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Big Brother Acronyms & Nicknames

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Looking to figure out what a certain acronym or nickname you seen on the board refers to? Commonly used ones are listed here, along with credit to the creators where possible.


New acronyms and nicknames will be added above the line as they enter common usage and moved to the main section at the end of the season, if still in use





Alesion - Nickname for BB4's Alison; given because of her faked vomiting after finding out that Scott has genital warts (TM blurry)

Aliscum - Nickname for BB4's Alison, just because she often is (TM Krommm)

Amanduh - Nickname for BB9's Amanda (TM Haunted Rain)

Ambore - Nickname for BB8's Amber

Arnold Shapiro - The former executive producer of the Big Brother series. Also the devil in disguise. Sometimes referred to as "Arnie" or "Shitpiro."

Ashlea-ugh - Nickname for BB6's Ashlea

Assmanda - Nickname for BB9's Amanda (TM Ronnieroller)

Aquadouche or AquaD: BB21's Jack, who played up the fact that people think he looks like "Aquaman" star Jason Momoa. (TM Tsylyst)

AusTwins - Term of unknown origin used by the larger BB community and in the house during BB17 to refer to the alliance of Austin and the Twins (Liz and Julia).

Bambi - Nickname for BB5's Drew, because he's so cute and innocent compared to the other Craftsmen. (TM Highwaygirl)

BBAD - Big Brother: After Dark, a several-hour block of streaming airing nightly on the SHO2 channel. After several seasons, it moved to the TV Guide Network, which later became Pop.

BBOTT - Acronym for "Big Brother: Over the Top," an online version of BB that was streamed on CBS All Access in the fall of 2016.

BDL/BDLane - Nickname for BB12's Lane, meaning "Big, Dumb Lane", (TM Beehoppy).

BFE - Nickname for the Desert Bedroom; stands for "Bum/Butt Fuck/Freaking Egypt."

Bitch Squad - Nickname for BB4's Alison/Jun/Dana (TM Krommm).

Bitchney - Nickname for BB12's Britney.

Blockstar - Nickname for BB20's Rockstar, who was on the block -- a lot.

Blowie - Nickname for BB6's Howie (TM Slae).

Borg, The - Nickname for BB5 twins Adria and Natalie, who demanded their fellow houseguests fall in line with their way of thinking or be put up for nomination.

BotB, BOB - Battle of the Block

BR - Bedroom or bathroom

Bratney - Nickname for BB12's Britney.

Brenchel BB12/13's Brendon and Rachel.

Brenda - Nickname for BB12's Brendan.

Brett Somers - Nickname for BB20's Rockstar, who wore oversized glasses.

Brigade, The BB12 alliance of Enzo, Hayden, Lane and Matt.

Bukie - Gag-worthy pet name Rachel calls Brendon.

Busto - Nickname for BB6's April, coined by Howie during his anti-April "you've got a fat husband and an ugly dog" rant after Kaysar was backdoored by Jennifer. This was also the explosion that created the phrase, "I want your DOR."

Buzzard Crotch - Nickname for BB4's Dana; sometimes shortened to BC. Reference comes from BB4's Jack, who stated in the Diary Room that "Dana has the sex appeal of a buzzard's crotch."

BY - Backyard

Cackles - Nickname for BB16's Christine who spends most of her days cackling like a witch at a cauldron.

Chenbot - Nickname for the show's host, Julie Chen, because she is so stiff and robotic.

Chilltown - Nickname for BB2 alliance of Dr. Will, Mike Booger, Shannon, knife-wielding Justin, and possibly Krista. Abbreviated as "CT" it has returned in some form with the inclusion of Will and Booger in BB7: All-Stars.

Chiwhora - Nickname given to BB3's Chiara by Amy

Circle K - Nickname for the BB6 alliance led by Kaysar that also includes Janelle, Howie, Rachel, James and Sarah. Reference to "Circle K" can mean any combination of those players. (TM Bensell)

Clelli - The Clay and Shelli showmance of BB17. Coined in the house and spread out to the real world like a disease.

Coast-to-Coast - Alliance name for BB20's Tyler and Kaycee.

Cootie Taw - Coup d' etat (TM ff174)

Corn(blank) - Series of nicknames for BBOTT's Cornbread.

