: so he's not THAT good a liar

DaisylouToo: Julie might tell her now

Diejeebert: he's a liar!!!

Donnafair: HA

Jasi156: they didn't show the "making out" task

Diejeebert: dump him!

inkyL0808: I bet he did

gfrc2002: Eric looks ill

SlaeboB: do you feel played?

Magpie542: awww

SpiritLightHeal: she's whipped!

Diejeebert: damn

Roxy74011: cute

a44leafs: awwwww

roxcami: She's mad

inkyL0808: Awww twue wuv

Magpie542: go julie!

edesterb: He gives good sock

a44leafs: wuv.. twooooo wuv

GenieinTX: she's mad and he's upset. he really wants her

Donnafair: He was very uncomfortable there

SlaeboB: Give Eric his props, Dick!

a44leafs: that's right dickass

gfrc2002: But - he'll think America LURVES him

Lifeonhold52: knocks him down a peg

Magpie542: ewww, yes, g

edesterb: Oh brother

Roxy74011: Oh, flip!

rctoros@mac.com: hate dick

SlaeboB: hahahahahahhahahahahhahahah

roxcami: Ha ha ass

SlaeboB: burned, Dick

inkyL0808: THis has really thrown him - yay

a44leafs: good acknowledgement

Magpie542: hahahaha julie

scrubs1979: nice Julie!

Diejeebert: nice

gfrc2002: Nice one, julie

inkyL0808: See you were NOT the player you think Dickass

GenieinTX: good Julie

edesterb: shut it Dick

scrubs1979: wow...she does know what's going on

HTLurker1234: Dick, admit you're dumb

rctoros@mac.com: assface and bitchface. have I mentioned this sucks?

FeedMCoffee: Dick's power move!

SlaeboB: She knew it

Magpie542: of course, she knew it

SlaeboB: I told y'all

Donnafair: try saying Thanks America, Dick

edesterb: Did not!

SlaeboB: Try saying thanks Eric, Dick

edesterb: She thought it could beNick

a44leafs: she did finally suss it out

FeedMCoffee: cool, since the DD"s are the F2

SlaeboB: Are you surprised how much America hated you, Dustin?

edesterb: Not 100%

CindySiandam: dustin's teeth are really yellow

a44leafs: i will give Dani credit for that

Roxy74011: Me too, leafs

SlaeboB: HD is not kind to Dustin'g teeth

Diejeebert: good sport

a44leafs: no, i bet dustin is the only one who hasn't had a prof whitening

FeedMCoffee: Caliquester rocked

SlaeboB: yet

DaisylouToo: I hope Jess is taking notes

SlaeboB: Napaquester

SlaeboB: Napster

rctoros@mac.com: no OGG, Jam?

a44leafs: Simiquester

a44leafs: Sequester Valley

gfrc2002: Hahahahahahaha

SpiritLightHeal: Yeah, they got tired of evacuating for hurricanes in Mexico

SlaeboB: so she called us all childish

Magpie542: we are childish! heeee

DaisylouToo: It wasn't me Jen!!

gfrc2002: AMerica is childish!

Lifeonhold52: hee

FeedMCoffee: heehee anders

Donnafair: Bwahahaha!

SlaeboB: hee hee

a44leafs: ha! go JEN!

roxcami: I am childish!

GenieinTX: Julie and Jen are sparkly

HTLurker1234: And Jam genie

a44leafs: true, it IS hurricane season

DaisylouToo: do not propose!!

SlaeboB: uh oh... damage control before the fact

Diejeebert: *barf*

roxcami: Jess won't touch him

SpiritLightHeal: Don't propose you moron

CindySiandam: jenuine

Roxy74011: This is kind of sweet

a44leafs: kind of dumb to put sequester house in hurricane season

Donnafair: please don't

ShyLurkerGuy: xcept the woobie

Lifeonhold52: whew

Roxy74011: I must be going soft

DaisylouToo: except for the woobie

SlaeboB: he can't propose... he's not wearing powder blue leather

a44leafs: shut up eric

inkyL0808: Her body language isn't closed off though

CindySiandam: hee

SpiritLightHeal: good one, Slae

Diejeebert: hehe

a44leafs: oh slae, my earliest bb memory

Magpie542: dani knows america picked dick

SpiritLightHeal: Dani's not closed off from her dad either

FeedMCoffee: eric is Key #1

HTLurker1234: America hates you more than they hate Dick, Dani...well done!

