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  1. Does any of that explain why he rubbed deodorant on his crotch after every shower and ate approximately 10 tons of watermelon in three months? I'm not sure you can blame drugs for that.
  2. I doubt the stereotypes that they look for every season were the casting director's idea. She was just plugging in people for the tropes that Grodner is looking for. Hard to imagine a different casting director will make that much difference unless the people at the top really are looking to shake things up storytelling-wise -- and just swapping a couple of the white jocks for non-white jocks isn't going to do that. We're still going to have the cheerleaders, the alpha males, the models and the over-the-top (fill in the stereotype here), it'll just be someone else standing in the mall with a clipboard trying to pull in the prettiest people that walk past.
  3. I don't have a problem with a couple teams working together on a tough challenge or giving an answer here or there strategically, in the sense of "we'll help this team on this leg because it helps knock out a bigger threat" or "if we do this for them here, they owe us and might not U-Turn us later." But when they went so far as to give themselves an alliance name, it jumped the shark for me. TAR isn't a team sport.
  4. Well, I should have waited an hour. BB23 was officially just announced with an expected SUMMER launch. https://tvline.com/2020/10/28/big-brother-renewed-season-23-cbs/
  5. Casting is underway, so we can assume there will be another season at some point. Rumors were going around a few weeks ago that CBS might try and do a winter/spring season to fill some of the scheduling gaps left by the pandemic (such as there not being "Survivor" until next fall at the earliest).
  6. Great work, @angelmi! Thanks to everyone who suffered through this season and contributed to HT.
  7. 10. The Day the AFH Stood Still Since we're at the end of the season, we'll wrap this thread up here. We did 400 titles! Here are all the words/terms we used: Hamster Jack Shack Skippies Backdoor Otev HOH Floaters MIME Diane's House Showmance Fish Zingbot Brenchel Pawn Twist Chenbot Cappy Slop Diary Room Clown Whore Fisty Bromance Janey Doll Alliance Blindside Grodner Boogie Hammock Chilltown Coup D'etat Janellousy Ants Evict Fruit Loop Dingus Hinky Votes Target Pets Dr. Will Jury America's Favorite Houseguest (AFH)
  8. Either Nicole or Cody will get to decide who to take with them to Final Two. Who will it be (and is that the right choice for them to win)?
  9. Janelle said on Twitter that if she wins, she will donate the money to Give Kids the World.
  10. And, who has played the best game of the season?
  11. If you were in the house, who would you take with you to Final Two?
  12. Voting will be open soon for America's Favorite All-Star. Voting closes Tuesday. https://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/ (The direct link wasn't up on the CBS website as of this post.)
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