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  1. There's No Business Like Show Biz

    I agree glad it is all coming out and they are going to pay.
  2. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    Cody and Jessica going to Amazing race and Josh is now headed to Bold and Beautiful, dreading seeing Jessica on B&B next week already.
  3. HE wrote a big long Instant gram letter about all the things he did wrong, the black face, the bashing the poor little black girl, the snake act, attacking Cody about his service. They said he did not go the wrap party. Josh on the Talk said he wants to be friends with Paul after he gets over being mad. Christmas got really drunk at the wrap party.
  4. Could have, but he was the first in jury and the first to vote and she went backwards with Christmas who was in jury last and voted last pulled first.
  5. Remember when Dan won that picnic with the one girl that hated him the most in jury.
  6. Thanks Mewmom, I was not a fan of Josh but I did not want Paul to win this time, just like I did not want Nicole to win last time but she did because of some one just wanting a girl to win. I loved last night so much! So lost today without the feeds. Thanks JennKnee guess living with them for 3 months helped. Cody telling Mark/Elena he is keeping his word when he put his key in the slot, was weird, then people said he mouthed to Paul that he had won before Julie read his vote. I did not like Josh's play, I just related because Jess/Cody attacking him for being upset the first night and calling him fat, made me feel like Jess and Cody were the real bullies this year.
  7. Jessica's hair still looks like shit tonight, and Cody only won because Evel told her not to campaign for both of them or the votes would be split and the next person would win, so she gave up her AFH for him. Now he can get his car fixed and afford his new girlfriend for a minute. Then her and Cody's interview with Dr. Will telling him about Raven eating scabs and picking her butt, man Jessica is gross, I know we all saw it but Jessica announcing it on the interview. Will was having a hard time with the interviews last night, trying to keep it clean and entertaining and not knowing who some of the HGs were. But glad there was no stupid $1 gifts from Jeff.
  8. General House Analysis and Discussion

    I knew it, bitter jury, I am not for Josh but against Paul so I am happy!
  9. POLL: Who do you think WILL win BB19?

    Yes lots of cuddling but his only sex was himself. I am so glad he lost the part 3. Yes very bitter jury.
  10. POLL: Who do you think WILL win BB19?

    Last year at this time I was ranting against Nicole winning because she was a vet and she only won because she was a girl and she screwed around the whole time. This time a vet worked his ass off and did not have a showmance but was still a vet.
  11. Live Feed Recaps, Week 12 - Final Three

    And now the pets are back at 10 after Christmas cooked eggs and veggies and guess they will have to take them upstairs. That is it for BB19 till we see the show tonight. The first night of the feed was Josh crying and Jess/Cody attacking him and ends with Hugs from Paul/Josh/Christmas. Then a picture of Julie pops up reminding us to watch the show 8/7C and the winner will be crowned.
  12. Live Feed Recaps, Week 12 - Final Three

    Josh goes to the lounge alone and starts talking to the camera about what a great time he has had. Says he has cried all season and will probably cry tonight. Paul is playing with the POP jenga game. Then Paul interrupts his good bye and comes in to tell everybody till next time, maybe you will see me on BBOTT. Josh says no he would not do it again. He would come back in 3 years for full BB, he needs therapy before coming back. who knows how I will feel a month from now. Josh says is BBOTT really happening, no Paul does not know. He hopes Big Meech attacks Josh. Josh thinks his family is watching now, Paul says they are sleeping in a hotel right now. Josh shouts out to all his family. Hope he made everybody proud. Hope he made them proud with all the maddness this year. Christmas comes in and says she hopes her businesses are doing great. Her foot break was not fake. She is cooking. This has been the craziest and best summer of her life. Super fun.
  13. Live Feed Recaps, Week 12 - Final Three

    They go to the Camera in the kitchen and hug and say good bye, so sad! Now Christmas making coffee while Josh and Paul dance. Never had a final 3 so in love!
  14. Live Feed Recaps, Week 12 - Final Three

    Hey DC. Fish but right before, you could hear a woman's voice over the intercom and people think it was last year's HOH questions. Still sleeping in the dark. Now they are up and getting batteries getting ready to go to HOH.