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Broadcast recappers needed!

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You know it, you love it, the TV show that pretends Evel Dick was a loving father and Natatas was a well-adjusted earth mother type. This is where you sign up to shoot fish in a barrel by recapping the TV and making fun of the latest crop of narcissistic assholes. Just post which dates(s) you'd like to take and we will add you to the schedule.


Wed June 28 (Premiere): ff174

Thurs June 29: dc20willsave

Sun July 2: BB3Roddy

Wed July 5: copssister

Thurs July 6: copssister

Sun July 9: thunderstruck

Wed July 12: dc20willsave

Thurs July 13: thunderstruck

Sun July 16: MrsGryn

Wed July 19: BB3Roddy

Thurs July 20: elizabethann

Fri July 21 (special night): BB3Roddy

Sun July 23: copssister

Wed July 26: tooletta

Thurs July 27: BB3Roddy

Sun July 30: jennknee

Wed Aug 2: dc20willsave

Thurs Aug 3: MrsGryn

Sun Aug 6: copssister

Wed Aug 9: MrsGryn

Thurs Aug 10: jerrye25 / scrambledlegs

Sun Aug 13: jennknee

Wed Aug 16: thunderstruck

Thurs Aug 17: elizabethann

Fri Aug 18 dc20willsave

Sun Aug 20: copssister

Wed Aug 23: thunderstruck

Thurs Aug 24: BB3Roddy

Sun Aug 27: copssister

Wed Aug 30: MrsGryn

Thurs Aug 31: BB3Roddy

Sun Sept 3: copssister

Wed Sept 6: gforce

Thurs Sept 7: BB3Roddy

Sun Sept 10: copssister

Wed Sept 13: thunderstruck

Thurs Sept 14: dc20willsave

Friday Sept 15: copssister

Wed Sept 20 (Finale): tooletta



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Hey hey, Mrs. G! Fun to see the new site, looks great!  And I'll help break the seal on this new season of hate-watching, happy to take Sunday, July 2nd.   

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I haven't done a brodcast recap before but there's no time like the present. I'll take June 29th. It'll give me something to do while I wait for the feeds to start up. Maybe I'll know who any of them are by then.

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You know I've got some stuff going on right now, so can't commit to much at the moment, but I will do the finale.  Will let you know a couple other dates as soon as I'm able. 

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