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  1. New topic: Two-word theme for BB22
  2. I'd say that's the definition of it. Convincing everyone you love/like them and that they should love/like you back.
  3. Pretty easy to predict what is going to happen, but let's do this thing one last time...
  4. I predict Jackson is back next season to host a comp about watermelons, and is a shoe-in if they ever do another All-Star season, AND will show up on Survivor at some point in the next 2.5 years.
  5. Fortunately, they have BB-themed properties to buy.
  6. Yep. He's the same idiot that thought he could talk at full volume to the camera and not be overheard.
  7. The next season reportedly features all-new teams. No return date has been set, though it was filmed in 2018 and likely won't air until 2020.
  8. Odds, maybe, if you're talking about 1 in 3. But the same chance? No. Cliff will be up against two physical threats. If it is a mental comp like a puzzle or memory game, he has an edge over Holly (but maybe not Jackson). But if it is a physical challenge, he is almost certainly walking out the door next week unless Nicole pulls out another win. I guess the same might be said about his chances of winning against Jackson and Tommy, but I think Tommy was more likely to keep Cliff over Jackson if Tommy had won the Veto and was casting the deciding vote next week. Edited a bunch to make it sound better.
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