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  1. I don't know. If Tommy stuck to his word and dropped out of the HOH, Nicole would still be HOH. Tommy and Jackson on the block. If Tommy won Veto - after the fight, there's a possibilty he'd vote out Jackson. Same for Jackson - vote out Tommy as Tommy likely wouldn't take Jackson to final two. There's stil the chance Cliff goes home; but, less of a chance than the sure thing we have now. I vote for Jackson as the best week...as was stated above, things keep going his way.
  2. He's bottom of the "cool kids" at best and will be used until he's kicked to the curb. I get not wanting to be around Bella as a person; but, she's burned all her allies with the exception of Nick. She's the type of person you WANT to keep in the game. Jack, has a many strong allies and has proven he can win comps. Why help to keep his alliance (and him) in the game. You see the power alliance...you break the power alliance. I'm not sure what Cliff is thinking these last few days.
  3. I think that for many, swimming challenging. Pool swimming can be hard enough - open water adds another dimension. I do wonder why Keith applied. I get wanting to challenge yourself and live out your dream; but, if you've watched the show, you know you're getting in the water. Keith's comment, " y’all think you are still going to win challenges" was laughable after his latest performance. I don't know that the tribe had many options. He was going to be a liablity every challenge that included water. Here's hoping he doesn't go to exile...as that would preven Reem from having an "exile buddy".
  4. I stopped watching this trainwreck after Kato was evicted. I, of course, continued to read the House Discussion pages here. I can't believe Tamar won. Crappy season all around.
  5. I think Dina's just "there". I don't know how she feels about the game; but, it seems like she's just a vote at this point and as she doesn't appear to be any threat, the others aren't worried about her. She'd be a waste of an eviction at this point. I'd rather see her wasting space in the house than having to listen to Tamar who is playing the game. My orginal point about the water was about the volumn of waste in the house...not so much the water itself. It is downright shameful that the celebs can't be bothered to wash a dish. You'd think they'd want something to do with all that downtime they have in the house. I guess it's a sign of the season when a crackdown has to come regarding a discussion on the merits of water.
  6. Why aren't they using real cups/glasses this season? The volumn of water bottles in the storage room and around the house is ridiculous. On the episode last night they were using paper cups for tea/coffee. Why can't they use a big water cooler and fill reusable water bottles or glasses? Same goes for coffee mugs. What an incredible waste. Even if they recycle it's still a major waste. I'm not impressed.
  7. I had a HUGE crush on him back in the day too. I'm curious about his financials...will probably be sucked into watching to see if he explains...
  8. I clicked "depends on who..." as well, because I only watch Dancing with the Stars when I'm interested in the celebs. However, now I'm thinking I'll probably watch regardless of the cast. I watch the regular BB season without knowing who the cast is, unless there are vets.
  9. ARG. Way to wreck a reunion show.
  10. I kind of want Angelina in the finals. I want to see how many times she mentions her great negotiation in the question/answer/speech portion of the final tribal. I also want someone to cut her down saying it was a ridiculous opening offer and see her reaction.
  11. It could have also been selective listening...or only hearing what one wants to hear. Either way I'm glad she's gone. She was just too much work.
  12. I find it interesting that Gabby wouldn't know Christian has a girlfriend. As Christian said on the episode they've been together for the whole season except maybe a few hours.
  13. They were on that floating barge...we didn't have to sit through much.
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