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  1. Next topic: One word to describe this season so far
  2. Of all the sites to read; this is the BEST! Thank you all for your hard work, sense of humor, and for making this show interesting this year. I was unable to get the feeds and yet I feel like I watched the whole show. I passed the word on to my friends and as you can guess, we are all hooked! Thanks to everyone! See ya again next season!
  3. Trying to vote...Text message won't go through. Any suggestions? Is there an online voting system?
  4. Please post recaps only in this thread. Questions and thoughts should go in the House Analysis forum. Thanks! --Rappy
  5. Can anyone tell me about the double eviction this week? I read about it a few pages back where someone said "Do the HG know that 2 people are leaving Thurs.?" However, I can't find any other mention of it...
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