Cowtard - Nickname for BB5's Michael (TM SlaeSlae), who called himself "Cowboy"

Craftsmen, The - Nickname for the BB5 alliance of Jase, Scott, Michael and Drew (TM SlaeSlae)

Cryvette - Nickname for BB6's Ivette after she loudly and never-endingly broke down into tears when the Pairs Alliances were revealed (TM KR)

Diabla - Nickname for BB5's Diane (TM raptorgirl)

Diane's House - A junker of a car. BB5's Diane famously told a story about how she was living in her beater of a car when she came on the show.

Desperelle/Desperella - BB14's Danielle, who was desperate for a man and lived in a fairy tale fantasyland. (TM Tsylyst and demgirl)

DOOG - Typically used with "TV" as "DOOG TV". Originated during BB5, it's "good" spelled backwards.

DOR - Drop On Request (when a houseguest voluntarily leaves the show)

Douchelord - BB2/BB7/BB14's Mike Boogie. (TM Janelle on the live feeds)

DR - Diary Room, sometimes Dining Room

Dumbass - Nickname for BB2's Hardy

Dustbin - Nickname for BB8's Dustin (TM Lifeonhold)

Dr. Evil - Nickname for Will, winner of BB2

DYKWIS/DYKWIM - "Do you know what I'm saying?"/"Do you know what I mean?" Phrases used way too often during BB6, mostly by Ivette.

ED - Evel Dick from BB8 and BB13. Spelled "Evel" because he is an Evel Knievel fan.

ETA - Edited To Add; usually seen at the bottom of a post

Fauxprah - Nickname for BB13's Kalia, (TM Tsylyst).

F-Cubed - BB16's Frankie the Fucking Famewhore (tm thunderstruck)

FFF - Four Fucking Feeds

FFFF - Four Fucking Feeds of Fish (or Flames, depending on the season); see FOTH


FOTH - Front of the House; this is the image that is shown on the live feeds whenever CBS doesn't want to show us what's happening in the house. The feeds go FOTH whenever someone sings a song, or talks about someone who hasn't signed a release, or just about any time that Arnold Shapiro feels like screwing with us. This has come to mean any image/video that they choose to throw up (heh) on the screen to serve the same purpose.

FOUTTE - Alliance name from BB20 meaning Five Of Us Till The End.

Frankenbooger (sometimes Frankenboogie) - The alliance of Frank and Mike Boogie. (TM melonfish)

Fraudy - Nickname for BB3's Roddy, after he showed his "true colors" during his reign of terror as HOH (TM ShadowyMoon)

FtFW / FtFFW - Frankie/Francis the FameWhore or Francis the Fucking FameWhore (tm uaintjak); used to refer to BB16's Frankie.

FUG - Alison Grodner, the much loved/hated/love to hate-able producer of recent and current seasons of Big Brother. Stands for "Fucking Grodner" and is usually used when there is some decision made by the producer(s) which is clearly and utterly stupid. So, most of them.

FUPA - Fat Upper Pubic Area

Gaythan - Nickname for BB4's Nathan; speaks to his dubious sexuality (TM copssister)

Gnat - Nickname for BB11's Natalie because she's always circling around and you just want to swat her.

Haggie - Nickname for BB6's Maggie. Other derivatives include "the Hag" and "Hagatha."

Hamster - A houseguest. Note: the letter "p" does not appear anywhere in the word hamster.

Hardly - Nickname for BB2's Hardy.

HG - Short for Houseguest.

Highlights / Jeff Interviews - In BB16, highlight reels from the previous week and original interviews with Jeff Schroeder were played on the feeds during competitions and ceremonies instead of the traditional trivia.

HN / HN Room - Have Not or Have Not Room.

HOH - Head of Household. Can refer to the room or the person. Things happening "in" HOH usually mean the room.

Hollow - Nickname for BB5's Holly, because she was just that dumb

HWSNBN - He Who Shall Not Be Named, aka Mike Boogie.

HT - Hamster Time, or Pacific Daylight Time. The house is in California. Could also refer to the Hot Tub.

Ick - Nickname for BB3's Eric

IIWII - "It Is What It Is". A phrase used often by BB3's Danielle.

Itsonica - Nickname for BB2's Monica

J/J - BB13's Jeff and Jordan.

