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  1. It will come off as a strategic move if Sam is smart enough to convince the 2 final nominees how she’s giving them the chance to stay in the game which could help lessen their desperation, as well as make at least a temporary offer to work together to perhaps avoid any vengeance against her if the evictee returns. But with Sam already voicing her lame reasoning why she nominated Kaitlyn and Hayleigh to begin with then she’s likely already blown the opportunity. Seems she could return to being a bit persona non grata her after her power app is used and when her HOH is over - she’s as good as being the Sambot again.
  2. #BB20 coming in hot, been waiting a looong time for a season like this. Hope they can keep up the momentum.

  3. Voting for Victor. Want to send a message of thanks for targeting Paulie plus if Corey or Nicole (or Paulie if he has the RT) gets HOH then Victor will need the safety and the ability to put up one of the remaining possible 2 of those 3 who are not HOH.
  4. Considering who the F2 were, better him than her I guess. That's about the nicest thing I can say about his win.
  5. He had to have known that there would be people with an eye on him when GM emerged from the house anticipating how he would approach her. I wonder how he decided to just sit there and wait until she made her way to him because you know GM's fantasy was that he'd rush the stage and grab her and lay a big 'ol kiss on her the second she walked out. He didn't seem all that comfortable in what must have felt like an hour-long embrace with her.
  6. Is it possible that a law firm skilled in litigation involving libel would reach out to Candice, Helen, Elissa, Amanda, and whoever else might have a claim, and propose that they take action as a group against GM - should she win - because the multiple comments she made about them were 'damaging' so they are asking for a reward (a % of the prize money?) to compensate for their 'loss(es)'? I mean, this has become a "the coffee was too hot" society and if nothing else GM would have to spend some money defending herself.
  7. I re-watched the diary room montage - Jessie's was the best! It was an entertaining freak out to say the least.
  8. I reluctantly vote for a win for Spencer. Focusing solely on his game play and accomplishments: He survived the backlash over the MC alliance fail; when he's agreed to work with someone he's been fairly loyal to them without major backstabbing (Howard, Andy, GM, McManda to a degree); he's played a decent social game as none of the HGs seem to openly despise him; he's won a few comps, he emerged unscathed after confrontation (Candice, Amanda); he's kept the fact that he won a trip and money low key with no one really holding it against him; he's done his share of manipulating by convincing GM to agree to frame Judd with lying about the temporary Grasshopper alliance which caused many to doubt Judd's trustworthy-ness; and he's been the most successful nomination pawn in BB history. It really can't be said that he's done nothing this season - he faced a lot of odds against him and continued to advance in the game. That said, he's a loathsome person but at least he isn't a phony crybaby, alliance-floating rat who wears ridiculous clothing and winced at the thought of actually getting blood on his hands - or a loud mouthed, racist, hot mess cretin with horrible hair who was carried for much of the game.
  9. I noticed that too - I gave her the benefit of the doubt that it was maybe just my TV though. She's also wearing some kind of waist wrapping - is that for back support or a low-quality Spanx knockoff?
  10. The drill sergeant had better zings against Judd than Zingbot did (J-U-Double chin!). It was entertaining that they had him follow orders during HOH reveal, DR sessions, and the nomination ceremony. He can be an awfully moody dude when he's not being whiny too.
  11. Judd and McCrae are the least objectionable to me at this point. I would like the P-box to finally appear and work in some way where Judd could take himself off the block and replace himself with Andy since I believe that Andy would be voted out to jury against GM. At least Judd's paranoia can be slightly entertaining at times.
  12. My deep dislike for Andy is primarily based on how obnoxiously phony he is when delivering his vote to Julie week after week. He has come off very douchy every time and he is indeed looking more physically rat-like as each day passes. And I hate the wardrobe he brought in to wear on television this summer.
  13. Elissa is a BB enigma to me. How many more left fields are there for her game play to emerge from??
  14. Let's see if later on Amanda discusses Julie's question to her and if she gets The Clue that she's probably not that popular with the viewers. Wondering if McCrae finally realizes that he needs to separate himself from her and actually acts on it? She'd go bat shit ballistic if she senses him distancing himself from her in even the slightest way because she's allowed herself to become way too wrapped up in him. She's no role model for independent women because strong-arming isn't the same thing as being strong. Dan was right, she's a brat.
  15. At least she didn't bring up that pathetic "but I'm discriminated against for being blonde/blue eyed" crapola to Julie. Although, she probably couldn't think clearly to even remember to say that after Julie shut her down by quoting her own comments to her.
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