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Hey there,


I have BB listed as showing at 1135 PM Thursday Night, to make room for the football game again. I'm in the Los Angeles area. Under the Dome, however, is on at it's usual time.


Just a heads up if you all aren't aware.

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It all exists, if you are viewing the full HT.

7 hours ago, Tsylyst said:

If anyone is still using the outdated 800 x 600 screen resolution on your computer, you will not see the full HT. As explained in the Upgrade Tour thread (a good "dummies" read), the new HT is "responsive," which means as your screen narrows, parts of HT such as the sidebar with all that useful information "collapse" and/or disappear to make room for the really important stuff, like the forums. This is so the site seamlessly transitions from desktops to tablets to cell phones. The new forum version is designed for current web standards including a minimum screen resolution of 1024 pixels wide; if your resolution is set below that or your resize your browser below about 980 pixels in width, the sidebar disappears and menus start to collapse.


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Hey, I just had an idea for a thread... so I'm in a super-pissy mood today, and all of the TV ads that normally annoy the shit out of me are almost inciting me to violence, today, punching whoever is responsible for those atrocities right in the scrum.

On the other hand, some of them are pretty funny.

There's a whole website something about "commercials i hate" or some such, that I found in doing a quick google to see if anyone else thought the ads I hate are incredibly stupid or if I'm just in a really bad mood today... turns out I'm not alone.  

Anyway, the snark over there almost made me think of here.  We might have fun snarking on stupid ads in the off-season... the people here are super-good at insults and stuff.

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