SlaeboB: seems like so long ago, doesn't it, anders?

a44leafs: i remember seeing just that, never seeing BB before and thinking "what a tool"

gfrc2002: If Jess hasn't punched him in the face yet, that could be a good sighn

Lifeonhold52: yes, the last key

Roxy74011: It's going to take them awhile to process that twist

Lifeonhold52: yes

edesterb: That was worth it

SpiritLightHeal: once they get the check they won't care

FeedMCoffee: can't wait to see Dani's face if America picked Dick

Roxy74011: I agree

rctoros@mac.com: so, the sovs were the only past BB HG's invited to finale?

Diejeebert: now they're going to think every little thing was Eric's fault

roxcami: They were kind to Eric not to show the kiss and the woobie-- I but he convinced them not to

Diejeebert: the bat

a44leafs: that outfit.. the proposal.. i was... amazed.. in a bad way

Diejeebert: the ants

edesterb: Hee

CindySiandam: america did pick dick

edesterb: Oops-I think I overdired my laundry

Roxy74011: Yes, they did

Lifeonhold52: Eric will tell her about those

edesterb: dried

SlaeboB: OGG, I've watched from day one, and even voted for Eddie (I think I had a t-shirt back then too)

SpiritLightHeal: underwhelmed, to say the least, Leaf

DaisylouToo: Dick pickers

ShyLurkerGuy: anyone else watching bb jr... er... kidnation?

edesterb: I am!

Klaatu7452: How do you pick a dick?

Lifeonhold52: good thing he kissed her before the task

a44leafs: heh

rctoros@mac.com: probably, lurker

Diejeebert: I have it on Tivo season pass

a44leafs: ew pick a dick

edesterb: That was smart

Diejeebert: I'll give it a whirl

Lifeonhold52: although he might have had a heads-up about that

edesterb: Me too tools

CindySiandam: I pick dick

scrubs1979: interesting that they didn't mentioned that he got $ for each completed task

Diejeebert: yay!

a44leafs: ha! my feed was frozen on a kitty litter image, but the audio said "that burning itch!"

roxcami: Lifey, my theory is he knew the task was coming, so he was being preemptive. But yeah, it's good it happened before he was "told" to

gfrc2002: haha anders

rctoros@mac.com: he better buy jess something nice with that AP money

SpiritLightHeal: that's right, they didn't say he got paid

CindySiandam: or he can move to Kansas

SlaeboB: I was amazed at Booger too - and he still amazes me - I mean, what kind of TOOL would go on Dr. 90210 and let the world know your best friend Dr. Evil had to cut a wart off your STD-ridden pecher?

edesterb: 40k goes far in Kansas

Diejeebert: they didn't mention how much he made to the jury, did they?

Lifeonhold52: I'm going to try kid nation

SlaeboB: pecker, even

SpiritLightHeal: wonder how that will go over

HTLurker1234: i'll try kid nation

CindySiandam: they didn't mention money at all

Lifeonhold52: yes, I think it was preemptive, cami

SlaeboB: did they even mention that Eric was playing for cash?

edesterb: nope

SlaeboB: that's what I thought, Cindy

Diejeebert: that might make a difference

Lifeonhold52: no

a44leafs: Booger is... a specimen

SpiritLightHeal: I gotta give Dr Will props, he handled it well

Lifeonhold52: they'll find out

edesterb: In what?

rctoros@mac.com: typical of this season

SlaeboB: no pun intended?

Diejeebert: hopefully before the wrap party

a44leafs: heh

edesterb: drink!

SpiritLightHeal: you heard me typing, Slae

Diejeebert: drink~

SlaeboB: heh

DaisylouToo: maybe they are going to reveal how much money he won after the final vote?

Diejeebert: hehe

Lifeonhold52: I'm certain if Eric did not accept to be AP he would not be on the show

a44leafs: probably, daisy

inkyL0808: I'm so glad y'all spell wrap right

rctoros@mac.com: I agree lifey

SpiritLightHeal: did it occur to anyone this is a season of rejects?

inkyL0808: it bother's me when people say rap party

CindySiandam: he couldn't be on the show if he knew the twist

a44leafs: i'd rather go to a rap party

Lifeonhold52: hahaha, Spirit!

inkyL0808: It's not Jameka music

Donnafair: very true, Spirit

Lifeonhold52: yes!

HTLurker1234: fist bops inky

SlaeboB: now that you mention it, Spirit, you're right

SpiritLightHeal: who couldn't make it on other seasons

Diejeebert: well, if Boog's there...

edesterb: I'd rather go to a rat party

inkyL0808: *bop*

a44leafs: that's what i read, koolaid

SpiritLightHeal: which is why it SUCKED so bad...

