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  1. Some new "extinction" twist (maybe a separate beach/island) with new and returning survivors. Returnees are: AUBRY BRACCO Survivor: Kaoh Rong (Runner-up) Survivor: Game Changers (5th place) DAVID WRIGHT Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X (4th place) KELLEY WENTWORTH Survivor: San Juan del Sur — Blood vs. Water (14th place) Survivor: Cambodia — Second Chance (4th place) JOE ANGLIM Survivor: Worlds Apart (10th place) Survivor: Cambodia — Second Chance (8th place) More from Entertainment Weekly, including the trailer: https://ew.com/tv/2018/12/19/survivor-edge-of-extinction-season-38/
  2. Movies

    Talk about all movies here.
  3. Round 2 of "Celebrity Big Brother" will be coming this winter. Who do you think we'll see this year? And when?
  4. A big thanks to everyone that recaps and participates.
  5. The hamsters are in the house, and in case there are any feed leaks, you can post those recaps here. Otherwise, don't post in here until the feeds officially go live. Fisty will have a Recapper Cheat Sheet before the show debuts. Because the season is so short, we'll just have one recap thread to last the whole show. Reminders: 1) This thread is for recaps and screencaps only. 2) Yes, there will probably be political discussion in the house, and that is fine to recap. BUT, do not add your own political commentary.
  6. BB Canada - Season 7

    Starts March 6
  7. House Analysis and Discussion

    With the condensed timeframe, the backyard is closed for comp-building non-stop. They have one little strip (the paved area up next to the house under the overhang), but the rest is closed off with a wall at all times. That's how it was last year, too. They can't see the sky unless they are doing a comp. They only have the couches and Ryan's training pool hot tub thing. This is also no room for the washing machines out there -- hence the laundry service. Also why they get an indoor gym upstairs instead of the stuff in the backyard like in the summer.
  8. Here's hoping for some cue-card-slapping.
  9. Victoria Baamonde

    He's referring to something political. Let's not go there.
  10. Wendy Diaz

    I feel like "small business owner" is code for "I sell useless shit on Etsy."
  11. Julie Rosenberg

    Someone who has a family member that never throws shit away.
  12. Victoria Baamonde

    She would want a guitar on the island because she thinks she'll have time to sit around and learn how to play. Is that how this works?
  13. Aubry Bracco

    I couldn't with her the first two times. First out? *crosses fingers*
  14. Rick Devens

    I'll give him extra points if he puts a shirt on.
  15. Yes! Hamster torture*! That's what we're here for! *No literal furry little hamsters were tortured in the writing of this post.
  16. You can tell from activity on HT that only a fraction of regular-season BB viewers are tuning in this season, so the ratio of BB fans to celeb fans tuning in for a specific houseguest is important to consider in this sort of voting situation. BB diehards aren't going to tip the scale as easily. I look at it this way, having spent time in reality TV with "Braxton Family Values" and then hosting a gabfest like "The Real," Tamar has a built-in audience of trashy-TV fans that would easily follow her to BB. None of the other hamsters can say that. Kandi's fans are going to be from the music world. Joey's are going to be older and like people on HT have said, thinking "what happened to this guy?" Lolo, Ricky and Natalie's fans are going to be sports fans, and I don't know that BB is an easy transition there, especially this time of year when there are other big games on to distract them from watching BB every day. Tom's fans are older and more interested in him making fun of reality TV than appearing on it. Do Dina and Kato even have large fan bases? They both have fewer than 20,000 followers on Twitter. And it doesn't hurt that Toni Braxton told her 1.7 million followers to tweet the hashtag for Tamar. (Lindsay Lohan didn't tweet to her 8+ million in support of her mother, to give a boost to Dina's numbers.) So my point is, Tamar might actually have the largest group of dedicated fans watching this season of BB and willing to participate in an online vote.
  17. The full cast and more details are out: https://ew.com/tv/survivor-edge-of-extinction-cast-gallery/ Individual threads to come this weekend.
  18. House Analysis and Discussion

    I think part of their worry is that they don't know exactly what the power is. They don't have as much information about it as we (and Tamar) have. They are making assumptions about what it does, how long it lasts, etc -- perhaps making it seem more powerful than it is. All they were told is that it will get someone "out of a sticky situation." The rest on their part is speculation.
  19. I mean...what? I do not enjoy germs or dirt, but I clean up after myself. Girl, you ain't famous enough to be that crazy.
  20. House Analysis and Discussion

    I think it will be Joey for sure. During the credits of the live show last night, he had pulled Kato aside and was warning him that "he needed to break that up this week" and "they" had gotten too comfortable, etc. He had to have been talking about the girls with whom Kato and Tom are aligned for final four. I was listening to that thinking "dude, you just signed your death warrant."
  21. House Analysis and Discussion

    And here we go with the idiot twists giving power to whoever Twitter likes most. Power of the Publicist, giving one hamster the opportunity to save themselves at the next two Veto meetings.
  22. He said if he won Veto he could protect himself and Ryan by not using it, which is correct.