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    Written in 2007-ish:
    I'm interested in filling out the "Interests" section. Why? Because I highly value your crappy opinion of me...

    So, just what is FMC up to these days?

    I'm looking for fun and exciting (paying) ad/tv/movie work for my All-Star dog, "MURRAY" (knows 60 + tricks, and even did a dog bed ad), and he's even learning to talk (seriously!).

    Wanna see MURRAY in action?
    See his Trick Video and Headshot:
    ETA: Murray can now say, "I LOVE YOU." I shit you not!

    I'm into drawing and painting (canvases, not walls...
    Been there, done that...then quit that, and stole the damn

    I'm learning guitar, cranking the tunes ("Corrine Bailey Rae" is amazing!...and so is "My Chemical Romance"), and being a dorkette;

    Reading (currently on the bedside table: Ayn Rand and the sorta-prequel to Davinci Code, "Angels and Demons").

    But I procrastinate quite a lot, so not a lot of stuff actually gets done.

    Also: I get a kick out of teaching Murray new tricks
    (he can give you his paw...... and his FOOT!
    He'll scratch when you say, "Got Fleas?"...
    and he knows a trick for EACH of the 7 Dwarfs!
    Pretty funny, ain't he?).....
    He can flush the potty, too.

    After that, not much time for hobbies (unless 'walking him' is counted as a 'hobby'?). Yeah, didn't think so.
  1. I truly would have enjoyed it more if Audrey was a Twist.... And she was actually Adam all along playing trans. Gay or straight, but not trans-anything. I happened to catch the little prank where Audry came out of SR, with a green laminated card (obviously from BB). She faced the group who was already on the Couches of Hammie Confusion... Then Audry said "Surprise! I'm one of the Twists!" My... jaw.... dropped. I'm like hell Yeah!! But then, sadly, she handed them the BB card to read, and it was just a general notice from the SR about food safety or some shit. Really? Crud. Would have been awesome. Hmmm I wonder if anyone will ever try that on BB.. Bye Audry... You looked beautiful on Eviction Night. And you played a coocoo crazy game. But you played!
  2. Nurse Fargo has purty hair. I like her. Plus she is DR GOLD, ppl! not 'Doctor GOLD', silly... Diary Room Gold. Her facial expressions, and the way they stuck on her face, won me over. Damn her. Out Week One. Lord, imagine this one as your Doctor.... Your urologist, maybe. Or your ghost doctor. Do they still have those? Or did they go the way of the traveling Cure All Tonic salesmen on the buggy carts?
  3. I want a pocket size version of him. And a mini hair trimmer. He may not remember names... All that matters is they forget about him, and focus on other people to target. I want him to stay. Until he does something I don't like ( *note- he says he's a messy eater because of El Beard, so don't watch him eat. Sadly, I think he has some self-enlightenment... So there will be much worse eaters and eater/talkers in the house. #Kalia)
  4. This boy (eye roll) can't even do his hair right. Not even talking a good style... Just szhooozing it up. He couldn't get it up, from the back. (Heh, point- me) I want to slap him too. When can we pay CBS for this? I would start voting if we could slap them. I may want to trip him too. I haven't decided fully.
  5. *smacks DERRICK. May be the only time I can smack a cop, and not have to pay my lawyer for it. Last time got expensive.
  6. Wow! When was this? I saw them talking on the outside couches for a bit. I must have changed feeds before the big drama. Drat. ETA: Found it. CBS Highlights (iPad) about 12:30- 12:32pm Tuesday 7/30. Awesome!
  7. OMG the Aaryn chick loves not only the book The Secret...but everything from that author, Rhonda Byrne. I had to look her up. Also hate Aaryn bc her parents gave her a douchily-spelled name.
  8. If we didnt know this fight was planned...we do now. From the Twitter: "hamsterwatch ‏@hamsterwatch the fake fight was planned last night by Dan & Danielle to coverup their deal/partership & they hope to get Ian to throw Part 3 to Dan #bb14"
  9. I want a cattle prod for Kara. (heee that sounds like a Lifetime movie: "A Cattle Prod for Kara".) She has no energy, no personality, ugh. But she has perty hair.
  10. A drunk, pretty, Booglord-hating Janey? Loooove it! Plus Janey and Britney are girls on a mission...together. (That's how we women actually team up...just hate the same man. Kinda sad, really. But it's Boog, so I'm ok with it.) Janey better have brought her competition gloves again this year.
  11. After the feeds last night and BBAD... I'm OFF the Jenn train. She kept interrupting Frank and Frank's Hair last night when talking game. A) that's rude and annoying; B) STFU and listen to others when it's game talk, you idjit. That's when you find out some good shit, yo. Also, I hate her 'aggressive trucker' demeanor... the way she sits, gestures, and talks. Ugh. Too full of herself. But I did look at the schedule for the Frank Train. He was able to be polite to Jennn and Jenn's constantly moving Mouth, and Frank used big words appropriately (but not overdone).
  12. Since Willie won HOH in the very first comp, he basically gets about 10 days as HOH. No danger of going home this week, people kiss your ass. It's obvious he's a Hantz, so this is the PERFECT time for him to spill the Hantz beans. No one can evict him this week. Plus they all have 10 days to digest this info, and by then there will have been about 567 'important NEW dramas' that the hammies must beat to death, and the Hantz thing will be old news (not that it wont be brought up later when someone wants Willie o-u-t).
  13. After the premiere episode tonight... My girl Ashley did not disappoint me with her freaky, whimsical, ditziness. I want an Ian/Ashley convergence. And if I had any 'My Little Pony' crap, I'd happily send it her way.
  14. Joe the, ahem, Chef: Overly high energy, anxious to contribute to the conversation. Tom Arnold comes to mind (pre-sobriety, mainly). Oh, and he's fucking LOUD AS FUCK!! Be forewarned recappers.
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