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  1. I just realized who Ronnie reminded me of...
  2. WOW. I have not heard the term "Chickenhead" in about a good ten years and I am sure I have never heard it on HT before. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the BIG funny!!! Wow. Just wow...
  3. The quarters game still goes on and there are too many for me to recap so I go back to the BY. Dustin, Nick, Jen and Nick are in the BY where I catch Kail saying she earned her brown belt. Nick asks Dustin if he was in gymnstics and Dustin says yes and that they put in him in some weird uniform that made his thighs look big which depressed him. Kail talks aout her failed gymnastics career. Nick seems intrigued by it all. Kail asks Dustin to flip her but they do it where I can't see so I don't know how it goes. Nick gives it a try now because Dustin isn't manly enough. Manly Nick does a superb job of flipping Kail. Nick goes on to tell a tell about his dance class days and begins to demonstrate with Kail. Jen and Dustin get into the groove now. Jeez, I picked the wrong night to attempt to improve my recap skills. I wimp out and post for the night. Good night all.
  4. Amber is dropping personal business about her mom and daughter. They have particular colors of something and the other hammies try to guess which colors they have. I have no idea what object they are talking about because the object was mentioned during the last swirl. Nick claim he loves his cats more than Amber loves her daughter and mom. - huh? They are now guessing Dustin's pet's name. **Wow, I must have missed the attitude change in the house these last couple of days because Dustin is being an arrogant ass in his general conversation and I don't like it.** Amber is called to the DR. Dustin is still asking uninterested hammies to guess his cat's name. The hammies give in and continue to guess. Dani gets the cat's name but I miss it. Whatev. More pet name guessing. Oh my... *I gotta pee - me talking. Will be right back.* Kail is the BY now and joins Nick, Dustin, Dani and Jen... Dustin claims to be a member of mensa. Is he serious? Please say no. Kail says BB told her she had the highest IQ. Now others are claiming that BB told them the same thing. Kail seems to remember having an IQ score of 30 something - Heeeeee! The other hammies correct her without laughing. Idiots! More BB application talk so FOTHSwirl....
  5. Nick, Dustin, Amber and Dani are still in the BY. Dustin jumps up and rudely whispers something to Amber while Dani and Nick sit right next to them. To entertain himself, Nick pinches Dustins butt while he and Dani patiently wait for Dustin and Amber to finish whispering to each other. They all rag on each other for being paranoid in the house. Nick compares Amber's paranoia to Dick's which must make Amber temporarily uncomfortable because she shuts up for about five seconds. Thanks Nick! Now there is quick talking amongst them all. Jam sticks her head out asking if she can come out and play. They say yes but Jam demures and goes back inside the house. Dustin continues to talk trash about Jen. Amber tries to stand on her own two feet and sticks up for Jen a bit and Nick pleads for an ass fisting if Amber is serious about standing up for Jen so Amber backs down by going quiet for another five seconds. Jen comes out to the BY to join the four. Jen brings up Eric and a banana but I broke the hamstertime rules and did not read all of the earlier posts so I know not what they speak of. The four munch on whatever moist snack Jen brought with her. Discussion of the horrible word "moist." Talk of friends and relatives who signed waivers and idiot Amber, of course, mentions people who have not signed waivers and we get the blue swirl. Posting.
  6. Now the backyard four are ragging on Zach again for his perverseness. Dustin is absolutely disgusted by Zach's actions as he now screams that he has to run in and poop. **yeah, and Zach is the gross one here** Good natured Dani and Nick now rag quickly on Zach's little pee pee, proving they are not perverse either. Nick is talking about giving someone a pinky swear but I miss to whom. (and in the background non-peverse boy Dustin flushes the toilet for all of America to hear.) Dustin comes back to the BY after his bathroom trip and plops down next to Nick per Nick's request, so he and Dustin can play whisper secrets against Dani and Amber playing whisper secrets - you remember, like we did in the 3rd grade. Amber is claiming to be the wisest of the group since she is the oldest. I know I am a horrible recapper but I promise these four are not talking about much more than what I have typed. I post again...
  7. Nick, Dani, Dustin and Amber are in the BY discussing America's Choice, what the prizes will be, who will win them and which houseguest rates as our favorite so far. Has Nick had many beers yet tonight. He is doing a lot of blabbing about nothing in particular. Nick leaves. Dani brings up Amber and Kail's long conversation. Amber claims she knew they were going to bring it up eventually. Dustin complans that Kail is sooooo indiscreet when she "chats" with you. "She totally leans into you and all when she wants to talk to you." says Dustin. Nick is back. Amber continues that Kail is talking about the usual, Kail's situation. The group rags on Kail for being the mother figure. Oye, the group has given Amber room to talk on, and on and on..., so I post....
  8. "Hang a sign up on the door..." Wow, what an obscure reach back there Jerrye! I love you for it!
  9. Posted by Snooky: "Ambore says she's scared of Dick--he keeps telling her she's too emotional, but at least she's real and can leave with her integrity (Integrity? I just snorted cereal up my nose). " Thanks Snooky. I just snorted water at my laptop.
  10. Dick and Zach alone in the live show room and what are they talking about? Small Talk! Damnit! Dick gives Zach an opening by giving a one liner gloat about winning HOH and wimpy Zach goes back to small talk discussion. Kail walks in and then all convo stops. Dick wants a cig and you can see the quick panic in Zach's eyes that he might have to face Kail alone but then Zach remembers the BY lockdown so he breathes a sigh of relief as Dick continues to sit. And FOTH.
  11. As much as this sucks to recap King Dick, Dani is talking to Dick about not telling EVERYONE in the house every goddamn thought that comes into his head. She warns that Jameka was the one who warned Joe at the last minute he was being voted out and is sure someone else put the bug in Nick's ear to make him so paranoid this morning. Dick seems to take Dani's comments to heart. Dani fails however to impart on Dick that they will not be HOH for the next four weeks straight perhaps because she has no idea they won't either.
  12. Kail continues to talk to Amber and in desperation drops the first suggestion of putting up Zach against Kail. Let's see how fast Amber gets this back to Dick. Oh yeah, FOTH.
  13. Kail is in the kitchen with Zach as he folds clothes. A couple of other folks are there and that's not important. What is important is that Zach continues to ignore Kail - not even a hello. Crap, now I am starting to feel a bit bad for her.
  14. Jameeka and Joe in the restroom where Jam tells Joe she is voting for ED. She says to Joe that those who have said they are voting for him are lying and he will see the truth at the vote. She will not reveal who the Liahs are. Advises that he should go awf if he sees fit after the vote announcement.
  15. Perhaps only I find this funny but Nick comes into the bathroom and jokes that he will do the live show with no shirt on. Someone else jokes that he should wear Joe's poncho. Nick quips that the poncho would go with his 'stache and "Mexican" look. Then, under his breath, Nick politically corrects himself and says "Spanish American."
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