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The Amazing Race - Season 31 - Premieres May 22

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Though there has been no official announcement by CBS listing the teams, the teams have been confirmed by visual evidence such as photos of teams with TAR bags posing with fans. Some are at LAX from Leg 1, some are at other airports.

This photo includes Janelle/Britney, Nicole/Victor and Rachel/Elissa which are the three BB vet teams, as well as TAR vets Tyler/Korey and some other people I don't recognize off the top of my head:



ETA: It might be interesting to note that Nicole and Victor are on TAR pre-engagement because the season was still being filmed during the first week or so of BB last summer, which is why Brendon was in the audience on premiere night, but Rachel was absent until she popped up later to host a comp when she got back from the Race. Nicole and Victor also came into the house to get engaged after they returned from the Race. Britney was among other BB vets that came to the engagement "party" that we saw during BB20.


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