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  1. Kat goes to SR and tells Sis that Jessica thinks Cliff will put up Christie and Nick since they put him up. Then she goes to the bathroom and tells Tommy and Jack, They whisper and she says we have the numbers. Nick comes in. Bella goes to put her shoes in the RV room, I wonder if she is kicking Tommy out of their old bed and sleeping next to Nicole tonight.
  2. Jessica/Kat/Nicole hugging saying Cliff already told them they are not going up. Nicole called to DR upstairs Christie asks why she says some of her luggage is missing. Kat and Jessica think it will be Nick and Christie since they put him on the block.
  3. Christie knows she is going up, Jack says he is going up, Tommy says do not worry till after the veto comp. Tommy says before the comp he said he would put up Jessica and Kat to keep peace. Jack is saying it was my comp to win, Tommy says it was his turn to win, Jack and Christie has both won HOHs and Powers. Christie says we all lost. Tommy says he deserved to win. Christie says she put him up her week and she heard his conversation. Jack is ready to explode. Christie says it is a game, we are not going to win every comp. Tommy hugs Jack and says we go forth. We are fine. He still does not have the votes to get one of us out.
  4. Sam says Christie you said you was bored, She says not this week. Nick is really in a panic. it is all over his face, have not seen Bella yet, she was so sure Nicole was going to win, Christie was just yelling at Cliff about his Cliff notes, I wonder who is going up on that block tomorrow. He has 11 20 years old to choose from, 2 that put him on the block, 6 that voted him out. Yes going to be a different week but there are still 2 powers. Nick tells Tommy I nominated 3 people this week, I am in trouble, I got to win the veto. Bella is at the table eating but has not said a word. Tommy goes to the bedroom to try to calm Christie down.
  5. Cliff puts on his hat and says there is a new Sheriff in town and his name is CLIFF HOGG! You can just call me BOSS! Mic Drop. Boss Hogg. Every body is going crazy with Gifs of Dukes of Hazzard. Bo and Luke are in trouble now. Cliff is still walking around the kitchen, drinking a coke out of a champagne glass. Now alone in the LR. He can't sit down he is so hyped up. Jack is doing dishes with a rage and shirt less. Sam still wearing his Santa hoodie.
  6. Cliff in SR HELL YES Day 30, let's call this victory dance #2, he is dancing around the SR. HE is dancing alone now but he bets he has fans out there happy for him. He says YOU DO NOT TELL ME I can't do it. I love them all but there are targets out there, IT is going to be a different game this week. Sharon kids, I love you so much. Cliff comes out of the SR and Jack at the door. Jack is one pissed off piece of crap right now. Just like David was at the end of the show, beat by a 54 year old man. David said Cliff beat him twice. Cliff goes to target room and goes thru his bags looking for something and then does some kind of celebration that was weird.
  7. Jessica and Cliff talking and saying Ovi is going to be so proud of him. Christie says CLifff gets to see Sharon and kids. Cliff says he is going to cry reading his letter. Everybody is eating.
  8. Tommy eating, no key. Sam is happy no key. CLIFF has the key!!
  9. Feeds back Jack is pissed, Jackson trying to calm him down, talking about HIM, so must be Sam. Jack knew the answers, but he beat me heads up, that was my GAME.
  10. Nick called to DR and feeds go to the pets, so now get them on that wall and give us the feeds back. Feeds still at pets, BBAD has a banner that says house guests are wrapping up a competition and has the HG interviews on, Tommy talking about his Broadway show, he is loud and wants to have a good time.
  11. Christie telling Bella it was last minute, Bella says it is not smart game play. Christie says she is not a good player, it was shit game player. Christie says you are right, I don't know what I am doing. IT could be something that just hurts me. Bella thinks it would be nice if we are a 9 but we have to have conversations.
  12. Bella says Nicole is going to win the Wall comp. She asks if Christie wins will she put up Nick. Tommy doesn't know, thinks they want Cliff out. Christie lies to Sam that they want Cliff out. Jessica/Nicole are whispering. Everybody is waiting for the Comp, and Julie did say it would be on the feeds so maybe when the BBAD starts at 10, one more hour.
  13. Sis is still upset that Cliff said he would go after her to get Jack. Jack is up with Nick and Nick is saying he will not going running back to Bella with any information. Tommy hugs Nicole and says you were not going down for something you did not do and then Bella wants to talk to him in the target room. He does his fancy stepping. Jessica/Kat are talking about letting Nicole win HOH so she can get back at Nick and Bella.
  14. Cliff asks Sis why they went after him, she runs to get Christie, Christie says she heard him say he was going after the couples when he was doing his Cliff notes. She has already spoke to him about it, He felt like an out cast and he is sure he said something about splitting up the couples. Cliff knows that if he sent one of them home he would have 7 more coming after him. He knows he screwed up.
  15. Christie up in Tree house talking to Sam. Tommy in Target talking to Cliff. Kat comes up and they tell her they are almost done. Jack and Jackson/Holly in the boat, they want to get to the HOH and play BB now. Jackson says Jessica is freaking out that she was not told too.
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