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  1. Dancing With The Stars

    With the exception of Tonya, the rest of the stars are unknown to me. I can't see myself watching this season.
  2. Comedy

    I finally watched the reboot of Roseanne. I found the second episode better than the first. The first episode just wasn't smooth. Even Sara Gilbert's acting felt forced...and I'm a huge fan of hers. The second felt a bit more natural, I guess they're getting back into their groove. I will continue to watch, as I usually have something on while doing dishes/cooking/chores; but (for me), it's not "must see". I had the same reaction for the Will and Grace reboot.
  3. The answer is she doesn't...or not consistency or skill. She probably did yoga in the back yard with a couple of friends and now calls herself an instructor. A russian on social media probably asked her what a word meant and now she's a teacher of English to Russians. She sounds self absorbled and when one is focussed on themselves and not others its hard to put the time needed into children.
  4. Jacob Derwin - Malolo - Eliminated second

    He would have been smarter to have said that he chose an urn allowing him to try; but, that he picked the wrong one and lost. Although, I don't think that would have saved him. With Donathon being safe from tribal there weren't many targets. The last few years the immunity competitions have had a physical component and a brain/puzzle component. He hasn't proven himself in either area.
  5. Well, here I am on a Friday night watching BB. Cat curled up beside me on my left, bag of Doritos on my right, with my laptop on my lap...and isn’t that just a little sad? Since I’m here, I might as well recap this for those of you out there with lives as clearly Friday kicked my ass at work and I’m hiding from life. Previously on Big Brother -Ross and Marissa secured two final four deals. -Marissa is more aligned with the girls -Ari started to doubt Ross -Mark won was given HOH -Ari and Brandi hit the block Not enough details? Well, take a troll through the awesome show recaps below. Is it sad that I watch the shows and still read the recaps? It’s OK to say it is I’ve clearly established in my opening paragraph that I’m one sad sack right now. Julie welcomes us to double eviction night. Aftermath of the nomination ceremony; Brandy isn’t going to kiss ass and Ari is going to win Veto. Oma wants to get the Big Brother Witch out of the house...I was confused for a minute as the editors have made her out to be a bit of a witch (or maybe that’s my preconceived opinion as I dislike her); but, she’s talking about Brandi. Mark affirms that Ari’s up because of Brandi. Ross thinks he may be able to beat Brandi in the finals so he’s not sure who he wants to save. James tells Ari that she’s safe regardless of who holds the veto...we all know how that goes. Back to Oma...I was so hoping she’d be gone by now. She wants people to know that her credentials are purposefully edited to make President Trump look like he doesn’t have qualified staff, or I guess ex-staff. Her undergraduate degree is in communications, her master’s degree is in communications, and her doctoral study is also in communications. Brandi, who has no filter, asked if that isn’t the easiest thing to go through? All but Ross playing in veto, which means he’ll host. That makes me happy. I hate when Oma is hosting. In the backyard having some light chatter. Brandi dares the others to say something bad about Julie. Oma, Marissa, and Ross immediately get up (they know better than to piss off the queen of CBS) and head in the house to bed. We’re down to Brandi, Ari, James, and Mark. Brandi then says that if she was HOH she’d put up James/Oma. Girl, I get you most likely don’t have his vote; but, really? James brings up all the times she’s made rude comments towards him. She tries to say she likes him...just not when he’s cocky. He goes on to say he doesn’t like her rudeness and he heads in the house too. Marissa, Mark, and James migrate to the bathroom to trash talk Brandi. Brandi corners Marissa later and gets upset about what was said in the bathroom. Marissa tries to say she was listening not talking; but, Brandi is hearing none of it. Marissa heads to Ari, Ross, James, and Oma who are DUN with Brandi. It’s going to take a miracle to save her this week...she’s her own worst enemy. Veto Competition - It’s an action figure timed comp. Faces are all mixed up and HGs have to identify the nose, eyes and mouth on the four action figures. Oma DRs that she’s losing on purpose so she won’t win veto. She must not get that she’s an option if Ari comes down. Oma finally heads in to the HOH after 38 minutes, where Ross is waiting. Oma pitches sitting together in the final two, Ross plays along; but, I’m not sure if he’s buying it. Ari’s up and finishes in 9 minutes. James is next and doesn’t complete in the 9 minutes. Marissa is next and out. Mark really sucks and can’t get the first one completed...Brandi also sucks and Ari wins. Veto Meeting - Mark and James really want Brandi out so the only option is to put up Marissa. Mark is afraid that the house would vote out Oma and not Brandi. Shocking no-one, even with the dramatic pause in editing, Ari takes herself off the block and Marissa goes up. Brandi knows her days are numbered and Marissa looks a bit ticked. I can’t believe we’re only half way through the episode. Eviction – Marissa talks of being a cancer survivor, I didn’t know that, of being a proud mommy and she sends love to Ross’s mom and Ari’s dad. That made me press pause and go to my BFF Google to learn that she had cervical cancer at 27. Of course, I clicked on the link to YouTube and watched some of her Hairspray performances (I love musical theatre). Thankfully, I managed to close the window before I was swept into the vortex of Broadway songs or kitten videos that seem to creep out of nowhere and eat hours of my time. I unpause to hear that Brandi loves a lot of the HGs; but, not all of the HGs. She loves Ari, hopes she wins and is shocked that she gets along with Oma and hopes we’re seeing the softer side of her...nope, or at least not me...I still find Oma as annoying as always. By a 3-1 vote Brandi is evicted (Ari voted out Marissa). Interview – Brandi’s not surprised; but, is upset that Ross stabbed her in the back and didn’t chose her over Marissa. Brandi and Ross had a final 2 from day one...they knew each other going in. Ross bribed her with alcohol for the rest of their friendship (I'm not sure for what) but, the alcohol bribe sounds about right for her. Although, to be fair, I could probably be bribed with alcohol. I probably have been bribed with alcohol. Brandi continues to find James arrogant and cocky, not just confident like some of the other men in the house. Brandi knows her mouth is the reason she’s out of the house – but, she’s an old dog (you know the plastic kind) who can’t learn new tricks. Enough of her....oops typed too soon. Julie dared Brandi to say something bad about her, Julie is awesome. HOH Competition – HGs had studied some photos earlier in preparation for the BB Auction. Each HG has to answer Julie’s 7 questions about those “works of art”. After seven questions James and Oma tie with 6 points each. Tie breaker, without going over who can come closest (in seconds) to the time it took Shannon to win the Oscar Squeezin competition? Oma says 1200 and James 5402, correct answer is 2000 – Oma wins. Well, at least I think this means Ross is safe. Nomination Ceremony – Ross and Marissa hit the chairs. I guess I was wrong, come on Ross win POV. Julie interjects that America’s Vote is coming up for America’s Favourite Houseguest, $25 000. POV Competition – Art-Rageous (must be theme night in the BB house). HGs must identify which set of paintings are not an exact match to a painting in the BB house. They frantically run back around the house trying to find the originals and then determine which of the 6 pieces of art is not an exact match, Ross wins! It was a new comp so I’ll give a win to BB too. While I’m handing out the wins – I’ll give one to anyone watching this episode on a Friday night. Veto Meeting and Eviction – Ross takes himself down after some hugs from Marissa. James is put up and it’s time to vote. James speaks and tells us that the house consensus is Marissa can’t be beat so keep him as he’s open to deals. Marissa counters with the HGs not being able to get to the finals because James will win all the comps. Ari and Oma spend the speech time not listening and whispering back and forth – of all the nerve. Oma and Ari continue to talk while Julie is speaking – really, of all the nerve! Ari evicts James, Mark evicts Marissa, Ross “Julie, it’s been a day!” evicts James. By a vote of 2 to 1 James is gone. Marissa looks shocked. James shakes off Ross’ apologies with a terse, “It’s a game”. Interview – James is surprised and feels his mistake was not taking Oma’s deal; but, he thought he had a solid four alliance and he’d be safe. James believes Brandi started their war and chalks up her behaviour as a third-grade crush. James assures Julie they will not be dating in the future. It could be that in my Friday-night-post-crazy-work-week-haze I’m not thinking straight; but, James did entertain me in his exit interview. James says it’s anyone’s game; but, that Ross is playing a great game...and at least he beat Brandi. Julie explains that there will be one more HOH/POV/Eviction and then the final four will go head to head for the final HOH who will evict two houseguests. A bit of change in format...interesting. Stay tuned to a special Saturday night episode where Oma will share all sorts of White House secrets and then the finale on Sunday.
