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December 2

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Looks like no one signed up for this week's recap, so I'll step up.


The four remaining teams all depart from Amsterdam and are headed to Barcelona, Spain. Once there, the teams will take a night time ferry over to Mallorca. Team Shrieking Harpies start out 8 hours ahead of the Beekmans, due to last week's Fast Forward and the Beekman's lousy racing skills over the last 3 weeks. The Shrieking Harpies along with Trey/Lexi and The Chippendales, arrive at the boat launch to buy their tickets. After another annoying chorus of Kumbaya they learn that the ferry will be leaving at 11:00PM that evening. So, it's off to frolic on the beaches of Barcelona. They return to the ferry only to find that the Beekmans have finally, finally caught up.


We are officially bunched.


Once the ferry arrives, everyone is headed to Dalt Morada, whatever that means. Of course, there is more than one locale named Dalt Morada, so go ahead an guess who goes to the wrong place? If you guessed anyone other than the Beekmans, you haven't been paying attention. (Although Abbie and Ryan would have been a suitable guess).


So, that means that the Beekmans arrive last at the correct Dalt Morada, where the racers find a bunch of Natalie and Nadiya's relatives; a bunch of screaming fire dancers dressed up like they took a wrong turn on the way to a New Jersey Devil Hockey game. The racers eventually find the one dancer with the clue without any carnage, and are headed to this week's Roadblock.


In this Roadblock, the lucky team member will have to stand on one side of a tennis court, and have an automatic ball returner thingy (that's the best I can come with) shoot tennis balls towards them. That team member will have to return 20 balls across the net and in bounds before the machine runs out of balls (they never say how many balls they start out with).


Trey/Lexi and the Chippendales arrive first, because for the first time in this race, the teams are responsible for driving themselves to the Roadblock. Unfortunately, for Team Shrieking Harpies, the team member responsible for learning how to drive a stick shift, only took one lesson. So, they are left to grind their gears, allowing the Beekman's to actually arrive at the roadblock in third place.


Trey and whatever Ja(y)mes take the Roadblock, and finish rather quickly before the other teams arrive. Whichever Beekman and whatever twin kind of suck, but for different reasons. The Beekman in question turned his ankle during the last leg, and whatever twin sucks in general. After the obligatory Will they finish this task before Phil has to come out and eliminate them on the spot? edit, they finish up at the same time.


By now, the teams have been split up into two separate groups: Team Chippendale with Trey/Lexi and Team Shrieking Harpy with The Beekmans. They are headed to some caves, where they have to find a couple of guitar players among the echoing music. The teams quickly locate the musicians, and are headed to the Detour.


The racers can either don a bull suit and have one of the team members guide the other through 8 matadors' capes and run horn first into a target, thus launching a dummy into the air. Yeah, that's the best I can do. If you're confused, watch the damned show. The other option is to attach a couple of vanes onto a windmill. Trey and Lexi head to the bull ring. The other three teams will be repairing the windmill.


Trey does quite well navigating Lexi through the matadors, but they crash into the target. The dummy does not launch, and Lexi is left with her finger bloodied. Depending upon your view, she either overreacts, and goes into a crying jag, showing off her bloody finger, or there was real damage done. I'm in the first camp, but what do I know? Their second attempt goes a little bit better, with Lexi doing the navigating. The dummy launches into the air, and they are headed to the Pit Stop.


The Chippendales were headed to the same detour as Trey/Lexi, but took a wrong turn and ended up at the windmill detour. They finish up before the last two teams arrive at the Detour, and it's a two team race for first which Trey and Lexi win. I waited to see if Phil greeted them with his normal spiel about being one of the final three racing for the million. If so, that means that there was a 50/50 chance that team Shrieking Harpies would be eliminated.


Alas, he gives his normal greeting, congratulating Trey and Lexi on yet another win. We all know what that means.


The Beekmans finish up end up in third place. Team Shrieking Harpies end up last on the mat, but is saved with an unfortunate non elimination leg. They will live to shriek another day.

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