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  1. TMZ says the "all-stars" will head to Los Angeles for 2-week quarantine/sequester at the end of July. That would put a premiere date probably mid-August. If it's a regular-length season, that would have it ending a week or two before Thanksgiving, which makes sense because CBS doesn't have much new content for its fall schedule. https://www.tmz.com/2020/07/06/big-brother-season-22-happening-summer-coronavirus-all-star-cast/
  2. Rumors (from more reputable sources than the usual random Twitter accounts) say we could be in for our first true All-Stars season since 2006. Also, players would be quarantined for a full 14 days before moving into the house to make sure they are COVID-free. No update on WHEN the season would start. https://tvline.com/2020/06/07/big-brother-season-22-all-stars-houseguests-returning-summer-2020/
  3. CBS says it is still hopeful it will get BB22 on the air sometime this summer, but probably later than usual. https://deadline.com/2020/05/cbs-confident-big-brother-love-island-summer-2020-1202938492/
  4. CBS announced its fall schedule today. "The Amazing Race" is now slated to follow "Survivor" at 9 p.m. on Wednesdays starting whenever CBS is able to launch its new season. We'll see how long it lasts on the schedule this time.
  5. Yes! They were the best part of "Discovery's" second season for me. https://tvline.com/2020/05/15/star-trek-strange-new-worlds-discovery-spinoff-pike-spock-number-one/
  6. A teen version of Survivor? That's called high school.
  7. Probst gives a video tour of the finale set that was built in his garage for tomorrow night: Watch on Twitter
  8. What is the last chance to play them? Five people? They're going to have to use them or lose them soon. Natalie and Rob did buy idols, but unless one of them wins the return those idols will should out of play. Still, that's at least three idols, at least one immunity necklace and one 50/50 advantage going to the next tribal. Plus there are a bunch of fire tokens on the Koru that still haven't been used. Someone could potentially buy another advantage, either from the sales list or from one of those deals from Extinction. Makes things interesting, but also a mess.
  9. Phil is the host of one of them debuting in July, so maybe it will be enough to tide us over?
  10. I watched the first season of "The Magicians," but really gave up on it after the first couple episodes. It felt like a chore to watch, and I was not drawn back for the remaining seasons. I did read enough about it online to know that the ending is a makeshift series finale since it got canceled.
  11. Well, that didn't last long. It's now been bumped from the schedule to "later in 2020." I'm guessing they'll try to use it to fill some of the hole left by "Big Brother" this summer.
  12. I think Natalie only has the three she earned last night (assuming she and Poverty evenly split the six from Tony). She spent her earlier tokens on an advantage in the come-back challenge and an idol in case she made it. There's a tally here, but I don't think it's accurate. We don't have a full accounting of who did what with the tokens that were earned in last night's episode, and this list makes some assumptions.
  13. Yes, one more of them will be coming back. But anyone left on Extinction at the Final Tribal will be the jury. We can't know the exact number because at any point between now and then someone could decide to raise the sail and go home like Sandra did. But basically if you're not Final Three and you're not a quitter, you're on the jury.
  14. CBS announced today that the finale will be May 13, and the Reunion Show will be done with Jeff talking to the cast via video chat.
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