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Broadcast Show Recappers Needed!

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Fisty can’t be everywhere at once, and quite frankly, he tends to be lazy when he gets one too many corn nuts in his belly, so he’s asking for your help. Here’s your chance to show Fisty you care (and FUG that you don’t)! If you want to help a pissed-off hamster out, sign up for a date or five from the list below. Fisty loves you, and only asks that you try your best to have the recap posted within 24 hours of the show airing.

This is the assumed schedule, stay tuned for changes and you can check the HT Calendar as well.

Wednesday, 6/22: ff174
Thursday, 6/23: MrsGryn
Sunday, 6/26: BB3Roddy
Wednesday, 6/29: thunderstruck
Thursday, 6/30: ff174

Sunday, 7/3: copssister
7/6: copssister
7/7: copssister
7/10: BB3Roddy
7/13: CripesAlmighty
7/14: rogueheart
7/17: tooletta
7/20: jennknee
7/21: BB3Roddy

7/22 (Battle Back Special): thunderstruck

7/24: rogueheart
7/27: rogueheart
jerrye25 / scrambledlegs

7/31: Sophy


Wednesday, 8/3: rogueheart
8/4: BB3Roddy
8/7: rogueheart
8/10: chrysana
8/11: ff174
8/14: rogueheart
8/17: tooletta
8/18: thunderstruck

8/19: MrsGryn

8/21: gforce
8/24: thunderstruck
8/25: elizabethann
8/28: jennknee
8/31: BB3Roddy

Thursday, 9/1: BB3Roddy
9/4: copssister
9/7: copssister
9/8: copssister
9/11: MrsGryn

9/13: ff174
9/14: thunderstruck
9/16: gforce
9/21(finale): tooletta

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Hey Magpie!

Thanks for the info! Could I sign up for Sun June 26th, Thurs July 21st, and Thurs Aug 11th? Looking forward to flexing some snark muscles on a whole new community of crazy people. Thanks for all you do, HT.

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Aw thanks, Mrs. G. Right back atcha! Love your stuff.


I plan on getting the recap posted on Thursday evening ... hopefully before the Thursday night show begins. That's because I don't want to miss the first night of recappage.


Too many famewhores, not enough time. I'm so looking forward to being incredibly disappointed at this year's group of cretinous crapweasels.

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