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  1. Something tells me this season's DRs are about to get 98.5 percent less interesting.
  2. Get to know your fellow posters by predicting something the next person likes. The next poster answers if it is true or false about themselves, then makes a prediction for the next poster. I'll start: The next poster watches BB more out of tradition than enjoyment.
  3. I don't know who this Drunk Tsy is you're referring too. *hiccup* But that other guy is Christopher DeJoseph - an actor as well as a story producer on "Big Brother." "Story producer" as in one of the people that pieces all the footage together to create a showmance storyline or, for example, the idea of "poor little America's Sweetheart Nicole being picked on by the mean, mean Janelle." He's already made his appearance on this season with that horrible HOH comp in Week 2 or 3. So he doesn't need to show his mug again in 2020, thanks.
  4. I thought at first it was a Christmas tree, but I think it's a fountain. Last time they did this comp, the feeds were down for like six hours.
  5. This video is worth watching the whole thing to see the hypocrisy that is Nicole trying to appeal to the non-feed-watching home audience to improve her brand. Literally rehearsing her performance for the live show so she isn't seen as a "monster." This wasn't to help her game or manipulate people in the house. She was soliciting feedback from other people in the house, so I can't see an argument that it was jury management since they could compare notes on it in the jury house. This was specifically meant to manipulate the audience and help her brand as a "social media influencer." (Which she doesn't know is already in the toilet with sponsors dropping her left and right.)
  6. I'm taking a wild guess that this is the "creative" way they figured out to bring Zingbot back at a social distance instead of having an actor have to actually mingle with the hamsters.
  7. What is Ian thinking alone in the Jury House?
  8. Hey, @angelmi, I think you're recapping in this thread by accident...
  9. Who do you want to win HOH this week? Dani's power does give her the ability to play again this week if she activates it.
  10. But with the planes, there was a lot of work involved because the money had to be raised, plane booked and message decided on in advance that you hoped wouldn't be out-of-date by the time it flew, and THEN you had to hope that there was someone outside to see it because there wasn't an app to pull up feeds or Twitter on your phone so you know who is outside at exactly that moment. And BB quickly set up rules like the hamsters couldn't look up when they were outside, and there were spotters that would see the planes before they even got close to CBS and they would send the cast inside for a few minutes and everything was fine. I'm pretty sure there have been more wall yellers in the past few weeks than confirmed banner planes in all seasons combined. Now all it takes is one crazy fan with a car and the feeds on their cell phone to drive up and scream. And unlike the cost of a plane, it's basically free.
  11. Feeds were down for nearly 8 hours last night because of another wall yeller. Presumably CBS doesn't want to encourage that behavior, so Production shuts down the feeds so the yellers can't get the satisfaction of seeing the hamsters talk about them. I totally get being overly invested in BB (hello, look around), but these people are seriously annoying when the feeds get blocked for the whole country over and over because of the actions of a couple people. Plus, it ruins the integrity of the game -- even what little of it there is this season.
  12. Yes! Or just, like, "Survivor: Rocky Mountains." They're so hung up on Fiji for reasons I don't fully understand. It's pretty, but it all runs together at this point.
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