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The Amazing Race - Season 30

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I agree that Cody doesn't really seem the type who "gets off on that", as gforce so perfectly put it... however, he *did* apply for that BB season, which really surprises me still as it just doesn't seem to gel with his character or personality type.  I'm pretty sure the YouTube channel is Jessica's idea, and doing.  (Their own YouTube channel about their lives together, though??  Really??  Geezus.  That takes an... odd... personality type...)

While I didn't care for either of them on BB, (not liking Jessica more than Cody, Cody was so... different that at least it made him mildly interesting) I really found myself liking them on TAR.  Even Jessica to some extent.  And it also pissed me off when other teams thought Jessica should've "helped" them in some way, and they would actually get pissy that she did not.  Whether I like Jessica or not... seriously??  They really think she "owes" them anything like that, in a million dollar competition??

Like that ringing phone challenge... I thought Jessica handled that perfectly, and was quite generous... yet they were pissed that she didn't spill her info immediately, instead waiting til she was sure *she* had passed the challenge.  Get over yourselves, other teams.

But anyway, yes, they do seem pretty perfectly suited to each other, so I'm happy for them that they found each other.

As for Henry and Evan... I laughed when Henry finally told her to basically shut the fuck up at that airplane-building puzzle challenge.  Ha!  I mean, I was getting SERIOUSLY annoyed by her constant "cheering" and whatnot and I was just watching in my living room... I can only imagine how *beyond* annoying that would've been in person while trying to complete a frustrating puzzle, for $1 million.  At times she was okay, but at others she really could be kind of an ass.

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I'm a total sap and an easy crier so I cried happy tears for them. You know what I just realized and really speaks well of them and their relationship, they never fought. I can't say that for most of the teams, and certainly none of the other couples. I also like that Jessica just kept her head down and kept soldering on during the plane. She's certainly sharper than she's given credit for. I'm sure we will see them again, I could see Cody on Survivor and honestly, I wouldn't be against it. I'd also be up to seeing Jessica again, most likely it will be BB though. 

I hope Hen has seen these episodes and has made a break for it. Evan is just horrible. 

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