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  1. Celebrity Big Brother - Coming this winter

    BBUK considered him a celebrity, so...
  2. She may have picked out her shorts to match his, but those are the green Marines "silkies" shorts he wore in the house all the time – but usually as underwear I thought. He even drew them on his jury art project they do every year: http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/photos/1007825/the-big-brother-19-jury-is-keeping-busy-with-art-projects-even-cody/
  3. Comedy

    I think it's hard to justify that there has been zero character development in the missing 11 years. Now they just seem really old to be acting that way.
  4. General Reality Shows

    I'm sure they needed to do something to introduce the "Trading Spaces" concept to a new generation that has only ever seen home shows like "Property Brothers," "Fixer Upper" and "House Hunters." What better way to make new viewers think they should care than by having names/faces they know go on a show talking about how much they want to prove they are good enough for "Trading Spaces" because it paved the way for every home renovation show that followed? Plus, it's web-only, so it really targets that young audience that wasn't around for OG "Trading Spaces."
  5. *raises hand* As a couple, they don't do much for me. As individuals, he amused me in his non-interest in putting on a "show" in the DR and she could have been an All-Star-level BB player if she hadn't decided to make googoo eyes at Cody instead. The pair of them on TAR could be funny, especially when they lose their passports and he tries to step to Phil at the mat for not letting them check in.
  6. General Reality Shows

    It was multiple pieces of furniture Hildi painted a hot pink color then left outside in Seattle of all places. She had to buy new couches to replace the ones she ruined.
  7. General Reality Shows

    Oh yes, I forgot about the budget cap. They pretty much always kept the furniture and just made cheap, handmade covers for it if the colors didn't fit the new room.
  8. 84115 spells "balls" on a calculator. That's all.
  9. The "Survivor" props department has more balls on its hands than a "cocktail waitress" trying to get a spot on the BB cast.
  10. General House Analysis and Discussion

    FINAL CALL! Fisty will close the BB19 threads at about 10 p.m. Eastern tonight.
  11. "Survivor" episode

    "Survivor" broadcast episode
  12. "Survivor" episode

    "Survivor" broadcast episode
  13. "Survivor" episode

    "Survivor" broadcast episode
  14. "Survivor" episode

    "Survivor" broadcast episode
  15. "Survivor" episode

    "Survivor" broadcast episode