  6. I tend to do these recaps long-winded, so I apologize in advance; but, as no-one else wanted it you’re stuck with me. I have no idea how to spell the crowned; oops, runner up Miss Universe so Ari is all I’ve got. Nor am I going to take the time to learn how to spell Oma’s name – with my luck, if I learned it, it would forever be imprinted in my brain. Previouslies (for more details, take a look at the previous episode’s recaps): -Ari wasn’t runner up...she was running the house (touché, announcer dude, touché). -The whole house was in on the plan for Shannon/James to be on the block. -James won POV and took himself off the block...Mark replaced. -Shannon was sent home; all but Brandi voted for her to go We are taken to the endurance HOH comp. It’s a wall comp and as they’re celebs, they are seated “in the crowd” at a basketball game. Ari has a cheap-ass pair of pom poms; come on BB, those are dollar store calibre pom poms there. First three to fall are on slop. The celebs are complaining about the seats and their lack of booties making the competition hard. Better hope Cody doesn’t hear those victim noises. Brandi talks of needing a butt implant for the competition – I guess that’s one part of her body that is natural? James is wanting to throw it; but, not too early. Popcorn, sweat, t-shirts and insults from the announcer are all tossed at the HGs. One T-shirt smacks Oma and you just know it was on purpose. The Skippies probably had a contest to see who would win the right to smack on at her. Metta wants to drop and Oma tries to motivate him (she’s better at cutting people down rather than building them up). He’s out first. His body just wasn’t made for this competition...tales of Brendon and his big feet challenges. Ross is getting ready to drop – and he sticks the landing, which is his only concern. He’s hoping for an “anyone but Oma win”...forshadowing? After much complaining and ball-crushing pain, Mark is out, then drops Marissa. Brandi bitches about Oma’s big butt helping her and Brandi’s down. James notices that the 40-something asthmatic is going strong against his 20-something non-asthmatic body. Oma goes for a deal – as she’s concerned about her breathing, of course. A deal is made and James drops (much to the dismay of the already dropped) at an hour and thirty minutes. Not bad considering the endurance comps with the summer campers have been lasting 10 minutes. Slop pail is waiting for Mark/Ross/Metta on slop. Ross thinks he’ll be fine as does Metta. Mark compares it to baby barf. Regardless, it’s only a 48 hour punishment. Brandi comes out as the wonky vote. She’s trying to justify her actions to her group. They are shocked/disappointed with her and she just isn’t getting it. They can no longer trust her. This conversation ends and then continues in another room. Brandi leaves the room to wallow on her own in the mint room. Ross (smarter heads prevail) realizes they need to keep Brandi close – so she doesn’t run off Oma. They traipse into the mint room all ready to forgive; but, Brandi is done! Tears fall, wine is drunk, and everything is all good again. Ari and Oma talking. Ari claims she doesn’t know who the wonky vote was. Oma guesses James. Brandi walks in and immediately volunteers that she was the wonky vote. This allows Oma to know that Brandi’s not solid in her alliance. Oma’s target is Ross and plans to use her new information. All are called to the living room and Metta who is changing decides to head out in his briefs. He’s a fine looking man, so I’m not complaining. Oma gives him a stare-down for messing with her announcement. Doesn’t he know that she is queen and the spotlight should ALWAYS stay on her? Oma lets us know that America will be voting for something to do with the POV. However, they are not too sure on what it means...lots of speculation on what it could be. I have to tangent here...what are those foil things Brandi wears under her eyes? Better question, do they actually work and how much do they cost? Mark heads up to HOH to talk to the reigning queen. Mark has tried to stay out of the drama; apparently he’s thought of as a grouch in the house (of course that’s according to Oma so who knows). Oma recognizes that Ross has been able to play all sides of the house and is her biggest threat. Mark makes a deal for a week of safety should he win HOH he’ll be safe this week. Metta promises to vote Ross out. She goes to James and wants gets him to work with her. Her dream is with Mark/Metta/James. Ross/Oma talking politics; he’s so fascinated with her life on two campaigns and being in the White House. My guess is she’ll be writing a book in the near future. Up to the HOH where she’s talking to the ladies...pitching a final 4 with the ladies. Marissa and Ari are still mad at Brandi, which makes Oma think they’re sketchy...and therefore possibles for the block. Ross is for sure; but, she needs one more. Nominations...and Oma just can’t get through without some wheezing drama – in case anyone forgot she has asthma. Ross and Brandi are nominated; Ross because he nominated her and he made it personal, Brandi because she voted against her group and the house doesn’t trust her. Ross makes a comment about being classy letting her finish her speech, a dig at when he was HOH. America Votes – do you want a Diamond Veto, VIP Veto, or Spotlight Veto?
  7. Broadcast Recapper Sign-ups

