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Fisty's Season Ending Message

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Aw, HamsterTimers, the Summer of Big Brother 14 is drawing to a close. It always makes Fisty a little wistful to know it will be a good nine months before we get to do it all over again and he wishes we could have BB year round.


Then he snaps back to sanity.


So let us wind up the season with the usual expression of gratitude. First, Fisty would like to thank everyone who pops into HT to read the recaps and analysis. You had to register this year to read the recap forum, but at least that seems to have solved the crashing server issue. And thank you to everyone who has posted here at HT. Your insights, jokes and warped minds have kept Fisty laughing all summer. Thank you for being well-behaved (mostly) and understanding of the cardinal rule of HT: Bash the hamsters, not each other. Even though Fisty had to ban one person this year, he is grateful that it is a rare occurrence.


Next, Fisty has to thank his moderators, who work very hard to keep the site clean and running smoothly. Fisty appreciates all that you do every day with no other reward than a hearty thank you and some doughnuts.


Thank you to the stalwart recappers, including ff174, Avorlon, BewareBabe, Pushplay, IcemanNYR and the seemingly tireless angelmi. Everyone who recapped this season did a stellar job in their efforts to make a silk purse out of the sow's ear that was BB14, and Fisty has enjoyed your accurate and yet funny recaps.


Also, thank you to those who donated funds to keep HamsterTime ad free. Fisty has extra love for you.


So thank you everyone for making the summer of BB14 another success. Stick around for the recaps and discussion of Survivor and The Amazing Race, and other new and returning shows which can be found in the Entertainment forum. And be sure to check out Fisty's well-stocked new store with many fun items and a variety of Christmas things, including Fisty Christmas stamps!


Please feel free to post your own response in the Love Your Hamster Watchers thread!

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