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  1. Who do you want to win HOH? Who do you definitely NOT want to win HOH?
  2. Who will be evicted? Who do you want to be evicted?
  3. POLL: Has the App Store been worth it?

    I agree that I don't like America involved in the game. For me, it would have been more interesting if to get the power app, they had to compete for it in some way and weren't told the results, to keep the power holder secret. The lowest scorer gets the crap app, like how Sam got stuck as a robot. Of course that (like the much-discussed food comps) requires time and money to build sets/props that probably doesn't exist in the BB budget after all these years. It could have been done cheaply with things like "go to separate rooms with paddles you hold up to answer A or B" or "majority rules" or answering something with numbers like the "how many seconds" tiebreaker questions they do for HOH.
  4. The twist will end after Week 3, though some of the powers will last beyond that. Was the twist worth the hype?
  5. Rachel Swindler - NO STARS!!!!!

    She went up in my estimation tonight by refusing to do any DR hallway shenanigans during the voting.
  6. Who will Scottie nominate? And is that who you're hoping for?
  7. The ABCs of BB

    How does the alphabet work? Iguanas. Dead ones.
  8. The ABCs of BB

    Eggs that must remain unbroken.
  9. Please remember that on HT, we do not comment on political beliefs.
  10. Live Feed Recaps, Week 2 - HOH: Kaitlyn

    6 a.m. HT - Sleeping hamsters
  11. Who do you want to win HOH? What do you think they would do with it?
  12. The ABCs of BB

  13. The ABCs of BB

    Tired of coming up with new ideas? I could tell. U still here? Vy are vou sucking my blood? Why? Just why? X Factor really wasn't your finest hour, wasn't it? You done yet? Zach. Enough said? Outfits that should be worn for the next punishment. Angry mole rat