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  1. Yes I was so mad everybody was trying to push for Derek and Hannah, she was not into him. But when Derek and Claire were together it was so sweet especially in the hammock his last week. I read they try to keep them apart in jury but they still found a way to stay up talking a lot together. And dear old Christian came all the way back to LA to be with Alyssa and that was over the next day. A bunch of them stayed a long time with a famous singer who is BB fan, posted a lot of pictures and looks like Tiffany and Kyland are messing around. Dear old Victor got in a wreck last week, Nicole posted pictures of his car he rolled.
  2. Yes I can’t tell heather and Tiffany apart either. They barely show the winning team very much, you can always tell when someone is going they get a lot of attention that night.
  3. Oh man so sad poor kid from OK back stabbed, fell for a crooked pastor. also saw on FB’s survivor post dear old bad ass Russel from two other survivors is bashing Jeff for dropping the come on in Guys! My husband used guys to address a bunch of people. I don’t get it, I am a woman and it never offended me.
  4. I so wanted a woman even if it was Azah but so glad Big D did not get one vote. Glad Tiffany got AFH. Thanks everybody wonderful summer.
  5. 750k Xavier 75k Big + 50k Tiffany AFP makes up for going out to early Azah 10K still think she threw that one question about Britini because of Big bullying her Travis 3k + French 4k + Brent 5k + Whitney 6k + Christian 7k - prejury stipend Big D won $7,500 and Sarah won $5,000 veto prizes
  6. I am so scared they both bullied Azah into throwing the part 3 comp and just letting Xavier win and give Big D the second check. I hope she wins the comp, takes Xavier and Big D goes out the door to the jury, he does not deserve jack shit!
  7. Azah goes to SR to get brush and paste, guess she packed her other. Xavier wonders if they will tell them when the feeds go off, Big D says they just shut off at 10 that is what they told them. Azah to the bathroom. Big D and Xavier playing cards at the table. I can't believe I made it a whole 3 months without recapping in the wrong place and having to ask for it to be moved! I started helping recap 2007 BB7 and miss all those recappers back then saw Sheena and Z, who we have lost. Back in the good old days. I recapped BBOTT, and 2 Celebrities, and even the BB9 that was during the winter after I had surgery, got me through that. I so love being here for all the fun, it is a bad addiction but I told my kids to add it to my obit when I am gone. My Hamster Time cup came up in my memories today. THERE SHE GOES, Turn it up music that we got the first day is playing with the Stream the Finale Tonight at 9/8C Love you HAMSTER TIME!!
  8. Bubbles and comes back to Xavier giving a speech to the camera, we are going to be playing cards till the show tonight, thanks America for watching us all season, and Big D appreciates them and asks if anyone recorded his mafia games send to him, especially the one that Azah did, but anything else delete. They go back to playing cards. Camera zooms in on Azah repeating her speech and smiling and hitting her fist in her hand. Xavier thinks the part 3 will be about 10 minutes. Azah gets up and goes to the kitchen. Sits down to watch the card game. Azah tells them she is going to miss you guys. Xavier says Azah and Big D are going to be getting it on. Azah says she is ready for Finale! She is going to take a double shower. Lotion up and take her time putting on her beauty. Xavier sings last day in BB house 2 jokers and a king. Azah talks about showing her boobs on the camera and hopes everybody deletes it, don't want to see them on the internet. This was a crazy life time experience, and she says these 2 people matter so much to her. Hope you liked us. IF you did not it does not matter. SO happy we did out mission. Love you guys all. I can't believe I am here, every day seeing her picture on the memory wall she was so happy. It is going to be so weird not having you guys around to talk to every day. You saw me cry all the time and heard me fart. Love you guys and she leaves to go brush her teeth.
