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July 26 - Tweetstorm

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My bird, Brunch, tweeted tonight's episode.  You can see the actual Tweets here: Brunch's Twitter Account.   He has no followers at this point,  because he keeps blocking people.   Sometimes he's real nice, sometimes he's just real.  Feel free to follow him, but be warned~ he sometimes bites.   Here's a cut and paste of the actual tweetcap:


BB begins with some previouslies, ("previous lies"). I anxiously await opening montage/song, because that's my cue to fast forward. #BB19


Jess adjourns nom ceremony. She's going after floaters. Admits need to rebuild relationships she and Codroid ruined. #Ramses #Josh #RIP


Apparently, Ramses is pawn. He's not worried, says Josh is bigger threat. Josh cries in WC. Xmas consoles him. *Insert Yule Log Joke* #Ew.


Jess confirms with others Josh will be going home, but has has no use for Paul's unsolicited advice. Or, you know, real hair. #WentThere


Codroid/Jess bump & grind in HOH while Josh continues to cry. CodE shows a hint of emotion, saying he "struck gold" with Jess. #goldplate


Paul, Alex, Jason want to screw Jess' noms by saving Josh. I feel #conflicted. They both annoy, but not sure if I care enough either way.


#Badass Xmas talks about her pit crew stats. CodE is impressed. In fact, he's downright human here. No worries, @magpie. It's all an act.


Ramses: "I have to win veto." Josh: "blah blah blah blah game on" Commercial = wine refill #PinotGrigioBitches


Jason seems to miss home. Talks about son and wife. I think his son is named "Gatlinburg". Or, somesuch. I don't hate Whistle Nut. #Yet


Kevin is the comp host, & he's dressed as a bunch of grapes! Shout out to me! Also, why do I love Kevin so much? #HappyDrubnk


Dang, theme is actually smoothies. #BBJuicyBlast. HGs have to pour specific ingredients to complete recipe after viewing sequence of items.


Okay, explosions are involved if HGs mis-pour. I'm not mad about that. Memorization is key here. First sequence underway... @Xmas is a wrap.


Christmas finally had a non-physical comp she could win, and she blew it like a cheap string of lights. Josh, Ramses, & Jason are out next.


Everyone except Jess & Codroid are out. He's going to "take it in the face" & save Jess's hair. #TooFuckingLate #SmoothieBomb #JessWinsVeto


In DR, Jess goes on about the bling she won this week. Ramses wants to make sure he's #JustAPawn. Paul wants to make sure noms stay same.


Paul to Josh: "Act defeated".  Josh to Jess: "I'm defeated".  Audience: *Actually defeated*


Paul works Raven/Matt to secure Ramses vote-out. I wonder why there are so many weird names for HGs this season. Parent Pro Tip: Stop It.


Paul tries 2 make Ramses feel secure. R runs "straight" to Jess to talk her out of the veto medallion. He does a good job making Jess worry.


Raven, who acts like a dimwit on a regular basis, apparently doesn't convince Jess she's a dimwit. That's some real talent. #FrankieFansSuck


Jess is #parannoying. She tells CodE she thinks something might be up and is considering using veto. CodE worries she's overthinking.


He suggests just chilling. They can always use Hex next week. Jess doesn't want her HOH to be a waste. #WastedSummerInstead


Veto Mtg! Ramses and Josh have chance to say things that might save them. Ramses: "consider options which are best 4 U, blah blah blah.."



Jess leaves noms in place, putting trust in others. She has hope that Josh will be sent packing this week. I still can't care enough.


In DR, Paul is beyond excited. His plan is working. Josh is excited, too. They fully believe Ramses will be leaving tomorrow. #Settle


Check in with @FistyHT tomorrow for live eviction & new HOH updates, recap, and hopefully #MoreKevin



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