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  1. Comedy

    I enjoyed the first episode of Young Sheldon. I went in with low expectations so maybe that had something to do with my enjoyment. Thanks to cops, I also went into Will and Grace with super low expecations and made it through the episode. They aren't on my "must watch" list; but, I will watch both again.
  2. Comedy

    I'm scared to be excited for Will and Grace's return. It's hard to get the same feel after a show has ended. I love Jack and Karen...and am hping I love them 10 years later. I'm cautiously optimistic.
  3. General House Analysis and Discussion

    The public often votes stupidly; but, it is soooooo fun when a HG who thinks they are popular don't get the vote. Ivette being an example. Jessica this season getting a temptation is another. The HGs in the house were thinking she was horrible and then she gets a prize from the public. When Brittnee got the prize on BBCan which saved her and Sarah, they were also hated in the house and the HGs were none to happy that Canada voted for someone the HGs thought was hated by the public.
  4. I'm not sure if Paul will watch his season to determine the real reason for his loss. Until then, he's going to continue to believe and shout that he was not controlling the other HGs. Too bad. If he'd admit it, he'd move up into the ranks of Dan, Will, and Derrick.
  5. I have no idea on the origins or true meaning of the saying. I also don't know much of the Jim Jones Massacre. Different country, different era may be the reason. Who knows. Anyway, I've heard "drink the Kool Aid" often enough that I contextually have come up with it's meaning. Over the years my meaning is "to follow along what someone else is doing without questioning or thinking for themselves." After doing a Google search I think I'm fairly close...and am now remembering some references to group suicide in cults. Anyway, my point is that I'm suprised Raven hasn't heard of the saying before and formulate some sort of meaning.
  6. General House Analysis and Discussion

    I don't mind the way jury runs right now. If the jury gets to stay together then it makes no sense to not show them the comps...they'll hear about them anyway from the evictees. I like that the jury compares notes. It adds an extra layer to the game to ensure players not only have to work players in the game; but, also those being evicted...Paul. I'm all for making changes to the game itself. As has been stated, it's time to actually punish the rule-breakers in the house. Either with penalty votes, loss of house privilages, or monetarily. America votes should not be done at the start of the season when there is ONE vet in the house - we all know how that's going to end. The HOH room should be for the HOH...and if the current HOH isn't in the room, everyone esle needs to clear out. I'd even be OK with America getting a jury vote. That would add another dimension to game-play. This season sucked becuase majority of the HGs rolled over and let Paul steam-roll his way to the end. Aside from eliminating the friendship bracelets and safety weeks the only way to have the season be different was with different HGs. Paul manipulated the house and in another season would have won. It happens. There are other F2s who should have won but didn't. The power of the jury can't be ignored. As for this season, the upset on finale night saved the season. IMO
  7. She has no self-awareness when she was scoffed at the by HGs in jury who questioned/laughed at her. It didn't help that she had Matt there to defend her pitiful stories/ideas. She doesn't read the mocking in the interviewers body language either. Which is sad to me becuase I want to see a questioning look on that clown face of realization something is going on; however, it is also comical because it shows her dillusions and stupidity. I'm hoping she goes on-line to see all her fans and gets a dose of reality...and I really hope we get to see the fall. But, I'm a biotch and I really shouldn't be excited about the impending crash she's going to face. That being said, I fear that she will be sheltered by momma and we won't see of her again (like how we never saw Ayran again).
  8. He's interesting. He had a handle on the game as demonstrated in his backyard interview...but, he also spent the game at his computer like the rest of us getting insights from other fans. What kind of a HG would he be in the house? He was in the house for two hours...yet still managed to get naked? Probably not the best way to secure your staying power. A bit to over-the-top and in-your-face.
  9. Hahaha. As he's said he'd do the show again...he'd be better off inviting those who didn't vote for him so he could see why and learn from his mistakes. He's so dellusional on why he lost.
  10. His win was a big F-you to not only Paul; but, Raven (and others) as well. Raven has financed her life through donations a skill learned from her mother. She has stated many times that she was voted out because she'd be guarenteed the win because of her life story. I'm sure she thought she was going to win. Even after Cody was evicted he was bitched about by the others. I don't know that I'd say it was passive-aggressive...it was the best way for America to show Paul how much he missed the mark this season and Raven how disliked she is.
  11. I was hoping that Paul would figure it out in his interview with Dr. Will. Cameron nailed it - pitiful jury management. All he had to do was own it and I think he would have won. He also needs to stop playing the victim. He said a number of times after Josh had won that he was the underdog and target all season because he was a vet. You can't be a target and never be on the block.
  12. Agreed. He also appeared to be "fake crying" when Josh's tears started flowing during the vote reveal. I believe Josh's were real...he was always crying this season. Paul looked like he was scrunching up his face trying to get the tears to role. He should have taken lessons from Alex.
  13. I think had Paul won her response would have been different. She would have said something along the lines of Paul played the better game...majority thought so. She's trying to justify voting for the loser.
  14. Cody was awesome tonight. He basically told Julie he was waiting for the shitfest to be over so he could get to Jess. His face lit up when he looked at Jess - so sweet.
  15. Paul played the hell out of the game this season. Perhaps the outcome would have been different with a different set of HGs. Paul misread that one. He just never owned up to what his part in the game. Even during the jury questioning he wsn't owning what he did or the power/control he had. I think this jury would have respected him more had he come clean. He seemed shocked by some of the questions and even more shocked when he lost. The last hour of finale night was the best part of this season. Paul is going to need therapy after he gets out. He did not look good at the end of the show. He's probably still in shock.