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November 25

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Previously on the Amazing Race, if you don’t know what went down, go back and read the recaps.


James and Jaymes are first to depart and are given a flag as the clue to the next destination. The boys borrow a computer, figuring out they need to go to Amsterdam. Jaymes shares that his dad (I think he said dad) is fighting cancer, and he wants to win to help with the medical bills. The boys just make me like them more and more every leg of this journey. Can they just win? Trey and Lexi, ask, and believe a cabbie who tells them they are heading to Paris, France. James/Jaymes set them straight. I no longer love them as much...how funny would it be if they flew to France?


Team twin think they’re heading to France too. How fun would it be if twinny ended up in France? Too bad a local sets them straight. Team twin call Abby and Ryan annoying, she’s clearly throwing stones while living in a glass house. The twins beg the ticket-master to get on a flight with a tight connection, and are given the early flight. Maybe karma will bite them in their butts and they’ll miss the connection?


Jaymes/James, Trey/Lexi, and Nadiya/Natalie meet up at the airport. Twinnies decree that the first team to the U-Turn mat will U-Turn Abby/Ryan. Then, the next team will U-Turn the team that did the U-Turning (voiding it for a sure Abby/Ryan elimination). I’m not sure who died and made the twins race-masters? But, I’d rather see the twins die and everyone race for themselves.


Abby and Ryan book their flight, booking two different connections in case they miss their connection...like they did a few legs ago. Smart thinking, let’s see if it pays off.


Teams start arriving in Amsterdam starting with the twins, and they head off to win the Fast Forward. Why? Why, can’t these girls get off my screen. Anyway, the girls board a bus-boat known as the Flying Dutchman and head to the water, maybe it will sink. While floating, they each have to eat 5 herring each. Maybe they’ll choke, are you sensing a trend here? Of course, I’m not going to get my wish and while they talk of the herring getting caught in their throat – they finish the task and win the FF. James/Jaymes arrive at the FF just as the girls finish the task.


Abby and Ryan miss their faster connection and get on their back-up plane. This should work right? Wrong, their back-up plane is broken. This team just can’t catch a break. Now, I know there is lots of dislike toward Ryan, but I’d rather see the twins have some bad luck...Amazing Race style...over Abby and Ryan.


Detour - Phil lets us know teams have a choice between Back in Time or Organ to Grind. In Back in Time teams have to replicate the famous (well, Phil tells me it's famous, I've never heard of it...but, then, I'm not a Rembrandt fan) painting, The Nightwatch, using live models. In Organ to Grind one member plays, and by play I mean cranks, a street organ. While the other collects money. The goal is to raise 30 Euros in tips.


James and Jaymes choose organ grinder. They raised about half the amount needed, then things slowed down. So, out come the Chippendale collars and they collected the rest of the money...mostly from men and one little old grandma. I like it when they wear their costumes. I’d like to say it’s because of the bow ties, but I think we all know it’s the lack of shirts that has me drooling.


Goat farmers and Abby/Ryan make another pact to run the race together. I wonder how this will work out for them on this leg? I’m going to go out on a limb and predict not as good as last time.


Chippendales land at the U-Turn first and while they feel awful, decide to follow the twin decree and U-Turn Abby/Ryan.


Trey and Lexi do the organ task.


Roadblock – a team member has to pole vault across a stream. We flashback to a previous season where gramps lands in the water over and over and over again. Good times, maybe this is foreshadowing of a team this season. Too bad it won’t be the twins. James flies over the stream, so he's not going to entertain me with a faceplant. They get to the mat second. Jaymes shares that the money, if he wins, is going to his family. Family means more to him than Abby/Ryan. FLOVE them right now.


Trey and Lexi land at the U-Turn mat and U-turn the boys, as per the plan. Abby and Ryan need a miracle.


The foursome of Abby/Ryan/Brent/Josh do the Rembrandt task. Then, discover the U-Turn. Goatfarmers contemplate hanging around and helping A/R. But, smarter heads, Brent, prevail and the goatfarmer jumps the stream and they head to Phil. Actually, Josh faceplants as he runs to the pole, which wasn’t as funny as it should have been. I know I’d laugh it was one of the twins who faceplanted.


Abby and Ryan have to crank the organ as per the U-Turn. Abby dances with a local who gives her the rest of the money needed to finish the task. Abby breaks down, after the last few legs of the race, I’m not surprised and poor Pam, the local, has to hug a crying Abby. Looks like she's a bit stressed byall their bad luck these last few legs.


Josh and Brent hit the mat, with sad long faces, and Phil asks if they’d like to be eliminated over Abby and Ryan. They believe the person meant to win the race, will win the race. If you haven't figured it out, I want Jaymes and James to be the ones meant to win.


Ryan hits the water a few times, again not as funny as it should have been, and are Phileliminated. He's obviously PO'ed about the turn of events. Ryan lets us know that the Chippendales cost them $2 000 000. I’ll agree that they contributed to Ryan/Abby loosing the leg...but not the whole game. I can now see why people dislike him so much. Turd. What is this trend of people on these reality shows thinking that their competitors will just roll over and let them win?

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