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  1. I was leaning that direction, too, Mags. But I went with Jack because he seems like the kind of big dumb puppy that someone could drag to the end but will end up making friends with people along the way and get the votes from a bitter jury, which will undoubtedly include his showmance.
  2. Well, that's keeping it simple...
  3. It's an Ariana Grande lyric referring to Christian Louboutin shoes.
  4. Show your love to the recappers here! I'll throw some early thanks to everyone who recaps the live feeds and broadcast recaps.
  5. Something is odd with the pre-show schedule this year. Normally we have the house tour first, followed by the houseguest reveal. So what is it about the design of the house this year that gives something away that Grodner wants to keep secret? Something do to with a twist, perhaps?
  6. Lock in your prediction now so you can be totally embarrassed in a few weeks. Also, who do you think will be the first to do common hamster things like say "we have to win HOH" or get nekkid on the feeds? Who are our DR screamers? Who is going to have HOHitis the worst?
  7. Here they are: https://ew.com/tv/big-brother-season-21-cast/
  8. The hamsters are being introduced this morning on the feeds at 11 Eastern. Threads will be open on HT later today.
  9. Who forgot to lock guests out from posting? (Totally not me...)
  10. On a scale of previous hamsters, how hideous will this year's house design be? Add your own designs based on former HGs!
  11. Debuts Sept. 25 with a 90-minute premiere ahead of the BB21 finale.
  12. Tsylyst

    Survivor Premiere

    90-minute premiere of Survivor
  13. Tsylyst

    BB21 Finale

    90-minute finale of BB21
  14. Jeff? Geez, I thought he got a real job. Anyway, further posts about BB21 can go in the House Discussion forum.
  15. She's only got two weeks left to shop for mascara though. Might not be enough time.
  16. I want a season of veterans, or at least a good number of returnees. I want them to hit the ground running, not stumble around like toddlers the first few weeks learning how the game works. If we're going to have all newbies, they need to all be superfans. And I would totally watch another season of Rachel -- the drama is snark gold.
  17. If you voted to see returnees, which veteran players of the game would you like to see come back?
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