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Name of BB host?

Found 9 results

  1. My Little Grumpypants is such an eloquent little guy when he wants to be, so I'm a bit nervous writing my vows. I've got most of it figured out, but we're less than two weeks away from the big day! You've helped me plan so much already, and I need your help one last time to put the finishing touches on the lines above (and ONLY the lines above, thank you!): Choose what you think best fits in the vows listed in the poll. Voting closes Thursday!
  2. So here's the deal: I've been trying cake for months. I love cake; always have! Every time I see a cake shop, I stop and ask for samples. @Harvey is probably going to have to let my dress out! Trying all this cake has left me with a big dilemma -- I love them all! Help me choose which flavors my Grumpypants and I should serve at the wedding. Voting closes Wednesday!
  3. The problem with having so many good friends is that they all volunteer to go online and be ordained so they can perform your wedding. And now my Favoritest Fistnelius and I have to choose which one should do the honors. We've narrowed it down to three. You tell us which it should be! Voting closes Wednesday.
  4. You know I was rocking a bow long before Jocasta tried to steal my thunder by making them "a thing," but I'm a little torn on what to do for the #Fisthilda wedding. Help me choose what kind of headwear to glam myself up with for the big day! Voting closes Wednesday!
  5. Forget roses! The ol' grumpster-and-chain is allergic to them, and I need him functioning at 100% for our big day. But what flowers should take center stage in the floral arrangements and bouquets at our wedding? Voting ends Monday!
  6. You recently helped me choose Orchid as the jumping-off hue for my wedding color palette. Now it's time to decide what the colors will be. Here are four palettes I'm having a hard time choosing between. Which one should it be? Voting closes Wednesday night!
  7. The wedding is now less than two months away! Aside from being my Grouchypoo's best buddy, @Harvey is also a dang good dressmaker (remember all those gowns I wore on the red carpets this awards season?), and he needs to start creating my wedding gown. (What? You thought I was going to wear something off the rack? Please.) Help me choose what style neckline I should wear! Images from PaperBlog.com Poll closes Monday evening.
  8. I've been so busy helping Amber find places in the BB house to hide from Caleb that I haven't had time to nail down what the colors for my wedding are going to be. Help a girl out by picking one from the five below. We'll pick another color to go with it later. Here are five of my favorite colors! Voting closes Monday night!
  9. Planning a wedding is hard work. Between keeping my little grumpypants Fisty in line and getting my drink on while watching the live feeds, I just don't have time to make all the decisions. So I'm asking for your help! This week, help Fisty and I choose where we will hold our wedding in September. Voting is open until Monday night!
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