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  1. If Donny's that offended by it, he can give the money to a charity of his choice. This is the danger of going on reality television. People might end up hating you. You might lose your job. You might get heckled in the streets. You might get insane death threats from crazy people who take reality television way to seriously. Conversely, you may be beloved and end up with an unauthorized Gofundme campaign that makes your family feel uncomfortable. I don't really want to hear you (the reality television star) or your family whine about it either way. His brother should just chillax, honestly, because it's probably being done with the best of intentions and allow Donny to figure out how to handle it when he leaves the house. A simple, "We didn't ask for this and it wasn't endorsed by us" is sufficient, I think, instead of going out of your way to make people feel bad for wanting to contribute because they like your brother. I figure if people are going to Kickstart potato salad, I'd prefer to see the money go to Donny over something like that, I guess. Or to charity. Or to me.
  2. Derrick's honestly one of the best players this game has seen. It's just that he bores me. A lot. But I'm going to be super annoyed if he doesn't win, although I certainly agree that his biggest problem is that he's stuck with a bunch of morons on the jury who can't put the pieces together that he orchestrated basically the entire season. He needs to be next to Victoria or Christine at the end to guarantee a win. Frankie's a good third choice. Cody or Caleb could be real issues for him. His biggest mistake may be not flipping the house this past week. He could have easily convinced Cody to backdoor Caleb and said to Donny, "Promise me final four" and Donny would have stuck to that and then he, Donny, Cody and Victoria could have worked together. If he doesn't win, I am going to trace it back to his decision last week.
  3. I agree that no one wants to see Frankie again outside of Big Brother, but he was popular at first, and slowly began his descent into hated. And people do watch to see a person they hate be voted out or taken out by schadenfreude. Plus, FUG wouldn't have known that would be America's reaction when she cast him. Something's making people tune in because the ratings are actually very good this season, and I'm going to have to disagree that it's Donny. I think people like Donny, but I don't think they tune in three times a week to see Donny.
  4. I kind of find it interesting that production has been so willing to go along with Frankie and give him a good edit, because even the general audience - not just the feed watchers - seems to dislike him. Since I'm a fan of crazy BB conspiracies, I wonder if there was an understanding between him and TPTB about certain things like his edit before he came on the show, since I can absolutely see FUG salivating at the idea of getting someone with a famous sibling and a huge social media following on the show. I don't think it's that crazy of a speculation given what Dr. Will and the Douchelord got away with during Season 7.
  5. This guy basically thinks Ariana Grande is a huge bitch, which would not surprise me in the least, given what I've seen of her brother: http://primalscreaming.wordpress.com/2014/08/26/meeting-ariana-grande-then-and-now/
  6. I agree that her husband's response seems to be part amusement, a little bit irritated, and mostly, "Hey! I'm gonna get a bunch of Twitter followers and be a famewhore too!" I really don't like Christine, but I feel like she hasn't crossed any irrevocable lines. I'd probably be more worried as her spouse if it wasn't just generally a 24/7 tactile cuddlefest in that house. The optics of it aren't great, and she definitely has only herself to blame for that, but I can't say that if my significant other did what she is doing that I'd break up with him over it for sure - it would probably depend on the strength of the relationship pre- and post-BB. I guess I just always feel bad for them when they realize that something is being perceived poorly outside the house that might actually affect their real lives and they can't do anything about it. It gives me some sort of second-hand anxiety. Like, going all the way back to Nicole in Season 2. Except for when that happened to last year's cast, like Aaryn and GinaMarie, because they were the worst. That said, every time Christine makes a snarky comment about Nicole, I find my will to empathize for her situation diminishes significantly. I didn't love Nicole or anything, but that just seems unnecessary given that Christine pretended to be her friend for so long and she never did anything to Christine.
  7. Wow, that's classy. If there's one thing I hate (and there's a lot of things I hate), it's people making a scene in restaurants or retail establishments about something the minimum wage workers there literally have no control over.
  8. I really don't like Christine at all, but I kind of feel bad for her, which is really annoying. The level of anxiety I would have in her place, knowing what she knows now, but not being able to talk to her friends and family? I'd DOR. That's why I could never be on this show.
  9. I was really worried for a minute there that something resembling an interesting game might happen if Donny or Victoria won veto, but I'm relieved to see that crisis has been averted due to yet another Franklin win. Let me guess. It was a Name That Broadway Tune competition?
  10. Skittles. They're making nomination decisions with Skittles. Skittles. Skittles. From now on, every time someone does something stupid in this game, for the rest of eternity, I'm going to shorthand it as Skittles. It occurs to me now that this season has essentially boregaded and skittled me into deeply not caring.
  11. The long, slow slog to a Derrick win continues. This season makes me miss Rachel.
  12. If Derrick gives it any kind of serious thought, Donny is a lot more likely to win PoV next week compared to Nicole, which could be exceedingly dangerous for Derrick if he's HoH, and dangerous in that it might end up losing him Victoria.
  13. So, generally, I'm getting that the prevailing view is that Derrick needs to worry more about getting rid of Zach/Donny than he does about getting rid of Cody. Huh - interesting. Hadn't picked up on that dynamic, although Cody certainly hasn't done anything I can remember. I do think Derrick's biggest issue is that his game has been 100% too subtle for these hammies and that someone who has been more showy with his game might do better, like Frankie or Zach. So, then prevailing wisdom is that Derrick tries to drag Cody and Victoria, and if not, Victoria and Christine to the F2?
  14. We've come to that point in the summer where I am trying to figure out F2 votes for various conceivable matchups. The news has been super depressing all day, so I thought about this instead. I think the only person Christine can win against is Victoria. I think the only people Caleb can win against are Victoria and Christine. I think the only people Zach can win against are Caleb, Victoria, and Christine. I think Frankie might win against Zach, Caleb, Victoria and Christine, although a Frankie/Zach matchup or a Frankie/Caleb matchup might be close. I think Derrick, Donny, or Cody could win against any of them, although I think Derrick/Cody would take it over Donny. And I don't know who would win in a Derrick/Cody F2 matchup, although I'd guess Derrick if I had to place a bet, which is probably why Derrick should start plotting Cody's demise in the game as soon as possible after this week.
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