Jammhmm/Jammhmmeka - Nickname for BB8's Jameka (TM uaintjak)

Jass - Nickname for BB5's Jase (TM Nate On the Side)

Jeebert - "Alliance" of Robert and Jee, Season 4

Jenbot - Nickname for BB8's Jen (TM Haunted Rain)

Jesus VDB - Nickname for BB3's Jason (TM Wyaj); refers to Jason being religious and supposedly looking like James Van Der Beek (VDB).

Jiz - Combined nickname for the Twin Twist sisters Julia and Liz of BB17.

Jody - Combined nickname for the showmance of Jessica and Cody, BB19

Jon - A producer on the show who has a very nice voice.

Kitchen George (or KG) - Nickname for BB1's "Chicken" George during BB7 - All Stars, due to KG's constant presence near (or in) the food (TM Uaintjak).

Krusta - Nickname for BB2's Krista

KT - Kitchen


Level 6 - Alliance name from BB20. Often changed by posters to Level 5, Level 4, etc. as members exited the house.

LNC - Late Night Crew, a self-named alliance of sorts in BB8

Lamorawn - Lawon + Moron (tm Towanda)

Mantroll - Nickname for BB4's Dana (TM BB4's Scott)

MEvette - Nickname for BB6's Ivette, because it's all about HER

MeePaw - Nickname for BB22 Memphis, who at times looks and acts like an old man in the house. (TM Beehoppy)

MemPa - Nickname for BB22 Memphis, who at times looks and acts like an old man in the house. (TM Tsy)

MFMarvin - Nickname for BB5's Marvin, who liked to use one curse word in particular

Michie: BB21's Jackson, whose last name was used to help tell him apart from fellow houseguest and bro Jack.

Mike-o-path - Nickname for BB6's Michael after he started acting creepy

MMS - Abbreviation of "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," the name that the (supposed) alliance of Diane and Jase on BB7 gave to themselves.

Moochelle - Nickname for BB18's Michelle who could not stop stuffing her face even while talking about how fat she looked and how much she hated obese people. TM Magpie.

Moronimoe - Season 15's Jeremy. A mash-up of Moe, Geronimo, and moron. (TM Magpie, uaintjak, and tooletta)

Nadria - Nickname for BB5 twins Natalie and Adria, since they functioned as one.

Natatas - Nickname for silicon-enhanced Natalie of BB9. (TM tooletta)

Natrolleon - Nickname for BB6's Eric, a mix of "Nappy" (a riff on Eric's nickname from the HGs, "Cappy") and "Napoleon" (because Eric is a wee li'l man). TM Slae, who brought it all together.

ND - Needle Dick, nickname for Brendon, given by the Brigade.

Oklahomo - Nickname for BB4's Nathan, again due to his seemingly ever-changing sexuality; sometimes shortened to OkMo (TM frazzledglispa)

On the macaroni/mac - Reference to being nominated. TM Inky, who got sick of both hearing and typing out "on the chopping block."

OGG - Original Gangster God, inspired by Jamkea, BB8 (TM Haunted Rain)

Palmed - The BB "We'll be Right Back" screen on the feeds, which featured palm trees at one point. (TM Beehoppy)

Peencil/Peen - Nickname for BB5's Scott, referring to his *cough* anatomy *cough* (TM Teem)

Peepaw - Nickname for BB10's Jerry, a 75 year-old gasbag who liked to grope the young women and tell the kiddies about his (brief) time in the military. A/K/A PawPaw. (TM Slaebo and ZGeist)

Perving couch - The "fainting couch" in the downstairs bathroom that people sit on to watch other people or just to chat. (TM Tsylyst)

Pinch - Nickname for BB3's Eric, TM Highwaygirl: "I started calling Eric 'Pinch' for two reasons - his tool-ish behavior kept making me want to *pinch* him, and I think he's got a pinched little face. "

Pinhead - Nickname for BB10's Jessie, a moronic tool whose blood obviously went to building his biceps instead of feeding his brain

Plastics, The - Nickname for the BBOTT group consisting of Alex, Morgan, Whitney and Shelby.

POD - Nickname for BB3's Lisa. Acronym for her self proclaimed title of "Princess of Darkness . (TM Highwaygirl)

Porch - BB13's Porsche (TM tooletta).

Porn machine - the elliptical exercise machine that makes everyone grunt loudly when they use it. It also makes a rhythmical squeaking sound that is highly distracting.

