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  1. I don't remember who won in Dec. I got slow old bad. But they are so dirty when we see them once a week that on finale they look like totally different people so when they name the winner we have no idea who they are.
  2. I was following him on FB thru all his cancer and Jenna stuff. I am glad he is free of her and cancer and back to play again.
  3. Didn't the twins do TAR too? She looked like she was going to hit Amber when she woke her up.
  4. Sandra has a belly too. Rob was catching a ton of fish for her when he wasn't building a two bedroom hut so he didn't have to hear her snoring. Can't wait till they all start complaining about her snoring in their camp this year. I have had too much of Sandra hope Rob can get rid of her. So funny about the poker games heard Jeff has them too.
  5. Must have touched a production person after Tribal. Glad the asshole is gone and not coming back. CBS gets another creep just like Julie's old man. She is tweeting about being at NBC tonight with SNL.
  6. Great recap I have to watch the show again after TMZ and twitter went crazy over Dan's crap.
  7. Exactly thought of Havey first thing. He is sick monster.
  8. Watched his backyard interview with Rob and Taron and he denied eating in the shower, they just changed the subject. I hope he gets to see all his faults on line..
  9. So happy Ronnie is gone, total ass hole.
  10. Thanks I love HT! And I love recapping here. So funny the very last thing on the show was Jackson trying to tell his mom and dad I am not racist. Boy you showed your true colors for the past 99 days. Hopefully next BB22 will be fans and not racist/recruits and no more showmances. My eyes from all this sex this past summer. Love you all!
  11. Glad they got Holly and Sis on the Bullying, Mean girl crap too. Jack and Jackson and Nick for all the racist crap too and being so horrible to women was also brought out at the round table. So sad there is not backyard interviews unless you got TVCO but I can't get it on my old phone. ipad. lap top. Oh well I would not be able to understand JC either.
  12. Boy his cheeks show it all, he had his ass handed too for his crap. I hope his parents get him into help fast.
  13. Thanks for the site and all the fun this summer.
  14. Banner with some other music now, saying stream the finale tonight. Well that is it for BB21 till tonight. Hope you all enjoyed and will be here for Survivor too.
  15. Holly still shouting out to her friends. Nicole singing morning poop, poop particle couch, hopefully it will be thrown out today. Nicole says This has been a crazy road I miss my family day 99 This has been a once in a lifetime tremendous opportunity, I hope I have made you all proud. or some of you proud. And to all those little girls out there who think they are too quirky or weird, I am here to prove that you are wrong. Nicole says 99 days ago I was girl with a dream, Today I am a girl whose dream has come true. And still coming true. No limitations, no regrets F3 of BB21 whether I am 3rd, 2nd or 1st, it has been an honor and privilege to be here. Nicole says Long Island strong, Anthony Strong, All day everyday and end of the feeds.
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