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  1. Wow, they really don't want people Googling arrest records for these people before they enter the house, huh?
  2. I feel like we should lay down bets on if the bald lady that got booted from sequester with a positive COVID test last season after the cast was announced will be part of this year's cast.
  3. I'm struggling to care about reality TV these days, so if CBS can't be bothered to try and make me care more than a couple days before a show starts ... maybe I just won't?
  4. I'm not sure it bodes well that we're exactly a week away from the season starting and there hasn't been anything from CBS about BB24 except a premiere date. No house tour, no tease of the theme/twist, no cast announcement, no details about if the premiere is a live move-in or pre-taped, no Twitter posts from Julie or Grodner about anything or when to expect details. The Live Feeds page hasn't been updated for BB24 -- it's still showing all the BB23 feeds and highlights.
  5. It's almost time for BB24, so that means it's also time to give your fellow members some love for sticking with what is sure to be another hot mess of a season.
  6. I was reading through the list (https://tvline.com/lists/the-challenge-usa-cast-big-brother-survivor-amazing-race-winners/kyland-young-big-brother-23) and I was like, "OK. OK. Maybe. I guess. OK. OK..." Then I hit David and went "but why?" Then Enzo and thought "esh, maybe not?" Then I saw Kyland, and right there and then, I decided I had no desire to watch this.
  7. Three hour finale is set for May 25. I haven't seen anything that says if there will be a live reunion show or they'll do it like last season and announce the winner out on the island.
  8. The show with celebrities that looks like "Survivor" isn't "Survivor." It's called "Beyond the Edge."
  9. I for sure thought we'd see Lance Bass before any other boy-bander because if I recall right, he's a BB superfan. But he and his husband have 3-month-old twins, so that might be part of the reason.
  10. When putting together the cast poll, I noticed that there was one fewer person than the previous season of Celebrity BB. I forget if there was anyone really interesting from the earlier seasons that they would bring back as a surprise addition. Ross maybe? Do the Housewives have a common enemy that they would bring in for surprise drama? Or...Frankie.
  11. Thanks to everyone who will suffer through these few weeks of near-constant mirror-checking on the rare occasions the feeds aren't blocked.
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