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  1. I had a HUGE crush on him back in the day too. I'm curious about his financials...will probably be sucked into watching to see if he explains...
  2. POLL: Will you be watching?

    I clicked "depends on who..." as well, because I only watch Dancing with the Stars when I'm interested in the celebs. However, now I'm thinking I'll probably watch regardless of the cast. I watch the regular BB season without knowing who the cast is, unless there are vets.
  3. Survivor 37: David vs Goliath

    ARG. Way to wreck a reunion show.
  4. Survivor 37: David vs Goliath

    I kind of want Angelina in the finals. I want to see how many times she mentions her great negotiation in the question/answer/speech portion of the final tribal. I also want someone to cut her down saying it was a ridiculous opening offer and see her reaction.
  5. It could have also been selective listening...or only hearing what one wants to hear. Either way I'm glad she's gone. She was just too much work.
  6. I find it interesting that Gabby wouldn't know Christian has a girlfriend. As Christian said on the episode they've been together for the whole season except maybe a few hours.
  7. Survivor 37: David vs Goliath

    They were on that floating barge...we didn't have to sit through much.
  8. I was hoping she'd do that. Opportunity wasted.
  9. And guess who I picked in the Survivor pool at work? ARG! There goes any chance of winning.
  10. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    I like the dress; but, not on her; maybe with a bit more fabric on the bodic I would have liked it on her.
  11. I assumed that she meant the young people on her staff.
  12. BB20 House Discussion

    I'm glad Kaycee won...she won the final HOH. It was a toss up for me so had Tyler won the final HOH, I probably would have wanted him to win the game. Kaycee was playing the game for a bitter jury. She's watched the game and jury's of late have been bitter. She did what she needed to do to win with that style of jury. Tyler was a great player; but, chose a different strategy. It was a great finale and season. Would have been better if SwaggyC hadn't shown up; but, what can you do?
  13. A ridiculous attempt to get the spotlight back on himself.
  14. BB20 House Discussion

    I'd like to think he means that he'd calm Bayleigh so she didn't go off like she was possessed; but, I fear he thinks his presence in the house would have prevented Tyler from his "disrespectful" treatment of Bayleigh. I hope to never see him or hear about him or Kaitlyn again. They're both irritating.
  15. BB20 House Discussion

    If two L6 were on the block...one of them would have to go. I don't know how much JC has been "trying" to win. He has to realize that his days are numbered if he doesn't protect himself with a win...HOH or POV.
  16. BB20 House Discussion

    I wonder if Tyler is in more of a "relax" mode right now and his head is a bit out of the game; therefore, why not have cuddle time? Last week Angela was HOH (no Hacker) so he (and his alliance) were safe. He didn't have to do his game management the way he's had to do the last few weeks when his alliance wasn't HOH. Maybe with all his success keeping Level 6 safe even when they haven't been in power, he's feeling a bit smug and like he doesn't have to "work" anymore?
  17. BB20 House Discussion

    I wonder if he thought of all that when he won? I was shocked to read he'd won HOH; but, as I was reading the updates, it was him or Haleigh so... I bet he was swearing as much as Kaycee herself did when she fell.
  18. I haven't noticed it; but, the repetition could be a strategy. Generally, people like to talk and share their opinions. Agreeing/repeating forms a bond of "we're on the same page" as does saying what they want to hear.
  19. POLL: Week 9 - Eviction Prediction

    I think getting rid of Haliegh is smarter as well. Haliegh is clearly the brains of the duo. The HGs are suspicious of a buy back, if Fessy is evicted either he or Scottie could come back and most likely pick back up with Haliegh. If Fessy remains and Scottie comes back I don't see those two getting back together.
  20. I don't understand how Hay's weekly compliments to Julie come out so fake. Julie is a beautiful woman...it would be easy to compliment her in a sincere way. Hay's "Julie you look radiant" comes off with a tone like she's complimenting Rockstar's fashion choices.
  21. POLL: Week 8 - Who had the best week?

    I went with Tyler and Brett. Tyler because he once again escaped the block, without the use of his power app. His alliance did not win HOH; yet, he wasn't a target for noms or renoms. Brett because he managed to get himself off the block by winning a competition when he needed to win. Also, because he is becoming more and more amusing as the weeks progress.
  22. BB20 House Discussion

    True...but, could she destroy the house?
  23. BB20 House Discussion

    I don't think Sam would vote out Brett over Scottie regardless of what Tyler wants her to do. She plays the game personally and she really likes Brett. If noms stay the same, I don't think there's much Scottie/Haileigh can do to save him. If Kaycee or Angela wind up on the block, Sam's vote could waiver. This isn't really a competition that's easy to throw (if it is in fact the hide-the-veto comp); however it would be best for Kaycee/Angela/Tyler to win it and leave noms the same...voting out Scottie.
  24. BB20 House Discussion

    I thought Tyler could use his app until there were 8 houseguests remaining? Regardless they are going to need some stratetgy and wins to make it through this week unscathed. I hope Scottie goes up because of Fessie's jealousy...that would be a start. It's just too funny that even when Haleigh's side is HOH or Hacker they still lose teammates.
  25. As stated before, I normally cheer for the underdogs; but, I just can't this season. Haleigh (one of the "other side") won HOH; but, her alliance failed at winning POV or Hacker and it looks like one of their own is going out the door. I'm going with Brett for HOH tonight.