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Live Feeds Highlights Week 4

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Week 4 Highlights


Judd is HOH. Spencer, Jessie, Andy, and Candice are have-nots. They get macaroni! The hell? I could rock being a have-not if I got macaroni.


There was much deliberation among the hammies, who all think they can ram their own agendas through with Judd as HOH, about which of the three horrible racist girls should be nominated for eviction and which would just be a waste of their Judd’s HOH.


Elissa, who seemed to think Judd is a girl, campaigned to him to get another peen out this week. She would like to break up the Howard/Spencer team. Judd thinks it’s time a girl went home. Once she remembered that Judd is a dude, she said Aryan should go home. Judd and Jessie told her that Kaitlin is a bigger threat. She can win comps, she has some sort of deal with Helen, etc.


Helen fuckety-fucked all over the HOH room because, stay with me now, someone told Helen that Judd was told that Helen told Kaitlin that Judd is targeting her, but Helen never said that, so it must have been Aryan spreading lies to make Helen look SKETCHY. Helen just hates her so fucking much. Everyone is pretty sick of Helen’s schtick.


After mulling over the possible combinations of mean girls, Judd nominated Aryan and Kaitlin. He extracted a promise to work together till the end from VaGinaMarie in exchange for not nominating her. During the ceremony, Judd said something about Aryan twisting people’s words or something. She pretended to be upset about being nominated, but we saw last week that she and Judd have some sort of unholy alliance.


Judd told Kaitlin she isn’t the target and he’ll use the veto on her if he wins. Judd told Aryan she isn’t the target and he’ll use the veto on her if he wins.


Backdoor candidates are VGM and Howard. Judd tells different people different things. The Helen, Elissa, Andy, McCranda faction of the house would like to see Howard go.


Judd, Jessie, Spencer, Howard, and VGM lounged around the HOH strategerizing about getting Aryan out this week and then Amanda. I'll wait for a douchey name before I'll officially recognize them as an alliance.


All the hammies parannoyed about the MVP. Elissa couldn’t fathom why it hadn’t been given to her unless there was some kind of twist. Eventually, the DR told her America is the MVP, so Elissa shouldn’t feel like somebody else could ever get it over her. They also told her Amanda is running second in the vote. Elissa, of course, shot off her big stupid mouth about it to Amanda.


Familiarity breeds contempt, as they say. The hammies are at that point where they’re snarking about each other – who’s clingy, who’s bossy, who’s had bad plastic surgery, etc.


McCrae and Amanda have become almost as nauseating as Jeremy and Kaitlin.


The hammies who have found themselves on the outs are trying to get in with somebody, anybody. The hammies who haven’t are taking in strays who might be of some use.


At about 8:30 a.m. HT, page 13, post 190, most of the hammies are still sleeping. MVP nomination and veto competition to look forward to today.

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Week 4 Quickie MVP/Veto Comp Highlights


As the hamsters obsessed over what the deal is with the MVP, Elissa went around making strange statements. She told Judd to backdoor her, because she likes being backdoored. She implied that she couldn’t be voted out anyway, because she’s THE PLANT. Everyone talked about how strange she was acting – daffy, as it were. Helen said nothing was up, Elissa is just an odd duck. Ba dum bum. I have to stop. I’m pro-duck and I’m going to ruin it for myself.


Some combination of dumbassery and a bunch of people fed up with Elissa and/or FUG’s game-rigging conspired to send the MVP nomination Elissa’s way. Yay! That caused wide-spread paranoia and wild speculation. Double yay! It must have been Howard. He’s wanted Elissa out all along and the DR calls him a lot. No, it was Aryan, who’s a bitch. VGM was ruled out early as being too much of a loudmouth not to tell everyone if she had it. Elissa nominated herself to set up someone else or because she knows of a special power nominees will have this week. Elissa denied having the MVP, but only acknowledged some rule that prevented America from giving it to her for a fourth time as a possible reason. Most of the hammies believed America would never nominate Princess Elissa. Elissa certainly believes that.


The veto players were Judd, Aryan, Kaitlin, Elissa, Helen, and McCrae. McCranda parannoyed that Helen would use it on Elissa and one of them would be the replacement nominee.


I guess they decided to go with a yoga posing competition after all, because Elissa won the power of veto. Maybe that will kill the speculation that she put herself on the block and cause more panic in the house.


It’s 4:00 p.m. HT, page 19, post 285, and the hammies are just beginning to worry themselves silly over who the MVP will name as the replacement nominee. Big fun in the house! I have to go do battle with carpenter bees. Enjoy the rampant paranoia.



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Week 4 Veto Meeting Highlights


The hammies parannoyed over the MVP as expected. They also bitched about each other a lot. Amanda’s a pushy bitch. Aryan’s a lying racist. Elissa is a self-important duck-faced ringer. Jessie’s nipples plan to vote in Thursday’s eviction. VaGinaMarie is a delusional nut job. Spencer is a sickening piece of shit. Some of those things were the hammies’ complaints, some are mine.


