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  1. Sad to see Tori go especially with that Tribal last night, it is always going to be a cook out games from now on.
  2. I just read that Survivor stars Danny McCray, and Sarah Lacina won The Challenge spin off show beating all the ex BB players.
  3. I read Alyssa and David from BB are gone on the Challenge now, Is this one on Paramount, I just read about it? Tyler’s Angela still going strong, Tyson from Survivor still who they want to win.
  4. I love the way Jonathan is winning comps alone but hate his hair. Do not like Mary Anne. Love Tori, from OK a beauty queen, she saved herself really good a week ago.
  5. Just watched Janelles podcast and that was the topic, Todrick is such an idiot bragging about owning a $20 million house, having a you tube showing it off, the list of gifts he wanted which was really just a huge grocery shopping list he wanted his fans to go out and buy him a years supply of cat food. Then on CBB all that talk with Miesha about Renting it out while he was on tour. Now he is being sued for 2 months of back rent $60,000. Janelle and Mccraw ripped him a new one for that. Then they gave the spoilers for the Challenge All Stars, said Tiffany was voted out first, Xavier second, and the cook from the Cook out second, Said Alyessa and Derek X and David are still there from BB. Tyson from Survivor us who they are rooting to win.
  6. Should have known she couldn’t even come through with answers about the people she was with every day.
  7. Thank you. I am tired now, but so happy he only won second.
  8. Cynthia in bed raised up and told us good bye on another feed. Todrick's tour starts 3/12 singing and dancing and costumes would love for all his fans to come, even straight people a little drag won't hurt you. Black people white people, everybody turn up. HE hopes Miesha shows up at his Vegas show and he will pull her up on the stage. BUBBLES! Thank you Jesus. That is all she rode another season of fun and hopefully no Todrick in JUNE!! Join us to comment tonight after the finale!
  9. Feeds back to Todrick telling us good bye, he has had such a great time and he is such a super fan, and speaks for every super fan to see how it is in the real house and it is a lot harder then it looks. every week scared your face will be on the memory wall. You do not know how much you miss your phone and internet and go get what ever you want to eat. Miesha joins in and he lets her say hi to the kids. She thinks she looks terrible just waking up, he says he loves this woman and they had such a great time. She does not have her mic, BB tells her to put on her mic. Todrick asks his media people to record this and send to Johnny. He keeps repeating he is such a super fan and thinks Danielle sat on this toilet. Also Dani. Miesha back and joins in. She just wanted to ask Johnny to bring her an empty bag and 2 dresses she needs. Not for tonight but for press tomorrow something that she has not worn a million times already. Todrick thinks he might already be there. Todrick walking around talking about how great this game is and how great it is to be there, and getting people to trust you, and how you have to work hard to get to the F2 chairs, he is really hoping to get to the chairs at finale but he hopes it will be with Miesha since they have been together since the beginning. HE said watching Dani and Evel or Cody and Derrick make it to the end together. HE thought Cody was crazy for choosing Derrick, he would have won if he had chose Victoria, but when you fall in love with people you are working with. 24 hours a day at home goes by so fast but in here every minute is an hour. He was so excited to get play dough yesterday, HE is having the time of his life, he is ready to go home, if they offered him triple the money to stay another day he would turn it down to get out of her and He was about to leave after Shanna saved Carson. IT was like a netflix series and when they had to vote out Mirai and voted our Chris and Todd saving himself in a gold unitard. IT has been a lot of work, luck to get here. Walking out for the comps and not knowing what they are going to do to you today. HE is so happy he won an HOH and a veto, a punishment and everything he wanted to do but Zing bot and Otev, and slip and slide. He also wanted to do the bowling ballerina one too, IF he would be invited back to do all stars he would. Miesha does not think she could come back, Todrick can't wait to hear his mother's voice. HE is so excited and wants to have a cast party after the show but does not know when they will be released. HE does not know if his house has burned down, it feels so wild not knowing anything, he left his house 1/26 and it is all a blur. HE advertises his tour again.
  10. 9:45 am he lost about 15 games against himself and now he is back in the bathroom shuffling the damn cards while he paces the floor repeating his speech over and over again. Bubbles, I think it is time for the girls to get up and say good bye and head to the HOH for FINALE NIGHT!!
  11. Todrick goes to the clock room and wakes up Miesha and says it is 9 am, he gets the damn cards and back to the kitchen table to shuffle the damn cards.
  12. Todrick to the DR, then back out and again pacing around the LR repeating his speech over and over in his whispering, He knows this game like the back of his hand. He has loved it for 23 years. He never was on the block, he has blood on his hands.
  13. Todrick goes to microwave and tries to time himself goes over, it is going to be a long one. But it is about himself and they have all heard it a million times already. He lays in the eviction chairs in LR still practicing looking straight at the camera. just read Todd’s interview with Heavy and he is so mad he wants Miesha to even lose her fight next month, he heard how bad they were talking about him as soon as he got home and he is pissed. He says todrick won’t get any jury votes. Lamar said the same, he got sick of hearing Todrick talking about himself.
  14. 8 am Todrick is up pacing again, in the sky bridge whispering his speech He came into this game with a plan, it's a dream come true, blood on his hands every single week even though he wasn't even HOH. He was inspired to come on the show, he is a young black gay man and wants to show others they can play this game too. The girls are still sleeping. He goes to look over the ledge.
  15. Midnight 2/23/22 last day. More talk about Chris and Shanna backstabbing them, then a big deal about straight men are taught not to cry, so they can’t admit they are wrong. Shanna was going to take out Carson. Teddi was so pissed first HOH that Miesha gave Todrick a deal to drop but refused to make a deal with her. Cynthia says she does not make house calls but she went up to tell Miesha not to trust Chris Kirkpatrick. Todrick says they argued about him backstabbing them and their fight but never says anything about bringing his son into it to two mothers who might not like that.
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