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  1. Have a meeting in the Jury House (it's not too late, and you skipped H)
  2. Julie on Jury House feeds: She really really wants them, too. http://ew.com/tv/2017/08/17/big-brother-julie-chen-jury-house-live-feeds/
  3. I totally agree with this and -- in terms of strategy -- it's probably what I would do if I were in in this house this season. But unfortunately, I don't think these people are actually doing this as a strategy. If anything, they are just lucking into it. Paul is a great bulldozer/target to hide behind until about Final Four, then you turn on him and take credit with the jury for getting out the biggest player of the season. Of course, the way these people are playing, they will probably self-evict at Final Four so Paul doesn't have to go to the trouble of trying to win the final HOH comp.
  4. I kinda want it to be Matt just because that's what you deserve if you win Veto and don't use it on yourself.
  5. I mean...I get that Matt isn't really playing the game, but...whaaaaa? I guess some of these people really were just here with the goal of hanging out in jury.
  6. Who Won Week 6?
  7. THESE MEATBALLS ARE SO STOOOOOPID, Y'ALL DON'T EVEN KNOW!!! DA DA DAADAA DADADAAAAADADAAAA *sniffle* CODY WAS MEANS TO ME!!! MEATBALL!!!! AND THEN BUT ELENA AND STUFF!!!!!!!!! *sniffle* The next poster must include at least one BB vet (that is not Paul).
  8. A lot of these comps that are played as individuals have a time limit. The bigger-set ones like comic books and puzzles are usually 30 minutes. I assume 15 minutes was the time limit for the haunted house Veto. If someone else had gone long, the editors would have had to have given Jessica an asterisk or something. But since no one else did, production didn't need to take the time to explain it to the audience and risk confusing people. They just slapped up the maximum time and moved on. If more than one person had forfeited, then they would really have had to have gotten creative. Maybe the person that forfeited the fastest would have been the nominee.
  9. I was an early supporter of Cody because his deadpan refusal to give a crap about FUG's cliched storytelling was amusing, but now that he's the poster boy for showmances, I'm done. Even his unwillingness to participate in house activities and DR sessions is bugging me. If he were doing it with a metaphorical wink because he knew it was funny to us in the audience, that would be one thing. But at some point, you just have to get on board with the "experience" one way or the other or you are no longer entertaining to me. It's like he's angry at us for watching. But all the showmance "I'm so proud to be your boyfriend" crap the past week or so has really sealed the deal. His protestations in the DR tonight that it is "unacceptable" that the house outplayed him and is splitting him and Jessica up is, like, one breath away from "nobody gets between me and my man." This is my exit for the Cody train.
  10. I'll bring the thread back to butt-poking because TMZ is now on the case: http://www.tmz.com/2017/08/09/big-brother-houseguest-butt-poking/
  11. 86. Winning HOH 87. The color chartreuse 88. Deadmou5e's helmet 89. People that use the term "passion project" 90. Sharks 91. Jets 92. Problems like Maria 93. Hills that are alive 94. Any combination of numbers that adds up to 13 95. Football delays for Thursday night eviction episodes
  12. Things that Christmas is hiding in her boot Ax
  13. What do you want to see happen?