The veto competition was the one where they could take penalties or rewards. Judd had to stay in the little room with an alarm going off every 9 minutes or so. He also had to listen to a bunch of whiny hammies sitting outside the door bashing each other to him. Helen had to go to bed at 8 p.m. and not talk to anyone. How many people think the ‘you can’t talk’ part was thrown in by popular Skippy demand after Helen accepted the curfew? Also, how is going to bed early and not talking to any of those people a punishment? McCrae took $5,000.


McCrae’s birthday was Sunday. Saturday night just before midnight, Amanda got all tarted up in some sort of dominatrix get-up to celebrate with him in the HOH room. Elissa made some nasty comments about Amanda’s whorish tendencies. Amanda cried. Not surprisingly, alcohol was involved.


Elissa also instigated a fight between Candice and Amanda. She lied to Candice that Amanda said something or other and then pushed Candice to go confront Amanda, which Candice did. Candice also had a fight with Howard, but I don’t have any idea why.


Everyone has all kinds of alliances and I can’t keep them all straight. Amanda continues to be vocal about wanting Howard out. McCrae told her to shut the hell up about it because she’s annoying people. Helen still wants to work with Kaitlin.


There was some ludicrous fake marriage proposal from McCrae to Amanda. Supposedly, it will be followed up by an equally preposterous fake wedding. Man, these people need something to do. I have some ideas, but most wouldn’t be condoned by the World Organization Against Torture… if you care about that sort of thing.


By Monday, most of the house was in agreement that America is probably the MVP. Spencer, ass that he is, continued to promote the theory that Elissa nominated herself.


The veto meeting was held and we put VaGinaMarie on the mac in place of Elissa. She’s pissed. Fuck us, America.


It’s 11:30 a.m. HT, page 36, post 529. Back to work!



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Week 4 Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them Highlights


VGM, who is on nobody’s radar for eviction, quickly realized that if she does get booted from the house, she’ll be together with Nick that much sooner.


Juddly finally convinced most of the house that Aryan should stay. Even Helen, who had a deal with K-K-Kaitlin, agreed. Elissa never got on board with the plan to evict Kaitlin, though, and neither did Candice. Most of the house is still lying to Kaitlin and telling her she’s safe.


The MVP continues to be a source of speculation. It’s either us or Howard.


The hammies are finally talking about what a degenerate Spencer is. He continues to make revolting remarks about women in the house, particularly Jessie.


Howard is even worse than Nick was at pretending to be into the girl who has latched onto him. He's never going to make it as an actor until he can kiss a girl without grimacing. Candice doesn’t want to keep Aryan even though HERMAN told her it was best.


Some of the hammies tried the cinnamon challenge. Only VGM was successful. Twice.


Amanda’s pushy ways continue to alienate everyone but McCrae. She and McCrae exchange I love yous.


Judd told everyone to feel free to use the HOH room and all his stuff. They do. Judd has had to go downstairs to sleep.


Elissa bitched at Judd and McCrae because she thought they were making fun of her religion. They weren’t, but it didn’t stop Elissa from playing the put-upon princess and whining to everyone about what a good person she is, especially compared to the heathens she’s forced to associate with in the house.


Last night, Elissa again tried to stir up shit in the house. She accused Kaitlin of being in an alliance with Howard and Spencer. She said Aryan was the one who told her that. She self-righteously told Kaitlin that maybe she should get Howard and Spencer in there so they could get the truth. Kaitlin did just that and Howard and Spencer said there is no alliance. There was much grilling from the house about where Elissa was supposedly getting her information. Elissa didn’t hold up well, choosing to say only that this isn’t about her.


Later, Candice went to Elissa to talk. Then she went back to some of the other hammies and said Elissa confirmed that Amanda was the one who told her about Kaitlin’s alliance. I don’t know if Elissa actually said that or if Candice, who hates Amanda, just wanted to blame her. Candice came to the incorrect conclusion that it must have been Spencer who blabbed to Amanda.


Elissa quacked to various people about how she had done nothing wrong and has every right to question Kaitlin. She’s such a good person, she’s in a house full of liars, she can’t trust anyone, quack, quack, quack…


The entire house was flabbergasted by Elissa’s totally incompetent attempts to cause trouble and everyone, even Helen, talked about getting rid of her soon. Andy, who I generally find creepy, what with his skulking about and appearing as if out of thin air whenever anyone talks game, said that Elissa was like a robot with a short-circuit in its wiring. Heh. He also said she’s a triple-threat – stupid, entitled, and mean. Awesome. I love Andy a little bit now.


When Amanda got wind of Candice’s statements about Amanda being the one to tell Elissa there was a Kaitlin/Howard/Spencer alliance, Andy and Jessie told her not to say anything to Candice about it. Elissa had made herself a target, so Amanda shouldn’t fuck that up. Amanda, of course, couldn’t keep quiet about it. She went off on Candice about it. Then she went off on Howard for not controlling Candice.


At about 8:20 a.m. HT on Wednesday, page 49, post 723, everyone is trying to sleep the crazy away.



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