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  1. 8:30 am HT Nicole slept in the round bed in the Target room and Holly and Jackson are not cuddling in their bed. The other feed is on the LR. Part 2 comp today and from the quick flash of it on the feeds looks like days comp.
  2. Hope it is days because Holly is not good at memory and Nicole is.
  3. Jackson sleeping on the couch while Holly and Nicole talk about the other HG. BB tells Jackson no sleeping he says just resting my eyes. They talk about going to bed because part 2 with Nicole v Holly is tomorrow. About 1 am Holly and Jackson got into a fuss about Holly wearing a see thru shirt to the DR. She went to bed and Nicole and Jackson stayed up till 3:30 talking about his need to be in the chairs F2.
  4. Now they are talking about the fight that Sis/Holly started when they told Nicole about hating Nick/Bella and Nicole told them and Nick almost put Jackson and Holly on the block that day. Holly knew while they were up in that room that it was her and Sis, when Bella and Nick were attacking Nicole that night Holly and Sis were watching and holding their breath and Nicole would never tell them it was her and Sis. And that is the reason Jackson slammed the door in her face, they was afraid she would come in and tell on them. They are also making fun of Sam for being up there all the time when he was not in the alliance. Now Jackson is talking about the fake alliance of 5 Christie, Sam, Nick, Bella, Tommy that was going to go after Jack and Jackson.
  5. BBAD 9 pm starts with Jackson beating Nicole at chess and her looking down from the tree house wearing an old floppy hat saying I am still here, Nicole with the showmance. Holly asks if any other showmance made it to F3 Nicole does not know of any ( the one we must not be speak and Erica was before she was born probably) Nicole says she is the 3rd wheel on the bicycle, the basket, or the bell on the bicycle. She says they are good people. When people remember BB21 that is what they way say Nicole with the showmance. Holly says it is a very funny threesome, Nicole says that does not sound good. Nicole says the #1 rule in BB is do not keep showmances. Evict back to back or broken up says Nicole. Holly tells her she looks very funny in her hat. Nicole makes fun of Jack/Sis and Nick/Bella Nicole makes fun of saying good bye to 13 of her lovers.
  6. Jackson cut up some more chicken for Holly to cook like last night then he asks Nicole to go upstairs to play chess, Holly says you always leave me alone to cook, he tries to hold her and kiss her. Nicole says mommie and daddy fighting are making me uncomfortable. Nicole and Jackson go up to feed the fish and play chess.
  7. BB wakes them up with 15,000 batteries were used this year for your mics. Then Nicole asks when are we going to tie-dye and Jackson says tomorrow. Nicole goes to the RV ranting there is nothing left to do. She will be tie dying with her parents on day 100. Holly tells Jackson she wants to walk out of the door with him Wednesday night, he says she has a job to do tomorrow, she is going to win it. Now they are kissing.
  8. 7 pm They got bored with cards and now snoring in the bathroom, all 3 passed out. Now Jackson is between Holly's legs kissing her hands that are laying on her crotch and Camera pans into Nicole's eyes to make sure she is asleep and not seeing this. Sounds like he is crying again and has his face burying between her legs.
  9. Jackson has to take a watermelon break while Holly and Nicole wait for him. He also finds the breakfast foods that Holly requested for tomorrow.
  10. Nicole and Holly went to SR and got the stuff Holly requested to make breakfast tomorrow. They are thanking BB. 6 pm They were playing cards at the table but the mirrors were showing their cards so they take it to the bathroom seats and the card game is Bull Shit, Holly keeps yelling BS and Jackson says it is not fun if she is playing like that. Nicole singing that the bathroom stool needs burned from upstairs that was used for many sex partners.
  11. 5 pm back to sleep and camera is showing the checkers board and the chess board.
  12. Jackson wants to get a black jeep so he can take the doors off. But he has to take care of some other stuff before he can get a car. Holly asks Nicole what she drives, she does not drive.
  13. Jackson and Holly moved to RV with Nicole and talking in bed. They can't wait to watch the jury talks. Nicole is scared they are talking about her.
  14. They posted his good bye message from Jackson but no final interview with Julie, I wonder who pulled it, Julie and Cliff both acted pissed at each other during the one on TV. She was raking him over the coals for being so stupid.
  15. Comps don't win the game. ask Tyler and Paul. This game is 90% social, Derrick won with social.
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