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Welcome Back!

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Welcome back for Season 20, a/k/a as “This show has been on this Earth longer than some HTers, but Julie Chen still looks amazing (if appallingly dressed) because she’s a bot,  and Fistbot is a bot, and… Well, they always said one day robots would take over the world, so it’s time to welcome your glitchy overlord(ess)”!

But first! Here we are again, ready to elbow each other as we pile into the room and eagerly settle in for another round of “expect the unexpected, except don’t expect doog TV with no stupid twists that fail the first week, even though that would be totally unexpected”. While we wait for the cornnut pizzas and beer to be served, we encourage everyone to check out the non-BB threads; they're a great way to amuse yourself while listening to the "WBRB" song or whenever Rachel (“Heeeeyyyyy!!”) comes on screen, because you totally know she WILL. (Fuck you, Grodner! Fuck you double if Frankie appears!)

And while you are checking out threads, why not swing by the Broadcast Show Recaps section and sign up for some civic duty? If you like recapping the feeds, you'll love recapping the broadcast episodes, because it’s like a totally different show from what you see on the feeds, thanks to FUG’s “creative” editing! Only the casts look similar! 

Before the season officially starts and you all join Fisty in mournful rounds of Jessica Memorial Beer Pong, please take a minute to review our site rules, and always feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We appreciate everyone who does their part to make HT a great place to be, and just want to remind you of our number one rule: Attack the hamsters, not each other. So be excellent to one another, be merciless to the famewhores, and have fun!

Your admins and a “ready to slam some cornnuts pizza” Fisty

P.S. to Grodner: BRING IT



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