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  1. Live Feed Recaps Week 13 - Final Three

    6:30 am Sleeping Kaycee/Tyler blue room, JC in pink. BBAD JC went to the pink room pissed that BB did 2 endurance physical comps instead of one mental one like he thought they did (he would not have been able to do Evel Dick's final 2's either, he can't swim, he would never have been able to stand on a tree stump and jump over a rabbit, that rabbit would have taken him out.) Finally he came out of the room to talk to Tyler again and Tyler tried to calm him down but JC is pissed at production.
  2. Live Feed Recaps Week 13 - Final Three

    They are wearing t-shirts that has a wall on the back. JC is complaining about his clothes not letting him stretch and Tyler says he warned him but JC wanted to be in fashion instead of work out clothes. They hope there is a lock down tomorrow. They want to go out and never come back. The front of the shirts says I climbed Mount Evictus and all I got was this lousy shirt. They got their cheap booze out again from the brunch. Tyler leaves and JC smiles at Kaycee and She tells him that he did good, Tyler is back. JC says he loves you guys but after looking at you for 99 days I am sick of you. JC counts off Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, is all they got. Camera close up on his face with a cap on looks like a boy but when he takes his hat off he looks like a nasty old man. As soon as JC goes to the potty then Kaycee gives Tyler their hand signs 2 and love.
  3. Live Feed Recaps Week 13 - Final Three

    Tyler says he knew there would be a rock climbing comp, since it was part of the living room, they saved it for the last one. JC is not happy, Kaycee and Tyler are. Now the feeds are back and Kaycee says she missed Sam on the first question but she was flying up that wall, that is why JC lost he had the answers but he only made 12 trips and she mad 15. Now they want to know when is Finale, Tyler says they don't want them to be prepared she says she wants to be packed and her clothes ready. She was pacing the kitchen now she is sitting on the stairs saying she did not care that she lost her voice and her shoulders hurt she forgot all about it when she started her comp.
  4. Live Feed Recaps Week 13 - Final Three

    6 pm finally the comp is starting and the reruns. BBAD STARTED and they have the show, KAYCEE won, she told JC he did good.
  5. Live Feed Recaps Week 13 - Final Three

    JC making fun of Tyler's arm pits saying his deodorant makes white beads under their on his hair. JC wants him to shave his pits, Tyler says you are the one that loves my pits, remember? JC makes fun of Haleigh's stomach too and then says she had the best belly in the house and loved to tease her. They are going thru the cast to bash them all.
  6. Live Feed Recaps Week 13 - Final Three

    Tried of the orange sofa in the LR, now they are in the lounge making BB on the intercom yell at them for everything they say and do and laughing they are getting tired of waiting but Tyler reminded them the F1 comp was at 10:30 pm. They want to get it over and so do we, want to know who goes against Tyler Wednesday. There was a leak from the round table last night of Haleigh just a second on BBAD and everybody trying to figure out if Faysal or Brett next to her, would be funny if she was between them both. They just released all their paintings they are doing too and Haleigh's fans are putting vote for Brett over her painting to upset the Haleigh/Faysal fans. Tyler goes to the bathroom with mic on and comes back with the time 4:55. They are so bored and boring.
  7. Live Feed Recaps Week 13 - Final Three

    JC asks Tyler if he was in DR talking about Angela and how bad you feel she is gone. Tyler says yes. JC called to DR and he says you don't have to ask me anything about Angela. He will say Next question. JC and KC alone he was telling her that Angela would never give him a vote. KC wishes there was a live feeds in jury, and I said we have wanted it for 20 years.
  8. Live Feed Recaps Week 13 - Final Three

    4 sitting in the LR waiting for comp and Tyler gets called in and back out and says nothing yet, then fish again.
  9. Live Feed Recaps Week 13 - Final Three

    BB busts JC for singing again and JC says about time you wake up Bob, it is 2 pm we are suppose to be awake from 10-10, BB says Sorry. Tyler says we are going to sit here and wait till you guys tell us it is Finale, and BB says you are not allowed to talk about production.
  10. Live Feed Recaps Week 13 - Final Three

    Tyler and Kaycee going thru all the exes lockers on the BR walls and finding a bunch of stuff the others left. Tyler is making eggs and talking about Angela making slop and stirring it for hours. Kaycee putting away clean dishes and JC in bed tells her she is being too loud, so she bangs the pans in his face and he calls her Rockstar.
  11. Live Feed Recaps Week 13 - Final Three

    Tyler brings a lot of toilet supplies from the SR to the potty room then loads up a bunch of trash to take back to the SR, he is our tall Sammy. JC and KC went back to bed waiting is a killer, especially when it has half a mill on the line. There is a million dirty towels that Tyler put in the SR so hopefully they will wash them since they don't have the washer or outside. Kaycee asks him questions about Kaitlyn putting up Scottie/Winston. Day 25?
  12. Live Feed Recaps Week 13 - Final Three

    Kaycee tried to exercise but her shoulder is still bad. So now she is doing the days of comps and evictions with M&Ms on the little table in the lounge. JC is awake in the pink room still thinking of the comps too. Tyler comes in to help her study.
  13. Live Feed Recaps Week 13 - Final Three

    10 am Wake up call, Kaycee sitting in front of memory wall, JC has his eyes open in the pink room. Tyler sleeping, BB got him up to change batteries and pee then back to bed. JC is up talking to Kaycee in the kitchen. Waiting for 2nd comp. JC says it does not matter who wins the 2nd one they can both beat him in the 3rd. HE goes back to bed and Kaycee goes to feed the fish. Now exercising. ON BBAD Tyler told JC/KC about the other side's alliance names Four of us till the end FOUTTE, and then when Bayleigh joined they had another name I had never heard BB illuminati then after Swaggy was gone and Scottie joined then it became the Hive. (They did not tell JC about the Level 6, I am sure that will be on the F2 to the jury) JC was not impressed by any talk of alliances since he never had one. Sam is on the BBAD saying expect the unexpected and she was unexpected, Angela's is talking to the stuffed Owl.
  14. Live Feed Recaps Week 13 - Final Three

    7 am 2 feeds on the blue room with Tyler and Kaycee, one on the pink room with JC and one on the Memory wall, how funny the F3 are together in the top corner of the 2nd side of the pictures, Bayleigh's is the 4th one and in B/W. Today if the 2nd comp of the 3 for JC/Kaycee to compete in to give us our F2 to vs Tyler in the F3 on Finale night. BBAD Tyler went in to cook fish and veggies when they were called to SR to find a big basket full of pampering items because of the endurance comp that hurt them all. One thing was that wire head thing that sent goose bumps down Tyler's back and JC's head was too big for it. They got face masks and mists and foot roller ball. I wished I had it. They ate and went to bed.
  15. Live Feed Recaps Week 13 - Final Three

    Tyler goes to tell Kaycee that JC is making comments that if Kaycee gets to F2 she will win. They they start studying the days together, and BB busts them covering their mics. Tyler is bored so he is going to cook steaks this time, chicken for lunch big huge breakfast now steaks. JC is hanging out alone in the lounge.