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Live Feeds Highlights - Week 7

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Week 7 Highlights (Warning – May Cause Marked Drowsiness)

So Andy won the HOH. He nervoused needlessly about getting blood on his hands. Most of the house is still openly saying Jessie needs to go while quietly testing the waters about getting out more threatening players. Amanda approached Andy about getting Helen out. Helen talked about getting Amanda out. Andy deflected with both of them.


McCrae and Andy cried over the whole Judd situation. Amanda boo hooed over being such a competition loser.


Aryan and VaginaMarie are have-nots. So are Elissa and Helen. VGM’s apparent eating disorder has been noticed by the house and the Diary Room.


Helen continued to butter everyone up in that really obvious smarmy politician kind of way she has. Aryan buddied up to Jessie, telling her she’s just the pond. Andy did the same. Jessie’s not too bright. Andy told Spencer and everyone else that Jessie is the target.


Helen is considering trying to save Jessie, thinking Jessie would fall in line with Helen’s agenda in the next weeks. Amanda thinks Spencer would be more likely to target Helen and Elissa than Jessie would. Andy and Aryan talked about the pros and cons of keeping Spencer or Jessie and who each of them will be willing to put on the block. Nobody trusts Spencer. Andy floated the idea of keeping Jessie to McCrae, but I don’t think they decided much. When Amanda and Helen discussed, Amanda said she would go with whatever Helen decides this week.


VGM, who said last week that people who aren’t HOH have no business making deals, was bummed because she’s being left out of all the deal-making now. Elissa also noted that nobody takes her seriously enough to strategize with her. Or they think she’s hopped up on the quack because she slurs every word. Whatever.


McCrae and Amanda had another tiff. I don’t remember or care what it was about. Amanda quickly went back to picking and eating nits from McCrae’s fur. McCrae waits for rescue or death.


Spencer, Jessie, Andy, Elissa, Helen, and someone else played the veto competition where they have to say how many of things. Maybe monsters were involved. McCrae hosted, I think. Andy won and nervoused some more.


They’re still bashing Candice. Judd is still SKETCHY and was obviously the MVP.


At 8:45 a.m. HT on Sunday, page 17, post 246, that’s all I’ve got. The hammies are still asleep



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Week 7 Highlights of the Time Jessie Got Out of Bed


The veto meeting took place on Monday. As expected, Andy left the nominations the same. Helen was concerned because Jessie seemed happy before the meeting, but it turned out she was only happy because everybody was still lying to her and telling her she is safe this week.


Jessie did try pre-veto meeting to get Andy to make a “power move” and put up Amanda. She cited a final four deal between McCrae, Amanda, Helen, and Elissa. Andy immediately filed an incident report with McCranda, who resolved that there is no working with Jessie and she has to go. Also, somehow Elissa is involved in Jessie’s whole plot, so she should be next. Helen and Andy want to keep Elissa around.


Helen had a talk with McCrae. They talked about dumping Amanda at about the final six and about Helen’s concern that Amanda is getting too close with Aryan. McCrae reported the details of the conversation to Amanda later. Helen wants Andy to control Amanda next week if Amanda should happen to win HOH.


Aryan thinks big things are in store for her when she leaves the house. Heh. She isn’t going to read the negative stuff online because she doesn’t need anyone’s approval. She and Jessie boo hooed about their horrible lives.


Aryan suspects that Judd wasn’t as SKETCHY as he was made out to be and she was used. Aryan said she can control VGM. She thinks VGM would put up Spencer and Elissa. The hammies talked about how much Aryan has grown since making her previous unfortunate remarks. Aryan said at dinner how gay love grosses her out.


Jessie started asking questions last night about why nobody was reassuring her of her safety and people aren’t talking to her any more. Aryan played dumb, but let her know that it is assumed Jessie would go after Amanda. Aryan asked her who she would nominate. Jessie made it clear she wouldn’t allow her HOH to be controlled by someone else. Aryan can’t stand Spencer, but she couldn’t get VGM to keep Jessie and vote him out. Aryan told the house that Jessie was getting wise to her approaching demise.


Jessie and Helen argued because Helen was the one who said Jessie was going to go after Amanda. Helen rehashed it for everyone who would listen, as Helen tends to do. Jessie went to McCrae and told him that Helen and Elissa were all for getting rid of Amanda last week. In fact, Elissa told Jessie to get Judd on board with backdooring Amanda.


Elissa slurred comments about the erratic Jessie being drugged up. Elissa said that. Jessie was offended. She said Elissa comes off as odd and loopy and she was indeed involved in the plan to oust Amanda. Elissa obsessed to McCranda, Helen, and Aryan over Jessie’s obvious drug use and the things she said about Elissa. Jessie eavesdropped on the convo.


Helen came through with a fake apology to Jessie, but Jessie didn’t buy it. Andy kept lying to Jessie and saying that she’s the pond even through all the fighting. Jessie told him she overheard Elissa quacking about her and the plan to evict her. Andy was not happy to look like a lying asshole to Jessie.


Jessie said she’s going to make everyone hate each other before she walks out the door. She warned VGM and Spencer about Helen and told VGM that Aryan trashes her behind her back. She told VGM to put one each of the McCranda and the Helissa teams on the block if she wins HOH. Then if one of them gets the veto, put their partner up. VGM didn’t comprehend.


VGM and Aryan had a big blowup when VGM told Aryan what Jessie said about her trash-talking. Aryan wanted to confront Jessie, VGM said don’t, Aryan got pissy, yelling and screaming ensued. VGM went nuts and followed Aryan around the house, wanting a fistfight.


Jessie told Spencer she’s going to tell everybody’s secrets before she’s evicted. She told Elissa she’s ditzy and superficial. I know, no secret. Elissa bitched to Helen about it. She’s had a baby. She goes to business lunches, yo. That’s life in the mean streets... of Canada.


Aryan is the most upset about Jessie’s tirade and, already insecure about her position with the higher-ups, is worried she will end up looking bad. Most of the house doesn't think Jessie knows many secrets anyway. Andy tried to tell Aryan not to respond if Jessie starts more shit.


At 11:10 a.m. HT on Tuesday, page 33, post 483, nothing is happening in the house yet.

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If You Find This, Make Sure the World Knows My Week 7 Highlights


Day 54 and I don’t know how much longer I can go on. The pressure has gotten to Jessie. She called Helen a liar and continues to call Elissa Rachel’s shadow. She verbally attacked Aryan, as well. Aryan tried to fight back, but Jessie is beyond reason. She told everybody the awful things others have said in the night about them. She is threatening to make what time she has left miserable for us all. I’m afraid.


There was someone new brought in, a psychiatrist. The doctor talked to some of the more disturbed among us. It might have helped Jessie. She apologized for her behavior. Andy continues to lie to her. She won’t survive. I think she now has a day left at best, but no need to tell her that. I will lie to her, as well.


Amanda put everyone in costumes. She showered and dressed me, then stood me in front of the whole group and “married” me. We tried, Spencer, Andy, and I, to find Bible passages that might induce her to show mercy on me. But Amanda has taken complete control. I have accepted my fate.


It is morning on day 55, I have written 39 pages, 577 entries. I try to find solitude, but I cannot escape her. I crave pizza.



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