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Line of the Day Winners!

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And now for the winners of Fisty's Line of the Day contest:


*squeaking hammock in place of drumroll*


Our second runner up, whose hilarious post lead to a number of Frankenboogie banners is from melonfish


... every time i hear "Frank and Boogie" I picture an abominable monster half Frank and half Boogie storming through the streets squashing high-rises.



The first runner up who will be ready to perform the duties of the winner, (should the winner appear in compromising pictures on the internet with Booger) is perennial bridesmaid, ff174:


What if the fish start singing? Whatcha' gonna' do then, Mo Fo?


And the winner! From grapey


See Dan. See Dan play the game. See Dan lie. Lie, Dan, lie.


Congratulations to everyone who got a line in this season and thanks to everyone who voted! Winners, you'll be getting messages via HT shortly about your fabulous prizes. Thank you for being hilarious once again!

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