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  1. After listening to Enzo rant all night i am glad he made it to F2 and now no votes. But he got enough money to get his ass hole fixed and move out of moms house, Cody too. Nicole will have to get a real job now. Happy for Davonne too.
  2. Enzo says he is going to have to go to the doctor about his skin condition when he gets out of there. He is pale and skinny. Cody says 2 minutes till feeds are down and wonders if they get laundry time when the feeds go down. Enzo makes a joke that they have enjoyed being able to see inside our houses too. And that is all she wrote the feeds are down for BB22 All stars. Can't wait for the finale tonight!! Love you Hamster Time. com!! Tsy and Magpie and Mrs G!!! Thank you all for such a fab BB home!
  3. They all agree their first seasons they had the back yard a lot more then this time. Cody says 9 days ago was when we saw the sun. We won't see the sun today either. They talk about John Lennon's son and Ozzie Osborn's songs about the sun. Ozzie's real life show. the Osbornes. that was the first of the reality shows. Cody screams Sharon!! Enzo thinks Cody needs meds to calm him down like they give to kids.
  4. Stars and Enzo asks what to tell them and HE is sorry for hiding the BB all stars Enzo all season. Enzo is sorry for the bad accents that we had to hear and Cody says he is not sorry. Enzo thinks he is a part of Cody's accents and wants credit for them. Nicole thinks they are funny. Cody says BB messed out on all the fun times when they were outside and the feeds were not on them. They make fun of Laundry time!! They know the feeds were not on them then. Enzo says he had a lot of fun this time. This final 3 was awesome. Cody says Enzo slept 65 per cent of the time.
  5. Enzo finally up and Cody says hello poopy pants. Cody tells him it is the end of the feeds and Enzo says what does that mean to us, and Cody says nothing. Enzo gets some coffee, Cody says very good coffee made by me. You can tell these people have never watched live feeds especially the last day when others who have watched give us a good show for the last day, someone just posted a video of Vanessa/Steve/Julia standing in front of the cameras and thanking us for being fans. The good old days, this year the all stars are playing back gammon and complaining about us.
  6. Cody goes to get Enzo and his sunglasses. Now they are starting a game of backgammon again. HE says playing against himself has made him better he smoked Nicole yesterday she says no you didn't you only won by 1. He keeps sucking back his snot and complaining about doing it.
  7. Nicole and Cody talking about Enzo not being able to sleep last night and was up most of the night. Cody talks about how loud he is in the mics and Nicole says out loud chewing n the mics. Cody keeps calling Enzo but he is not coming. She says the feeds shut off at 10, he thinks 9:50 He must get out of the house and get double shots tonight, he is dying inside. He is complaining there is nothing to eat today, they are out of everything. She guesses she will drink his coffee. He says here comes a sneeze it is going to hurt, and it was a baby sneeze. Stars again while they try to get Enzo out of bed.
  8. Cody talks about getting an A in the speaking class and she says plus you are an actor and he realizes he forgot to make coffee while he was cooking. She does not like how he makes it too strong, Cody says Nicole is so picky. She is the pickiest. Cody says it is finale night. HE has to eat and shower and get ready for the live show. But they woke them up to say good bye to the live feeds. HE says on a scale of 1-10 how much do you like Nicole, She says leave me out of it and says how much will you miss Cody, do a separate twitter poll asking how much you will miss us. Cody says 20 minutes what else would you like to say. He is sorry for his sucking snot. She is sorry for picking wedges, she brought the wrong under wear and they all go up her butt. She says shut the feeds down now.
  9. Cody says we will be saying good bye to the live feeds and Nicole says she is terrified to find out how much they hate her. She hates speaking to the Live show. She only likes small groups. Cody loves public speaking he has been practicing all his life for this.
  10. Cody says crazy wild day in BB house, one person gets to win and 2 loses. He is complaining about the house being such a mess, it is not going to be us cleaning it. We are so lazy and other people are going to have to clean. She says they are just going to throw it all away, the bottle is coming off the pans. HE says what if it is chilly outside for the stage, Julie will be freezing her butt off. Nicole thinks it is warm outside He says we have not been outside for 15 days. She does feel like a hamster. He feels like a lab rat. His lab rat name is ch54 and hers nf44.
  11. Nicole and Cody in the kitchen, he is talking in his funny accents, Nicole is cold blooded and she is a snake, he is freezing and she is loving the cold house. She tries to say she is a cute bunny. HE says she is a snake that is the size of the LR. He says this shirt stinks and smells like garlic and has eggs on and he has worn it for 7 days. She asks him why he got up and he says to pee, They turned the lights on early to wake us up, and she says they are still working outside. What is going on out there. HE says what are they building. She says what if the jury is outside, he says a whole stage, that is so possible. that is thinking out side the box. HE is thinking inside the box and Nicole is thinking outside the box.
  12. stars again and Cody gets up and goes to the bathroom. Brushing teeth and wetting hair. Nicole up and goes to change her batteries. Then she goes to the bathroom to start to get ready.
  13. Enzo up and goes to the SR to change his batteries. Then to the kitchen and to the bathroom. Then he goes back to bed.
  14. Cody goes to SR for the last time to change his batteries. Has his hoodie over his head and goes to the kitchen and sees the time and then goes back to bed after he just made it. He must have forgot last day and good byes.
  15. Cody gets up and puts on his skin tight green sweat pants he has worn 99 per cent of the time this 85 days and makes his bed.
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