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  1. Thank you Mrs G, great job as always. I loved the shitstain!
  2. That was great that they all voted her out so fast. Too bad we did not get to her final confessions.
  3. Thank you! I am so happy to hear that. Somethings I feel like I am just here for my typing practice. I love watching and posting recaps.
  4. The Amazing Race - Season 30

    I could not stand Evan either, and glad Henry told her to shut up, I hope he gets away from her fast in real life. I hate those pieced nose rings they always look like a booger.
  5. Great recaps, poor old grandpa Mark with his rug burns on his chin from that hard comp.
  6. Great broadcast show recap, yes I am here on Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday night, in fact I only leave the house on Friday mornings to go check on Daddy and get groceries and back in time for the rodents to wake up. No one has as bad a life as I do. That is why I live on BB.
  7. The Amazing Race - Season 30

    Surprise!! And without her eyelashes the whole time, but those stupid extensions!!
  8. The Amazing Race - Season 30

    And now he has proposed to her, so new BB TAR couple engaged.
  9. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    Cody just proposed to Jessica at least it was not on the Amazing race like the couple that just lost.
  10. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    3rd BB baby in the oven, Evel's daughter Danielle and her husband from the show Dominic are expecting. Was watching Jeff/Jordan's live chat during the first BBCeleb the other night and Lawson is so cute.
  11. The Amazing Race - Season 30

    I hate Jessica and Cody, wanted to watch them fail, was Jessica right about the mat but Cody did not trust her? I am glad they did not come in first. I wanted a close up of those tiny little green camo shorts when he jumped in the water for the clue. I am glad the ring girls lost.
  12. The Amazing Race - Season 30

    Rumors on FB today say they won. IT does not air till March, don't know how the other 30 seasons have been kept so secret even when other BBers were on it, guess this is Tweeter days.
  13. Dancing With The Stars

    She was horrible judging and made the show run over because of her long comments. And she was lip singing and messed that all up too on her song. So sorry to see Nick go but his brother was a way better dancer.