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BB Canada - Seasons 7, 8 and 9

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ANONYMOUS no-public-blood-on-your-hands NOMS!

NO BARFTASTIC "Who wants to see my HoH rooooooooom!" BIT!


Wasted on this cast, unfortunately.

gforce, I'd never speak that heresy loudly— though I'd definitely mutter it under my breath.

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Posted (edited)

This will probably the only good week of the season. The Invisible HoH was won by the best person to wield it.


Who knew? Her deflect-and-stay-under-the-radar game are … whoa! And somehow everyone still likes her and confesses stuff to her!

And she managed to tease a "confession" to Kiefer, and just played it off as psyching him out!

She's even been able to manage social pressure points and ego buttons to keep her noms post-veto comp!

And there's so much "there's no way it's V" convos out of her earshot! Wow.

If she manages to keep this secret past this week and makes her way to F2, she deserves to win.

All that said, I highly doubt we'll get much more out the rest of this cast for the rest of the season.

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So… double eviction since the previous post, including the invisible HoH Victoria. It's kind of impressive that she was able to deflect as long as she did past her successful targeted eviction, but she was the only candidate who fit the decisions made, and people actually independently managed to put things together just before the following eviction.

I may be mistaken with my BB history (either CBS and Canada), but it feels like tonight was the first time I've seen such an amicable post-PoV-comp pre-PoV-ceremony backdoor plan reveal of a loyal alliance member to that ally. Honestly, it was the best possible move of given the opportunity. If they don't get Kiefer out this week, he has the game résumé to win it all. I don't think there's any way he's gonna turn it around before eviction night.

On the one hand, he's got a good story— he wouldn't have been cast if he didn't. On the other hand, in the previous episode, he was in the DR after the double eviction saying he was ready to crush more BB dreams.

In the end, it was the combo of having the best season résumé in his alliance while also being the socially naive fourth wheel connected to an admittedly weird 3-way bromance/showmance/former-showmance.

Just waiting to see if Beth can pull the same on Jeb & Ty as she's whispered to various cameras over the past couple of weeks.

So now it's a tight 3 vs a loose 3 (assuming Kief does go to jury).

I'm still mostly meh over this season. The most abrasive hammies got taken out before jury. Of those left both in the house and on jury, I don't hate anyone (tho Beth and Terra annoy me more than the rest), but I don't particularly like anyone. At this point, just wondering how the dynamics of the remaining 6 work out.

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