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  1. He's out...either on route to US or in US. I've been keeping up with his Instagram posts.
  2. I thought all three of the kids on that show had died. I honestly thought Todd passed first. Shows you how much I pay attention.
  3. Completely agree! I can't add a thing to what coppsister wrote.
  4. While I'd love for Kyland to go and the drama it would cause if two Cookout members were on the block on TIffany's HOH, I just don't see it happening. Tiffany is very loyal to the group and determined they get to final 6. I'm not sure she realizes how tight the Cookout boys are and therefore how she's at risk.
  5. I haven't heard or read the comments from the BB world about people being afraid for Julie as this is my only source of BB news. However, I wonder if the comments mean that people are worried about Julie not being able to get a word in during the exit interview as Kyland tends to drone on. I wouldn't want to talk to him either - but, Julie's a pro. I have little doubt that she'll be able to handle him.
  6. I said F; but, only because it looks like DerekX is going home.
  7. I'm totally in favour of a jury buyback...come on Derek X! I don't think Covid will make that a no-no. The evictees are in the jury house...still sequestered and almost as safe from Covid as those in the house.
  8. I'm impressed at how solid The Cookout is so far. I'm not often a fan of how larger alliances steamroll through the house; but, The Cookout hasn't really steamrolled. Usually those big alliances shift and fracture as the game progresses; however, we may actually see this alliance stay intact until final 6. That being said, I'm not sure how I feel about The Cookout. I started pulling for Derek X a few weeks back and his hours are numbered in the house. I also feel like there's some deadweight in the alliance (Azah - I'm looking at you) that should be gone before final 6.
  9. I'd jump on that train Magpie! Although, I'd prefer Derek X to stay over Claire. I like Claire; but, Derek X has the potential to stay longer as he's able to win comps. Claire will (most likely) stay this week because it will be assumed they can get her out later as she's not a comp beast.
  10. I missed that she has autism. I thought I read ADHD - and took medication daily; however, I could be wrong on what I read. I went back and reread her CBS bio linked at the top of her first post here. I will say she has varied interests and that she's quite skilled/accomplished in them all. Lots of accomplishments and even more so if the ADHD and autism diagnosis are correct. However, I still find her a bit too much and I'm ready for her to leave the house.
  11. I can't believe she got the money either. I was waiting for a meltdown when she scanned her card as I thought she'd only get 50 and therefore she'd be upset that America doesn't love her. How America??? How?
  12. She's a sore winner and a sore loser. I just can't with her.
  13. If you don't want to be on the block...do something about it. She'd meltdown (more than she already has) if she was on the block a third time. I'm good for her to go - who runs around the house demanding toilet paper be on the holder a certain way. I'd be running around changing the roll to the opposite of her demands if I was in the house. Girl, it's on the holder - be happy.
  14. I don't understand why she's unfriending all of her BB peeps. Is she that sore about losing to Cody that she's unfriending the whole franchise? Is she blaming the BB because of her current situation in the real world? Take a look in a mirror Nicole.
  15. I tried to watch the first episode; but, Tyra is just too irritating for me. I fast forward for Johnny Weir's performance and then delete.
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