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Edited to say I'm sorry no link - posted before I completely read and where can we put comments for stuff like this?


You can comment on the link in this thread, but only discuss the links, not other conversations.

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Not BB related either, but HT cat-lover related. We sing this while moving Pokey's "arms" around while she's lying flat on her back. Please somebody tell me they do it to their cat too.


Fixed link -- Mags


eta - Thanks Mags! and to fix possesive tense. I don't know why I can't ever get that right the first time here at HT. I promise I do better in real life.


Oh and to add another link I stumbled on while watching the very funny Horror one upthread.

They have really nailed the hammie personalities. Roll a 3 and I'll kick your ass Zach! heh. Edited by inkyL

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Heeeeeeeeeeeee! "He's a moldy piece of meatloaf, with green beans on the side..."



I don't usually really laugh out loud at these things, but I really did this time.


"The three words that describe you are:





BWAH! Priceless.

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