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Name of BB host?

Found 5 results

  1. You never think one of those "Hangover" movies will happen to you ... until you go on Fisty's Bachelor Weekend. We've woken up in a strange motel room and have no idea what we did last night! There are all sorts of things strewn around the room. Help us piece together the events of last night. The poster above you will have given the name of one of the dozens of random objects in the room. You explain where we got it and what we did with it, then you list another object that you found in the room. The next poster explains that object and lists his or her own. And so forth. Hopefully you find some painkillers in there! Here's what I found: One of those chicken suits Judd and Spencer had to wear during BB15
  2. Some of the members of our party got up to some questionable activities on this trip *cough*BanBan*cough* and there is a camera full of photos to prove it. All of us want to get our hands on that camera! In this game, you say how you steal the camera from the previous poster and you hide it somewhere creative. The next poster steals it and hides it, and so forth. For example: Poster 1 sneaks into the hotel suite "Mission: Impossible"-style and steals the camera. He stuffs it down the front of a pair of those puffy-diaper-pants that Frankie wears. Poster 2 hires a lady of the evening to keep Poster 1 occupied and pantsless while stealing the camera. She then hides it in the trunk of her car next to the rope and shovel she brought along for later -- just in case. Your turn -- how do you steal it from the trunk?
  3. Strip clubs aren't on my usual round -- especially ones featuring women, if you catch my drift. But I'm a good Best Man and want to show Fisty a good time. Help me choose a strip club for the gang to visit this weekend! Pick two numbers, each between 1 and 10. Expand the lists below and use the first number for List 1 and the second number for List 2. Give us the name of the Strip Club you chose and tell us what kind of specialties they offer that we can look forward to on our visit.
  4. Bachelor parties are full of good ideas and more than a few bad ones. Tell the story of Fisty's Bachelor Weekend by giving good and bad ideas. One poster gives a good idea, then the next poster gives a bad idea that corrupts it. That poster then gives a good idea, which the next poster will corrupt before offering his or her good idea, etc. I'll give the first few rounds as an example, then you take it away! Good idea: Inviting Wilbie WrightBack the turtle along on Fisty's Bachelor Weekend. Bad idea: Using Wilbie as a neck pillow on the plane ride. Good idea: Making reservations at the best steakhouse in town. Bad idea: Inviting your vegetarian friend Monty the Mountie Moose. Good idea: Ordering Monty extra Scotch to make him forget that he's vegetarian.
  5. One thing you might not know about my beastie bestie is that the furry little dude loves to grab the mic and belt out a few tunes after you get a few (dozen) drinks in him. If that makes him a Frankie, he doesn't care! While we're at the Karaoke Bar on Fisty's Bachelor Weekend, he is so sauced that he can't remember all the words, so he's just throwing "hamster" in all over the place. It's great! In this game, you replace a word in the title of a popular song with "hamster." If you want to give a few lines of the lyrics, too, that's OK. Have fun!
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