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  1. I could live with Sarah winning. Hard no on Ben or Tony. I have a few hard no's on jury too...
  2. Last night, I thought it was a deep burgandy/purple. Not a fan of Tyson; but, at least he beat Rob. Rob annoys me. I would have preferred, Yul or Natalie take it...Natalie is a beast!
  3. I've been tired of him for a long time; however, that was impressive. I'm sad the old-school players all seem to be on Extinction...especially Yul.
  4. I'm not surprised BBC is stopping the season. The whole world seems to be going into physical isolation...except for essential services; and this shit-show of a season is not an essential service. To be honest I'm shocked it took this long to shut down. The number of people with Covid19 in Ontario continues to climb and as of this morning it was reported that half the cases in Canada are a direct result of travel the others from contact between Canadians. While those in the house are fairly safe as they are all presumably healthy and they have had no contact with the outside world, those on the production side of things are not.
  5. In the end both idols were not needed; however, to not use the second one she had to trust that Sandra was telling the truth...and trust that what Sandra shared was what the rest of her tribe was doing. I'm more surprised that Sandra trusted Denise to follow their agreement.
  6. Canada is social distancing. Three provinces have shut schools to students with a fourth to follow (last day for students is Friday). I believe we're just over 400 confirmed cases in the country. Gyms, community centres, rec centres, arenas, lessons/activities, movie threatres, concerts and bars are closing at a rapid rate. Things are changing by the hour. Canada has it's share of stupidity - toilet paper hoarding is a thing. However, there are people stepping up...we have a number of "pop up" groups doing shopping for those most vulnerable and some grocery/drug stores are only allowing seniors and those with compromised mobility into the store for the first hour to get what they need without having to compete with those running down the aisles with carts overflowing.
  7. I wouldn't think it possible for Sandra to win a third time; but... She is the queen. How she's escaped tribal with no votes is remarkable as she's already won twice and hasn't really changed her style of game.
  8. There are many survivors coming in with previous connections - either by playing together on a season, becoming friends on the "survivor circuit", or through marriage - maybe that's why there seem to be so many "twists" to mix things up. Hmmm, I never thought of having to give up all your tokens. More potential for leaving the game with an immunity idol...or the power to buy an idol.
  9. I remember his face...after I read Mrs.Gryn's commentary...and looked close. The thing is, the castaways are all clean and shiny (and in some cases much older) in these pictures. If I remember these people at all, it's with grimy faces and greasy hair...the age they were on their season.
  10. I have watched every season and there are MANY that I cannot remember...including winners.
  11. This is one of the few that I did recognize! I'm not sure why...I don't think I like(d) him.
  12. Probably so she could honetly tell her peeps that she went along with the plan. She's hoping Dean doesn't spill the beans about where he got the idol. The problem is Dean is low man in his old tribe - they voted out his girl and he was blindsided. He's also low man in his new tribe - he was a gonner without the idol. Being low man means you need to use what you have to take the target off of you and put it on someone else.
  13. Kellee won one off of Sandra/Rob, and hasn't used hers. Not sure of anyone else. Tom made sense from a merge point of view. He was most connected with his initial tribemates and most likely to realign with them if given the chance. However, I'm not sure CarCrashma (TM uaintjack) is going to help them get to the merge.
  14. Monica from Season 2, lost her cousin in 9/11. There were three of them left in the house (Will and Nicole) were the other two. BB called them all into the DR to give them the news - one of the only times I remember when HGs were told outside news. Different women...I liked Monica; but, I'm not sure I'd call her classy. I didn't watch the first season.
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