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  1. I don't understand why she's unfriending all of her BB peeps. Is she that sore about losing to Cody that she's unfriending the whole franchise? Is she blaming the BB because of her current situation in the real world? Take a look in a mirror Nicole.
  2. I tried to watch the first episode; but, Tyra is just too irritating for me. I fast forward for Johnny Weir's performance and then delete.
  3. I've looked at the cast of stars again...and think I'd like to see Johnny. I watched some YouTube videos of his skating days and he seems fun. I don't know that I'll be able to get past Tyra. I found her obnoxiously full of herself on ANTM. Maybe she'll lose some of that as she's not a dancer. Losing Len this season is too bad. I like Carrie Ann and Bruno; but, they do fan a bit too much over the "stars". Len tells it like it is. He's awesome and will be missed this season. I have a love-hate relationship with Derek. I have a feeling as a judge it will be hate. Derek is just so damn talented on the dance floor. I enjoy his choreography, of course it helps that he always seemed to get stars who could actually dance. However, listening to him - hate.
  4. As stated...so stupid to evict the without-an-alliance and yet-to-win-a-competition Kaysar. I'm not really counting the first safety as he wan only one of two players competing. He could have been a vote to use when the massive alliance(s) start to break apart.
  5. I can't remember names at the best of time and how are you supposed to remember Enzo when he refers to himself as "meow meow" which I flat out would reuse to call him. So, I'll give Janelle a pass on this one. I'm with Janelle on the dislike of voting as the HOH says.
  6. Dani is not a victim, Dick. Nicole cannot make Dani mean...Dani is making Dani mean. I've never been a fan of Dick or Dani.
  7. I haven't watched in a few seasons...couldn't find a "star" I wanted to see dance. This season is no better and I've never been a fan of Tyra. Of course, there may be limited options this fall so maybe...
  8. I think that Kaysar has more of a chance moving forward than Janelle does. Janelle, even as a single, will be on everyone's radar until she's gone. Kaysar, as a single, may be able to float under the radar with Janelle gone.
  9. I want Julie to fill her in on eviction night. I want to see Nicole's reaction to Julie telling her that Janelle/Kaysar were truly trying to help her and keep her in the game and the other side has a huge alliance(s).
  10. I went with yes; because, I think Janelle/Kaysar would have been on the block had they not had safety this week.
  11. They are spaced super far apart...with that distance, neither really needed a mask. However, if Keesha was masked, Julie should have been as well. If for nothing besides perception.
  12. The nickname is stupid. What's most irritating is how he embraces it. If others call you by a nick name that's one thing. When you start using it in conversation. I have issues. He's so over the top with it that it makes him sound ridiculous.
  13. It's plausible for a variety of reasons. It's hard to see Ian with grey hair. I'm curious how he'll do this time around. My guess is he can fly under the radar as different duos target each other. I'd be OK with him winning twice. Nicole, not so much.
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