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  1. The Amazing Race - Season 31

    Who lost we had weather reports?
  2. Love Your Hamster Watchers

    Thank you both, I hope I make it to the summer too, Love Big Brother and Hamster Time.
  3. Kandi still in the hallway putting on her make up. Dina changed clothes and walks by. Ricky still whispering to Tamar. Tamar trying to save Kandi and off goes the feeds. No good bye messages.
  4. Lolo called to change mics and Tamar whispers to the camera that she is not friends with them, they are going to vote out Kandi today and not even tell her. She is pissed about it. She wipes away a tear under her sunglasses and Ricky walks in so she shuts up. He says it is cold in here. It is 9 am now and no one is talking to us.
  5. Tamar tells the camera, she really did the most in the house. Tamar always woke up a hot mess, Lolo dancing around the room. This season was crazy and it is still crazy but there are no losers today, all winners. Lolo thanks us for watching everything they did every day. Tamar says she loves her boyfriend, Momma I made it. Beans better be in school. All my sisters you are popping, she is sure they are watching the live feeds. Dina in her room having trouble with her eyelashes.
  6. Tamar working on Lolo in the bedroom about voting out Dina instead of Kandi. Lolo knows that Kandi is a jury vote for Tamar but Tamar says we don't know I am the final 2. Lolo making her bed. Ricky already made his bed. Kandi never made her bed or changed her sheets. Dina makes her bed and never changed her sheets.
  7. Ricky goes to the bathroom but has to wait till Kandi comes out with her wig on, Lolo just washed her fake hair and now blow drying it. Tamar still be bed. Kandi goes to the hallway to do her make up and tells Dina that Thank God she made it. Dina getting ready in her corner of the front bedroom. Ricky walking around the house with a red blanket tied around his neck like a giant superman.
  8. Feeds back, Ricky in SR for batteries. Dina up fixing her face and hair, last night she messed up her extensions and had to use her flat iron to put them back in then messed up individual eyelashes, she was really having problems last night.
  9. 7:44 am HT Sleeping one on the gold room and one on the room with Kandi. 8 am HT Wake up time, they have one hour to get ready to say good bye before we lose the feeds at 9. This is the last day of BB Celebrity 2. Last night Ricky convinced Lolo to vote out Kandi so he can break the tie and send Kandi home first because she knows the days better then he does. Tamar is not happy with the decision but it will only be for a few minutes before they do the comp to pick the F2 and the other 2 will be out there too. Kandi put a pillow over the bottom of the door to keep Dina from seeing the light on in her room while she studied late last night, using the deck of cards to count the days. Dina has no idea what the days are.
  10. Ricky toasts to the guys on the memory wall they sent home and Lolo reminds him that Natalie is up there too. Tamar takes a shower and then to bed where Ricky is doing his voodoo on her again. Kandi takes off her make up then in the bathroom to take off her wig in the potty room then wrap her head. Lolo in one shower with erh crappy extensions on top of her head. Dina in the shower washing her hair. Dina tells Lolo again they have to get up at 8 say their goodbyes to feeds at 9 and lock down at 10. (so why don't they take their shower in HOH tomorrow?)
  11. Tamar bitching cause she has to go to DR without makeup but she goes in and then out to SR and POP sent them chocolate covered strawberries and cheese and some other goodies for their last night.
  12. Tamar leaves gym to sit by the pool and Kandi comes up to talk to her but Lolo leaves gym and decides to play pool. Then Dina joins them so no warning for Kandi from Tamar. They argue over who has lot weight and who has gained, they think BB house needs scales. Tamar has no muscles any where. Kandi only ate meat and veggies, drank water, did not have bread or sweets. Now they are talking about who they think will be at the finale. Kandi hopes her whole family. Tamar hopes her son. Lolo wants to twerk at the party. Kandi is reading their horoscopes on that Ipad upstairs.
  13. Lolo says you know this game do you really think Dina could win the F2, Kandi can win. Tamar says Dina has came close 13 times. Lolo says Kandi is a jury vote for Tamar and Lolo will tell Kandi it is her decision not Tamar's, Again Tamar says she is not a hater. (Ricky says he was doing yoga and he remembered that Tamar says Kandi can't be in F4 or she will win.) And that Kandi swears she will take Ricky to F2 if she wins and that is not fair to Lolo and Tamar.
  14. Tamar up to gym to talk to Lolo, Ricky told her but Tamar says she is not a hater. Lolo says there less chance of Dina winning f2 comp. Tamar says this is not her decision. Dina and Ricky talking about herbs in the kitchen and Kandi in Lounge doing tweets.
  15. Ricky tells Tamar he is keeping Dina over Kandi and she thinks he is stupid, he says hyst looking out for the 3 of them. Tamar says Dina is not going to take you to F2 if she wins, and Ricky says he is willing to take the chance. Tamar is not happy.