Lifeonhold52: Spirit, are you that name on HT, or some other name?

inkyL0808: Well Dick will be there so I guess it is a RAT party

Donnafair: I'd spill iced tea on Booger. Grodner told me it's okay

gfrc2002: That makes sense, sprit - BB8:Non-Stars

a44leafs: it would be awesome if they had to wrap presents at the party

SlaeboB: wonder how bad next season will be? It'll probably be great with FMC and all of the other true fans who finally decide to audition

SpiritLightHeal: there was a reason they weren't cast

Diejeebert: hee MrsG

SpiritLightHeal: yes, I'm Koolaid Kid

SlaeboB: it otta be an All-HT house next year

edesterb: Spirit=koolaid Kid

gfrc2002: haha donna

Lifeonhold52: oh, hey, Koolaid Kid

SpiritLightHeal: hiya

Diejeebert: ooohhhh

Donnafair: Koolaid Kid! 1962 Alliance, babee!

HTLurker1234: hi koolaid! I didnt' know!

SpiritLightHeal: Dr Frank is such a Troll

a44leafs: good idea, all HT-ers sort of bomb-audition next year

FeedMCoffee: think Eric will double his $40,000 id Dick wins? It's an extra task after the 40g's....

SlaeboB: it IS a Rat Party in a way.....

gfrc2002: Oh thank OGG, only 9 mins to go

SpiritLightHeal: yep, 62 was a banner year

CindySiandam: show

Lifeonhold52: you need to recap and join chat

inkyL0808: Haaa DJB is confused about names - irony

Klaatu7452: we all should drink the koolaid after watching this season

edesterb: ugh

Magpie542: meh

CindySiandam: hee

rctoros@mac.com: so anti-climactic

SpiritLightHeal: lol

FeedMCoffee: thx Slae!

SlaeboB: hey~ my b irthday is in 2 days - I want Dick to win for my birthday

a44leafs: Jameka and Jessica are like negatives of each other!

Magpie542: not caring

Jasi156: Go Dick!! Go Dick!! Go Dick!! Go Dick!! Go Dick!! Go Dick!!

Lifeonhold52: I think we already drank this season's koolaid

Diejeebert: I don't either, mags

a44leafs: i don't care either

Magpie542: suck it, dani

Klaatu7452: don't care don't care don't care

SlaeboB: woohoo

SpiritLightHeal: hopefully next season I'll have a computer that will play Real

CindySiandam: Jasi - you should be in the other chat room

rctoros@mac.com: shocker

gfrc2002: <-doesn't care

a44leafs: *yawns, wanders off to kitchen*

SlaeboB: tie

roxcami: America hates you, Dani. Now, Pout.

DaisylouToo: Eric is trying to look over Julie's shoulder

HTLurker1234: I'll root for Dick for Jasi's sake!

inkyL0808: Who the heck cares

edesterb: knew it

SlaeboB: is she holding Dick'

: and I'll (hopefully) be in the house for my BDay..July 29th

SlaeboB: s hand?

inkyL0808: Maybe I'll check email now

SpiritLightHeal: Root for Dick...ha

edesterb: tense

DaisylouToo: Dustin likes Dick

SlaeboB: tie

SpiritLightHeal: Go FMC!

gfrc2002: no surprise there

Diejeebert: hahaa

CindySiandam: it will be up to jess' vote

FeedMCoffee: tie'

inkyL0808: We will throw a party for you on HT FMC

a44leafs: good girl jen

SpiritLightHeal: wow

Roxy74011: Dani

gfrc2002: huh

SlaeboB: yep

FeedMCoffee: 2-2

Magpie542: i'm surprised by zach's vote

Roxy74011: Whoa

SlaeboB: I'm not

Diejeebert: they suck equally!

edesterb: wow

FeedMCoffee: 3-2 dick

SpiritLightHeal: I can't believe Zach voted for Dick

roxcami: Wow, I'm surprised

a44leafs: i'm not surprised

SlaeboB: and Dick wins

rctoros@mac.com: really mags? I thought he would vote for dick

Magpie542: suck it, dani

FeedMCoffee: Dick wins

Jasi156: *dances*

inkyL0808: He was impressed by Dick on the carrot

Diejeebert: wow

Lifeonhold52: hahahaha

Lifeonhold52: great

Jasi156: wooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooo

Diejeebert: *yawn*

edesterb: !!

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HTLurker1234: Dickus...congrats Jasi!

Magpie542: don't give her a dime, dick

gfrc2002: whatever

Roxy74011: That's amazing

SpiritLightHeal: and we thought Jameka was crazy for saying it was all predetermined

roxcami: Well, Dani told Amber she didn't want her vote. Great strategy there.

