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Found 44 results

  1. While Fisty and Snarkhilda are away on their honeymoon, my bestie has left me in charge of HT (but he's made me promise I won't change the name to HippoTime again. But my name isn't DeHappy-Hippo for nothing. Let's find some good things to say about BB16! For one thing, this season is almost over! Give your best Good News (in 100 characters or less) about BB16, and I'll sneak onto Fisty's Twitter and tweet the best before the live episode Wednesday!
  2. After we visit some other reality shows, Fisty and I are settling down for a relaxing couple of days on a private island. But not everything is going according to plan. Here's how it works: One poster gives a detail saying "Unfortunately" something happened that might derail the vacation; the next poster gives a "Fortunately" reason that keeps the trip going; the next poster then gives another "Unfortunately," and so forth. Fortunately, when we arrived, the sun was shining and the water was clear.
  3. While we're traveling for our honeymoon, Fisty thought we should broaden our horizons a bit and visit some other reality shows. We *are* famewhore-watchers, after all. Name a reality show and what we saw or did while we were visiting.
  4. How did Fisty and I plan for our honeymoon? Take a look at the browser history on our computers and you tell us! Just don't click anything in the folder titled "furries." Trust me.
  5. Fisty and Snarkhilda are being generous at their wedding reception. There's an open bar, dessert buffet and a personal chef making main-dishes to order. Pick two numbers, each between 1 and 10. Expand the lists below and use the first number for List 1 and the second number for List 2. Tell us the name of the dish you are ordering and what it consists of. List 1 List 2
  6. The day is finally here! I know that Fisty and Snarkhilda are excited to share their wedding with you. Please sign their guestbook and share your best wishes for the happiest grouchy couple I know!
  7. I love my Snildy-pants, and our big day has been magical. Help tell the story of our Wedding Reception. The theme for our party is "The Diamond Power of Love." You give five words, then the next poster continues the story with five more words (do try to include a period to end a sentence now and then). Here we go: The beach party begins when
  8. Line up, ladies and gents! I'm about to toss my bouquet. But I know you are a clever bunch and don't buy into that whole "only single ladies can catch it because it has some supernatural premonitory power of determining who the next one to get married is" thing. You want to grab it for an entirely different reason. In this game, posters "throw" an object to the next poster, staring with the bouquet. That poster "uses" the new object in some way, turns it into something else and then throws that to the next poster. For example: Poster 1: Opens bucket of slop, bakes slop cookies, throws burnt cookie to... Poster 2: Puts hard cookie in sock, ties off end, throws makeshift weapon to... Poster 3: Chases Frankie around the house, beats FtFFW senseless, throws the body to... And so on. So here we go! Turns back on crowd, gives flowers one last sniff, throws bouquet to...
  9. All summer, you've been helping Snarkhilda plan our wedding. Some of you even accepted our invitation to sit in the audience today! Thank you for all your support, you've made us just a touch less grouchy. Just a touch. For today only. Don't let it go to your head. It's time for you to watch The #Fisthilda Wedding! Don't forget to sign the guestbook! Talking about the wedding on social media? Use the hashtag #Fisthilda
  10. Time to rehearse for the big day! The gang's all here from and his parents, Hampton and Sarcasta Von Grouch, to @Harvey and @Sassylass, to Wilbie Wrightback and Monty the Mountie Moose. Fistbot is wandering around zinging people, BanBan's three little penguin kids are waddling underfoot, Llmar is speaking Llama at anyone that will listen, Ollie the Owl keeps screeching "whooooooooo said it!?", and there's a damn giraffe in the corner whom I'm pretty sure wasn't on the invite list. It's chaos, and so is this game! Help tell the story of the #Fisthilda wedding rehearsal and dinner. The poster above you will have set out a rule that you must follow. You give a couple lines of the story while following that rule, then you give a rule of your own that the next poster must follow. (You only have to follow the rule given by the last poster.) Maybe you say they can't use the letter "E," maybe their entry needs to be a haiku, maybe it has to be written in noir-style, maybe it has to be exactly nine words long -- it's up to you, just don't make it so difficult that it's nearly impossible to continue the story. The next poster must type their post using ONLY their non-dominant hand -- and NO fixing typos!
  11. Just like the screencap thread. You'll get a photo from the wedding, and you can write a caption for it.
  12. From Fisty and me, something to remember our big day by! Download a .zip file here.
  13. Fisty and Snarkhilda will be getting hitched at the end of the summer, and you can be a part of the big day! Snilda's going to need all the help she can get as she plans the wedding to her little mister grouchypants. During the BB season, HT members will vote in polls to pick details for the nuptials such as the venue, the colors, flowers, elements of Snarkhilda's dress, etc. There's plenty of action leading up to the event. Game threads will let you join Fisty and Snilda's friends as they participate in events such as the engagement party, bachelor/bachelorette weekends, the rehearsal dinner and more. You'll even get the chance to be at the wedding itself -- stay tuned for more details. Be sure to follow Fisty and the gang on Twitter as they prepare, too. Look for the tag "Wedding" on threads around HT for ways to get involved, and we'll see you on the big day, September 6!
