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  1. Oh how bad I wanted that glass table to crash and send Cody out bleeding. Yay! The clown is gone now too. So glad they moved the interview chairs where they can walk around behind instead of in front of Julie.
  2. And back to the pets at 2 pm
  3. Cody eating pasta at the table beside Elena eating corn flakes. and he is talking about taking family pictures at Christmas when they are all fat and pale. Scraping the plate too. Elena called to DR she says they relocated her stuff.
  4. Josh does not want Paul to make him look like a dick head ( he must have seen Paulie last year ) Jason has to go potty and Paul and Josh are right in front of the BR door. Kevin and Raven watching. Christmas doing her makeup in the mirror. Mark drinking a protein shake comes in to see what is happening.
  5. Paul just scared the crap out of Jason. Paul and Kevin in the have not room whispering and then about clothes to wear tonight and cutting hair. Josh comes in and Paul takes his little boy to the BR to cut his hair.
  6. Scraping the bowls are horrible. Paul called to DR must need to give the bosses new instructions for the comps tonight. No Jason has not showered all week and that costume has not been washed or even removed either. Kevin tried to get him to go in the pool long enough for Kevin to wash it but Jason said no he could not take it off or wash it, I saw him drying the shorts one morning with hair dryer, he has to reek now. When he does the comps tonight I hope they let them change. Raven is ready for the show.
  7. Hi DC. Paul tells Josh he is cutting his hair short so he won't have to do it again for 3 weeks, sounds like me talking to my 3 year old. Now they are arguing with his about dishes and BB tells him to stop horsing around, safety first. Josh says he took two tums. Josh starts singing and BB makes Jason do his yell.
  8. 1 pm feeds are back, Kevin shaving in the BR with a lot of company. Cody is in one of the side mirrors trimming his hair. Paul cleaning his nose hole. Elena and Mark in red room.
  9. Just as Paul started talking about them on the feeds and how much Josh reminds him of Victor going after Nicole while she was fake showmancing with Corey, the way Jose goes after Elena in front of Mark to piss him off, then these pictures of Victor/Nicole started showing up, it will be a surprise for Paul.
  10. Kevin got the salt with his coffee and spit it out and left the cup on the wall over the landing, camera pans in on the coffee cup. Paul's team (Alex/Jason/Christmas/Josh) is up on the landing/camp site getting last minute DE information while ones in the middle are down stairs Kevin/Matt/Raven. Cody at the table eating slop and lost Matt/Elena on feeds. 10:30 the cats comes out to play so HOH lock down might not be back later.
  11. Alex taking the rest of the hot dogs down stairs to the others that would be Christmas/Raven/Matt at the counter. Cody in the BR with Mark and Elena. Josh is complaining about Cody snoring/talking in his sleep. HE also heard them in the rose room talking about Alex after the hot dogs last night.
  12. 8 am HT Cody is up making coffee. He drinks his coffee black no sugar. He used Josh's coffee mug for some reason guess to stir up crap on his last day. Maybe he will use the sugar/Salt for slop later. Now talking a shower. 9 am Fish wake up time for show day. Matt is up cleaning out his nose in the camera. Josh comes out of the potty to wash his hands at the same time Cody is getting out of shower. Alex is packing up her stuff from HOH bathroom. Bugle and she has to make hot dogs. Jason and Josh go up to wait with her for a hot dog.
  13. 6:30 am HT 2 feeds on rose room Matt/Raven and Mark/Elena 2 feeds on Money room where I see Cody, but I think Josh is in Alex's bed because he is gasping for breath in his sleep sounds like a bad case of apnea. TODAY is the day, Cody's last day, everybody giving him a raspberry when he talks and he promises a surprise in his speech, who will he call out? Double eviction new HOH/new nominations/new veto and 2nd surprise eviction who will it be? Then no feeds for 24 hours, what will we do? That part sucks. Surprise Friday night show to save CBS's Friday night ratings.
  14. Christmas went in HN and told Paul that Kevin was in the BR talking to Cody while he showered. Paul/Christmas/Kevin/Jason/Josh up stairs watching Alex cook the hot dogs. Cody back in rose room with Elena, they hope it is not a double tomorrow because he wants to be alone for a week in jury and she does not want to be a target again. Alex had to deliver hot dogs to Elena/Mark/Cody in rose room and they were all reading Bibles when she went in there and she thought it was attacking her religion for them to be doing that, Cody tried to say because he was bored, but they got into a big fight over. She went back upstairs to the others, they laid in the floor talking about boxer matches that Kevin knows about probably because he used to be a bookie. Then Alex went back to HOH with Matt.Raven bashing Elena/Cody more. Alex knows that Elena is lying about not having a job or car and money, her mom has a lot and sheElena spends a lot of money on plastic surgery but lies to them and tells them she needs hip surgery and throat surgery. Paul/Kevin/Jason/Christmas went to lounge to tell jokes for a while. Alex came down to the lounge to talk about Double Eviction last season and Nicole/Davonne all super aggressive last season. Elena and Mark came to the kitchen and she ate a giant bowl of ice cream first time she came out all day. While they were out of the room Matt.Raven messed around. Elena has been pouring ice out to get back at Alex and Alex is watching her on the spy cam. Christmas and the others are going to do raspberries and thumbs down (Kevin calls it the Bronz Cheer) while Cody gives his speech which we know he has a big surprise ready to blow up the house tonight. Jason is worried that Josh will screw it up. One of the BBAD questions who will take over as the Alpha when Cody leaves and the guess was Alex. Another question which showmance will last the longest, Jody 60% Maven 40% and Marlena got nothing. Alex hides the sugar and pours salt in the sugar dispenser for Cody's coffee tomorrow. Kevin tells Jason that Alex does not need to be HOH anymore she gets crazy up there. Alex has noticed that Kevin is always putting Paul down then adding but I love the guy.
  15. The plan to trap Kevin is in force, Christmas just told Alex that he has made a final 2 with her/Josh/Paul/Alex/Jason and he has been talking to Mark/Elena/Cody. Josh sleeping in HOH, Matt/Raven still laying around in there watching the spy cam. Alex/Christmas sitting in the kitchen. Bugle and Alex has to go upstairs and put up the tent and cook the hot dogs. Jason is so excited he is screaming extreme and dancing around. Make me a hot dog. Elena in the rose room says if Josh gets America's favorite she is moving to Canada.