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Given this thread hasn't seen activity since almost a year ago, surely I'm missing an entire section which covers the details on the site upgrade (yes, I do think it's an upgrade!).  This morning was the first time I cared to use the Flashback feature on the feeds.  Unfortunately, unless the recapper had included the time in their post (thank you!), it's hard to know the time to flashback because our posts reference time like Facebook (1 hr ago, about 17 hours ago, 1 day ago, etc).  Is there a site setting where we could have the timestamps display in actual HH:MM:SS AM/PM format?

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Upgrade tour

As for the time thing, that's a good idea. I'll poke around, but I probably won't click anything until Tsy says it's OK. 

ETA: Found it! If you hover your mouse over the "Posted 7 minutes ago", etc., at the top of a post, it will show you the date and time. 

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