  14. You never think one of those "Hangover" movies will happen to you ... until you go on Fisty's Bachelor Weekend. We've woken up in a strange motel room and have no idea what we did last night! There are all sorts of things strewn around the room. Help us piece together the events of last night. The poster above you will have given the name of one of the dozens of random objects in the room. You explain where we got it and what we did with it, then you list another object that you found in the room. The next poster explains that object and lists his or her own. And so forth. Hopefully you find some painkillers in there! Here's what I found: One of those chicken suits Judd and Spencer had to wear during BB15
  15. Some of the members of our party got up to some questionable activities on this trip *cough*BanBan*cough* and there is a camera full of photos to prove it. All of us want to get our hands on that camera! In this game, you say how you steal the camera from the previous poster and you hide it somewhere creative. The next poster steals it and hides it, and so forth. For example: Poster 1 sneaks into the hotel suite "Mission: Impossible"-style and steals the camera. He stuffs it down the front of a pair of those puffy-diaper-pants that Frankie wears. Poster 2 hires a lady of the evening to keep Poster 1 occupied and pantsless while stealing the camera. She then hides it in the trunk of her car next to the rope and shovel she brought along for later -- just in case. Your turn -- how do you steal it from the trunk?
  16. Strip clubs aren't on my usual round -- especially ones featuring women, if you catch my drift. But I'm a good Best Man and want to show Fisty a good time. Help me choose a strip club for the gang to visit this weekend! Pick two numbers, each between 1 and 10. Expand the lists below and use the first number for List 1 and the second number for List 2. Give us the name of the Strip Club you chose and tell us what kind of specialties they offer that we can look forward to on our visit.
  17. Bachelor parties are full of good ideas and more than a few bad ones. Tell the story of Fisty's Bachelor Weekend by giving good and bad ideas. One poster gives a good idea, then the next poster gives a bad idea that corrupts it. That poster then gives a good idea, which the next poster will corrupt before offering his or her good idea, etc. I'll give the first few rounds as an example, then you take it away! Good idea: Inviting Wilbie WrightBack the turtle along on Fisty's Bachelor Weekend. Bad idea: Using Wilbie as a neck pillow on the plane ride. Good idea: Making reservations at the best steakhouse in town. Bad idea: Inviting your vegetarian friend Monty the Mountie Moose. Good idea: Ordering Monty extra Scotch to make him forget that he's vegetarian.
  18. One thing you might not know about my beastie bestie is that the furry little dude loves to grab the mic and belt out a few tunes after you get a few (dozen) drinks in him. If that makes him a Frankie, he doesn't care! While we're at the Karaoke Bar on Fisty's Bachelor Weekend, he is so sauced that he can't remember all the words, so he's just throwing "hamster" in all over the place. It's great! In this game, you replace a word in the title of a popular song with "hamster." If you want to give a few lines of the lyrics, too, that's OK. Have fun!
  19. After our relaxing (or not so relaxing, as it turns out) day at the spa, I'm taking Snilda and the crew to see some hot creature action at "Wood from the Woods" -- a male revue like Chippendales, only ... well ... furrier. Take turns telling the story of our night. You give five words, then the next poster continues the story with five more words (do try to include a period to end a sentence now and then). I'll start us off: At "Wood from the Woods,"
  20. My Little Grumpypants is such an eloquent little guy when he wants to be, so I'm a bit nervous writing my vows. I've got most of it figured out, but we're less than two weeks away from the big day! You've helped me plan so much already, and I need your help one last time to put the finishing touches on the lines above (and ONLY the lines above, thank you!): Choose what you think best fits in the vows listed in the poll. Voting closes Thursday!
  21. Pick two numbers, each between 1 and 10. Expand the lists below and use the first number for List 1 and the second number for List 2. Tell us what drink you're buying the blushing bride and what it contains. List 1 List 2
  22. Grab a drink and get to know your fellow Bachelorette Weekend companions! The poster above you has offered a "Never Have I Ever" scenario. You answer the question with a true or false (elaborate if you like). Then you pose your own "Never Have I Ever" scenario. Here we go, livin' it up! Never have I ever been nekkid in public.
  23. I'm taking Snilda and the girls for a day at the Furry Retreat Salon & Spa. Help tell the story of what happens! Here's how it works: One poster gives a detail saying "Unfortunately" something happened that might derail the day; the next poster gives a "Fortunately" reason that keeps the trip going; the next poster then gives another "Unfortunately," and so forth. I'll start! Fortunately, I remembered to make reservations at the Furry Retreat Salon & Spa.
  24. Let's give Snarkhilda a list of things she must find and/or do during her wild Bachelorette Weekend. The poster above you will post a task for Snilda, and you post a way she answers the challenge -- by corrupting the wish. For example, Poster 1 asks Snarkhilda to get a guy's phone number. Poster 2 tells us that Snarkhilda lifted his phone while he wasn't looking and stole not just his phone number, but his credit card number. Drinks are on him, folks! So, first challenge... Snarkhilda, convince that biker dude at the bar to buy you a cocktail
  25. Don't let the scowls fool you, Her Grouchyship Snarkhilda Recapulet and I are totally excited for the #Fisthilda wedding. We can't wait to share the big day with you. You've all been so supportive of us. If you hadn't convinced her to give me a second chance, we wouldn't be here today! That's why we're inviting all of you to attend the big event. Send us a photo of yourself, and you will be sitting in the crowd come Sept. 6. Email photos to fistyhamstertime@gmail.com. Photos MUST have a clear shot of your face, which is the only part that will be used. Photos should be in .JPEG or .PNG format and be at least 500-by-500 pixels (or your face will be super blurry, and who wants that?). Please include your screenname in the body of your email, just so we can keep track of who everyone is. We won't publish the names with the faces, for privacy reasons. If there is more than one person in the photo with you, make sure to tell us which one you are! Photos MUST be received no later than Aug. 17.
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