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  1. Finally, Nicole entertained. Standing there during the final comp waving what I can only assume were flies away from her stinking pits with an especially ratty rat's nest on her head and her mom's (??) 1980s jacket was pure gold. The tears and post-eviction barely suppressed rage were even better. Don't they usually announce the top 3 AFP vote-getters? Did they not mention Janelle because she was pre-jury or were they trying to avoid an even better meltdown from Nicole?
  2. Big thanks to @angelmi for your dedication and the totally warranted low-key contempt you manage to insert into some of your posts. I don't know how you managed to stick it out with this hideous season.
  3. Janelle. And even more Janelle since Paulie talked shit about her for not supporting the Da'vonne for AFP campaign.
  4. Yep. And Enzo is such a dope that he's still hoping Cody and Nicole don't have a final 2.
  5. They should be, but they're all too busy trying to make Cody think they're the goat for him to take to F2.
  6. Nicole could make it up to him by inviting him to her wedding. She says she hasn't.
  7. One of the reasons for the increase in wall yellers is the new way the game is being played. Nobody likes to watch a season where one group steamrolls their way to the end and the others don't do anything to stop it. I think people are getting frustrated with this kind of game play and trying to wake up some people and tell them to play. I definitely sympathize. The interference with the game only bothers me a little, since production help anyone they want and steers the game in ways I consider worse than yellers. I wouldn't do it myself because the people who roll over and die so Nicole can pretend she's winning a popularity contest are too stupid for me to want to help. Also, the people in the house this season had Janelle and Kaysar trying to light fires under their stupid asses and they just mocked Janelle and Kaysar. Also, my standard practice is to develop a deep hatred for everyone.
  8. In the DR when they told David what power he won, they said this power may be used following one of the next three nomination ceremonies. That's not to say David couldn't find a way to screw it up, but I think if he's actually pissed off, it's more likely because he thought he was in good with the cool kids and now he's found out he's just another Kevin. Here's a youtube of Xmas, Dani, and David being told what they won. David's comes in right at the 3:00 mark.
  9. I just noticed at the end of the Chenterview with Bay that Julie is wearing 2 necklaces - both crosses. Double crossed. I also noticed that her dress looks like a dish towel. But nice job on the double crosses.
  10. I just watched a live instagram with Nicole A and Kaysar. Kaysar was, as always, very kind. Nicole continued to be fairly delusional. She started off early by telling Kaysar that she has no hard feelings. Later she said she doesn't think anything she did had much impact on the game. She did apologize to Kaysar for "questioning" him and Janelle. Kaysar asked if she has spoken with Janelle yet and she said she has not, but is happy to do so any time. Nicole wants Kevin to win it all. Kaysar asked (from the comments) how she feels about Kevin feeding her lies and she said she doesn't blame him. It's a game and she's the one who listened. And you'll be happy to know she has no regrets about anything she did in the game. Kaysar seemed to be trying to lead her to some acknowledgement that there were real damaging effects on his and Janelle's games, but she said everything happened the way it's supposed to happen. I would love to listen in when she says these things to Janelle.
  11. Kaysar said in yesterday's video that he and Janelle want to work on something together and he's looking for ideas from everyone. Fisty's Playground could probably gather a few ideas for him if Fisty isn't being a Dani.
  12. I probably would have been team Tyler if he weren't basically quitting because Bayleigh "deserves" to be there. Ugn. Now I'm rootless. Dani's always been horrid and this is no different. She'll find out who everyone outside the house loves soon enough. I was on the free trial and that ended last night. They offered another free month, but I declined. Once Janelle and Kaysar left, there was nothing to watch.
  13. She's been running around this season accusing Tyler of causing her to have a miscarriage. Other sites are saying that production had a house meeting and Bay stopped saying that afterward. Tyler had said before that he would walk out the door if that stuff started again.
  14. Bay tells Kevin that he's always been closer to Da'Vonne than to her. He didn't tell Bay he suspected she would be nominated. Kevin says she was sleeping and seemed to be going through something. Kevin feels like he doesn't understand what they see that he doesn't in certain things - like they seem to place some kind of importance on where people sleep in a room. Kevin told Da pre-noms that something didn't feel right, but Da felt ok and he didn't understand why. Bay says they were shocked by the noms because early on Kaysar and Janelle wanted Da, Bay, and Christmas to work with them. When Kaysar and Janelle left the room, Christmas told Bay and Da she wanted to work with them, but not Kaysar and Janelle. Bay gets really testy with Kevin's questions and says he's talking about himself.
  15. David offers to play and use the veto if Da or Bay get houseguest choice. Then he talked about some things that happened in previous seasons that he thought were strange. Bay asked how he even says that when he claims to have never watched previous seasons. David babbled something nonsensical. David expected 2 guys to be put up because Christmas is a girl.. Bay says Christmas was in the military and has really only been around guys. Da asked if Christmas specified which of the two of them is the target and David and Bay both said no. Bay thinks she and Da are the same in the minds of the other hamsters. Kevin shuffles in. He's carrying his blankie over his arm instead of wearing it like a shawl. Da called to DR. Everybody wants to go to bed early tonight.
  16. Da and Bay talking about the whole situation. Da'Vonne looked at the camera and said, "Somebody send this clip to Kaysar. You were right. You were right." She said Kevin kept telling her she was just being misted by Kaysar and nothing Kaysar said adds up. But it happened just the way Kaysar said it would. Bay and Da are taking the mean girls at their word when they say it was Tyler who wanted to get Bayleigh out. They don't mention fact-checking that one. Bayleigh says she's really nice. Da says the live feeders see that even if the edit on the broadcast show doesn't make it seem so. "We have to win the veto."
  17. Danielle Reyes and Jason Guy have a podcast: http://thesecretalliance.com/ Janelle joined them yesterday and was really excited that Cardi B retweeted her tik tok video of her daughter dancing. Allegedly, Kaysar will be there next Tuesday unless somehow he's able to undo this travesty or reverse the rotation of the earth or something.
  18. TV Guide assesses the season so far in pretty much the same way most of us do: https://www.tvguide.com/news/big-brother-all-stars-disappointment/
  19. If all the people who are asking him to do their work for them kept Kaysar and worked with him, they wouldn't be the sitting ducks they are. Hey, I just got the theme of this season! Fuck them.
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