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Name of BB host?

Found 5 results

  1. Each poster gives Snarkhilda some (funny) advice for the wedding, honeymoon, marriage, etc. The next poster says if they love the idea or would leave it out; then he or she offers their own piece of advice. First piece of advice: Cornnut Martinis at the wedding reception
  2. We'll post a new screencap of the happy couple several times during the Bridal Shower. You provide the caption! First up:
  3. What gift will you give the bride at her shower? Choose two numbers between 1 and 25, then expand the list and combine the words you chose to create the name of a gift. Explain what the gift is and why you're giving it to Snarkhilda!
  4. In this game, you steal Snarkhilda's purse and pull out items one at a time. You say what the item is, what funny task she uses it for, then you pass the purse to the next poster.
  5. In this story game, you tell a fairy tale (though with the HT crew, probably more a nightmare) about how Fisty and Snarkhilda's life together will go. You post a sentence, then the next poster adds a sentence and so forth. The trick is that each sentence must begin with the word that the last sentence left off with. So for example: Poster 1: The honeymoon was spent cuddling by the ocean. Poster 2: Ocean water, however, is kinda polluted where Fisthilda were staying. Poster 3: Staying off the beach would have been a good plan. You're the next poster! Start your sentence with "Plan" to continue the story.
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