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  1. Daniel gave his HOH bed to Paloma, they think she is not sleeping well downstairs and that is why she is acting off, so he is sleeping in her bed in the golf room and he is complaining about the light in the golf room. Turner and Pooch in the bathroom talking about women and Pooch says his last girlfriend was like Taylor and BB asked him about a showmance but he said not with her. Turner says Alyssa is his type. Nicole and Terrance are talking she just divorced her first wife when she left her 80K job and went to work for $11 a hour, then moved to Florida to work on yachts. He is in his 3rd marriage. Both Terrance and Nicole’s moms have cancer.
  2. Yes I wanted to love this season but so much problems already, just saw the articles about Turner being a bully to his family and his last job, then saw another about Pooch getting a girl pregnant and dumped her and won’t claim the baby, his past social media has a lot of horrible things. NBC Today show and TMZ posting about the treatment of Taylor, then about Palomas medical condition, the found another about Jasmine, Ameerah are also mean girls. Twice I heard Daniel saying he is not a believer, the. Taylor said she is not either, that is going to go over well with Julie and her religious ways.
  3. Midnight everybody hanging in the bathroom and caught Joseph not flushing his poop, Monte comes in farts. Taylor went up to talk to Daniel, he wants a truce if she stays because of the twist, they discuss what all could happen. Alyssa crying in the SR to Brittany after Pooch made a comment that if he has to make a decision who to let go with the twist it will be her. Brittany says no one is looking or talking to me either and she knows what that means too.
  4. Paloma was told to sleep In HOH all day but it did not help, she is talking like crazy and everybody covering for her, she has been talking to Taylor asking her is she Black or African America, she says Black, then Goes on and on about her grandma still calls people colored. Paloma says she took African American history in Berkeley. Then she gets in Indys face and Indy says you need to calm down and stop talking crazy because you have to vote for me in jury so I can buy my momma a proper house and Paloma starts rambling that she has Kardashian jet outside to escape. Jasmine goes down to the girls room and says they are keep Paloma because she is so social but Taylor goes this week and then they are going to win HOH and use Terrance again as pawn to get out Pooch, or Michael or Brittany. Nicole in HOH bed with Daniel talking about going to bed early.
  5. Paloma is up in HOH with Monte, Daniel, Nicole, Turner. Alyssa and Indy, she is telling them a bunch of unauthorized stuff we keep getting blocked. Taylor making all the beds in the golf room. Joseph giving Michael and Kyle head rubs, Talk about them taking the knives away because of Paloma. earlier Michael was whispering to Brittany in the bathroom and Taylor came in talking when Joseph came in and they scattered fast. Terrance In the kitchen eating again talking about just his and Taylor’s suitcases in SR.
  6. Terrance in SR with Michael, two suit cases in there for him and Taylor to pack tomorrow, Terrance really thinks he will stay with all the votes. They leave he goes to talk to the camera in space room but no feed on his face could not hear his whispering. Terrance says he is missing TV. Lots of people in kitchen talking. Nicole plucking Joseph eye brows.
  7. Brittany talked to Indy in SR now talking to Taylor in golf room, the house is turning on Paloma but Brittany is still worried about having to go against her with the twist. Joseph in the car room talking to Daniel, he advises don’t volunteer for have not, it will mess you up. They are also talking about going after anyone the votes to keep Taylor. the rest of the guys playing chess in the sky lounge. Nicole just changed the dressings on Alyssa cut fingers.
  8. Alyssa was taking the pocket off her clothes with a razor and cut her finger really bad been in DR a while, Nicole says she can handle the sight of blood and helped get there. Alyssa just got out and showing the bandaid off. Terrance campaigning to the guys in the car room. Micheal in SR with Brittany, giving her a warning.
  9. Pooch accidentally flashed Ameerah she says she didn’t see anything because she doesn’t have her glasses on, she didn’t even notice, he says he is cold right now. Michael says it is now online. Indy tells Kyle about her boyfriend and says it is not serious if she likes someone on the show she will be on them in a minute, Kyle says come on.
  10. Terrance comes in and talks to Taylor, they both hope the twist means they both stay, then pay back. Then they start talking about scary movies and he says they told him about the Circle, he might try that after. (That Melvin that was fired because he did America’s got talent, is now doing the Circle too). Terrance does not want to go back to bus driving he hopes BB gets him something bigger. Upstairs Daniel, Brittany and Nicole talking about doing something better when they get out too.
  11. Monte and Ameerah leave Michael alone whispers he has to warn Brittany she is so screwed, Ameerah comes back in and wants him to play bumper pool with her. Downstairs the other feed is still on Taylor but thank goodness Joseph us gone, Alyssa and Brittany have joined her talking.
  12. Monte says if there is any chance Taylor stays this week, he is winning HOH and putting her up again. He says she is delusional and feeds blocked. When the feeds comes back Michael is saying if he wins he will put up Pooch and Turner. Monte also says Britney has to go too because of what she did to Ameerah. (Britney and Miachel are working together)
  13. Michael meeting with Monte in the have not room, updates on Pooch meeting and Pooch is. It wanting Michael on the guys alliance because he is with the girls all the time, upset Kyle because he is a recruit and Michael has been teaching him everything. Monte also has heard the rumors that the backstage will have to battle back and hoping Paloma is gone because of how off she has been and thinks it is because she is sleep deprived. They know the girls are on to the guys alliance but will wait to see who is the new HOH how the twist turns out. Kyle leaves Ameerah comes up to talk to Monte, they have an alliance too, they want Indy out next week. Michael walks in on them and they have to cover with just wondering what the twist is. Taylor laying in bed and Joseph is yapping to her.
  14. Pooch having a meeting upstairs with Daniel, Kyle, and Turner about Paloma and Britney, he thinks there is some ju-ju going on with them. Feeds switch to Paloma in the bathroom doing some weird dance and wanting them all to get tattoos. pooch and Kyle leaves and Turner/Daniel are playing bumper pool and hoping the twist is America voting out one of them, if Paloma leaves this week it will be fine with them.
  15. This season already had the media with their treatment of Taylor, CBS says they reminded them America is watching and had the usual preshow HR training every job gives them about prejudice, but I think it sad we had extreme last year and back to this now.
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