Pornsche - Nickname for BB13's Porsche (TM Tsylyst).

Pow-Pow - Self-given nickname of BB16's Paola, which spawned a number of variations and riffs on the word "pow" as an action verb

Quasar - Nickname for BB6's Kaysar (TM Highwaygirl)

Rainbeau - Nickname for BB6's Beau (TM RedBearDave)

Red Couch of Stank/ RCoS - The backyard couch, because as Nixiechick correctly noted, "you know that thing reeks like smoke and ass"; now often serves as a jumping off point for other descriptors and is modified with the color of the couch in each season

Rich - A producer on the show.

Route, routing - A misspelling of "rooting" by GinaMarie in a BB15 HOH blog that just kinda caught on around HT. So HTers often "route" for one houseguest or another. We're not illiterate, just unable to let a joke die.

RTHA Acronym for Rod-The-Humongous-Asshole. Nickname for BB3's Roddy (TM Maya).

Ruscle - Nickname for BB11's Russell the Muscle (TM Susie)

RWJ - Nickname for BB6's James, shortened from "RightWingJames" (TM Bensell) because of the HG's rabid political views.

Scaggie - Nickname for BB6's Maggie. Other derivatives include "Scag" or "Scags."

Scatt - Nickname for BB4's Scott. (TM Highwaygirl)

Shoddy - Nickname for BB3's Roddy (TM Raptorgirl)

Sith - Nickname for the non-Circle K alliance on BB6; consisted of Maggie, Beau, Ivette, April and Jennifer. Name coined because Howie (a member of Circle K) fancies himself a Jedi and described Eric and his minions variously as Sith (i.e. anti-Jedis)

Skipper - Nickname for BB4's Michelle (TM Highwaygirl)

Skippy - Nickname for the BB camera operators who shoot as if they're smoking crack (or looking for boobies).

Sluggo - Nickname for BB4's Robert, because he is one (TM Highwaygirl)

Snotbert - Nickname for nose-picker Robert of BB4.

SOBert - Nickname for BB4's Robert, because he's a Son Of a Bitch (SOB). Sometimes written as Sobert (TM Nate on the Side)

SR - Storage Room

SSA - Super Secret Alliance

STFC - Acronym for Shuffling the Fucking Cards. (TM pvrunner)

Stooges - BB4's Robert/Jee/Justin (TM BB4's David, who calls the trio the "Three Stooges")

TAFY - "Team America, Fuck Yeah!"

TAR - "The Amazing Race" reality show on CBS

Tatty Bo - BB14's Jenn. Short for The Tattooed Broad. (TM Beehoppy)

TattyFaux - Nickname for BBOTT's Kryssie who was covered in tattoos, but wasn't coming off nearly as badass as she thought she was. (TM Tsylyst)

TPTB - The Powers That Be

TWoP - the website, Television Without Pity where many of the original HTers came from. They had a live feed recap thread, but unfortunately, we were such nuts in using it that it was crashing their server and it had to be removed. As of BB4 they had retired their Big Brother forum entirely. The BB forum reopened for BB7, but the site has now been shut down by its corporate owners.

VGM / VaGinaMarie - Season 15's GinaMarie (TM tooletta)

Wamber - Nickname for BB8's Amber, because she was always crying.

WBRB - "We'll Be Right Back," which is the text that pops up when Skippy cuts the feeds

Weekend at Kathy's - Nickname for BB12's deadbeat Kathy, (TM wickedtong).

WC - Water closet (i.e. the toilet room)

Whora - Early nickname for BB11's Laura. (TM Iron Fortified Elli)

Whordan - Early nickname for BB11's Jordan (TM FeedMeCoffee)

Wizard, The BB11's Jeff, who won America's Choice to get a special power, (the coup d' etat, or "wizard wand").

WR - Weight/Workout Room, which in recent seasons has been turned into the lounge near the bathroom.

Yapril - Nickname for BB6's April, who never shut up

Zaching - To hang around and try to engage in forms of social interaction, or to continue to hang around long past when one is welcome, with others who have no interest in reciprocating said social interaction due to one being socially inept, a misfit, psychologically unstable, a dork, and/or exhibiting facial characteristics similar to those of a chimpanzee. (definition by zgeist). Inspired by BB8's Zach.

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