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  1. Live Feed Recaps, Week 3 - HOH: Scottie

    4 am HT Sam is crying all by herself in the bathroom trying to hide from cameras. I don't know if it is nicotine, have not, power app, being home sick. She was cleaning the kitchen and had made more slop cupcakes. Kaycee went to the bathroom and said hi to her and asked if she was ok. Sam went to the potty and the camera stayed on the vacant sigh on the door then she came out and went to the have not room where Brett is snoring. BBAD Bayleigh asked JC if he was a midget or a drawf and he got mad and told her he was tested and not either, he is 5 ft tall and just a short man, he said using those terms is just as bad as the N word, they go to the lounge and argue over his use of the n word and that is not allowed and everybody was listening thru the door. Then he comes out and goes to the DR and loses his voice from all the arguing.
  2. Live Feed Recaps, Week 3 - HOH: Scottie

    Kaycee just went up and came down. Now Rachel is climbing the wall, must be a must do today or something. JC is eating a banana with brown sugar. Sam is making some thing with slop. Brett and Winston on the sofa. Everybody else up in HOH. Haleigh gets called to read and puts on her gown and stands by the HOH door and reads.
  3. Live Feed Recaps, Week 3 - HOH: Scottie

    12:45 pm Rockstar is stuck on the rock wall, She is begging for a ladder, Sam and fessie are trying to talk her down. Fish. Back and she is still up there and everybody is watching and trying to talk her down. Tyler and Scottie upstairs looking down and the girls down looking up. She is screaming and yelling she can't and finally she lets go and comes down and everybody yells she did it, she is sorry.
  4. Live Feed Recaps, Week 3 - HOH: Scottie

    11:50 am Feeds mediation with Kaitlyn and Scottie and the camera goes crazy from the spirits. Rachel is rubbing Brett's back, Sam is having Tyler, Fessie is in the kitchen with Angelia. Bayleigh sleeping in pink room with Hal and JC.
  5. Live Feed Recaps, Week 3 - HOH: Scottie

    Brett is talking to Sam in the have not about her power on him. She tells him not to worry everybody is keeping him. Fessie is climbing the rock wall while Winston watched. Bayleigh sleeping and JC sleeping while the camera keeps an eye on them. Sam has Tyler laying down in the BR and washing him,looks like she is going to shave him, yes she is shaving him and Kaycee and Rockstar are watching. Kaitlyn and Scottie upstairs rubbing her scents on her wrists and smelling them to calm down. Oh no Scottie got them in his eyes.
  6. BB20 House Discussion

    So if next week Bayleigh uses her power to change the nominations to Tyler, and Tyler uses his power to take himself off, and then the evicted person competes and wins to come back, next week will be weird.
  7. Live Feed Recaps, Week 3 - HOH: Scottie

    9:45 am HT Fish and now lights are on. Fessie and Winston talking in the blue room. Have not everybody still in their dishes moaning from a hard days night. Kaitlyn comes in and climbs in dish with Tyler and rubs his head. Now Haleigh comes in and curls up with Brett in his dish. Horney girls. Fessie and Kaitlyn go to SR to change batteries and she is wrapped around him in the SR, he pries her off and leaves. Now Rockstar is in the pink room telling Bayleigh/Haleigh/JC all about it. Scottie just talked to Brett in SR about Sam's power and Tyler knowing since week 1. Brett goes to HN to tell Tyler and Scottie is pacing around in circles in SR alone talking to himself. Scottie is mad that Tyler made a big lie to tell Kaitlyn about Sam's power. Brett wants Sam to use the powers on him and Scottie does not want his week messed up.
  8. Live Feed Recaps, Week 3 - HOH: Scottie

    Sam is up in the kitchen alone wrapped in a blanket drinking water at the counter, she looks like she is already going thru nicotine withdrawals just hours after losing the back yard. Sam finally took some more blankets to the have not and tried to fix her dish to sleep in. Angelia complained about her dish and her stomach from the slop. More BBAD Rachel/Bayleigh/Rockstar comparing notes, Rachel heads straight to Brett/Winston and they all knew about Kaitlyn and said the thing she did before the feeds was worst. Then Bayleigh straight to Sam to find out more about her power, then Rock star straight up to HOH to talk to Scottie about Tyler. Sam went to Tyler about Kaitlyn telling everybody about her power and they agreed to tell her that it expires this week and Kaitlyn almost cried that they can't use it on her next week. (unless she is evicted then she will automatically get to try to come back)
  9. Live Feed Recaps, Week 3 - HOH: Scottie

    7 am HT 2 feeds of have not and the dish people are Tyler/Brett Angelia and Sam. Puke room has Bayleigh with someone, Fessie and JC, Rockstar and a girl. (Kait/Hal) Not shown is HOH - Scotty, blue room would have Winston/Kaycee/Rachel. Lots of moving around in the walls. Scotty got his snap chat glasses yesterday but could not get them to work. All that is left is the blog and lots of deciding who stays Thursday. 2 days of locked in and that. Last night Scotty and Rock star figuring out Tyler/Kaitlyn and Sam twirling Bayleigh's hair and figuring out Tyler/Kaitlyn. Bay did tell her that she got power too, and that Someone (Tyler) told Kaitlyn that if she did not vote to keep Sam the first week Sam's power would evict her whole side, Kaitlyn only voted to keep Sam to save all the people's lives. Sam is upset that everybody knows about her power and she is a target. Neither know what they did to get the power from the people something we all at HT are wondering too.
  10. POLL: Week 3 - Eviction Prediction

    I wished it was double eviction.
  11. Live Feed Recaps, Week 3 - HOH: Scottie

    Kaycee just took a shower in HOH and now talking to Scottie with a towel on her head. Hesaid he could trust her because he never sees her talking to anyone, (tried to make an alliance) but she let him know she was with a side, he thought she met the Rockstar but she said no they did not want me. Girls are in the hammock and guys are working out.
  12. BB20 House Discussion

    She tried and Bayleigh does not trust the girls and really wants to work alone. Haleigh and Kaitlyn can't stay away men.
  13. Live Feed Recaps, Week 3 - HOH: Scottie

    Clips started at noon, time for veto meeting. Feeds are back Scottie did not use the veto, Bros still on the block together, They will not campaign against each other. Everybody back to normal in the house.
  14. Live Feed Recaps, Week 3 - HOH: Scottie

    Scottie called to DR must be about time for veto meeting. Rock star goes to HOH bathroom to see what Kaitlyn told Scottie. Winston and Brett out working out, so is Kaycee. Kaitlyn goes out to lay by Tyler and says Scottie already knew it all, He wonders how Scottie knew.
  15. Live Feed Recaps, Week 3 - HOH: Scottie

    Kaitlyn tells Scottie that Steve was her dad, he asks you actual dad, no just like a dad. then she tells him she was the vote even though she loved him like a dad. Now into all her sad story while he listens. She is so mad at America for not giving her the power this week after all she did last week, Scottie said he tried to get it too. Now he is asking if Sam can save her from a back door. She does not know.