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Name of BB host?

Found 4 results

  1. While Fisty and Snarkhilda are away on their honeymoon, my bestie has left me in charge of HT (but he's made me promise I won't change the name to HippoTime again. But my name isn't DeHappy-Hippo for nothing. Let's find some good things to say about BB16! For one thing, this season is almost over! Give your best Good News (in 100 characters or less) about BB16, and I'll sneak onto Fisty's Twitter and tweet the best before the live episode Wednesday!
  2. After we visit some other reality shows, Fisty and I are settling down for a relaxing couple of days on a private island. But not everything is going according to plan. Here's how it works: One poster gives a detail saying "Unfortunately" something happened that might derail the vacation; the next poster gives a "Fortunately" reason that keeps the trip going; the next poster then gives another "Unfortunately," and so forth. Fortunately, when we arrived, the sun was shining and the water was clear.
  3. While we're traveling for our honeymoon, Fisty thought we should broaden our horizons a bit and visit some other reality shows. We *are* famewhore-watchers, after all. Name a reality show and what we saw or did while we were visiting.
  4. How did Fisty and I plan for our honeymoon? Take a look at the browser history on our computers and you tell us! Just don't click anything in the folder titled "furries." Trust me.
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