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  1. Big thanks to all the recappers this season. It was great to see so many new and returning names pop up in the live feed threads! Congrats to all the HT posters and lurkers for surviving another season of this show, and a DR-style shout-out to my fellow admins @Magpie, @MrsGryn and @gforce for all their work behind the scenes.
  2. Shortly before 11 a.m. HT, BB woke up the hammies and had them gather in the dining room to say thanks and goodbye to the live feed watchers. They each addressed the fans, thanking them for watching. Turner shouted out to his family and the other houseguests who he knew he could count on to listen to him, especially the two at the table with him to whom he could go to "even if I just needed to cry because Brittany was torturing me." Monte thanked the feed watchers that DIDN'T share every dirty little private moment, but he understands those of us who did for entertainment purposes. "It has been the ride of a lifetime, and you guys have seen every angle of it," Taylor said. She talked a bit about how she knows some people in the house tried to tarnish her character. As she is thanking the feeders for sharing the truth and working on her behalf to make sure the internet knows her true character, not "the narrative that was spun," Skippy cuts her off mid-sentence and goes to this screen with some obnoxious pop music. Rude. And so end the feeds for BB24.
  3. Who will be our Final Two? And is that the right choice for whomever wins the final HOH?
  4. Who is getting your votes for America's Favorite? Voting is here:https://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/vote/#
  5. It's the last three days. From what I see elsewhere, Turner won Part 1 of the final HOH.
  6. Turner won Part 1. Who do you hope wins Part 2?
  7. That stupid hour-glass twist is gone, thank goodness: https://ew.com/tv/survivor-43-jeff-probst-hourglass-do-or-die-interview/
  8. I wonder when the eviction is actually going to happen. It can't be live on Thursday, right? That would only give them two days to do the final HOH comps, film the jury deliberations and edit it all together for finale night. That must be part of the reason the nominations and veto happened early this week. So at some point the feeds are going to go down and stay down until after Thursday's show, is what I'm thinking.
  9. I want it to be Brittany so bad, but I'm predicting this is Turner's week to go.
  10. As the Veto winner, he has the sole vote to evict this week.
  11. The HOH comp was memory. Which of these things did I do first? What color were my pants when this happened? How many times did I snap my fingers? I know I heard Turner saying as the show ended something along the lines of "I only memorized the colors of the outfits, not any of the other details...I didn't think we'd need to know everything." So he wasn't counting the snaps, the order of the costume changes, the dance moves, etc. That doesn't have anything to do with stereotypical gender roles.
  12. Tsylyst

    poll Week 11 HOH

    I also say Turner, because he's going to be the target next week no matter what.
  13. Who do you want to be the next HOH?
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