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July 5 - Who Are These People?

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Welcome to my first recap of the season.  If it doesn't go well, it very well may be my last.  (I love to toy with MrsGryn.)

Previouslies:  The houseguests formed into two alliances.  Sam and Kaycee received punishments for coming in last in the two comps.  Kaycee must wear a rainbow leotard, and Sam is turned into a robot. Faysal wins the first POV, and doesn't use it.  Finally Scrappy and Bayleigh make out under the sheets, but Scrappy refuses to admit that they're in a showmance. To get the full story, see the brilliant recaps by @MrsGryn and @BB3Roddy.  

Julie wafts to her mark in a flowing blue and purple chiffony number with a matching choker.  Tonight is Season 20's first live eviction.  Steve and Sam are on the mac, but there's a chance that no one will be going home.  Sam has the Bonus Life Power, and, should she lose the vote, and use her special power, she would get the "chance" to return to the game.  Hey, it said Bonus Life, not Chance for Bonus Life.  In order to get back into the game she would have to win a live challenge.  

But, first...tonight's vote is up in the air, but a budding showmance could tip the scales.  Cut to opening credits..

After the Veto meeting, Tyler coaches Sam to roll with anyone who offers to keep her in the house.  Steve diaries that, he's ok with Fessie not using the POV on him.  Just as long as no one from his alliance throws him under Diane's house.  Cue music of impending doom.  A few members of said alliance sit with him in the BY while he blows smoke up his own ass.  They tell him he has the votes to stay, and he smirks that he will be ready for action on Friday morning.

Next Sam morphs into Sambot, and hilarity ensues.  The girls sexy her up and she appears poolside with a black bikini draped over her parts.  She gives JC a ride, and later they participate in a mock wedding.  Do you Sambot..etc. 

Faysal seriously hits on Haleigh, but she's not having it, yet.  He sweet talks her, she says no, it would be dangerous for her game, lather, rinse, repeat. The devil on her shoulder wins and they snuggle under the covers. Crystal Girl and Bay Leaf walk in on them, assume they're having sex, and leave.  How's that going to impact your game, Hayseed?  

A meeting of Level 6 convenes in the HOH room.  Discussion revolves around the need to get one more vote to keep Sam.  Kaitlyn may be their best chance.  Later, Kaitlyn cries on Tyler's tan, rippled chest.  It appears that she thought she and Faysel could be a thing.  Now, she sees that people are coupling up in her alliance; Scotty and Steve, Faysal and Haleigh, and Crappy and Bayleigh.  Tyler comforts her while validating her feelings.  He is misting her!  Way to go, Tyler.  Dan would be so proud.  She diaries that this leaves her at the bottom of the totem pole, and it might be in her best interest to break up one of them.  

Back to Julie, live!  My sound goes out.  Luckily, it's time for...

Commercials and random thoughts.  (I have ADD, so just sitting through the ads is impossible.)  So..is Jerrye one of the houseguests?  I haven't seen hide nor hair of him around these parts this summer.

Time for live evictions.  Steve humblecakes for votes.  Sam gives a holler out to Mama, Uncle Boo, Jim Bob, and 'Ol Joe.  She wants to stay, make plans, and get to know everbody.  

Votes to evict Sam are:  Scotty, Crappy, Bayleigh (in a painted on dress), Fessie, Haleigh, and Rockstar (who, it appears, is getting makeup tips from RuPaul).

Votes to evict Steve are:  JC, Rachel (aka Vegas), Kaycee, Angela (who???), Brett, Winston, and...Kaitlyn.

Steve is evicted. Shock registers on the faces of Foute alliance members.  Faysal eyeballs the HGs, trying to figure out who cast the wonky vote.  They all gather around Steve's picture, and wait for him to fade away.

Commercial random thoughts:  Note to self:  NEVER volunteer to recap so early in the season.  Even using the Cheat Sheet, I have no idea who most of these people are.  The bros are interchangeable, and I can't tell the difference between Angela and Haleigh...except, of course, when Hayseed is attached to Faysal like a remora. 

Chenterview.  J: How shocked are you?  S: More than shocked.  I had two alliances and one of them bamboozled me.  (Please note, there are no quotation marks around the above statements.  Sometimes it's more fun to make stuff up.)  Julie wonders if his age (slowold) made it hard to connect with his housemates.  Steve says that he went in thinking that he would be the quirky uncle, but it turned and some of them began to think of him as a "younger" father type.  "At no time did they disclude me from any of their games."  Then, while explaining to Julie why he couldn't shut up about cops, even though he was supposed to be a mechanic, he comes out with this gem.. [Being in the house 24/7 "we all cavitate towards what we know best.  Cavitate?  Disclude?  Maybe he was lying about being a college professor.  Also he is completely discluded if he thinks that anyone thinks of him as a younger anything.

Goodbye messages follow - nothing interesting, so let's move on to the HOH comp.  

Land a Job.  The skippies have built a tiny city with possible annual salaries on the top of the buildings.  HGs have to use a thing (combo slingshot/trebuchet/skeeball) to shoot balls onto the buildings.  Whoever lands on the building with the highest salary wins.  Most of the houseguests shoot their balls into the streets, but Scotty, Sam, and Kaitlyn land on buildings, with Kait landing the highest salary.  She is the new Head of Household.  

Back in the LR , Julie informs everyone that the Robot and the Pinwheel of Doom are officially dead, then bids them all good night.
Tune in Sunday for the nominations and the high/low trending hammies.

elizabethann out.

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1 hour ago, elizabethann said:

So..is Jerrye one of the houseguests?  I haven't seen hide nor hair of him around these parts this summer.

I've wondered what the hell happened to Jerrye, too... I hadn't thought about the prospect of him being a houseguest... I just miss him around here!


1 hour ago, elizabethann said:

and Rockstar (who, it appears, is getting makeup tips from RuPaul)

My Aunt said, "Geezus, she's done up like a Drag Queen!"


1 hour ago, elizabethann said:

Most of the houseguests shoot their balls into the streets,

This made me laugh... 


1 hour ago, elizabethann said:

Crystal Girl and Bay Leaf walk in on them, assume they're having sex, and leave.

I thought, at the time watching that, "Why did they think they were having sex?? 
I mean, if they were having sex, that's gotta be the most... unmoving? still? motionless? sex pretty much ever...  

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