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  1. The Amazing Race - Season 31

    Janelle is older than me.
  2. The Amazing Race - Season 31

    SLOWMIDDLEAGED, perhaps.
  3. The Amazing Race - Season 31

    There's also the fact that 14 years have gone by since the first time we saw Janelle on BB and 9 since we first saw Britney.
  4. The Amazing Race - Season 31

    Britney and Janelle
  5. BB21 Premiere

    Season 21 of "Big Brother" premieres
  6. Premiere date is June 25 with the same two-night setup as the past couple seasons.
  7. The next season of "Survivor" premieres in September. Sandra and Boston Rob return to live on their own island and mentor a cast of new Survivors in "Island of the Idols." (If it's anything like the BB season of veteran mentors, they will eventually get the chance to play for themselves -- probably at the merge.)
  8. I respect that he made the best move he could in that final-four tribal to build his resume by eliminating Rick, but I'm still not pleased that a longtime ExIsle person won. He barely did anything this whole season...except bond with the jury for 20-ish days, which probably helped guarantee the votes. I guess it helped that he was up against some really weak players in that final three.
  9. If someone else wants to pick up some recaps, I'm happy to organize a calendar.
  10. Who Should Return?

    I like it. Some seasons they show up to camp, and they're glad to see she isn't there. But then they go searching for an idol and they dig her up instead.
  11. Who Should Return?

    No one. But if it has to be someone, Joe. Also, I chose Reem! Because I think it would be entertaining to listen to her try to justify why she should win...and also to see her face when she doesn't.
  12. I almost called them Snark Factory. I'm open to suggestions for team names. Really these TAR threads/recaps haven't been getting much action, so I was considering dropping the recaps.