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  1. The twins boyfriend double crossed by the poker player and walking out barefoot. And Cody’s walking over the table to get out without shaking hands with anyone. Jessica tweeted that she is glad she is brewing another baby instead of playing.
  2. So much going on behind the scenes already, so glad Paul is out, funny if everybody that making deals and alliances before got ratted out by Nicole, and now she is in after having her win giving to her. If it is true about Derrick and Dan too, that sucks. Seems like everybody they picked are all production pets, glad there is no Jessie.
  3. The challenge reunion show had Josh and Kaycee together for a zoom meeting and everybody was talking about the being in quarantine together on BB, Bayleigh was with Swaggy, so if she is on it, then he too, yuck. I am so excited. I think the whole bunch are pets because they couldn’t do searches all over this spring.
  4. I can’t do anything else and it is not summer without BB and HT. It does not seem like All stars from list so far, I think should be called Coronas second chances.
  5. I read the key wheel is back and so is have not comps. That will make me happy.
  6. So many loved all the ones mentioned, great memories.
  7. Evel is still tweeting so if they locked them up today, we are safe. Paulie and Josh yuck. Paul I can stand, I even listen to his music. TMZ didn’t say Swaggy or Angelia and I heard those 2 couples were the first picked. Janelle and Nicole were fun.
  8. I just saw TMZ and screamed when I saw Paulie, no! Who will cry the most Pauli’s or Josh? Paul and Evel are really going after each other in tweets. 2 more weeks till our summer finally begins. Oh yes Evel says they got Kaysar too.
  9. That is what I was coming to say too, granted her win for 30 days on CBB was not that great but she was getting her own show this summer without her sisters. She also has a young son, I can’t believe all these moms are doing things that could cost them their lives like the Glee star losing her life and almost her son’s.
  10. She just came in one hour a week and her set was just the one evictee a week to interview. Put them all in masks but get my show back on, this has been the summer from hell.
  11. Yay I just saw the TMZ stuff and ran over and we already have it. Dick is tweeting a picture of his BB bag and key, I hope it is Not him.
  12. I loved BBOTT, I did feel like I was the only one just like BB celebrity too. So glad Josh lost last night on the Challenge and loved when JJ called the cry baby. I can’t believe Bayleigh was able to beat the girl that has won several other times. Still hoping Fessy wins. He was talking about Hayleigh last night and on his tweets, so glad they are still together.
  13. I am going stir crazy, I understand LA is a lot worst then Oklahoma, soap reruns after 50 years of watching soap is the worst. I really hope something happens soon with this stupid corona so we get back to normal. So many businesses shutting down for good, I just hope we don’t lose Big Brother forever.
  14. Morgan who won BBOTT just married Johnny Bananas from the Challenge. They look cute together. Jimmy Fallon talks about him all the time.
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