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  1. #TeamEvilDean Dude played the game. For most of the season, I was surprised every time Tommy came onto the screen because I forgot he was out there. Just being seen as more friendly shouldn't get you the win.
  2. The 40th season of Survivor will be 20 returning winners including Sandra, Boston Rob and Amber playing for a $2 million prize. It will feature the return of the Edge of Extinction and the introduction of "fire tokens," which are a new twist of some sort. Season 40 will presumably be in Fiji because...well, CBS is too cheap to scout other locations, I guess. Full cast (via EW) THE CAST OF SURVIVOR: WINNERS AT WAR Adam Klein Winner of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X Amber Mariano (formerly Amber Brkich) Winner of Survivor: All-Stars Ben Driebergen Winner of Survivor: Heroes v Healers v Hustlers Danni Boatwright Winner of Survivor: Guatemala Denise Stapley Winner of Survivor: Philippines Ethan Zohn Winner of Survivor: Africa Jeremy Collins Winner of Survivor: Cambodia — Second Chance Kim Spradlin Winner of Survivor: One World Michele Fitzgerald Winner of Survivor: Kaoh Rong Natalie Anderson Winner of Survivor: San Juan del Sur Nick Wilson Winner of Survivor: David vs. Goliath Parvati Shallow Winner of Survivor — Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites Boston Rob Mariano Winner of Survivor: Redemption Island Sandra Diaz-Twine Winner of Survivor: Pearl Islands and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Sarah Lacina Winner of Survivor: Game Changers Sophie Clarke Winner of Survivor: South Pacific Tony Vlachos Winner of Survivor: Cagayan Tyson Apostol Winner of Survivor: Blood vs. Water Wendell Holland Winner of Survivor: Ghost Island Yul Kwon Winner of Survivor: Cook Islands More details:https://ew.com/tv/2019/12/18/survivor-winners-at-war-jeff-probst-season-40/
  3. Producers are introducing new rules/orientation for Season 41+ that includes ruling out unwanted physical contact, harassment, etc. as being looked at as part of gameplay -- meaning if you do it, you're out. No more of this waffling junk about "the real world intersecting with the game" and waiting to see it play out before acting on complaints. https://tvline.com/2019/12/17/survivor-new-sexual-harassment-policies-prevention/
  4. Elaine was voted out with enough of a margin that Dan's vote wouldn't have mattered. She was booted fair and square. Plus to bring her back after the vote really would have messed with other players' games on top of Dan being removed.
  5. Last season every player ended up on the jury except the two that quit on Extinction Island and the Final Three. That doesn't exactly count because it wasn't revealed until the merge, but I had that useless fact in my brain, so...there you go.
  6. But Karishma whipping out a surprise idol when you are certain the plan is for everyone else to put down Karishma's name really throws things off, and Lauren had to make a split-second decision. In that moment, she had to be thinking that whoever was about to get the boot could have come down to Karishma's vote alone -- and who knows where that woman's head is from minute to minute? Better safe and idol-less than sitting in the jury with an idol in your pocket. Just ask Kellee. Plus, Lauren's idol was only good for this Tribal and the next. Why not go ahead use it -- especially when Karishma playing hers means there is another one back and camp waiting to be found?
  7. Right, she did it so she could honestly throw her hands up and say "I voted for Dean! I followed the plan!" She got other people to do the dirty work of voting out Jack. The blood isn't on her hands, as long as Dean keeps his trap shut.
  8. Karishma (so useless that she's the perfect person to sit next to at the end) Noura (she's getting so much screen time, so I'm guessing she goes far) Elizabeth (getting a good edit, so I'm guessing she also goes far) I wouldn't be surprised to see Jack and Janet round out the Final Five
  9. But given "Survivor" statue design standards, it looks like a mashup of Dolly Parton, Abraham Lincoln and Dana Carvey's Church Lady.
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