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READ: Politics - HT is Neutral Ground

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Fisty recently updated his Posting Rules to loosen up on some things -- but one thing Fisty is sticking firm to is that HT is neutral ground when it comes to politics (and religion).

Obviously the current U.S. election season is going to be a heated one, and some of the houseguests have already made their political leanings clear. The topic is likely to come up on the feeds and maybe even on the broadcast show.

However, Fisty will not take kindly to posts about politics on HT. We have members that fall all along the political spectrum, and the prime rule of HT is that we attack the hamsters, not each other. By dissing one candidate or another, you are dissing their supporters in the real world. Politics are a hot-button issue that you should stay away from pressing if you don't want Fisty to start pressing his ban button.

If you're recapping and the hamsters start to talk about politics, you're free to recap what they're saying. But let's leave it there. Don't interject your own feelings about their political views or any candidates/parties.

The official Posting Rule follows:

11. This isn't a family friendly site and most everything is tolerated. Because of that, sometimes subjects like politics (especially in an election year) and religion can get out of hand very quickly. If a houseguest is talking about a particular politician and you are recapping, that's one thing, but stating as a fact that "the Mayor of Flavortown is an insane troll who will ruin the country and anyone who votes for him/her is a fool" is not appropriate. Your post may be severely edited if not deleted outright. HT is neutral ground when it comes to religion and politics.



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