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2018 Winter Olympics - PyeongChang

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Holy meltdown, Nathan Chen.  Completely out of character yet seemingly contagious last night.  Here's hoping Nathan can shake off that messy memory for his individual competitions next week.  With all the odd falls last night by skaters, I'm surprised we've not heard rumblings about the Olympic Ice being faulty.  Speaking of Olympic Ice - I'm thrilled they're bringing back the hour-long skating show every night at 7pm preceding the skating events in primetime.  They'll never be able to recreate the Torino 2006 USA Network's original version - hell, it had Mary Carillo, Dick Button, Scott Hamilton - and it was hysterical.  Here's hoping Johnny Weir steps into Dick Button's "skates" and sails away with the snark.

Also, watching the moguls competitions made my knees ache.  

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