Diejeebert: it's not faaaaaaairrrrrr

Magpie542: thank god, it's over

CindySiandam: why are they cheering - did something happen

Lifeonhold52: really, mags

inkyL0808: Yay, Dani lost!

edesterb: Jessd oesn't matter

edesterb: as usual

ShyLurkerGuy: dICK!

rctoros@mac.com: once again, america likes dick

gfrc2002: WORD, mags

SlaeboB: and now Dani will never talk to him again.... at least after her 2-year trip to Europs she told Dick he promised her

a44leafs: Zach knows Dick attacked him on Dani's word

inkyL0808: Dani lost, Dani lost!

Magpie542: i want to see one last bitchface

Lifeonhold52: at least Dani can get a car and a dp on an apartment

SpiritLightHeal: she just didn't know who predetermined it

FeedMCoffee: Hooray! Dani will continue to be a whiney bitch

inkyL0808: I'm only going to look at the positives - Dani lost!

Magpie542: it's not faaaaaaaaair

a44leafs: maybe now Dick can get that respiratory system looked at

SpiritLightHeal: so does that make Allison Grodner OGG?

gfrc2002: good point, inkyl

ShyLurkerGuy: will aliscum grodner subject us to more of the same next season?

SlaeboB: that's a really small crowd compared to last year

roxcami: Yes, Inky. Yay, Dani lost!!!!

a44leafs: I want to hug Zach

inkyL0808: America hates you Dani!

SlaeboB: where's Janelle?

Lifeonhold52: lets see the rest of the votes

HTLurker1234: They had to control it better, threat to Amber

rctoros@mac.com: me too anders

edesterb: Dani hugged Joemore than Nick

Lifeonhold52: is there one left?

edesterb: Jess

SpiritLightHeal: Julie Chen is touching people???

SlaeboB: where's Babe? Amber just shit her pants.

roxcami: Who voted last?

ShyLurkerGuy: ew, leafs, just EEEEWWWW

gfrc2002: Mike still got nothing to say

a44leafs: Zach, don't stand in front of Julie

inkyL0808: Hey look - HotMike (positives

Diejeebert: jess voted last

Donnafair: so what, G?

SlaeboB: Now Vincent has somewhere to live.

FeedMCoffee: Dick also won a Plasma TV, too

HTLurker1234: Ew, she held Dick's hand (chen)

inkyL0808: Hey look Jam's boobs (positives)

a44leafs: OMG Julie said HELLO to ZACH

Donnafair: HotMike doesn't need to talk

gfrc2002: heh, donna

DaisylouToo: wow, I can't believe Julie risked cooties!

roxcami: OH, Jessica probably voted for Dick

Diejeebert: word, mrsg

scrubs1979: positive...its over

edesterb: She was probably asking him to bring her a drink

HTLurker1234: The IRS just celebrated!

Lifeonhold52: I want to see her vote

Magpie542: heeee lurker

Diejeebert: heeee

ShyLurkerGuy: not that hot mike did much talking ever, donna

edesterb: 'Thought he was the waiter

SpiritLightHeal: now for a slow boat to China

a44leafs: oh, i would sooo buy Zach neverending drinks...

SpiritLightHeal: or a fast one, whichever

Donnafair: doesn't neeeeeeed to!

roxcami: I wish they'd show the wrap party on Showtime

a44leafs: *gets lost in fantasy*

rctoros@mac.com: Yeah!!! 3 more minutes of Donatos!

gfrc2002: Well, that was... that.

Magpie542: bring on SURVIVOR

inkyL0808: Go IRS!

edesterb: And that's that

gfrc2002: indeed, mags

RRonnieRoller has entered the room.

SlaeboB: that's a damned fine idea, Cami!

CindySiandam: thank OGG it's over

edesterb: uh oh

Diejeebert: I think I'm gonna go loot

Klaatu7452: Survivor!!!!!

inkyL0808: Ronnie!

a44leafs: i wonder if the ex-wife will come a colling

roxcami: I'm more interested in the fallout

edesterb: 'We have been infiltrated

rctoros@mac.com: HI Ronnie!

a44leafs: calling

SpiritLightHeal: I wonder if they'll have the Mongol hordes on Survivor

HTLurker1234: Hi Ronnie, congrats

inkyL0808: We are excited in here - Dani Lost!

roxcami: Dani pouted because America doesn't love her like her Dad does

gfrc2002: I'll see y'all in Survivor

RRonnieRoller: Hey

Magpie542: we can hope, koolaid

a44leafs: ha koolaid

gfrc2002: Have a good night all

DaisylouToo: anyone playing Survivor fantasy game?

edesterb: Hi ronnie!

roxcami: bye gary!

