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Survivor Recap - April 27

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Guest tismissella   
Guest tismissella

Dear OGG,


First, HOW did I possibly miss a birthday shoutout from the inimitable Cyclerob? Dagnabbit! Second, I'd like to ask you that we NOT have a repeat of my last re-crap - no more scary armits a-la-Russel! Lastly, I'd like to beg that the upcoming season of BB not suck. Please and thank you,




We open tonight's fun-filled evening with Steve congratulating the former Ometepe tribe or blindsiding and voting out Julie. I got to hand it to her though - I cheered her on when she buried Phil's crusty shorts. Steve pledges to make the next few days easy, trying to soften their team. Rob realizes Phil's usefulness. His being batshitcrazy really does help anyone who going to finals.


Steve and Ralph commiserate being the final Zapetera members. They wonder where Phil is. Survivor conveniently pans over to him. He's still steaming about his shorts. He tells us about a vision he had, where his grandfather told him where his buried shorts were. Phil, and somehow I sneekily think he was assisted on this... finds his lost shorts. He returns to camp, feathers ruffled, and touts his abilities... and his craziness. He can't wait to show up to redemption island with his newly-found short on.


On R.I.(not to be confused with Rhode Island) we see Julie, Matt, and Mike. Julie says she's had the best night sleep there since she started the game. Matt is seeming to be beaten down. Mike and Julie agree that his double blind-side has taken a toll on him. Matt feels like he is wasting away. He says there's a reason that OGG wants him there, on R.I. He says OGG has been carrying him, and he's so over the game.


At Competitor duel, Phil proudly shows off his shorts. Congratulations, you're a semi-full dressed man again! Jeff again his Matt with "you've been here 21 days" - asking him if he's ready to go home. At the duel, we have Survivor shuffle-board. The first to two to land their three pucks in the endzone are still in the game. Mike lands his first in the endzone. Julie and Matt both miss their first. In round 2, Mike again gets in the endzone, as does Julie. Matt doesn't score. Jeff reminds him that he needs to win to stay in teh game. That must have motivated him, because on his next turn, Matt scores in the endzone. Mike and Julie miss. We go to Round 4. Matt scores again. Mike misses, as does Julie. Round 5 - Matt scores again and stays in the game. Mike misses, and Julie scores - but she knocks one of her pucks out (and loses that point). Mike scores again, and stays in the game - so long Julie! She leaves with a smile on her face. Jeff congrats Matt on staying, and they make a few jokes about Jesus fasting for 40 days and Matt has been there for 29. Jeff turns to Julie and asks her why she came on the show. In a somber moment, she admits that her house is in foreclosure and she wanted to provide for her kids. She's optimistic though, recognizing that there is hope beyond Survivor. In an aside, Andrea says she would be excited to Matt back in the game, but is certain that Matt would want nothing to do with her.


Back at camp, Andrea feels "Weird" and she feels like she played him (and really, she did). In reality, they all did. Rob and Grant plan ahead and think she should be the first to go when they start cutting their own. Andrea is strong in challenges and she is nice - both a threat.


At today's challenge, it's a good old-fashioned log roll! Last person standing wins. Jeff also says there's a twist, to be played later. Our first match is Grant vs. Rob. Grant easily beats Rob. Ashley is next vs. Ashley. The ladies battle, and Ashley wins. Ralph vs Steve next. Steve loses and Ralph moves on. Natalie takes on Phillip. Natalie loses. In the next round, Grant and Ashley - Ashley loses. Ralph vs Phillip - Ralph moves on. Final round - Grant and Ralph - Ralph seems to be winning, but loses his balance. Grant wins immunity - and Chocolate cake! He gets to pick one person to share with. Since he's so up Rahb's butt, Rob gets picked - and in an odd twist, he also picks Andrea. Jeff hands the twist package to Steve and says bring it to Tribal. As for the chocolate cake, they have only two minutes to eat what they can. They grab at it like starving marvins. Wow. Big, dirty, and chocolaty mess.


When the survivors return from camp, they speculate what's inside the package. Steve says it feels like cards and the suspicions as to what that means abounds. They think it means the cards will be another vote to get someone out. Ralph and Steve know they are on the chopping block - they can only hope those cards will work in their favor. Steve again says he's feeling weak and he's tired. Bahston Rahb recognizes this - and says Ralph should be the first to go because he still completes strongly. B.R. says if there is a second vote, it may be an opportunity to get rid of Andrea also (because she's so close to Matt and others).


In a last-ditch effort, Steve tries to get the girls to vote for Rob. They later tell B.R. about Steve's offer. This riles up Bahston Rahb because Steve's trying to play the game. Damn him for playing the game!


At Tribal, the final survivors discuss the one team vs. another mentality. Steve admits that they are trying to stir it up - but the alliances seem unbreakable. Both Steve and Ralph think Ralph will be first to go - he is stronger in competitions. Steve once again tries to convince the girls to vote off Rob, citing his betrayal in Survivor Fan VS Faves. Rob makes a point though - he was true to Amber (and still is today).


The votes are cast and sadly we lose our human man sweater, Ralph. He's happy to go to Redemption Island. After the vote, Jeff asks Steve to pull out the "twist" cards. They will have to play a memory game. Winner will win immunity, and there will be another vote right then and there.


It's a memory game. Jeff shows a series of symbols - a canteen, a fire, a pot, etc. The survivors get the first few right, but we start to lose players slowly. In the final round, Steve and Ashley loses to Rob (who wins immunity again). The vote happens immediately after. Steve (shock) is voted out and only Ometepe members are remaining. Steve takes it in good humor and goes off to R.I. to join Ralph, Matt, and Mike. C'est la vie.


On next's week's preview - let the bickering begin! (And they promise a massive challenge). Someone's got to get voted off!

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