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  1. Boy her and the Black guy going at it last week thinking because they are the same race they had to stand up for each other and then went after each other was shocking. But I am glad he is gone first, too bad it was not a double.
  2. Diary Room - Off-Topic Discussion

    That is sad Shyguy since most older people are the only ones with landlines they say seniors are not the most at risk of getting scammed. I hope it gets fixed and that business gets busted.
  3. BB20 House Discussion

    Brett was tweeting he is doing Bold and beautiful, he had on a t shirt and back ground. The tape so far in future we won't see him till Halloween.
  4. I just saw it too shock. Swaggy's was the one handing out caps with daddy on it that Faysal was wearing in his interview and Haleigh told he better not be.
  5. BB20 House Discussion

    I believe it too, makes me sick the way he bragged about it to the guys. When she sees all the crap he has done I doubt there will be a marriage. First BB baby in the HOH shower. Redemption with Paul/Jeff/Janelle/Howie/Kaysar/Tyler, that would be fun all those masterminds at work on each other. They could be the celebrities.
  6. BB20 House Discussion

    Bayleigh can't tell yet that she is pregnant but I think so and so did Ross and Marissa. Kaitlyn did lose Joe.
  7. The Final HOH

    Tweets was wanting to see his pain like Britney got, she cried for 24 hours.
  8. Live Feed Recaps Week 13 - Final Three

    After their speech, they start breakfast and coffee, Kaycee tells everybody to go to Hooters to see JC. Or Wendy's. JC is cold. Kaycee says happy hump day. Tyler says don't sing the real Tyler song to him. Then they are gone. Bye BB20!
  9. Live Feed Recaps Week 13 - Final Three

    And just like that they wake up the last night in BB house Tyler straightens his bed but the other two do not.
  10. BB20 House Discussion

    That is a good one. Funny things that have happened besides all the blind sides and Kaitlyn trying to put a puzzle together: Faysal breaking the sink. Haleigh using the hacker to put up Tyler, Haleigh winning HOH. Rockstar's baking show. Faysal using the veto *that Tyler gave him* to take Haleigh off the block and leave Kaitlyn on. Everybody keeps reminding me of others, Rockstar and Brett's fight. Rachel's blindside and how Julei interviewed her. Brett/Brent's exit with Julie Chen Moonves.
  11. Live Feed Recaps Week 13 - Final Three

    9 am HT Time to get up, lights are on but everybody is hiding under the pillows. BB tries to wake them up again and JC hits Tyler and Kaycee with pillows, HAPPY LAST DAY they all yell!!! JC wants eggs. Tyler is not cooking.
  12. The Final HOH

    BB does not want them to tell us to surprise us but they plan to tell him while the feeds are off so he won't be so upset, it killed them last night when he was saying that Sam and Steve and Scottie were just floaters like ghost then they considered him a floater too, he did not join either side when the 2 sides were making alliances he thinks that kept him free to get information from the other side but they know the other side was getting information from him too. So last night during the memory walk he was saying they never came up with an alliance name, but today they will tell him that they have a F2 and they had an alliance with Level 6 from day 1. It will break his little heart but he should have played harder.
  13. Live Feed Recaps Week 13 - Final Three

    Then they had a good bye at the counter to POP people and thanked us for watching and after all 3 had talked BB says is that all you got, so they had to add more. Tyler told everybody that want to play BB to try out, but if you hear a rumor that that JC is going to be back, wait till the next year. Then they played Kaycee's peanut song and the 3 of them grabbed the fake bar bells and sang it in front of the kitchen mirror, when Tyler hears how bad he sings then he will never sing it again, Then they begged for Rock star nachos. After that they went to bed and While Kaycee went to potty JC tried to whisper to Tyler maybe she will take you to F2 but you are never going to win against her, He wishes he had won part 2 so they could have went together then Tyler might have had a chance to win some money. He makes Tyler think he will be 2nd place with both of them. Julie Chen ( no Moonves here) so he must not watch it, did the final BBAD with finale speech for POP life is short BE GOOD and get some sleep, we will see you next year. Good Last day 7 am HT same as all week. Kaycee/Tyler in blue room, JC in the pink room in the middle bed so his head is across from Tyler. 3 more hours they get woke up to tell us good bye and move to the HOH, Then the feeds will be gone. Show hear at 8:30 after Survivor and after Mrs Moonves pulls out the key and announces a winner they run out and then she hand them their checks and after commercial comes back with the america's favorite pick. After that go to BB facebook page to see Ross/Marrisa interview all 16 of them on the back yard. Then we will see you here for the next 3 months of Survivor, have not heard when they are going to show the BB version of TAR yet. Then after the new year we are suppose to get a second round of Celebrity BB.
  14. The Final HOH

    Tyler and Kaycee call themselves the Coast-to-Coast I saw it on the closed cap last night, and they have their buns and headbands alike all the time so to show they are a duo. They are planning to tell JC right before the show so he will know he will not be picked, he has begged to know for sure before the show.
  15. Live Feed Recaps Week 13 - Final Three

    Then they went to the sky walk and played a game of foosball and JC/Tyler finally beat Kaycee. then to look at the fish and sitting down talking about Paul/Josh throwing a fit over their games up there and Jeff saying they did not have a sky walk. JC gets serious talking all the alliance names of the other side but says their side never made up an alliance name Kaycee and Tyler get really quiet and don't say anything to correct him, guess he will find out tomorrow night. They keep talking about hackers and back doors, and power apps. Lots of surprises for tomorrow night. They are getting tired and say that concludes the tour and that is the BB20 tour and start to get ready for bed. The camera shows the seats up there.