Roxy74011: Night gf

RRonnieRoller: no cangrats just a game

CindySiandam: ngit G

ShyLurkerGuy: anyone know what shotoo's ratings for bbad was?

HTLurker1234: where daisy?

SlaeboB: I guess I'll have to watch The Early Show tomorrow... there will be bitchface o'plenty

Magpie542: where daisy, at the cbs site?

gfrc2002 has left the room.

DaisylouToo: cbs.com....I know, I know

inkyL0808: small tear for last BB chat of 07

a44leafs: awww

edesterb: *tear*

CindySiandam: we need to start a group

Magpie542: i tried last season but cbs.com didn't like my browser

GenieinTX: I know, I love you guys

HTLurker1234: Daisy...do we have to look at the message boards?

a44leafs: *sniff*

Donnafair: *throws confetti*

edesterb: *missing*

inkyL0808: I smell campfire

SpiritLightHeal: yee-haw

DaisylouToo: Nope...no message boards necessary!

Lifeonhold52: yeah, I had CBS problems too last year

SlaeboB: awwww... I'll be here on my birthday night for Survivor premiere! Don't forget to bring presents!

inkyL0808: anybody got marshmallows

Donnafair: time for the Magical Fairyland Wrap Party

Lifeonhold52: and gave up

HTLurker1234: oooo slae!

a44leafs: look at Zach smiling

CindySiandam: we should play against each other

FeedMCoffee: 5-2 Dick

roxcami: Ha ha Dani

inkyL0808: Aw Slae - I'm gonna miss on Friday.

HTLurker1234: Nick is stuck on her!

inkyL0808: Have a great one!

rctoros@mac.com: Why nick?

inkyL0808: Hey look - ZAch!

FeedMCoffee: at least Dick won't by a bar with his money

Magpie542: oh, NOW she's all "we" won

DaisylouToo: Are ya readlly?

edesterb: Liar

a44leafs: zachy poo

roxcami: Oh, now it's Dani's money, too!

inkyL0808: No Dani- YOU lost.

Lifeonhold52: Dani lies

Donnafair: because she thinks she's getting some moolah

rctoros@mac.com: She's already eying his money

a44leafs: I'll miss you ZachRabbit

CindySiandam: she never said that before now

SpiritLightHeal: I hope Vincent tells he to f-off

SlaeboB: Dani has chiclet teeth just like Julia Stiles

ShyLurkerGuy: nick looks gayporn pretty again

HTLurker1234: Why does dick have a frontal wedgie?

inkyL0808: Bye Zach - see you on the Trek boards

Diejeebert: worst. finale. ever

DaisylouToo: Kisses Zach bunny!!! Byeeee!!!!!!

SlaeboB: no, it's Uncle Sam's money

a44leafs: bye Zachary

SlaeboB: EVER

Magpie542: amen, toopak

a44leafs: aww.. i'm sad

SpiritLightHeal: because he's really a woman?

Magpie542: EVER

rctoros@mac.com: Bye Zach!

FeedMCoffee: dick kiss dani...Dani pulled away from him

edesterb: Eric looks twitchy to the end

Lifeonhold52: hey Amber, ANTM begins tomorrow

Diejeebert: heh

inkyL0808: DH says Dani is soo much NOT into Nick

SlaeboB: ok, nite everyone - I'm gonna drink some more Tussionex and crash

Jasi156: I'm glad Dick won. I just wish everyone would realize it's just a game, and wouldn't have attacked me personally about it. See you in a year.

GenieinTX: awww bye Zach Bunny

rctoros@mac.com: You know Zach's gonna have a website

CindySiandam: let's get some interviews this week

Donnafair: really LIfey?

Jasi156 has left the room.

SpiritLightHeal: nite Slae

badandi2005 has left the room.

Magpie542: and now, i never have to see the donatos again

SlaeboB: ANTM? Dammit.. I'm closing tomorrow night

edesterb: Julie just asked them about TAR

Lifeonhold52: yes

CindySiandam: I want some Amber reaction

a44leafs: oh..well, goodbye all

a44leafs: thanks for the memories

FeedMCoffee: so weird to see Dick out of the house

HTLurker1234: Dani asked chen if she'll be at the wrap party

GenieinTX: goodnight and good season everyone!

Lifeonhold52: I just heard it tonight

Magpie542: nite all!

inkyL0808: And HotMike just stands

RRonnieRoller: Bye

inkyL0808: Night Mags

SpiritLightHeal: what a bunch of goobers

a44leafs: as hotmike should

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