  9. Mr Peck Jessie just posted a picture of him flexing and holding Julie's arm up flexing then advertising his heavy weight championship title US weekly. IF you missed him on BB this season there he is! Xavier walks thru and Big D says he can't wait to find out everybody's real ages and what they really do when they get out tonight. He can't wait to watch TV again. Azah picked up the Bible for answers on what she will do if she wins that final comp. Wonder who knows the jury people better and can answer the questions, she hid in the room all the time and Xavier only was with Christian and Alyssa the whole time. They asked Derek X who he thought played the better game and he said Alyssa because she was on the block the first week and survived and beat Travis. (who Derek X loved) Xavier goes to check on Azah again, she asks him to time her while she practices her speech, he starts counting and she says quieter, she says her speech in her head and he says 30 seconds. good! He says he is out there playing cards and being social, she says ok I am coming you are guilt tripping me. (That is exactly how I feel about what X and BD has been doing to her the whole last 3 days) Xavier and Big D sit at the kitchen table and get ready to play cards and Bubbles.
  10. Remember Rachel's sister Elissa, BB15 she posted I like their personalities but Azah and Derek did essentially nothing the entire game, they remind me of Andy, GinaMarie, Spencer final 3. But she thinks X was a decent player. Then remember Matt BB12 the was in a 6 person alliance that did not make it to the F6 said while the precision execution of the cookout was the best, it also resulted in one of the most predictable seasons, nothing would make him happier to see then Derek F win. Gross! Azah sitting on the couch still in her hair bonnet, she braided her hair last night and rolled the braids in little tiny permanent rods and put on her bonnet to have her big head of curls tonight for the show. Xavier went to start getting ready and Big D sitting on the couch and Azah still in the bedroom not talking just waiting for the lock down. Wonder if they will say good bye to us before the feeds go off, I am waiting.
  11. Julie is already getting ready for today, just posted a pic of her in her long white robe, says Finale day, and we're getting started early, Good Morning to you all. thanks for tuning in all season, it all comes to an end tonight. She is standing in front of a wall of pictures of all the finales we have had so far. Shooting peace signs with both hands. Big D complaining about night sweats and Xavier says coral room is too hot. He says he feels like God is going to punish him for being in a greedy game of deceit for money. He thinks he is going to take a train back, Xavier says 4 days. HE is so scared to fly back. HE does not like the seats being too small. Xavier finished eating and washed his dishes, He goes to hug Azah and asks if she slept good, she tried. HE goes to makes his bed and asks if she is all packed up and she says she is trying to do that too. Xavier back to the hall to finish his packing and Big D still talking to him the whole time.
  12. There is Azah she finally comes thru the kitchen and Big D is vacuuming the kitchen and already complaining the vacuum is dead, it keeps going off and he says we never get a charged vacuum. Now officially dead but he got the 2 rugs vacuumed. Xavier is sitting at the counter eating a huge plate of eggs and bacon. Big D takes the dead vacuum to the SR and thanks BB. Big D is out of breath and huffing and puffing again. Moaning about his knees and back to sitting in the LR. HE complains about them cracking. Xavier wonders when the lock down will be, and Big D thinks 10:30.
  13. when Xavier went to the yacht room we get 4 feeds of Big D putting medicine on his knees in the LR. Don't know if Azah was in bed or not. Xavier goes back to kitchen to cook breakfast. I went back to last years finale day it was over Oct 20th with Cody/Nicole fighting and Enzo being late to get up. Then to my first season of recapping with Dick and Dani they were fighting, then to Dan and Memphis making fun of Jerry and Kesha, back then it was just 2 people at the end and they do get boring. Big D went to the SR and found a new cordless vacuum and decides to vacuum the LR with it. Now using it on the couch and humming while he does it.
  14. Big D goes to the coral room looking for a hoodie and complains he is hurting today. Got all his bags packed in there, but none of the other beds have been made since the people moved out. They have kept the kitchen, Living room, bathroom neat this year but not the bedrooms. IT would be so nice if they left the house as clean when they move out as it was when they moved in. Big D gets a bottle of pills and takes one. No feeds on Azah yet. Big D goes to SR and then out.
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