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  1. So is there ANY way for a Canadian to legally watch the feeds in 2019? I miss watching and recapping so much!
  2. I hate when the older players STATE to the others that they are old and easily nominated. Don't highlight it! He should have kept a low profile. His hat doesn't help, either.
  3. I can't wait to call the lounge room Boaty Mc Boatface when I talk about the show with friends. I just wish I could still recap, I miss the days of having the feeds available in Canada.
  4. Does anyone else besides that tall blond girl have a twin? She kind of spilled the beans about having one, so she may not be the one doing the twin twist.
  5. Aw, I'm Canadian. No more recapping for me, I guess. But I'm happy about reading y'all's recaps! Will BBAD still be shown on Canadian TV?
  6. And some fans got to try it as part of a contest? Awesome!
  7. See, I am watching the Side Show and they show the whole house being punished because one of them said fuck you to Big Brother after the HG was asked to put on his microphone. No more hot water until further notice. THIS is how you manage House Guests.
  8. BB Canada is back and it's glorious. Fun house tasks, shock collars, multiple alliances, pretty people who seem to have half a brain... Plus the house is really fun. I like the keyless nomination reveals, too (nominees are shown on a screen after the HOH pulls on a lever). No beating around the bush! BB US should be ashamed... Time to step up!
  9. What an idiot. You don't plan the demise of the one guy who knows your secret. You turn him into an ally, a confidant. No social skills, he won't make it past the merge if his team doesn't win a lot of immunity challenges.
  10. I don't understand how she could say the things she said about someone being gay/"being a girl" so flippantly and think nothing of it. Way to give the others one more reason to get rid of her. Good riddance!
  11. So the twist is a Big Brassy Boob Rewind Button? Great. Just great.
  12. All that booing when Christine came out of the house just went straight to my pleasure centers!
  13. I can't stand listening to her complaining about how she is on the bloooooooock and how it stiiiiinks.
  14. Do we have an approximative time stamp for the core of Franky's "They hate me!" rant? I really want to watch it.
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