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  1. Right, she did it so she could honestly throw her hands up and say "I voted for Dean! I followed the plan!" She got other people to do the dirty work of voting out Jack. The blood isn't on her hands, as long as Dean keeps his trap shut.
  2. Karishma (so useless that she's the perfect person to sit next to at the end) Noura (she's getting so much screen time, so I'm guessing she goes far) Elizabeth (getting a good edit, so I'm guessing she also goes far) I wouldn't be surprised to see Jack and Janet round out the Final Five
  3. But given "Survivor" statue design standards, it looks like a mashup of Dolly Parton, Abraham Lincoln and Dana Carvey's Church Lady.
  4. Big Brother 22 - Coming Summer 2020
  5. That said, if it were a season full of all Nicoles, Ovis and Cliffs, would we have had ANYTHING to talk about this summer? Normal people are boring, and don't necessarily make the best players (again, Nicole, Ovi and Cliff).
  6. BB21 threads will be closed Sunday afternoon. If you have any NEW points to make, do so now! Good riddance to this season.
  7. Yeah, it's gross that anyone was sharing deodorant with him that he was using south of the border.
  8. Were they maybe based off their first-season appearances? You're right, they sure don't look like that now. I noticed that Rob and Sandra were wearing buffs from their previous seasons, maybe that's part of the theme.
  9. By her reaction when she saw her family, I thought someone in the audience had a gun. I'm glad Julie quickly explained it for me.
  10. I guess I Will go first. I appreciate everyone that respected each other's opinions and disagreed without becoming a Jackson-ass about it. Ovi-ously, angelmi deserves a Holly-day after all her hard work this summer.
  11. You mean you want us to MANIFEST it? /Christy
  12. Though the result probably doesn't matter, it is the last chance to add a comp win to their resumes and try to impress the jury.
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