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September 14

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Just, wow.


I have been scheduled to recap the finale since the premiere. In the meantime, I've recapped roughly half of the broadcast episodes, without threat from weather or football. Tonight, during Porsche's speech, my local CBS affiliate's power went out and I didn't get to see the jury vote or the end of the show. The anchor said the show's conclusion would air at a later time, which means my recap will, as well.


If you want to know the outcome, check the banner. If you need me in the interim, I'll be in the HT supply closet with chocolate donut glaze on my face, hugging my knees and crying, "whyyyyy, OGG, whyyyyy???"



edited to add: Seriously, dudes, I don't know what to say. The finale was apparently rebroadcasted by my local affiliate, but I missed it, because of it being my birthday week and all.


So, although I'm relieved I have an excuse not to recap Rachel's win, (gag), I am saddened my tradition of recapping the finale was ruined by something other than FUG. If you want to read a recap, Google it. If you want TO recap it, please PM me.


*waves to jerrye*



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