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May 14

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For the first time in Survivor history, the Final Five are all women. When you consider how fragmented and disorganized they were at the start of the season, that's a pretty astonishing development. Still not sure whether it says more about how well they played or how poorly the men did.


Aaaaaaaaaaanyway.....we start with the usual recap of the entire year....blah blah blah One Island blah blah blah Chickens blah blah blah Colton and Bill blah blah blah Colton Gets Sick blah blah blah Merge blah blah blah Women's Unbreakable Bond blah blah blah Final Five.


There...just saved you 15 minutes of watching what we all watched all season anyway.


To my amazement, they finally did the Full Mouseketeer Roll Call during the opening credits--not just the 5 and the jury, but the entire 18-player roster.


(BTW--Survivors Guatemala and Panama are now available on DVD--do people really buy those sets?)


OK...Day 37: Kim tells Sabrina that Chelsea is her biggest threat to winning, and they may have to take her out. Sabrina is agreeable but skeptical that it would ever happen.


The Immunity Challenge is one of those "little bit of everything" deals: First they have to untie rope knots to get out of a corral, then walk a long balance beam maze, jump on a giant rope net and collect the 5 puzzle piece bags in their color, then put the jigsaw puzzle together--it provides clues to a 3 digit number; once they have the numbers they have to climb a tower, enter the numbers into a combination lock, which launches their flag. First flag up wins.


Alicia and Chelsea are first to finish the maze....Alicia starts untying any puzzle bags she sees, without stopping to notice if they were her color. This delay gives Chelsea time to take the lead and she's first off the rope net. As all the women work on their puzzles, Jeff observes that Sabrina is way behind the others, to which she replies "You're killing me Jeff..." Kim flies through the puzzle, gets the #'s, and runs up the tower--but her #'s aren't working. She tries numerous permutations, then decides she has it wrong and runs back to check the clues again. Alicia is second up the tower, but her #'s aren't working either. This lets Chelsea get back into it, and at the end Chelsea and Kim are working at the lock...and Kim wins her 3rd immunity challenge.


As we head to tribal council, the vote is clear: Alicia and Christina will vote Chelsea, Chelsea and Sabrina will vote Alicia....leaving the decision to Kim. (BTW Kat is still VERY pissed in the jury--can't WAIT for Final Tribal). This is the last chance to play the Hidden Immunity Idol, but Kim chooses to keep it. The deciding vote is revealed--and it's Alicia, who mutters "Oh wow." She later laments getting Tarzan voted off, since he was part of her Power Group.


Day 38: We start with the traditional walk through the torches of the vanquished, winding up at the Final Immunity Challenge: They had to put wooden bowls on one of those "gran the item off the high shelf" thingies, maneuver it through a maze, and stack it on a small platform. To make it more fund, the entire maze/platform apparatus is on a spring, making it swoon and sway at the slightest touch--or breeze. Kim takes the early lead, but Christina--who seems to know that immunity is her only hope--is right on her neck. They each have 8 stacked but Christina's stack seems very close to falling...so she slows way down as she starts bowl # 9, allowing Kim to take a lead--a lead she never relinquishes. Kim wins her 4th individual immunity, which apparently puts her in the company of such legends as Kelly from Season 1.


Back at camp, Christina approaches Kim and basically says "let's cut to the chase--I'm gone, right?" Kim replies that she is, but privately seems to be having second thoughts.


At Tribal Council, Christina tells Jeff that she knows her number is up--Jeff is astonished (as is half the jury) that she seems to have accepted her fate so placidly, without trying to stir anything up to save herself. The vote goes as expected, with Christina voting for Sabrina, and everyone else voting for her.


So we have our Final Three: Kim, Chelsea and Sabrina.


Day 39--as usual the women are treated to a luxurious breakfast, with fruit, champagne, juice and lots of other neat stuff. They then head to Final Tribal Council. We start with opening statements:


Chelsea: I've worked with Kim from Day 1, we made all our game-changing decisions as a team...but after the merge I realized I had to become more of a dispassionate hard-ass, so I may not have the emotional attachments with a lot of the jury.


Kim: I love the game, it's a lot like poker, and I'm very proud of all the strategic decisions I made to get me to this point. (Somewhat surprised she didn't point out all her immunity wins).


Sabrina: You need to have balance between your head and your heart...was laid off from her job teaching "in the toughest part of NYC" two weeks before Survivor started, feels blessed to be here.


We go to commercial (and I sneak a peek at NBC to see who Trump picked for the Final 2), and we're back for the Q&A:


Jonas: Sabrina, you totally sucked at challenges. Chelsea--what was the biggest move that you initiated? She said getting rid of Kat. Kim--why did you take Sabrina and not Christina? Kim gave a very reasoned answer that since she and Sabrina were so closely aligned from Day 1, there was less chance of a Jury Backlash vote going to Sabrina than Christina.


Christina: Kim, if you had kept me, who would have gone? Kim: probably Chelsea. Chelsea, why do you hate people? Chelsea: I don't...but I had to play with my head, not my heart.


Jay: Sabrina, why are you always so low-key? Sabrina: didn't want to come off as overhearing.


Mike: First he asks Kim to define a blindside, which she does, then asks her why he was voted off when he was. Kim's reply was she knew he was the only man Troy would agree to vote off, since "he never trusted you."


Tarzan makes a passionate speech thanking the girls for keeping him in the game long enough to spend time with his wife...it was really quite moving; you should try to find it online if you didn't see it. He says he has no questions, but Chelsea tells him that his love for his wife has changed the way she views marriage, and now she won't settle for anything less than what they have.


Leif: Why was I voted out? Kim: I could never really trust you...some of your votes were a little hinky. Sabrina says she should have tried to fight to keep him, but "I punked out."


Alicia: If I was there, I'd win. No questions for any of the trio.


Troy: Kim, when did you decide I had to go? Kim: when Jonas was voted off. Troy doesn't seem to like or accept this answer, but it's the only one he's getting, so he sits.


Kat: She starts by telling the trio how much they hurt her...then completely shifts gears. Talks about the two heart surgeries she had as an infant, and the third one she's facing "if I want to have children." She turns to the jury and says life is too short; vote for the person who played the best game....don't let anger influence your decision.


And with that, the Q&A is over.


Time for the vote...we see that Kat voted for Kim, and Troy Sabrina. The rest are kept secret for now, and Jeff heads off to civilization...well OK, it's New York, but that will have to pass for Civilization.


The votes are revealed: First the two we already saw, then one for Kim, and one for Sabrina. We're tied at 2. Next vote: Kim, followed by another. Kim needs one more to win. Jeff takes out the next ballot, and says "the winner of Survivor One Island" and revealed Kim's 5th and deciding vote. All told, she got 7 of the 9 votes.


After the break, I turn things over to MrsGryn for the Reunion Show.


See you in the fall....

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