    I can do February 18th and 23rd if still needed.
  8. Comedy

    I enjoyed the first episode of Young Sheldon. I went in with low expectations so maybe that had something to do with my enjoyment. Thanks to cops, I also went into Will and Grace with super low expecations and made it through the episode. They aren't on my "must watch" list; but, I will watch both again.
  9. Comedy

    I'm scared to be excited for Will and Grace's return. It's hard to get the same feel after a show has ended. I love Jack and Karen...and am hping I love them 10 years later. I'm cautiously optimistic.
  10. General House Analysis and Discussion

    The public often votes stupidly; but, it is soooooo fun when a HG who thinks they are popular don't get the vote. Ivette being an example. Jessica this season getting a temptation is another. The HGs in the house were thinking she was horrible and then she gets a prize from the public. When Brittnee got the prize on BBCan which saved her and Sarah, they were also hated in the house and the HGs were none to happy that Canada voted for someone the HGs thought was hated by the public.
  11. I'm not sure if Paul will watch his season to determine the real reason for his loss. Until then, he's going to continue to believe and shout that he was not controlling the other HGs. Too bad. If he'd admit it, he'd move up into the ranks of Dan, Will, and Derrick.
  12. I have no idea on the origins or true meaning of the saying. I also don't know much of the Jim Jones Massacre. Different country, different era may be the reason. Who knows. Anyway, I've heard "drink the Kool Aid" often enough that I contextually have come up with it's meaning. Over the years my meaning is "to follow along what someone else is doing without questioning or thinking for themselves." After doing a Google search I think I'm fairly close...and am now remembering some references to group suicide in cults. Anyway, my point is that I'm suprised Raven hasn't heard of the saying before and formulate some sort of meaning.
  13. General House Analysis and Discussion

    I don't mind the way jury runs right now. If the jury gets to stay together then it makes no sense to not show them the comps...they'll hear about them anyway from the evictees. I like that the jury compares notes. It adds an extra layer to the game to ensure players not only have to work players in the game; but, also those being evicted...Paul. I'm all for making changes to the game itself. As has been stated, it's time to actually punish the rule-breakers in the house. Either with penalty votes, loss of house privilages, or monetarily. America votes should not be done at the start of the season when there is ONE vet in the house - we all know how that's going to end. The HOH room should be for the HOH...and if the current HOH isn't in the room, everyone esle needs to clear out. I'd even be OK with America getting a jury vote. That would add another dimension to game-play. This season sucked becuase majority of the HGs rolled over and let Paul steam-roll his way to the end. Aside from eliminating the friendship bracelets and safety weeks the only way to have the season be different was with different HGs. Paul manipulated the house and in another season would have won. It happens. There are other F2s who should have won but didn't. The power of the jury can't be ignored. As for this season, the upset on finale night saved the season. IMO
  14. She has no self-awareness when she was scoffed at the by HGs in jury who questioned/laughed at her. It didn't help that she had Matt there to defend her pitiful stories/ideas. She doesn't read the mocking in the interviewers body language either. Which is sad to me becuase I want to see a questioning look on that clown face of realization something is going on; however, it is also comical because it shows her dillusions and stupidity. I'm hoping she goes on-line to see all her fans and gets a dose of reality...and I really hope we get to see the fall. But, I'm a biotch and I really shouldn't be excited about the impending crash she's going to face. That being said, I fear that she will be sheltered by momma and we won't see of her again (like how we never saw Ayran again).
  15. He's interesting. He had a handle on the game as demonstrated in his backyard interview...but, he also spent the game at his computer like the rest of us getting insights from other fans. What kind of a HG would he be in the house? He was in the house for two hours...yet still managed to get naked? Probably not the best way to secure your staying power. A bit to over-the-top and in-your-face.