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October 21

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Here we go. Grab your drink of preference, I’m going with wine tonight, and let’s do this thing. Phil gives us the previouslies; but, since I know you all read the recaps here, I won’t bore you with them again. As we head to commercial, I will admit that I haven’t been following TAR religiously this year – life just got in the way. I will do my best to get names right, but am not willing to make any guarantees. I have read the recaps so I know transportation issues have been an problem this season, and berating the non-English speaking locals a way of the race.


We start in Indonesia, where Abby and Ryan depart first at 9pm. They rip open their clue and Phil lets us know we are heading to Dhaka, Bangladesh. Trey and Lexi leave next giving each other a pep talk as they speed off in their cab. Soon both teams end up at a travel agency to find the soonest flight leaves in the morning. Ahhh the great travel equalizer.


The substitute teachers wonder who U-Turned them. They think Rob and Kelly, and they are right. Rob is going to play innocent and stay ahead so the favour cannot be returned...let’s see if that will work out for them.


All teams run out of the airport and scramble for taxis. Rob/Kelly decide to go to the taxi station and quickly get in one. The other teams struggle to find one in the street. Abbie and Ryan compare Bangladesh to being an aggressive third world as do the twins. Chipendales call it a symphony, and take in the sounds of Bangladesh.


Love it, Trey and Lexi’s cab need to get gas. Yet, another equalizer and we get to continue with the recurring theme of the season. It’s like the producers of TAR gave out instructions to the cabbies in the various cities around the world – mess up the racers.


Roadblock – head to an auto shop where teams need to use body putty to repair and paint a bus. Added to that they need to remove three pairs of seats and deliver them to the refurbishing area. Ryan and one of the twins choose to do the task. The Chippendales soon arrive and one of the James takes on the task. I know, I know I should know who these people are, but I don’t. I’m just going to continue to drink my wine, and ignore those of you rolling your eyes at this recap and not worry about it. One of the twins quips that they are the only brownies and they need to win. I think it’s Nat doing the challenge. Good to see the sisters are still nagging at each other, because that’s not annoying. Rob quickly joins in the putty-the-bus fun.


James and Abba consider taking the Fast Forward. Phil lets us know that that in the FF teams have to be rat catching assistants. James and Abba decide this is a task for them. Was it a rat that Ozzie bit the head off of? Is it a rock thing?


Natalie continues to screech that Nat is the only girl at the task. Josh also starts at the bus, followed by Gary and then Trey.


Ryan finishes first but his clue is a sweaty mess. So, he helps James with his task and in return Ryan gets to read James’ clue. Nad bitches that the task is meant for men, and they are an all-girl group so what are they going to do? Then she pimps her sister out to the judge. OGG these two are great. James has to start again, his putty job sucks so bad. Nat moves on to sanding...maybe Nad made a pimp deal with the judge so she got a thumbs up (or something else up) on her puttying job?


Gary also has to start over. I’m guessing that the putty dries quickly and not at all smooth. Trey also needs to start again, he thinks he got too much putty on his bus.


James and Abba talk of the rats in the music business, so they are in their glory and they continue to wander the streets picking up dead rats.


WOW is the sanding every dusty. “Come on Twiny,! Long, Strong, and Hard!” I think I’d have to kill her if she was my sister. OGG is she annoying! Ryan finishes the task first. They are heading to a street bazaar, where they have to search for a vendor, search through a bag of dried fish for an orange fish. Rob soon finishes, followed by “Let’s Go Twinnie!”


James and Abba deliver a bag of rats to the rat collector (?) and then one of them manages to step in a bunch of raw sewage. A local waters him down, so I’m sure he’s good to go now. He is a little concerned about contracting Hepatitis. My guess is if you’re going on TAR you’ve been vaccinated; but, what do I know? I’ll admit the wine could be clouding my judgement of such issues.


Josh and Brent followed James and Jaymes head to the market. Abbey and Ryan fish for their clue and find one first which leads us to a detour. Pound the Metal or Pound the Cotton. Who names these things? In Pound the Metal, as one would expect you use sledge hammers to alternately pound a piece of metal into a spike. This could be great, think of the injuries Skupin could have in this comp. In Pound the Cotton, teams must make a mattress. OK, I have to admit that when I first heard this one, I kept hearing Pound the Cod (as in fish), and then wondered what part of the cod would they use in the mattress? Would it smell? And finally, why would anyone want a cod mattress? WOW! Thank OGG for the screen caption. I had to go back and delete the Pound the Cod task, but had to tell you the story because where else but at HamsterTime can a person admit to being naive enough to believe there is such a thing as a cod mattress? Anyway, putting the wine glass down because I’ve clearly had enough, teams use bamboo rods to beat the cotton, stuff the mattress and then sew it up. It actually looks like a neat folding technique, not one that I am going to try mind you...but, nifty nevertheless.


Abbie and Ryan choose the mattress, as she spent a year in sewing school. The twins find the fish bags in the market and soon find they coloured gem. After wandering a bit, Rob and Kelley also find their fish and clue. Twinnies chose pound the metal and immediately one hits the other – unfortunately not very hard, but hard enough for one twin to bitch at the other one to be careful. Rob and Kelly are also pounding the metal.


James and Abba give us the “seeing the children in the country is wonderful” shtick, get the FF and are heading toward the finish. Sewage foot doctors himself with some hand sanitizer. See, told ya, he’d be good to go.


Trey and Lexi leave the busses, followed by Gary and Will who have named themselves “The Come Back Kids.” Trey and Lexi have cab issues, seems to be a recurring theme this season and fall into last spot.


James and Abba come in first and get a trip for two to Antigua, which looks beautiful. Phil promises they’ll have a wonderful time. I’d like to have a wonderful time in Antigua with Phil – the wine is talking again.


Abbie and Ryan have left too much stuffing out of their mattress and have to go back and fix it. Twinsies finish their task followed closely by Kelly and Rob and both teams are heading for the pit stop.


Jaymes and James are next to search for their fish and Josh and Brent speed in and find theirs first. Finally James² find their fish and head on. Abbie and Ryan finish their not-cod, but cotton mattress and head off in search of Phil. Josh and Brent choose mattress as does James².


Trey and Lexi find their fish-clue and choose Pound the Metal. Gary and Will head to the mattresses.


After a foot race, Abbie and Ryan are team #2, Twinsies are team #3. Not far behind, although with editing it could be hours, Rob and Kelly arrive team #4 are sent back as they got off at the wrong dock. They, of course blame the boat driver, another recurring theme this year. Trey and Lexi have similar difficulty but are helped out by Josh and Brent. Josh who sewed his own costumes as the drag queen “Aquadesiac” and Brent arrive as the real team #4. Kelly continues to yell at the boat driver that he cost them a million dollars. I'm sure the boat driver, who makes less than $50/day cares that he cost you a million dollars buddy, way to stay classy. They are now team #5. James and Jaymes are team #6, making Trey and Lexi help out Gary and Will, and arrive as team #7. Gary and Will give their “we love the race” speech, so we know they’re coming in last and heading home.


edited multiple times for grammar, if I missed an error...cheers, I'm heading back to my glass of wine.

Edited by chrysana

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